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Best 10 Wrapping Papers

As Of June 2022

Are you ready to start wrapping your holiday gifts? With the holiday season around the corner, there is no better time to start shopping for gift wrappers than now! Sometimes, it is not only the gift that counts, or even the thought, but the packaging as well. Imagine the look on your loved one’s faces when they receive a unique and exquisitely wrapped gift? Intrigued, right?
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1 Triplast Kraft Paper on white background

Triplast Kraft Paper

4.8 /5

Best Wrapping Paper Overall

  • Use it guilt-free as it’s made of recyclable & biodegradable materials
  • Keep things simple with the solid pattern & one colour design
  • Wrap several gifts or use it as a packing filler thanks to its 10m length
  • Prepare gifts like a pro with its crisp & crease-free folding
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2 Walolo Kraft Wrapping Paper gifts at Christmas tree

Walolo Kraft Wrapping Paper

4.7 /5

Top Pick For Christmas Gifts

  • Have many loved ones? No running out of wrappers with the 12 rolls
  • Label gifts efficiently with the included name tags and jute strings
  • Give unique and fun presents with the varying designs on each wrapper
  • Show off your green thumb with the recyclable design
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3 Paperchase Gold Nutcracker Christmas Wrapping Paper on white background

Paperchase Gold Nutcracker Christmas Wrapping Paper

4.6 /5

Most Luxurious Choice

  • Multi-purpose for wrapping gifts for any age group
  • Have a gift for your significant other? Add a festive touch with the Nutcracker design
  • Enjoy a fancy & glossy look with its gold foil roll wrap
  • Use it again and again as it's 3m large
4 Paperchase Gingerbread Wrapping Paper on white background

Paperchase Gingerbread Wrapping Paper

4.5 /5

Ideal For Kids Gifts

  • Transform childrens’ gifts with the gingerbread & candy cane decorations
  • Reuse for many birthdays as it’s a long 10m roll, enough for several gifts
  • Match your home Christmas theme with its eye-catching red colour
  • Worried about disposing of it? The paper is 100% recyclable
Ribbon For Kids
5 Luxury Eco Christmas Wrapping Paper on white background

Luxury Eco Christmas Wrapping Paper

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Thickness

  • Stress-free & eco-conscious with the recyclable paper & biodegradable sleeve
  • You won’t run out of paper mid-wrapping as it comes with 4 large sheets
  • Meet every individual’s personality with the different designs
  • No seeing through the paper thanks to its premium & thick material
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6 Re-wrapped Kate Heiss Wrap on white background

Re-wrapped Kate Heiss Wrap

4.5 /5

Most Aesthetic Design

  • Wrap multiple gifts at once with the 10 sheets
  • Want to protect Mother Nature? It’s made from eco paper & vegan inks
  • No peeping through the wrapper with its thick design
  • Address gifts eloquently with the 10 matching name tags
7 The Doodle Factory Christmas Wrapping Paper on white background

The Doodle Factory Christmas Wrapping Paper

4.5 /5

Best For All Occasions

  • Versatile to use all-year-round with the Nutcracker theme
  • Dispose of the wrappers without any stress, thanks to its recyclable design
  • Take care of your whole family’s gifts with one package as it has 6 sheets
  • Save money & effort as it’s made of premium & budget-friendly materials
8 Bright Stem Wrapping Paper gifts collection

Bright Stem Wrapping Paper

4.5 /5

Ideal For Unique Patterns

  • Spice up the address of your gifts with the pop-out tags
  • It comes with 12 tags, so you don’t have to use boring white papers
  • Customise each present with the unique geometric patterns
  • Show your support for the environment with the recycled & recyclable paper
9 Walolo Blue and Gold Print gifts wrapped

Walolo Blue and Gold Print

4.5 /5

Top Choice For Accessories

  • No need to spend extra as it comes with accessories such as ribbons & stickers
  • Wrap all your gifts uniformly with the alluring navy blue & gold print
  • Use them on other occasions, too, thanks to the 6 unique designs
  • Easy to handle with clean and crease-free folding
Best Quality Ribbon
10 Festive Wonderland Wrapping Paper on white background

Festive Wonderland Wrapping Paper

4.5 /5

Most Affordable Pick

  • Add a stunning touch to every gift with the sheets’ assorted designs
  • Wrap each present comfortably with the included 8 rolls
  • Keep that Christmas feeling with the traditional designs on all wrappers
  • On a budget? It comes in a money-saving pack under £5
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Set Your Gifts Apart With The Best Wrapping Papers

Are you ready to stand out from the rest of the gifters? Do you want to get the best gift wrapper for your presents? Sometimes, the outside also matters! So, wrap your gifts in the most aesthetic wrapping papers this season. That way, you can be sure that you leave your loved ones intrigued and on their toes just to see what you got them. 

Do you want to find creative ways to wrap your little one's presents? Have you purchased a train set, play food set, kitchen set or dollhouse and want to hide it neatly until it's time to give it to them? Maybe you've bought a hair straightener or a pair of gym gloves for your partner and are looking to wrap it beautifully. And, if you're into DIY you can even make a gift bag to complete your presents.

Looking for more on how to choose the best gift wrappers? Here is what you should look for:

  • Occasion - What’s the event? Is it for a Christmas, wedding, birthday, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or any other occasion? Why? Because some wrapping papers are made for specific events, with wordings and patterns that depict the particular occasion. For instance, some Christmas gift wrappers have pine trees, Santa and such seasonal designs. So if you are looking for wrapping paper that you can use for just any occasion, consider going for one that is not designed for a specific event. 
  • GSM - Grams per square meter (gsm) refers to the thickness of the paper. The thicker the wrapping paper, the less it is likely to see through it unless you use several layers. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers specify the gsm of their wrappers. That said, most wrapping papers will have a gsm ranging from 30 - 120. To estimate the thickness, consider referencing a newsprint and photocopy paper whose gsm ratings are 35 and 120, respectively. 
  • The type of paper - There are 5 different types of papers used to make wrapping papers, kraft, tissue, cellophane, foil and classic wrapping paper. For a thicker and more coarse feel, kraft paper is the best choice. Tissue or crêpe paper is the thinnest choice, making it ideal as a filler than a wrapping paper. If your gift choice is something visible under a wrap, like a basket of edible goods, a cellophane wrapper is the best option. It is more transparent than the rest, allowing one to see what’s inside. For a smooth, shiny and sleek feel, a foil wrapper is your best choice. Classic wrapping paper is the most common for gift wrapping and comes in varying thicknesses. The thicker the classic wrapping paper, the pricier it is. 
  • Eco-friendly - Are you an eco user, or are you gifting someone who is a sustainable user? In that case, consider whether the wrapping paper is eco-friendly. Luckily, many manufacturers are indicating whether their wrappers are eco-friendly or not. Eco-friendly wrappers have recycled recyclable or biodegradable papers. Some might have all three qualities, while some might only have one or two of these qualities. Apart from the paper, you also need to consider other parts of the wrapping paper, including its packaging and ink
  • Reversibility - A reversible wrapper is more versatile as it allows you to turn it and still wrap the gift. Some will have a bold colour on one side and a pattern design on the reverse side. 
  • Size and Number of Wrappers - Some wrapping papers will come as a single pack, while others will have as many as 12 wrappers in one package. The more gifts you have, the more wrapping papers you will need. It only makes sense to buy a pack with several sheets at once. But, ensure you check the size of each roll of wrapping paper: the larger the wrapper, the better for larger gift boxes. 
  • Accessories - You can save some coins and even time if the wrapping paper comes with accessories. As such, look for extra items like tags, strikers and ribbons. The more the accessories, the better. 

You can start shopping for your holiday gifts and never have to worry about the wrapping. Our hand-picked choices of the best wrapping papers and our buying guide are here to ensure that you stand out with your gift-giving this season!

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