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Best 10 Work Trousers

As Of July 2022

Are you a professional working in construction? Do you want the appropriate clothing for the job? Work pants have long been a must-have. Only now, you get protective, useful, durable clothing all-in-one. But where do you find the best work trousers that tick all the above boxes? Our top picks provide you with much-needed safety while being practical and functional with a kick of style. Want to find out more?
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1 Site King Men's Cargo Combat Work Trousers on white background

Site King Men's Cargo Combat Trousers

4.8 /5

Best Work Trousers Overall

  • Bring all your equipment with you by putting it in the side, thigh or front pockets
  • Keep them clean effortlessly as it’s machine-washable
  • Put them on in seconds with the simple button fastening system
  • Select 1 of 3 colours to match your personal preference
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2 Lee Cooper Men's 205 Cargo Trousers on white background

Lee Cooper Men's 205 Cargo Trousers

4.7 /5

Best Multi-Pocket Pick

  • Take on any home DIY like a pro as they have excellent durability
  • Move comfortably around thanks to their breathability & loose garment fit
  • Wear them even after work as they stay wrinkle-free
  • Choose between navy, black, grey or khaki to match your style
3 Proluxe Endurance Men's Work Trouser on white background

Proluxe Endurance Men's Work Trouser

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Knee Pads

  • Work relaxed with no tight fit in unwanted areas thanks to their straight cut
  • Carry your tools hands-free in the knee pockets
  • Adjust them to your body by adding a belt in the handy loops
  • Withstands wear & tear as it has high-quality reinforced seams
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4 Scruffs Men's Worker Plus Trouser on white background

Scruffs Men's Worker Plus Trouser

4.5 /5

Best Abrasion-Resistant Choice

  • Go through rough surfaces worry-free with the hard-wearing knee pad inserts
  • Stay in them all day thanks to the lightweight & comfy twill fabric
  • Get dressed & out the door in no time due to the fly zipper
  • Enjoy it for years to come with the triple-stitched seams
5 Oregon Protective Trouser on white background

Oregon Protective Trouser

4.5 /5

Ideal for All Body Types

  • Reach close to electrical appliances thanks to its fuel, oil & heat resistance
  • Transport your small tools with ease by using the back velcro pocket
  • Suitable for any adult as they come in sizes S to 3XL
  • Take on stronger tasks thanks to the scratch-resistant fabric
6 Scruffs Men's Trade Trousers on white background

Scruffs Men's Trade Trousers

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Ergonomic Fit

  • Add functionality throughout your day with the pockets & pre-bent design
  • Answer calls within arm’s reach with the convenient phone pocket
  • Wear them even at night thanks to the reflective orange & white tones
  • Loop a belt around your waist to bend down stress-free
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7 Roadmaster Men's Workwear Trouser on white background

Roadmaster Men's Workwear Trouser

4.5 /5

Ideal for Tool Holding

  • Versatile to wear them casually too as they have a modern cut
  • Combine them with safety boots thanks to the snug leg fit
  • Feels like a feather when you’re in them due to the lightweight materials
  • Perfect for all adult heights due to the various short & long sizing
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8 newfacelook Men's Work Trousers on white background

newfacelook Men's Work Trousers

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Cotton

  • Move around with your equipment on you as they have a hanging loop
  • Stay protected rain or shine thanks to the reinforced material
  • Ease pain on the knees with the pockets for extra padding
  • Ensure they always stay upright by putting a belt through the wide loop
Best Quality Ribbon
9 Apache Men's Holster Trouser on grey background

Apache Men's Holster Trouser

4.5 /5

Most Stylish Choice

  • Pack your bulkier tools in the spacious back pockets
  • Never lose bolts & screws by storing them in the Cordura holster pockets
  • Work through the night worry-free with the reflective piping
  • Maintain your phone’s cleanliness by putting it in the special pocket
Ideal Gift Ribbon
10 Lee Cooper Men's Cargo Workwear Pant on white background

Lee Cooper Men's Cargo Workwear Pant

4.5 /5

Ideal for Durability

  • Enjoy flexible movement with its loose-fitting garment design
  • No need to iron them after washing as they stay wrinkle-free
  • Transport all your accessories with the various pockets throughout the length
  • Show off your style by picking between black or navy

Take On DIY Projects Wearing The Best Work Trousers

Are you looking for a quality pair of pants that can do everything from laying hardwood floors to thorny yard work? Well, if you're in construction, engineering, or work outdoors, you'll need work clothing that is functional, practical, and protective.

In today's physical work environment, durability comes above labels and safety above panache. We are talking about utility wear that helps you do away with waffling between cheap jeans and expensive chinos. And, when handling construction tools such as stud finders or digital calipers, it’s important to have your hands free while onsite. That’s where the best work trousers come to save the day with their multiple pockets and flexibility for freedom of movement while working.

In this guide, we are about to get into the grit of the must-haves that these pants should have that suit different trades. Keep reading to find out more and inform yourself of the benefits that these pant types can have on your job. 

What Are Work Trousers?

These pants are not your typical office attire. It's what you wear to work in a dark, harsh, and potentially hazardous environment. Unlike normal office pants, these are specially designed trousers with robust materials to make them stronger than standard pants. 

Work slacks are not so much worn for style even though they may have labels taking inspiration from their hardy originals, steeped in history. You want to find a functional style that you can take pleasure in, knowing it can take everything you throw at it.

Why Should You Buy Work Trousers?

Most people have to wear specific and suitable hoodies, shirts, pants and shoes to work. But people often neglect this piece of work apparel, showing up in jeans and t-shirts. If you’re in the trades or engage in home improvement projects, these pants are better suitable, and you should opt for them when given a chance. Here are some reasons that we recommend you should buy these pants if you’re in construction.

1. They Reduce Chances Of Injury. 

Specially designed workplace pants can reduce your chances of suffering an injury from common workplace hazards like burns and lacerations. If you're in construction, heavy-duty pants can prevent sharp objects such as splinters, nails, and blades from reaching the skin. 

If you work around flames, you will need fire-retardant clothing that will not melt or catch fire. On the other hand, plumbers and electricians need pants with knee pad inserts to protect themselves from the pain of working on their knees for extended periods.  

2. They Are Trade-Specific. 

Each industry demands trade-specific clothing to cater to the unique needs of the jobs. For example, engineers building roads and railways must wear hi-vis to make them more visible in the dark. Valeters can wear tough denim, while builders go with overalls.

While many workplaces will provide the required safety gear and equipment on-site, it’s preferable to have your own pair that you can bring back home. Also, you can select the characteristics to your liking, including colours, number of pockets and materials

3. They Provide Extra Storage. 

If you need to bring essential tools or often change working spots, your best bet is to wear work pants with extra pockets to contain all the tools you need. You will find trousers with deep pockets and zippers, ensuring that big tools like wrenches won't fall out if you bend to work. That way, you can save on money and effort without having to bring a bulky tool bag or toolbox with you.

Typically, this type of work clothing comes with cargo pockets and two side pockets with different cuts. Some are loose-hanging, flat, and protruding or have a narrow side pocket. 

4. They Are Practical.

Apart from protection, these trousers are functional. Work uniforms adapt to your profession from tool belts to springs, hooks, kneepad pockets, and even reflective elements. By wearing them, you can work with more flexibility and without any constraints as they have a form-fitting design that accommodates rough movements effortlessly. 

5. They Are Durable And Flexible 

Reinforced work overalls can withstand wear and tear better than normal jeans and khaki pants. Their dense materials often include double or triple stitching so that they won't fall apart after a few washes. You'll also see them reinforced with aramid lining in critical areas like the knees, hips, and joints.

What Do You Need To Look For In a Pair Of Work Trousers?

As we said, work apparel comes in different styles. The first thing you'll want to think about before purchasing pocket trousers is your line of work. Ask yourself; do you need flame-retardant, extreme freeze trousers, waterproof, or breathable pants? For example, if you're a painter, you will need more pockets than a lumberjack who needs all-around protection. Let's look at the important features of the best work pants

1. Protective Features

Workwear trousers provide different levels of protection. In comparison, some will keep you clean, while others can potentially save a limb. For ground workers, Type A trousers are the ideal choice for you. These are trousers with multiple layers of blocking materials at the front to ensure your legs are protected in case of an accident. 

On the other hand, type C trousers have all-around long-lasting protection to help prevent injury from whichever angle you are working. Such types of trousers are ideal for tree surgeons and climbers. 

2. Materials 

Most physical work overalls are made from polycotton fabric. It's what you'll find in cargo trousers and water-repellant Carhartt hoodies to make them durable. Such work attire won't puncture or rip easily. They offer longevity in labour-intensive or manual tasks. Polyester and nylon materials are moisture-wicking. They are excellent for warm-season and moist environments. 

Cotton is breathable but is not moisture-wicking. Like Dickies, classic painter's pants made of 100% cotton are great for dry, autumn, or spring weather. Hi-vis is made from a blend of cotton and polyester, including micro-prismatic reflective bands. It is flameproof and classed as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The reflective bands offer additional visibility in dark, hazardous environments.

3. Knee Pad Pouches

If you're a plumber or carpenter who is always on one or both knees, you'll be surprised how better your knees feel when using trousers with foam knee pads. High-quality models often spot Cordura for the knee pad pouch as it's a ripstop fabric, ideal for the parts that receive the most wear. 

4. Reinforcements 

You'll want to look for work rigs with reinforced hems to ensure that the trousers don't fray while the rest is still in good condition. Pockets also need reinforcement on the area above due to the hanging tools that create excessive wear and tear. Apart from the knee pouches, Cordura is still the preferred hard-wearing fabric for the hems and pockets. If you find that you're always climbing up and down, taking big steps, or squatting all the time, you will need crotch reinforcements.

5. Stitching

Most everyday garments use double stitching, which is perfectly okay for office wear and leisure. But well-made work trews will sport triple stitching in the seams where they are prone to splitting due to heavy-duty use. Look out for triple stitching at stress points such as bottom, crotch, and knee pad pouch. Popular brands that offer triple stitching include Blaklader and Portwest.  

6. Multiple Pockets 

Cargo trousers are perhaps the best known for having lots of pockets. For carpenters, DIYers, decorators, and painters, it goes without saying that pockets are essential. You will need multiple pocket trousers to store pencils, tape measures, screwdrivers, and necessary tools

You'll also like pocket trousers since you can carry a large number of nails and screws for immediate access in the holsters. They are popular among drywallers and carpenters. Most styles come with large back pockets to store holster pockets when they are not in use. In some, you'll find a hammer loop on the left leg and extra pockets on the thighs, riveted for maximum longevity.

7. Fit & Style

The fit of the trousers is important to serve its functions. We are not talking about the waist size here but rather a slim fit or loose fit. It depends on the job. Loose-fit trousers are practical legwear for the workshop, while slim-fit pants provide a secure fit in a hazardous environment.

If you’re working in the elements, you may prefer bib trousers because they are superior to traditional snow pants. They eliminate gaps and prevent snow from getting in unusual places. Plus, they pair well with safety footwear and snow jackets. And for mild outdoor conditions, you may want to be in comfortable joggers with an elasticated waist so you can rock both work and the city streets. 

8. Other Features 

Now features like a dedicated phone pocket, stretch panels, and bent knees are not obvious inclusions in work trousers. But these are attributes that you may find important in your profession. 

Strong zippers, wide belt loops, wind-blocking technology, and water-repellant applications are other features to look out for. These add convenience and functionality to your working conditions without compromising the pants’ quality. 

Can You Wear Work Trousers All-Year-Round?

Yes. And you should. Different seasons present their unique set of challenges. As such, you'll be required to choose gear that works well for the season. In summer's heat, you need to be comfortable, cool, and safe. Choose breathable work strides with a high UV rating. You may also want to consider loose over slim-fit styles.

For winter, your best bet for preserving warmth is thermal-insulated coveralls. Multiple layers of clothing also come in handy in this season. As for spring and autumn, you have a wide selection of materials that will keep you warm or cool as needed. 

Are Work Trousers Considered PPE?

Work trousers are classed as Personal Protective Equipment when they feature protective properties. High-visibility clothing is classed in this category since they increase visibility and protect the user in low-visibility scenarios such as roads and railway.

Fire-retardant clothing designed specifically to protect the wearer is also classified as Personal Protective Equipment. In short, typical workwear is not regarded as protective equipment unless it is safety work attire. One thing to note is that if you’re working in a hazardous work environment, your employer should by supplying the required clothing equipment.

How Much Do Work Trousers Cost?

Work overalls are not the most fashionable thing in your locker but are a very important part of your work if your job is in construction, industrial premises, or a dangerous environment. There’s a pair suitable for any pocket that won’t break your bank yet will keep you safe when you’re out on the field. You can select one to match your budget from affordable to mid-range or more premium clothing items.


Pants costing below £50 are considered budget-friendly. These are mostly cargo pants that come with deep pockets, close flaps, and rear pockets. They are usually made of polycotton or 100% cotton for use in regular worksites. They may also feature a deep side pocket for the phone. 


From £50 to £80, work outfits feature a blend of materials like rayon, polyamide, and elastane for four-way stretch trousers or polycotton for a lightweight feel. You can spot a knee pad area, hem reinforcement, and multifunction pockets. In this price tag, trousers are also made of ripstop fabric to make them abrasion-resistant.


Now, if you are looking for a more contemporary edge that encompasses comfort, safety, and practicality, you can expect price tags above £80. From different knee pad pockets, a hammer loop, tuck-away holster pockets, and cut-resistant protective layers, there's no limit to the features you can get.


Choosing a quality pair of work trousers can be daunting. There are so many features to consider and different brands to inspect. But don't fret. In this guide, you'll find get-better-with-age hardy materials, multiple pocket clothing, and safe protective garments that will give you the ultimate comfort in knowing you can cut and sway without fear of accidents.

We are optimistic that our selection of the best trousers for the worksite are guaranteed to make you feel safe, comfortable and ready to take on the toughest tasks. Which project are you wearing these on first?

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