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Best 10 Work Lights

As Of June 2022

Whether a truck driver, a construction worker, a camper or a passionate DIYer who stays up late at night in their garage, work lights are an essential part of any outdoor activity, job site or repair task. They will shed their light exactly where you need it, allowing you to work faster, safer and with maximised precision.
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1 Bosch Professional Cordless LED Light on white background

Bosch Professional Cordless LED Light

360° Rotation
4.9 /5

Best Overall Choice

  • Adjust the rotation to any of the 5 angles convenient for you
  • Rely on it in an emergency thanks to its long run time
  • Hang it over you to work hands-free with the hook
  • Comfortable for prolonged projects as it has an ergonomic grip
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2 Makita LED Work Light on white background

Makita LED Work Light

Corded & Cordless Function
4.8 /5

Best Versatile Operation Option

  • Choose your power supply with flexibility, based on your work area
  • Better program your tasks with its low battery flash alert
  • Turn easily the knob to target the beam angle with more precision
  • Carry it with ease, as it is lightweight and small
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3 JOKBEN 2-Pack Portable LED Work Lights on white background

JOKBEN 2-Pack Portable LED Work Lights

Replaceable Halogen Bulb
4.7 /5

Best Set of Halogen Work Lights

  • Runs both on li-ion rechargeable batteries and alkaline ones, suitable for emergencies
  • Powerful halogen light bulbs with 3 lighting modes to choose from
  • Easy to recharge on the go with the USB port available
  • Use it safely during rainy days since it's waterproof
4 Trongle COB LED Work Lights on white background with batteries and usb cable

Trongle 2-Pack COB LED Work Lights

SOS Flash
4.7 /5

Best for Large Sports Areas & Courts

  • Ultra-bright floodlight that enables you to work and train on a large area
  • Save up to 80% on your energy consumption
  • Use it as a power bank for other devices through its USB port
  • Activate the SOS flash in an emergency situation
5 Coquimbo LED Work Light on white background

Coquimbo LED Work Light

4 Brightness Settings
4.6 /5

Best Outdoor Camping Solution

  • High quality LED lights to allow for both at home and outdoors uses
  • Sturdy and waterproof design, ideal for demanding situations
  • Use the red light mode to send an SOS in time
  • Easy to grasp, hold and move with its anti-slip handle and cordless operation
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7 Silverline Work Light on white background

Silverline Work Light

2000 Lumens
4.5 /5

Top Pick for Long Cable

  • Illuminate over your workspace worry-free with the hanging hook
  • Stress-free to use as it's IP20 safety certified
  • Preserve it without damages as it has a protective steel lamp cage
  • Work comfortably around thanks to its 5m long plug
6 Edasion LED Work Lights on white background

Edasion LED Work Lights

Strong & Portable
4.6 /5

Best COB Light Choice

  • Power it with a USB cable, a rechargeable battery or a 4 x AA one
  • Very powerful light output, ideal for camping, car repairs and BBQs
  • Use it as a back-up power bank to charge your mobile devices
  • So portable and lightweight that can replace your torch
8 LE LED Work Lights with a usb cable on blank background

LE LED Work Light

1000 Lumens
4.4 /5

Best Choice for Searches & Inspections

  • Both a lantern and a LED floodlight, perfect as an inspection lamp
  • High brightness and long beam distance for any outdoors search or emergency
  • Easy to adjust its 5 lighting modes to your specific needs
  • Convenient use as an extra charger for your mobile
9 Olafus LED Work Lights with a cable on a blank background

Olafus LED Work Lights

6000 Lumens
4.3 /5

Best Choice for Construction Job Sites

  • Runs on your main power supply, unlimited hours of heavy-duty work
  • Endures extreme weather conditions with its special waterproof rating
  • Efficient heat dissipation feature prevents overheating
  • Soft grip handle to protect your hands during use
10 LE LED Work Lights with usb cables on a blank background

LE LED Work Lights

1000 Lumens
4.2 /5

A Very User-Friendly Option

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries for energy efficiency on the go
  • Use the micro USB cable to charge your mobile devices
  • Ease of use, just by pressing on the control button
  • Check your power supply with the green led light indicator

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Shed Bright Light on Every DIY or Job Site Work You Do!

If you are looking for a portable and impact-resistant source of bright light to accomplish your home repairs and demanding construction projects, then work lights are exactly what you need!

With all kinds of workers, truck drivers and campers in mind, we made this comprehensive buying guide: So that it is easy for you to choose among the best work lights at an affordable price.

Don’t let the night hinder your DIY creativity and working passion! Get a powerful light today and maximise your efficiency, precision and safety!

What Types of Work Lights Can I Find?

The most common type of work lights you can find fall into four main categories:

1. Lamps

These are floor-standing, portable lanterns with a rotating handle. You can adjust them up to a 180 or a 360 degrees angle so that you can carry them and place them exactly where you want to work hands-free. They are more suitable for training courts and DIYers who need broad and targeted lighting on a specific area.

2. Torches

They are the next most portable work light option, but they are smaller in size and have a smaller floodlight width. They are perfect as camping lights, discovery trips, home repairs and less professional working settings, except for private investigators and police officers. Most models are handheld, but you can find headlight and keyring torches if you have to work hands-free.

3. Shop Lights

They also offer targeted lighting on specific working areas, but their range is limited, and they are not easily portable. Fix them permanently on your working bench or shοwcase, but you can’t use them on a roadside emergency or bring it with you on your camping trip, for example.

4. Clamp Lights

They provide stable, hands-free illumination in homes and offices. They are mounted on bookshelves, or they stand alone on your desk while studying or working. They are not portable, but they are part and parcel of a beautiful and stylish interior design!

What’s the Difference Between LED Work Lights and Other Types of Lamps?

There are work lights that use LED or COB LED light bulbs and others, which use a halogen bulb to produce high-quality bright light for any outdoors or indoors task imagined.

However, have in mind that halogen bulbs have a powerful heating output that could cause an accident after many hours of continuous use. Also, they are less energy efficient compared to LED work lights, and they have a shorter lifespan.

LED work lights, on the other hand, are mostly preferred because they last longer and they don’t raise your energy bills too much. They are less expensive, also. Nonetheless, they are reported to cause problems to our eye’s retina and to disturb our sleep patterns considerably, after prolonged exposure.

Now, COB LED bulbs are the next step in work lights. They are even brighter, and they produce a beam light of higher quality. They consume less power and use every lumen more efficiently. This way they last longer and they are essential when you choose to purchase LED work lights that run on batteries.

So, pay attention to this particular feature when ordering your work lights. The type of bulb they use will tell you what to expect in terms of brightness and longevity.

What to Look for Before Buying Work Lights?

However, there are more features to consider, beyond the type of bulbs each work light model uses. Take a brief look below and see what these features mean for you and your budget:

Brightness Levels

To check the brightness levels, see the number of lumens each work light has. The more the lumens, the higher the intensity of the light; The longer beam distance, too. However, they are more expensive, especially when many lumens are combined with a COB light technology.

Brightness Modes

Work lights come with many adjustable brightness modes, to ensure that you get all kinds of beaming light, based on the activity or the task you wish to undertake. More brightness modes mean that you can use it in more cases, like when you need to send an emergency signal in the dark, activating the SOS red flashing to get help. Remember, though, that each mode uses a different amount of lumens per case and has different maximum run time. So, expect the higher light modes to be brighter, but to last less than the lower ones.

Cordless Work Lights or Corded Ones

In terms of portability, cordless work lights give you more freedom to move; you can take it with you while on work or a journey and, as they run on batteries, they can be recharged with ease. They can’t shine forever, though. Once the low battery indicator activates, you will have to quickly wrap up everything you do and start looking for an alternative, before it’s too late.

Corded models, on the other hand, need to be plugged in your main power supply all the time to work. This way, you can delve into your endeavours unbothered, for as much time as you want; With that said, though, expect to pay more on your electricity bills. Again, your working terrain will be restricted, depending on the power cord length. Besides, corded work lights may be powerful, but they are not easily portable on a trip, as those with no cord.

For combined benefits, look for a work light with 2 or 3 power supply modes.

Battery Capacity & Charging Time

LED rechargeable work lights run on lithium batteries which have longer battery life, and they are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Depending on the brightness settings you use, they can shine on up to 4,5 or 6 hours long; there are some extra durable models which last for 17 hours! On the downside, they need enough time to recharge; that’s why in most cases, manufacturers include alkaline batteries so that you use them when you need powerful illumination without wasting a single minute! Check in the instruction manual to see how long the charging time is and think if this amount of time fits your working demands.

Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Unfortunately, these two don’t mean the same thing. A water-resistant machine or material can resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. If it is labelled as waterproof, then it means that it can’t be damaged by water at all. So, when it comes to your next work lights, it is better to opt for a weatherproof model. Please check the waterproof rating indicated by the manufacturer; this way, you’ll know for sure what your work lights can withstand and for how long. This, in turn, will extend their lifespan.

Free-Standing or Handheld Work Lights

Free-standing work lights will loosen your hands, as you won’t have to worry about how to hold them to shed light on your selected work area. The good part also is that most models come with a comfortable handle so that you can quickly grasp it and move it as you like. In most cases, you won’t have to choose between these two features, though. Because from what we’ve found is that if you opt for portable light works, they will come with both a handle and a free-standing base. In some cases, also, you will find models with a magnetic base, for added steadiness.

Portability & Weight

These two features go hand in hand. If portability is vital to you, then choose a lightweight portable floodlight. Have in mind, though, that lighter work lights are made of less durable materials, like plastic, for example. Hence, they may not be able to endure harsh weather conditions or accidental falls in a construction site. If you are looking for heavy-duty work lights with advanced durability and strength, then opt for a model with an aluminium housing case.

How to Use Your Work Lights Safely?

LED lights offer many benefits to their users, as they light up our working areas and they save a lot of money and energy, too. However, they are not harmless. Experts say that they can cause serious problems in our retinas and disturb our sleeping patterns if we do not take some precautions. So, never direct the light straight on our eyes; instead, place the LED light source behind you so that only the working area is illuminated. Lastly, as with any light source, don’t use intense work lights next to flammable materials.

Illuminate Every Working Area. Work Safer and Faster!

You can use some of the best LED work lights to accomplish more. Create a luminous working environment that promotes your safety and accuracy. Whether a construction worker, a passionate DIYer or an adventurer, you are going to need a source of bright LED light to tackle every search or roadside emergency.

Don’t waste any precious time. Work in the light, work better!

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