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Best 10 Wood Preservers

As Of July 2022

Do you enjoy DIY projects around the house? Do you have wooden surfaces indoors or outdoors that are starting to look a bit rusty? Any handyman can agree that staining or varnishing works wonders! Buy a wood preserver today to give your garden furniture, window frames & doors a fresh touch. They’ll protect the wood from mould & mildew, insects and fading. Check the best ones here!

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1 Roxil Wood Protection Cream on white background

Roxil Wood Protection Cream

4.8 /5

Best Wood Preserver Overall

  • Weatherproof any wooden surface for up to 10 years
  • Protect your garden furniture that absorb moisture from rainy UK weather
  • Use it many times as it only needs one coat application
  • Bring the wood back to its initial shape while also limiting algae growth
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2 Everbuild Quick Drying on white background

Everbuild Quick Drying

4.7 /5

Top Quick Drying Choice

  • Ideal for floor boards, window frames & doors
  • Use indoors & outdoors as it dries fast & is non-flammable
  • Repair any wood damage from wet & dry rot to have a natural look for years
  • Suitable for pet owners as it’s solvent-free with low odours
3 Sikagard Wood Preserver on white background

Sikagard Wood Preserver

4.6 /5

Ideal for Fences

  • Fit for wet or damp surfaces across all wood types
  • Versatile to brush or spray depending on your personal preference
  • Get your fences, sheds & roof top looking as brand as new
  • You can use it indoors as it doesn’t smell or have any harmful chemicals
4 Nourish & Protect Wood Preserver on white background

Nourish & Protect Wood Preserver

4.5 /5

Ideal for Wood-Boring Insects

  • Give an elegant & stunning matte finish on your wooden furniture
  • Suitable for indoor joists & rafters or outdoor timber
  • Preserve your wood’s quality by adding the UV fade-resistant coating
  • Keep annoying insects & fungi at bay for a long-lasting piece
5 Cuprinol Complete Wood Treatment on white background

Cuprinol Complete Wood Treatment

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Woodworm Treatment

  • Convert even the most neglected wood furniture into a beautiful standout item
  • Prevent wood worms from attacking with this all-purpose treatment
  • Hold creeping termites off from closets as it tackles re-infestation
  • Safe to leave overnight with its low-odour
6 Rustins Outdoor Varnish Gloss Clear on white background

Rustins Outdoor Varnish Gloss Clear

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Glossy Wood

  • Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty as it dries up fast in only 30 minutes
  • Gives you a timeless & attractive gloss finish
  • Hassle-free with no chance of fading with its UV-resistance
  • Finish any DIY project in a day as it’s re-applicable in 4 hours
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7 Rustins Outdoor Varnish Satin Clear on white background

Rustins Outdoor Varnish Satin Clear

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Satin Wood Finish

  • As pretty as a picture with a unique satin finish
  • Maintain a healthy-looking wood surface with its lasting protection
  • Mess-free brush cleanups as the varnish is water-based
  • Your wood won’t fade even after a few years in the sun thanks to the UV resistance
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8 RONSEAL Total Wood Preserver on white background

RONSEAL Total Wood Preserver

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Timber

  • Kill any unwanted insects that run the risk of ruining the wood
  • Ideal for pre-treatment or overpainting
  • Store & use it on different projects thanks to its 5-litre capacity
  • Ensure full wood penetration in various tight nooks by brush, spray or dipping
9 Cuprinol Wood Preserver on white background

Cuprinol Wood Preserver

4.5 /5

Ideal for Rot & Decay Prevention

  • Get the best results by applying it as a basecoat prior to stains & varnishes
  • Sit back & relax knowing your furniture will be mould-free
  • Give some extra love & care to your decking to avoid decay
  • Excellent for fluctuating UK weather with rot prevention
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10 Osmo Wood Protector on white background

Osmo Wood Protector

4.5 /5

Ideal for Mildew

  • Perfect for outdoor use as it’s water-repellant
  • Have peace of mind when applying it indoors thanks to its natural oil ingredients
  • Remove blue stain & mildew threats on your floors & panels
  • Nail a detailed look even kitchen fitters would be jealous of

Give Your Wood A Fresh & Stunning Finish with the Best Wood Preservers

We all know the disaster that’s waiting to happen on your garden sofa set when heavy showers hit. If you leave them unprotected, the wood quality will most likely suffer and fade sooner rather than later. That’s why you should look ahead and show the world how experienced a DIYer you are by investing in the best wood preservers.

With a wood preserver, you can have peace of mind that you will have a long-lasting piece of furniture that looks as new as the day you purchased it. Wood preservers are either clear or coloured, but the result is the same—a nice glossy, satin or matte finish. 

They also protect from lurking insects and wood worms, blue stain, mould and mildew and rejuvenate the wood polish. Combine them with other patio cleaners or deck stains for a total revitalised feel to your outdoor space. Take on some home improvement task like fence painting and complete the job with the finishing touch.

To get the best end result, you should take into account the following key points: 

  • Waterproof - Check to see if the wood preserver is water-repellent or waterproof. A water-repellant one resists penetration as long as it has a coating. A waterproof is totally water-resistant.
  • Protection - Most wood preservers offer wide protection from external damages such as wet and dry rot, fungi, decay, mould, mildew and insects.
  • Wood Type - Ensure that the wood preserver you pick is suitable for your furniture’s wood type. By reading the description, you will know if it’s fit for timber, cedar etc.
  • Low-Odour & Solvent-Free - The best solutions are the ones that don’t have heavy smells and that are solvent-free. Solvent-free means that there are no solvents in the preserver, making them an eco-friendly choice. 

Level up your DIY skills and refresh your wood surfaces with a fresh coating by using the best wood preservers. They will guarantee your furniture is eye-catching and gorgeous for many years to come! Are you ready to start?

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