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Best 10 Wine Racks

As Of July 2022

Do you consider yourself a wine connoisseur? Want to give your space the look and feel of a wine cellar? Then you should buy a wine rack! The best ones boost any home decor and give you the perfect storage solution. No more piling leftover bottles of wine in the fridge. Give them their own shelving and add some personality to your kitchen counter!
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1 ds wineware 12 bottle wine rack on white background

DS Wineware 12 Bottle Wine Rack

4.8 /5

Best Overall Wine Rack

  • Get the best of both worlds with a sturdy steel & natural pine look
  • Ideal for medium-sized collections as it holds up to 12 bottles
  • Ready to use immediately - comes assembled
  • Keep your wine bottles intact & unbreakable with the separating wood pillars
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2 OROPY 12 Bottle Metal Wine Rack on white background

OROPY 12 Bottle Metal Wine Rack

4.7 /5

Ideal for Industrial Decor

  • Convenient & stackable holder with a 3-tier build
  • Keep it for years due to the long-lasting & durable metal frame
  • Combines well with any decor thanks to its minimalist look
  • Ultimate protection of any surface when you move it as it has 4 levelling feet
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3 LIVIVO Elegant Stackable Wine Shelf on white background

LIVIVO Elegant Stackable Wine Shelf

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Gold Trim

  • Add multiple shelves on top of one another thanks to the stackable design
  • Fit 4 bottles per shelf comfortably without any wobbling
  • Add a stylish touch to your decor with its unique gold colour
  • Built to last for years with the steel construction
5 Sogesfurniture 4 Tier Wine Rack 32 Bottle filled with wine bottles on tabletop in the living room

Sogesfurniture 4 Tier Wine Rack 32 Bottle

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Large Bottle Capacity

  • High-quality & robust wooden rack that matches any style
  • Ideal for pro wine enthusiasts thanks to its 4-tier 32 bottle holder
  • Compact & lightweight to place on any tabletop
  • Ensure your wine bottles don’t wobble with a design that fits their shape
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3 KINGRACK Wine Rack 6 Bottles on white background

KINGRACK Wine Rack 6 Bottles

4.6 /5

Best Foldable Option

  • Functional & multipurpose to keep your wines and glasses together
  • Scratch & rust-resistant stainless steel with acacia wood finish
  • Convenient for small homes as it’s foldable & space-saving
  • Prevent wine spills & accidents with a sturdy wave design
4 AcornFort Wall Mounted 12 Bottle Wine Holder mounted on a wall above some decorative pieces in the dining room

AcornFort Wall Mounted 12 Bottle Wine Holder

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Wall-Mounted

  • 2-in-1 wine shelf & glass rack that holds up to 30kg
  • Made to last for years to come with a fade-resistant stainless steel coating
  • Enjoy uncluttered countertops as it’s wall-mountable
  • No need to be a handyman as it requires a few minutes time assembly
6 RTA 9 Bottle Traditional Wine Rack on white background

RTA 9 Bottle Traditional Wine Rack

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Storing any Beverage

  • Hassle-free wine storage right from the package as it’s pre-assembled
  • Perfect for wine lovers with a small wine collection
  • Increase the storage capacity and join more racks with the extendable clips
  • Ideal for holding champagne & other refreshments too
7 Ferfil Wine Rack with wine bottles

Ferfil Wine Rack

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Honeydew Design

  • Perfect for the eco-friendly due to its solid wood finish
  • Durable & versatile 3-tier frame for 10 wine bottles
  • Store it neatly when not in use as it's foldable
  • Keep your wine moist thanks to the horizontal bottle holder spots
eco-friendly choice ribbon
8 Simplywire Modular 8 Bottle Wine Rack on white background

Simplywire Modular 8 Bottle Wine Rack

4.5 /5

Ideal for Small Counter Space

  • Chic & elegant matte black look perfect for a modern household
  • Ideal for beginner wine enthusiasts as it holds 8 bottles
  • Compact & stackable wine rack that can fit well in all kitchens
  • Carry comfortably around the house due to the lightweight frame
9 9. Relaxdays Wooden 12 Bottle Wine Rack on tabletop next to a glass of red wine and a wine bottle

Relaxdays Wooden 12 Bottle Wine Rack

4.5 /5

Ideal for Cottage Decor

  • Stands the test of time as it’s made from natural wood
  • Practical & portable without taking too much storage
  • Be the life of the party as it holds up to 12 bottles with the three shelves
  • Rustic wood rack that offers a vintage touch

Rosé All Day At Home for Wine Lovers

There’s nothing more relaxing than coming home from work and letting yourself enjoy a glass of wine with some music in the background. Wine lovers can agree that a glass of white wine after a stressful day can take away all of your problems. But there’s only one problem. Where are you going to fit all those wine bottles after you crack them open? Unless you finish it all in one go, you probably would want some storage space.

It is going to come in handy for that. You don’t have to be a super wealthy person that owns a wine cellar to display your wine. You can keep them neatly organised and in nice condition with a compact countertop wine rack. So, grab a cosy blanket, turn up the music’s volume and have a fun evening sipping on your favourite vino.

We looked at all the must-haves of a proper rack for wine so that you can make the most informed choice. To store wine, you need to consider a few things so that there’s no chance of any accidents or spills beneath the rack. Our buying guide has all the best wine racks available on the market. Have a look, find one that matches your needs and budget and learn all you need to know!

What is a wine rack?

It is a staple piece in your kitchen or dining room for you to store your wine that should be at room temperature. Some red wines are better kept outside the fridge. Instead of lining them on your countertop, you can organise them all and stack them on a wine rack. Store your wine at the wrong room temperature, and you will end up with a sour taste.

They are a quality purchase even if you’re just starting in your wine journey as they protect the bottle’s cork from moisture and maintain its freshness. You can pick between smaller sized ones that can fit a few bottles or a large freestanding wine rack that acts almost like a furniture piece. Some work as a glass holder too for you to put your wine glasses on them.

Also, wine is an affordable luxury that comes in beautiful bottles. What better way to display those bottles than on a wine rack? You can entertain your guests and show off your purchase as if you’re guiding them through a wine cellar. It’s an upgrade to any home bar but also a decorative piece.

What are the benefits of storing your wines on a wine rack?

There are many benefits to storing your wine on a rack which makes this a worthy investment. You want to showcase your most expensive and premium wines and beverages in a unique way. So anyone saying they are not a necessity hasn’t had one. Let’s see some of the most important benefits of owning one.

Preserves Wine Better

You’ve probably heard the saying that someone is as fine as wine. We often compare looks to a good-quality well-aged wine bottle. The longer you let a wine age, the more taste it will have. With it, you improve the surrounding conditions for your wine. The room temperature works wonders on the wine’s maturity. It’s best to store wine on a dry surface, away from direct sunlight and in a humidity-free environment.

Bottle Capacity

One of the biggest benefits of the best wine racks is giving you the chance to put all your bottles in one storage unit. That is helpful if you live in a small apartment or have multiple other kitchen accessories on the counter. A wine cabinet can store multiple bottles conveniently, and you will always know where that Merlot you popped open is now. Small-sized wine holders can fit up to 9 bottles, but medium and larger ones can fit more than 12 bottles and upwards.

Compact & Portable

The ease of movement of a rack makes it a solid choice for storing wine. Do you want to keep your bottles close to the dining table to replenish your guests’ glasses? It will let you move things around without strain. Some even come as foldable racks that you can store in cupboards for space-saving.

Stylistic Decor

You can’t deny that a stylish rack for wine will elevate your home decor and give your space a new aesthetic feel. There are many material choices to pick from that will match any interior design well. Solid wood or metal, anything you pick will be a matter of personal preference. But, the result is going to look amazing. It will add a lot of character and charm to your living room, dining room or kitchen.

What to look for when buying a wine rack?

Unless you’re an avid wine drinker who knows all the must-haves of the best wine racks, we are here to help you. We know that it can be time-consuming to look through the features and find the best one for you. If you want to gain all the information in the fastest way possible, look below what we consider an essential wine rack feature.

1. Size & Capacity

The rack’s size will determine how easy it is to store multiple bottles at once and also how transportable it can be. A small sized rack is usually one that can fit from 4- 8 bottles. A medium-sized rack can fit up 10-12 bottles without running the risk of being wobbly. A larger rack has a bigger capacity, with some reaching 100 bottles without an issue.

The size will also matter because of where you want to store it. If you’re tight in space, it makes more sense to buy a smaller one so that it can neatly fit anywhere. If you have enough space and want to splurge in a larger rack, go for it!

2. Material

The material matters for two reasons - the product’s lifetime and the overall style. There are many different material options, but the most popular ones are wood and metal racks. You can find unique choices like bamboo, vibrant coloured plastic, but they mostly come in the above two categories.

A wood wine rack will work better in a cooler setting. The benefit to wood is that it doesn’t rust, and it’s pretty affordable. It also gives off a more natural and rustic look, perfect for a cottage feel within your city home. A metal wine rack is durable and sturdy, and with powder coating on the frame, it’s a long-lasting choice. Always check to see if it’s also rust-resistant because metal is more likely to rust. The drawback is that they are usually pricier than wooden wine racks.

3. Type

Its type matters because you want to pick one that benefits you and your wants. It doesn’t make sense to buy a large wine cabinet, for example, if you only have a few bottles to store. There are different types to choose from: wall-mounted, free-standing, and tiered racks.

Wall-mounted racks let you mount them on the wall so that you don’t occupy any tabletop space. Why take up prime real estate when you can kill two birds with one stone? Most of our walls at home are bare or with a few paintings and pictures. Adding a rack on the wall will open up space and give it a new personalised touch.

Free-standing racks are large and bulky and often have shelving. They can fit other items like glasses, wine coolers, beverages and bottle openers to have a complete drinking experience in one place. These are multi-functional and can durably fit many shapes and sizes.

Tiered racks are the most popular choice as you can horizontally place many bottles without worrying about them touching. Tiered racks fit the bottles’ shapes perfectly and have a wave texture like a placeholder. You can find two-tiered racks, three or even four-tiered. The more tiers, the larger bottle capacity too.

4. Design

The last feature to consider is more relative to the decorative part. You can pick between multiple design options to either blend it with the more extravagant pieces in your space or a standout piece. Some wine racks come in honeycomb designs that give a geometric touch to any counter or tabletop. Others come in pyramid shapes with the most bottles at the bottom, and as they go up, they can hold fewer ones. Design is totally up to you but still worthy of looking out for because you can purchase excellent finds.

Is a wine rack expensive?

Prices vary because the designs vary too. The material also makes a price difference. Looking at the functionality features, too, you will find that small tiered racks are more affordable than a freestanding one. That’s because their size is smaller, and the wine rack holds less weight. Wine racks are a budget-friendly choice for every wine enthusiast, from novice to expert. An experienced wine drinker will want to spend more money on it so that it’s the centrepiece of their home bar. Someone who’s still testing out the waters will want a low-cost rack that can hold their few bottles of wine.

  • Budget-Friendly: Affordable wine racks range between £19.99-£40. They have a smaller capacity, on average, up to 12 bottles. You can find affordable wood and metal options that won’t cost a fortune.
  • High-End: A wine connoisseur will want to pay top money for the best ones. The more expensive models have higher-quality materials and can hold more bottles. Expect an increased cost on freestanding wine racks as they are equipped with many shelves and a larger storage capacity. They can cost up to £100. The more customisation you want, you should also notice a price bump.

Can you use a wine rack to store glasses?

Not all wine racks can store glasses. You should check the product description for indicators that they can hold wine glasses. Some tiered racks have groves between tiers for you to put a few glasses (up to 8, some even hold up to 16). If the wine cabinet can hold glasses, it will do so upside down. That’s because it’s better to keep the glasses dust-free.

As dust particles float in the air, they land on surfaces when they’re coming in contact with them. If the glasses are upside down, the dust will accumulate on the outside, not the inside. That way, you can take it off the rack and pour some dust-free Pinot Noir.

Unless the wine rack has those special hooks for you to put the glass on, then you won’t be able to store them together. The standard wine rack places the bottles horizontally, and your glasses could end up broken if you put them there.

Where should you place your wine rack?

There are many options for you to place your wine rack, but it all depends on your space and the furniture or worktop arrangement. In this section, we will share some tips on the best places to store your wine rack.

Dim Lit Area

A dim-lit room that doesn’t come into direct contact with the sun is the best place to store your wine because you don't want to be too warm. A solid room temperature regulation is the best way to keep your white wine cool enough and your red wine just warm enough. If you leave your wine out in a sunny area, the taste will change from fresh to stagnant.

Far from Electric Appliances

You might find this puzzling, but what does an electric appliance produce? Heat! A wine rack that’s too close to the heat can have two effects. One, the heat could ruin the frame of the rack. Two, the wine quality will suffer. Both scenarios are an equal disaster. So, keep your wine rack away from the stove, the microwave or even the coffee machine.

Inside Cupboards

Space allowing, putting your rack inside a cupboard can be a great solution to maintain the room temperature and wine quality. This location is also convenient if you don’t have enough space on the kitchen counter. With all the gadgets and appliances that our kitchen needs, it can be tight on the countertop to fit your wine bottles too.

On the Wall

This one’s only if your rack allows it. Not all of them are wall-mountable, so ensure that the one you end up buying can hold its weight mid-air. Nothing screams crisis like a wine stain on a carpet. Placing your rack on the wall can act as shelves too. You can put other beverages there or whatever you think can match the overall aesthetic.

Of course, these are only some of the ways that you can place your wine rack. Whatever the case, there’s one thing to remember; always put the bottles horizontally. We encourage you to think outside the box and place it in any creative way you would like. You could put it in the living room, in the basement, under the stairs. For all we know, you might install it as a shelf in your bathroom to take a bubble bath with a glass of wine next to you. We’re not here to judge; you can make your own rules!


There you have it! We’re calling out to all wine drinkers to raise their glass (pun intended) to this excellent product. The best wine racks will give you convenience, storage and an unimaginable look and feel to your home design. So, go to the store, buy some tasty whites and reds (or rose, whatever you like!) and get the wine rack of your choice.

Our buying guide went through the various types, materials and other features that you should consider. We’ve given you our pro tips on placement, price points and benefits to a wine holder. Now, the next move is on you! What do you Chardon-say?

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