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Best 10 Window Vacuums

As Of July 2022

Are you tired of the dirty streaks your cleaning cloth leaves behind after you clean your windows? Do you want a gadget that leaves every inch of the surface squeaky clean? Window vacuums are made just for that! Get one of them today, and you’ll notice the difference right away. You can even use them in other home areas like mirrors, tiles and countertops. Want to know more?
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1 man using the Vileda WindoMatic Power Vacuum Cleaner on a window

Vileda WindoMatic Power Vacuum Cleaner

4.8 /5

Best Window Vacuum Overall

  • Versatile for you to use on windows, tables & showers
  • Clean up to 120 windows at a go with the strong lithium-ion battery
  • Tackle streak-free cleaning of hard to reach areas with its flexible neck
  • Hassle-free to clean as the water tank is dishwasher-safe
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2 woman using the Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vac on mirror

Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vac

4.7 /5

Top Lightweight Choice

  • Use it even when someone’s sleeping thanks to its low noise
  • Clean without pausing due to the long run time of up to 35 minutes
  • Save money as it comes with a microfibre cloth, spray bottle & cleaning liquid
  • Have peace of mind with the 2-year guarantee
lightweight choice ribbon
5 woman using the Karcher WV1 Window Vac on oven glass

Karcher WV1 Window Vac

4.5 /5

Quickest Recharge

  • Never feel tired after cleaning with the weightless & ergonomic design
  • Tackle & clean up to 45 windows on a single charge
  • Perfect for removing condensation on all surfaces
  • Ideal for first timers & hassle-free replacements with a 2-year warranty
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3 man using the Bosch GlassVac Cordless Window Vacuum on a window

Bosch GlassVac Cordless Window Vacuum

4.6 /5

Best for Small Households

  • Enjoy a fast & streak-free finish with the advanced wiper blade tech
  • Never run out of battery with the LED battery indicator
  • Move around the house for uninterrupted cleaning with a 30-minute runtime
  • Perfect for your flat surfaces, tiles & shower
4 woman using the Kärcher Window Vac WV6 Plus N on a window

Kärcher Window Vacuum WV6 Plus N

4.5 /5

Ideal for Long Running Time

  • Spend longer vacuuming on a single charge - up to 100 minutes!
  • Say goodbye to waiting thanks to the fast charge time
  • Less emptying trips due to its large capacity water tank
  • Clean narrow spaces with the extra thin cleaning head
6 woman using the Kärcher WV5 Premium Window Vac on a window

Kärcher WV5 Premium Window Vac

4.5 /5

Most Versatile Pick

  • Streak-free clean windows, seals & edges thanks to the edge guidance system
  • Plan your cleaning time ahead with the LED battery indicator
  • Go over any surface as it comes with 2 suction heads
  • A value for your money with a spray bottle kit, detergent & cloh
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7 woman emptying the water tank of the Leifheit Window Vacuum Cleaner

Leifheit Window Vacuum Cleaner

4.5 /5

Top Choice for High Windows

  • Reach skylights & high windows effortlessly as it’s compatible with an extension pole
  • Save battery run time with its automatic standby mode
  • No leaks with an ability to clean windows at any angle
  • Convenient to maintain in minutes by detaching the gadgets
8 BEAUTURAL window vacuum cleaner on white background

BEAUTURAL Window Vacuum Cleaner

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Tiles

  • Clean faster as the lithium-ion battery lasts up to 35 minutes
  • Enjoy streak-free cleaning with the strong 12watt motor
  • Attack windows’ grime with the narrow suction head
  • Waste no time as it recharges in just 3.5 hours
9 woman using the Beldray Cordless Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner on a window

Beldray Window Vacuum Cleaner

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Easy Emptying

  • 3-in-1 action to clean, vacuum & squeegee for streak-free windows
  • Remove grease on any worktop as it’s a multi-purpose window vac
  • Manoeuver without a hassle due to the cordless & compact design
  • Never wake up your loved ones thanks to its low noise level
Ideal Gift Ribbon
10 Minky Window Vacuum on white background

Minky Window Vacuum

4.5 /5

Ideal for Large Water Tank

  • Not only for your windows as you can your tiles, mirror & showers too
  • Take on any tight areas thanks to the petite build
  • No need to rush to refill the water reservoir due to the large capacity
  • Money-saving as it comes with a microfibre cloth & spray bottle

Keep Your Home Spick Span with the Best Window Vacuum Cleaners

Window vacuums have become quite popular in the last few years, and it is not hard to see why. You have traditional vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and steam mops for all surfaces of your home. Why not a reliable window cleaning gadget for your windows and mirrors without having to worry about leaving dirty strips behind?

There is quite a long list of products to go through when shopping. This will make your shopping experience a little bit more exhausting than it needs to be. There are many factors to consider, from the capacity to the weight, battery run time, and of course, the price point. When you compare hundreds of gadgets with almost similar features, narrowing down to the best option without the proper guidance is nothing short of a headache.  

For that reason, we have made this buying guide for you with an excellent list of the best window vacs and features to consider.

What is a window vacuum?

A window vacuum is a cleaning equipment used specifically for cleaning windows. The gadget works by sucking all the water and soap from the window, leaving it clean and streak-free, something that a squeegee or a cloth cannot achieve. 

Window vacuums are cordless, making it easy for you to move around the house as you clean without dealing with power cords. The washer runs on batteries that are rechargeable for ease of use on a single charge.

What are the benefits of using a window vacuum?

There are some benefits to using a window vacuum that upgrade the traditional squeegee and micro cloth. Let’s have a look at the main benefits. 

1. Cleaning Floors

Did you spill anything on the floor? Well, hard floors, not your carpet. You can forget the mob or the bulky carpet cleaner machines. Just run the window vac, and your floor will be as spotlessly clean as it should. 

2. Clean Your Shower

See that steam that covers all your shower windows and screens after a bath or shower? There is no better way to wipe them clean than with a window vac. It’ll make your shower screen look as brand as new with close to no scrubbing effort. 

3. And Your Car

On those days you decide to clean your car at home, you can count on your window sweeper to give your fancy car an impeccable shiny look. After cleaning, use the window vacuum on every inch of your vehicle, not just the window shields. 

4. Condensation Removal

Cleaning condensation out of surfaces is not usually an easy job. More often than not, you will leave a streak of dirt on your mirrors, car windows, your tent and other areas that are prone to condensation. A window sweeper is an excellent tool to invest in for such jobs. 

What features should a window vacuum have?

As with any product, window vacs have some unique features that make them differ from one another. Considering these will give you the best choice possible for perfect cleaning results time and time again. 

1. Running Time

The longer the battery runs, the more you can clean your windows and other items. Most window vacuums have a running duration of about 30 minutes. This may seem like a short amount of time, but for a quick job of cleaning windows or if you have a small to medium-sized house, that’s usually more than enough. 

We recommend going for a window cleaner with a fast-charging battery, so you do not have to waste the better part of your cleaning day waiting for it to recharge. Alternatively, you can get an extra battery, especially if you have a large house with many windows.

2. Efficiency

Your vac needs to be reliable enough to clean all the dust, condensation and other debris from the windows fast and evenly from every area. It might have the longest duration you can get in the market, but you will end up with patches of dirt on a cleaned window if it’s inefficient.

3. Weight & Capacity

The last thing you want is to end up with an overweight window sweeper that leaves you with a tired arm and uneven muscles. Five minutes is still a long time when you are carrying around more than 1kg. Whatever the weight of the window vac, you also need to add its water capacity as it contributes to its final weight when cleaning. 

It goes without saying that the larger the water reservoir, the larger the capacity and cleaning time you will have without the need to empty it. But, the heavier the vac will be and the faster you will get tired. 

4. Leak Proof Suction

Unlike a standard vacuum that dries dirt out of the surface you are cleaning, a window sweeper sucks in all the dirty water into its storage container. You can already imagine how messy that will be if the suction is leaking. You will have dirty water running all over your arms, the window seals, or anything around that cleaning area. So, ensure that the container is leak proof to avoid unwanted spills. 

What accessories can a window vacuum set include?

Who doesn’t like to invest in a gadget with extra features? The more accessories the vac has, the more efficient it will be in its job. Some of the accessories to consider include: 

1. Extra batteries & Charger

An extra battery would be an excellent addition to any window vac. Think of it as your backup plan for occasions when you have a lot of cleaning work. An extra charger will also come in handy if the other one spoils or is misplaced. 

2. Charge Indicator

A LED charge indicator helps you to track the battery life of your window vac. You’d want such an accessory to help you stay ahead of the battery life and know how much cleaning time you have before the battery runs out. 

3. Extra Suction Heads 

Some brands include an extra of that feature. The standard size is usually 280mm, and that’s enough for a thorough cleaning job. But, for an extra mile of cleaning items like door panels, leaded windows, and awkward spots, an additional accessory of a pivot suction would come in handy. 

4. Cleaning Items

You might already have these extra cleaning items in your cleaning closet. Water microfibre pads, cleaning bottles, cleaning sprays might not increase the efficiency of the window vac, but they help on the job and save you a few pounds on buying them separately.

4.Extension Pole

If your house has French windows and doors or skylight glass windows, you would want to invest in a window vac with an extendable pole. Even if it doesn’t have a pole, a compatible model with multi-section or telescopic poles will be a great addition to the window vac. You might have a hard time cleaning using a telescopic pole if the vac is heavy. In those cases, maybe investing in a telescopic ladder will be a multi-purpose solution.

What are some pro tips to get the best use out of your window vacuum?

If you’re a newbie when it comes to cleaning routines and best practices, we want to share some of our life-saving tips on window cleaning. You are going to tackle any surface like a pro if you follow our suggestions.

1. Best Cleaning Solution

To get the best out of your window vacuum, you will need to use the best cleaning solution. You can make some options from the comfort of your home or by buying commercial solutions. The best options include: 

  • Diluted white vinegar
  • A mixture of washing liquid and water 
  • Glass cleaner for windows or the surface you are cleaning 

Regardless of the kind of dirt or dust you are cleaning, even grease and grime, the above options will work. A solution of diluted white vinegar will still work, so you can save on buying any expensive cleaning products. 

2. Move Slow

Do not rush the job, be slow and move the vac downwards and straight. If you move the gadget too fast, it will miss most of the water. And, if you move it sideways or in circular motions, the water you are cleaning will fall sideways, making your cleaning work more difficult. 

3. Post-Cleaning Buff

For that extra shine after your cleaning job, you should consider running a dry and clean microfibre cloth on the surface after. Avoid moving the cloth in circular motions as it could leave some marks. Ensure you move it in the same motion you used when cleaning with the window vac. 

4. Clean Regularly 

Regular cleaning of your windows ensures that the job is nothing but perfect every time you use a window vac. For your outdoor windows, cleaning at least twice or thrice a year is excellent. But if you live in an area close to the main road or train line, you will have to clean more often. 

When it comes to condensation, running a window sweeper on your bathroom screen, mirrors or windows after a shower reduces the amount of water that has to evaporate. 

How much do window vacuums cost?

How much you spend on a window vacuum is more personal preference, depending on your budget and needs. What matters are the features and the efficiency of the window vac, as well as your price point. 


Affordable window vacuum cleaners range from £28 to about £60. These will have all the basics you require, from a rechargeable battery to the versatility of cleaning more flat surfaces. The only things that you will lack from these models are the added accessories, which might not be such a significant loss if you already have them at home.  


These will meet all your window cleaning needs and so much more, like the ability to clean your workbenches, shower screen, mirrors and removal of condensation. They are a little bit more expensive than the affordable models and might cost you anywhere from £60 to £100. But, these will have accessories, like a branded cleaning detergent, microfibre cleaning cloth and a spray bottle. 


If you are willing to spend more on a pricier model, those start at above £100. For such a price point, you will get a larger capacity water reservoir, longer battery duration, and all the accessories most average priced models offer.


You can say goodbye to spotty windows and mirrors even after a long day of cleaning. Window vacuum cleaners are what you need to ensure your windows are always squeaky clean. They are compact, fast and efficient. Most importantly, you can count on each of our top picks to clean other flat surfaces, like your mirrors, tables and kitchen worktops.  

We are optimistic that our buying guide has given you all the information to questions you might have about window vacuums. Take some time to find the match to your needs and enjoy cleaning any home area without too much hassle. Do you want a neat and spotless home? Start by picking out one of our best window vacuums!

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