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Best 10 Wheelbarrows

As Of July 2022

Are you a professional construction worker or simply a home gardener? Struggling of carrying around with your bare hands or a plastic bucket a ton of things every day? Don’t worry. You don’t have to feel frustrated anymore. We got you covered! With the best wheelbarrows currently available, say goodbye to terrible back pains and any discomfort. Want to find out more?
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2 Neo Pneumatic Wheelbarrow on white background

Neo Pneumatic Wheelbarrow

4.7 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • You can carry a whole tree with it as it’s ideal for loads up to 200kg as
  • Use it in the roughest terrains as it has a pneumatic wheel
  • Store it everywhere you want due to its 2kg weight
  • Perfect for construction workers as it’s robust & rigid
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2 Draper Metal Tray Wheelbarrow on white background

Draper Metal Tray Wheelbarrow

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Durability

  • Carry items comfortably as it's a heavy-duty garden tool
  • Keep heaps of piles inside due to the large 85-litre capacity
  • No strain to lift and move around thanks to the lightweight construction
  • Put it down on its back while you're working for stability
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6 Simpahome Plastic Wheelbarrow on white background

Simpahome Plastic Wheelbarrow

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Light Work

  • Makes everyday gardening a piece of cake as it’s lightweight & compact
  • From gardening tools to plant pots; all in its 85L capacity
  • Rust-resistant as it’s made from alloy steel & plastic
  • Put it in your car in a jiffy- only 2 simple steps to pack it
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6 Oypla Wheelbarrow on white background

Oypla Wheelbarrow

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Plastic

  • Move dirt & debris hassle-free in its 70-litre capacity
  • Holds up to 150kg for less frequent back & forths
  • Built to last for years thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame
  • Comfortable to hold for longer as it has a soft grip handle
6 COSTWAY 2-Wheeled Wheelbarrow on white background

COSTWAY 2-Wheeled Wheelbarrow

4.5 /5

Ideal for Quick Installation

  • Relieve your hands from lifting as it has a 150kg capacity
  • Dump items efficiently thanks to the lightweight loop handle
  • Put it together in no time with the simple installation guide
  • Clean it up without a hassle due to the mess-free steel frame
6 Trueshipping Wheelbarrow on white background

Trueshipping Wheelbarrow

4.5 /5

Best Foldable Choice

  • Perfect for mini home projects with its 50kg capacity
  • Glide effortlessly through grass thanks to the rubber pneumatic tires
  • Maintain it instantly as it has a titlable plastic tray
  • Built to withstand wear & tear with its rust-resistant metal frame
4 Samuel Alexander Metal Wheelbarrow on white background

Samuel Alexander Metal Wheelbarrow

4.5 /5

Ideal for All Seasons

  • Transport even lawnmowers as it has a wide bowl
  • Leave it on your lawn in the middle of winter as it’s completely weatherproof
  • Assemble it in no time as it has only 7 parts & bolts
  • Use it for years to come as it’s made from robust & solid steel
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5 Walsall Wheelbarrows Easiload Wheelbarrow on white background

Walsall Wheelbarrows Easiload Wheelbarrow

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Home Use

  • Excellent for all house members even kids, as it’s manoeuvrable & compact
  • Use it every day for years without even scratching it as it’s solid & durable
  • No more back & forths as it holds up to 120kg
  • Stays in tip-top shape & rust-free due to its alloy steel built
7 Gardebruk Heavy Wheelbarrow on white background

Gardebruk Heavy Wheelbarrow

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Heavy Loads

  • Premium quality as it has steel rims & robust plastic
  • Throw bricks in it- it won’t break as it has an impact-resistant tub made from polypropylene
  • Carry your large loads hassle-free as it has a 100-litre capacity
  • It goes even in the bumpiest roads thanks to its 40cm pneumatic tyre
10 Walsall Builders Wheelbarrow on white background

Walsall Builders Wheelbarrow

4.5 /5

Top Compact Choice

  • Ideal for DIY projects like building a greenhouse or a shed as it’s versatile
  • You’ll never feel insecure about its capabilities as it has a 30mm tubular steel frame
  • Ride with style even in the bumpiest places as it’s easy to manoeuvre
  • Have peace of mind as it’s a tip-top quality & made in the UK

Wheelbarrows: A versatile cart that everybody needs but nobody admits

Whether you are a homeowner under a major home renovation or a DIYer that enjoys making all sorts of building projects, or simply you want to take care of your garden properly, there is a way to do it hassle-free. You need to invest in a good wheelbarrow

They are compact, easy-to-use and more importantly, they save you time and unnecessary labour. Imagine having to move 3 tones of sand and stones with only one bucket. It’s nearly impossible. With a wheelbarrow, you can do it without any discomfort and frustration. There are a few things, though, to keep in mind before purchasing one. Keep up with our detailed buying guide and learn everything there is to know about wheelbarrows!

Why do you need a wheelbarrow?

There are many reasons why you should invest in a quality wheelbarrow. It’s certain that when you buy one, you’ll feel a massive relief. Why?

1. They require less labour.

Imagine having to carry by hands plants, debris, mulch, rocks, bricks and all kinds of heavy things. It’s truly exhausting. With a wheelbarrow, you can load heavy objects at once and carry them throughout your entire lawn almost effortlessly

2. They save you time.

As said, carrying heavy things throughout your garden can be really exhausting. It can also be time-consuming. How much can you lift at once? 10, 20, 30kgs? With a proper wheelbarrow, you can carry up to 200kg at once. Do your home projects and gardening in no time!

3. They are pain relief.

Growing older comes with a lot of issues regarding your health. One major thing you need to be careful of is your precious back. Carrying weights with your bare hands affect your back even if you don’t notice it immediately. Back pain is insufferable, and as you grow older, it gets more intense. With a wheelbarrow, your back will be affected at the minimum. You can do all your gardening having finally, peace of mind (and of back)!

Types of wheelbarrows

When you think of wheelbarrows, one thing comes to mind: the traditional one-tire barrows made of thick metal and covered with rust, cement and all kinds of dirt. Nowadays, there are many different types, each serving a different purpose, each having its own unique features. Let’s start with the types you will come across.

1. Single wheel barrows

These are, as mentioned, the traditional wheelbarrows. They are designed for light-duty jobs and lifting lightweight materials, and they are ideal for small lawns and home projects. Their advantage is manoeuvrability on uneven grounds and their lightweight- some even weight less than 2kg-. A major con is that they are not the most stable barrows, and they require significant upper-arm and back strength, especially if you’re dealing with heavy loads. You should be careful of loads from tipping to one side as you might lose your balance.

2. Two-wheel barrows

The two-wheel design is truly revolutionary when it comes to wheelbarrows. They have 2 wheels parallel aligned to the front. They are ideal for more cumbersome loads like bricks, cement and logs. For a professional in the construction industry, it’s the go-to cart. Apart from over 100kg weight capacity, they have good traction and stability and require less strength and balance. The disadvantage is that they are tricky to turn and might struggle in small spaces like a narrow garden. 

3. Four-wheel carts

The general rule of thumb is the more wheels, the less strength they need. So, if you want to drag heavy objects without getting exhausted, you should consider them. Technically, they’re garden trolleys or yard carts, but they do the same job as wheelbarrows. They are really stable but less compact. Uneven surfaces will be an issue. Also, consider the space they occupy; they’re bigger than one-tire wheelbarrows, so you need some extra space in your shed or garage to store them. 

Material: Plastic vs Steel

We should discuss this separately as it’s probably the most critical thing about barrows. The type of material they are made of is crucial as it might cause a lot of problems if you are not careful enough. Before purchasing a wheelbarrow, think about what kind of jobs you will need it for. To make things easier for you, take a look at the pros and cons of steel and plastic.


Steel is naturally a rigid material that can handle heavier load capacity than plastic. You can beat it up and be sure that it won’t break. A few scratches are natural to occur, but other than that, its longevity is guaranteed. On the downside, steel needs maintenance. If you leave it for an extended period without a proper clean, it’ll get rusty, especially if you store it outside as it’s not entirely weatherproof. Additionally, it’s metal, so it’s heavy. At least, heavier than plastic. If you lack physical strength or have an arm strain, you might struggle to handle solid steel wheelbarrows


Plastic is really compact and lightweight. There are many size options at different prices depending on the quality and the density of the plastic. It’s suitable for home gardening and home projects as it’s easily manoeuvrable. Also, you can rest assured that you will never have rust issues. On the other hand, you cannot load heavy objects, as it can crack. Also, you should store it indoors as it’s prone to cracks due to the cold or too hot climate.

Pro tip: If you have big chunks of debris and branches in your garden, and you can’t load them in your wheelbarrow, try to use a chainsaw to cut them into smaller pieces.

What to look for when buying a wheelbarrow?

Now that you know the types of materials to choose from, there are a few extra things to consider. As said, it all depends on your needs and what kind of job you want to do with your wheelbarrow. Here’s a list of key features worth mentioning that you should take into account. 

1. Wheels

We already talked about wheels, so let’s be short. One-wheel barrows are ideal for small gardens, landscaping and uneven terrains, while two-wheel barrows are better for heavier loads, large gardens or construction sites. 

2. Tyres

That might seem minor subject to you, but it is not. Inflatable pneumatic tyres, for instance, are much easier to push over rough and bumpy grounds as they have a tube of air that acts as a cushion, but they puncture pretty frequently. So if you’re planning to use them on rocky garden paths, you should be a bit extra careful. You can opt for a puncture-proof tire (non-pneumatic tires) that is solid as a rock, but you’re not going to have a pleasant ride with it. 

3. Capacity

Capacity in most of the case is the number 1 feature to look. Here, you should check 2 kinds of capacity. The wheelbarrow capacity is expressed in litres, and the weight capacity is expressed in kilograms. The former ranges between 50 to 130 litres. Bear in mind that the larger barrow’s capacity, the bigger and bulkier to store. The latter ranges between 60kg to 200kg. So you need to think about what are you going to carry with it. Also, 200kg cargo is going to be pretty heavy. Don’t take any unnecessary risks that might cause injuries and divide your cargo into manageable loads.

4. Handles and grips

Look for long handlebars as they will make leveraging much easier, especially when dealing with heavy materials. Also, check the space between the handles. If it’s wide, it makes it easier to balance loads and move the barrow around. Hand grips are also important. Look for soft materials like rubber or soft plasticised handles. That way, you won’t feel any discomfort even if you using the wheelbarrow for hours. 

5. Tipping bar

Not all wheelbarrows have tipping bars, and, honestly, it’s an absolute necessity. U-shaped bars act as a brake when you are emptying the barrow. There are also square tipping bars that making easier to stand the barrow against a wall when not in use or when you’re loading it.

6. Rust resistance

As said, steel is prone to rust. That’s why many wheelbarrows that have metal frames are made of galvanized steel which is rust-resistant. If you don’t have an indoor space to store them, you should look for galvanized steel. It’ll save you money from buying a new wheelbarrow every now and then.

Top tips for choosing the best product

Here’s a small list of tips to have in mind when buying a wheelbarrow:

  • Always check the dimensions of the wheelbarrow to make sure you can store it without a problem in your shed or garage, and it can fit through narrow openings. 
  • You need long handles so you won’t bang your shins on the back of the tub.
  • Hold your arms straight and check if the bottom of the tub is clear of the ground.
  • Check if the hand grips are not loose. If they are, you might drop it off your hands.

How much should you spend on a wheelbarrow?

When it comes to pricing a wheelbarrow, there are many decisive factors. The general rule is that the bigger the barrow and the larger its capacity, the more expensive. Usually, prices range between £35 and £150, but there are also electric-powered models with rechargeable batteries that are much more pricey.

  • Affordable

In this category, you will find models from £35 to £70. They have one wheel, and they’re made from either steel or plastic. They’re solid and robust, but they can’t hold much weight. You should consider them if you’re a home gardener as they are more than enough for light-duty jobs. 

  • High-end

Here models start from £80 and go over £150. They’re made from quality materials, and they’re capable of carrying up to 200kg weights. Most of them have two wheels, and they’re very comfortable to use. If you’re a professional or you’re planning to do heavy-duty jobs with your wheelbarrow, you should consider purchasing one from this category. They’re built to last and handle all sorts of challenges.

It’s worth mentioning one last thing. There are also cheap wheelbarrows that cost less than £20. Avoid them at all costs! They’re made from inferior materials that rust, crack and break quite easily. Consider yourself lucky if you made an entire season with them. 


In this buying guide, you’ve learned everything there is to know about wheelbarrows. From the different types and materials to all kinds of features to look for. We also provided you with some tips to keep in mind before purchasing one. When buying a wheelbarrow, think of it as an investment. You want something of quality that’ll last for years to come and will be capable of doing even the most challenging tasks. Our list with the 10 best wheelbarrows is full of quality products that’ll amaze you, to say the least. What are you waiting for? No more carrying! Start rolling!

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