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Best 10 Wellies

As Of June 2022

Do you want to have warm, dry feet all year long while feeling comfortable? Whether it’s for enjoying a stormy spring day or frosty, snowy winter day, we all need to invest in a good pair of wellington boots! Give your frosty, moist toes the boot! You’ll be thrilled to bits with the choices here! Find the best wellies below & learn all you need to know how to pick the best pair for you!
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1 Dunlop Unisex Wellingtons Boots on white background

Dunlop Unisex Wellingtons Boots

4.9 /5

Best Wellies Overall

  • Best selling footwear for garden chores without slipping on the grass
  • Keep your feet warm & dry as they’re completely waterproof
  • Comfortable dog walks in the rain with its shock-absorbent design
  • Never worry about the rain again with this durable pair
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2 Joules Women's Wellibob Wellington Boots on white background

Joules Women's Wellibob Wellington Boots

4.8 /5

Best Choice for Ankle Boots

  • An eco-friendly choice as it’s handmade from natural rubber
  • They feel secure without worrying about gliding
  • Put it on in seconds thanks to the handy finger loop
  • Fashionable even on the gloomiest, rainy days with this stylish rubber boot
3 Joules Women's Molly Welly Wellington Boots on white background

Joules Women's Molly Welly Wellington Boots

4.8 /5

Top Choice for Mid-Height Wellies

  • Ideal for wide fitting or for a thicker pair of socks to keep you cosy
  • Treat yourself to a funky pair of short wellies to brighten your cloudy days
  • Practical to wear all day from garden chores to shopping
  • Long-lasting made of high-quality, thick rubber
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4 Hunter Original Tall Women’s Unlined Long-Shaft Boots on white background

Hunter Original Tall Women’s Unlined Long-Shaft Boots

4.7 /5

Ideal for Fashionable Wellies

  • Simply slip them on & hit the road in a matter of seconds
  • Fashionable boots to enjoy from day to night with trousers or dresses
  • Standing the test of time for years of mud & rainy fun
  • Various colour options to get the one you love the most
Ideal Gift Ribbon
6 Dunlop Preismeister Wellies on white bakcground

Dunlop Preismeister Wellies

4.6 /5

Best Budget Wellies

  • Value for money work wellies that worth every penny
  • No more sliding on wet surfaces as their soles have a good grip
  • Wide to slip-on quick & effortlessly
  • Go well with any outfits whether it’s for working on the field or a walk in the city
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7 Muck Boots Men's Chore High Rain Boot on white background

Muck Boots Men's Chore High Rain Boot

4.5 /5

Ideal for Cold Weather

  • Keep your feet dry for all year round adventures
  • Well-made rubber boots to wear dearly for the next few years
  • Bring the French charm to the English countryside with this chic pair of wellies
  • Simply slip them on & go out and about the city
8 Aigle Women's Chambord Pro 2 Work Wellingtons on white background

Aigle Women's Chambord Pro 2 Work Wellingtons

4.4 /5

Top Choice for Quality

  • Keep your feet dry for all year round adventures
  • Well-made rubber boots to wear dearly for the next few years
  • Bring the French charm to the English countryside with this chic pair of wellies
  • Simply slip them on & go out and about the city
9 Dunlop Ladies Pricemaster Black Wellington Boots on white background

Dunlop Ladies Pricemaster Black Wellington Boots

4.3 /5

Ideal for Countryside Fans

  • For farmers or country lovers, you’ll like this wellington boots
  • Put them on in a matter of seconds & set out on a journey
  • They go great with any outfit for that rustic look
  • Comfortable sole thanks to its thickness
10 Fitflop Women's Wonderwelly Tall Rain Boot on white background

Fitflop Women's Wonderwelly Tall Rain Boot

4.3 /5

Top Choice for Comfort

  • No more joint pain after wearing wellies thanks to their heel design
  • Most comfy rain boots with enhanced cushioning so you can walk for hours
  • Splash around in wet weather without the fear of moist feet & toes
  • Correct posture due to its anatomic footbed
10 DUNLOP Short Leg Half-Height Wellies on white background

DUNLOP Short Leg Half-Height Wellies

4.3 /5

Ideal for Wide-Calf Wellies

  • This best selling men’s wellies are great for garden chores
  • Forget about wellies that don’t fit your feet or calves as these ones are a game-changer
  • Comfy with a soft-top to enjoy for long hours
  • Super easy to put on & take off for daily usage

Best Wellies for All Year Around

Are you in the market for a good quality pair of wellies? Let’s face it, it is always a good idea to invest in a pair of wellington boots, but nowadays they are so much more than just waterproof! And the idea of finding the best one may seem daunting, but don’t fret as we are here to help you.

A pair of wellies is great for thunderstorms during the summer, rainy autumn days, winter snow or thunderstorms in springtime, basically, all year round! They keep your feet and toes dry, toasty and cosy. And let’s not leave out how insanely good they look with any outfit, from trousers to skirts or dresses! But how do you know which one is best for you? Keep scrolling to find out!

Ask yourself these questions before buying a pair of wellies

There are many designs and types of wellies or rain boots or galoshes, or whatever you want to call them, in the market. So, what questions should you be asking yourself before reaching a decision?

  • What activities will you be doing wearing them?
  • How easy are they to put on and then pull off?
  • What type of lining do they have if they have any?
  • What type of sole does the wellington boots have?
  • What’s the best fit for your leg and foot?

To answer all these questions, we made this list below. This will help you guide to reach a decision that you’ll never regret! If you want to enjoy the outdoors more no matter the weather, you might want to keep on reading.

What to look for when buying a pair of wellies?

You need to keep in mind a few things when you are shopping for wellies because it’s no longer just about keeping you dry! Here is our list:

1. Height

Overall, wellies come in 4 different sizes, so pick the one you want based on your calf size.

  • Knee-high
    For people with wide calves, it is usually hard to fit on, as they tend to be a bit narrow.
  • Full-height
    They fit to around the top of your calf and are the most popular boots. They are the best if you plan on walking in the countryside, to protect your legs from scratches, mud and puddles of water.
  • Half Height
    They go up to the bottom of your calf so they’re an excellent option if you have wider calves as they sit below them. They still protect you from mud and puddles and are a very popular choice for festival-goers.
  • Ankle height
    The latest addition to the wellies range. They are very easy to slip on and hit the road. Perfect choice to keep your feet dry on a drizzling day, while you are headed to class or for a cup of coffee with friends.

2. Outer material

You need to decide on outer material for your next pair of wellies. Keep in mind where you will be wearing them. Do you want a pair of wellies for your gardening chores? Would you like a pair for your mountain adventures in the mud or snow? Or would you like to buy a stylish, chic pair to go well with your dresses and wear them for a day in the city? Also, you need to ask yourself how often am I going to wear them? Unless you want to punish yourself for no apparent reason, the frequency in which you’ll be wearing them is crucial!

Choose between two main outer material choices:

  • Plastic polymer polyurethane
    Boots made with this material tend to be more affordable, so you should keep it in mind if you are on a budget. But, they also tend to be stiff and less resilient in extreme conditions.
  • Natural rubber
    Boots made with this material, are more flexible and fit to your fit better, while you can enjoy them for years.

3. Sole design

A lovely quality pair of wellies should be able to provide footing and traction to any surface. If you want a good grip on a hard surface, you need to consider a thin tread because a wider tread will offer you a better grip on soft and muddy terrain. If you want to wear them worry-free in any condition or surface, then consider going for a type that offers both kinds of tread so you’ll be extra secure.

4. Comfort & Support

If you plan on taking long walks wearing your wellies, then this one is a must-have. Look for a sole with extra-cushioning that doesn’t over-flex. This way, you’ll provide support to your arch, and at the same time, it will act as a shock absorber to reduce fatigue. From now one, you’ll enjoy every minute of your walks without aching joints or back.

5. Lining

First, think about whether or not you what your wellies to have a lining. If so, then here are the three main option you need to be on the look out for:

  • Neoprene
    It’s soft and squishy underfoot, great for winter weather! But if you plan on wearing them during a summer thunderstorm, think again as it can be a little too cosy when the temperature rises.
  • Leather
    It adds a luxurious feel, making the boots surprisingly warm, yet breathable, so your feet don’t sweat. We think it’s expected to cost a bit more than other types of wellies.
  • Jersey
    It is an excellent alternative to the other two; it's light and convenient, making it perfect even for warmer days.

6. Fit

Lastly, you need to keep in mind the size of your calves. Do you want your wellies to be a bit wider or you want them to fit on your calves? Ideally, search for a snug fit around your feet, leg and calf, that will offer you ultimate comfort and smoothness in movement. If they're too firm, they could be uncomfortable as they’ll rub on your skin. Consider the clothing you'll be wearing them with, before making a purchase. For example, if you plan to wear them during the winter with thick socks, go for a wider fit. Adjustable straps or full zips can be helpful as they add more to the comfort.

How can you keep your wellies good as new?

This is a question we get a lot and for a good reason. How can you maintain your wellies to last for long? It is simple: wash each time you come home, especially if you’ve been in the mud. You need to clean any mud, dirt, manure or chemicals from the sole and dry them well. Beware not to dry them close to a radiator but rather leaving them to dry naturally. You can also, hang your wellies by the heel to dry effectively. Same applies to both plastic and leather boots. The extra thing you need to do with the leather boots is to apply a waterproofing product for leather often, to treat the leather and prevent it from cracking or splitting.

Always keep in mind…

So, think about the purpose your wellies will serve. Whether it is for fashion, comfort or practicality, we are confident that you’ll make the best decision. Whatever you purchase, we hope that you will enjoy them and wear them proudly all day long for many years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our list of the best wellies and have your pick! The British weather calls for a great pair of wellies, so get yours today and say goodbye to cold, wet toes!

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