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Best 10 Weighted Vests

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for a piece of workout equipment that enables you to build resistance and intensity in your fitness routines? Well, look no further! Weighted vests are the real deal, whether you are doing full cardio or all in weight training. Just put it over your head and on your shoulder, strap it in, and you have the required additional weight for that! Ready to get one?
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1 JLL Weight Vest on white background

JLL Weight Vest

4.8 /5

Best Weight Vest Overall

  • Ultimate comfort with fitting adjustable velcro straps & padded design
  • Adjust weights in the vest to meet your fitness needs and goals
  • No-fuss clean as it’s sweatproof & machine washable
  • Choose your preferred vest from the different weight options
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2 Gravity Fitness Weighted Vest on white background

Gravity Fitness Weighted Vest

4.7 /5

Most Versatile Choice

  • Works with all fitness levels & routines, from CrossFit to bodyweight training & callisthenics
  • Stable weight plates made from solid cast iron & stays in place
  • One size fits all for all body types
  • High-quality with a long life span & a 5-year warranty
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3 XN8 Adjustable Weighted Vest in three colors on white background

XN8 Adjustable Weighted Vest

4.6 /5

Top choice for night time workouts

  • Extra safe for night workouts thanks to its reflective strips
  • Cosy soft neoprene material & adjustable buckles for a snug fit
  • Removable iron sandbags to adjust the weight to your liking
  • Breathable fabric & odourless filler for dry, odour-free workout
4 Vailge Weighted Vest on white background

Vailge Weighted Vest

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Fixed Weight Vest

  • Ergonomic shoulder strap to deliver maximum weight & comfort
  • Store your valuables in the included mesh pockets
  • Double-stitches to keep the iron sand filling in place for long
  • Comes in different sizes with adjustable buckle straps for perfect fitting
5 Homcom Waist Trainer Vest on white background

Homcom Waist Trainer Vest

4.5 /5

Top Choice for a Unisex Weight Vest

  • Unisex vest with 38 weight bags to meet one’s personal needs
  • Extreme support with the soft padding liner for hours of exercising
  • Snug fitting with the close-cut form & velcro fastening
  • No straining when putting it on or off, even by yourself
6 BodyRip Weight Vest on white background

BodyRip Weight Vest

4.5 /5

Ideal for One-Size-Fits-All

  • A weighted vest with adjustable straps that suits any body size
  • Allows removal & increments of sandbags to match your fitness level
  • Achieve your weight loss goals with its maximum 25kgs limit
  • No rubbing or chaffing & have super freedom of movement
7 Z Zelus Weighted Vest on white background

Z Zelus Weighted Vest

4.5 /5

Most Ideal for Cardio

  • Ergonomic build distributes weight evenly for great airflow & breathing
  • Fits any body type for several workouts, even yoga
  • Keep your valuables with you using the large mesh pocket on the front
  • 4.5kgs iron weights vest for your cardio & weight loss goals
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8 ProIron Weighted Vest on white background

ProIron Weighted Vest

4.5 /5

Best for Shoulder Weighted Vest

  • U-neckline for less pressure on the chest & increased ventilation
  • Stays in place throughout your workout thanks to the anti-slip padding
  • Workout safely when the sun has set with its reflective strips
  • Leak-Proof design to keep the iron sand in place
9 Yiai Weighted Vest on white background

Yiai Weighted Vest

4.5 /5

Top choice for Budget-Friendly

  • Affordable vest with an option to use sand or steel plates filling
  • Adjust workout weight up to 19kgs to suit your fitness level
  • Breathable mesh to keep you dry & comfy during intense workouts
  • Different vest uses for cardio & weight lifting training
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10 Patzbuch Weighted Vest on white background

Patzbuch Weighted Vest

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Weightlifting

  • Uses steel plates up to 35kgs limit to meet all your weightlifting goals
  • Convenient on your shoulders with its sponge filling
  • Magic sticker fastening design for a snug fit & comfort in all workouts
  • Full-body design with side rings that’s simple to put on

Elevate Your Fitness Routines With The Best Weighted Vest

Workout vests are nothing short of a miracle if you are looking to add weight to your routines without investing in expensive body lifting weights. It will be a great addition to your home gym for starters, uses little storage space, and is pretty versatile. You can even bring it to the office with you for that late afternoon workout before you head home. So add it to your collection amongst your barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells

Not surprisingly, weight vests have gained popularity in the last few years, especially in-home workout routines. Today is your chance to up your fitness goals with one of these. Thanks to the growing popularity, you can expect to get an overwhelming amount of recommendations, models, and brands. That makes it harder for you to settle for a high-quality vest that suits your needs.

Our buying guide is here to fill in any gaps and assist you in picking from a carefully selected list. It caters to everyone’s needs, regardless of your price point, body type or fitness goals. Because just your weight bench won't help you built the body of your dreams.  

What is a weighted vest?

We are pretty sure you have heard of wearable weights, even if you are not a fitness enthusiast. But if you haven't, or it probably flew over your head, here is a refresher; wearable weights are wearable gadgets that help improve your fitness routine's strength. They come in different types for specific exercises, from ankle weights to wrist weights.

A weighted vest is just one of the wearable weights you will need for your fitness, especially when running or doing a cardio routine. Weighted vests go around your chest, hanging over your shoulders with straps to tighten it in place. Depending on the type of weighted vest, it can cover your shoulders or your whole upper body.

Why do you need a weighted vest?

As we have pointed out earlier, the most important reason for a weighted vest is to develop strength. The weighted vest increases your body's weight, which adds strength and builds up endurance for the ultimate cardio experience. The excess weight will exert more stress on your muscles, leading to faster depletion of energy and change in oxygen intake and breathing pattern. These are what lead to increased endurance, strength and cardio.

Also, you can think of it as a way of spicing up your workout routines. You can blend the stresses you place on your muscles if you have a weight vest compared to a trainer without one. More than this, you can use your weight vest for several routines, from lifting body weights to running. 

What Should You Look For When Buying a weighted vest?

When you are in the market for a weighted vest, you need to consider a few features before making the purchase. Not to worry! We made a list for you, so you don’t have to waste hours of searching. Here they are: 

1. Fixed Vs. Adjustable Weighted Vests  

Adjustable or variable weight vests allow you to adjust the vest's weight to suit your training needs. They are best for strength training and muscle building purposes, although some trainers use them for cardio. They can be a little uncomfortable when you use one for an extended period. Compact vests, unlike the adjustable models, have a fixed weight. They are ideal for cardio workouts, including hiking, running and jogging. 

2. Weight 

Do not underestimate your capabilities when you dedicate your time and energy to a fitness routine and goal. Doing so will only lead to buying a weighted vest you outgrow in a few months. So, we will always recommend getting one with an adjustable weight when it comes to the best weight for a weighted vest.

Let's put it this way; you buy a low weight weighted vest, you start training, and within the first few weeks, your body cannot tell the difference. Then, you start losing fat and gaining those muscles and the strength you've been dreaming of. But it's too soon to celebrate because your body needs a bigger challenge. And that is how your precious weighted vest ends up gathering dust in storage.

Even if you want to invest in a weighted vest that offers the weight you think you need, it is best to invest in one with removable weights, allowing you to add extra weights as your body builds resistance and strength.

3. Material

Ventilation and breathability are the main things to keep in mind, especially if you get sweaty a few minutes into your workout. A workout vest with excellent ventilation and breathability enables you to stay cool and dry despite the sweatiness. The best way to know whether your coveted weighted vest has these features is to read through the manufacturer's description or the reviews from previous customers.

4. Fastening Mechanism

Some weight vests have a buckle fastening mechanism, while others use a velcro. Whether it is snap-fastening or the retro design, the buckle mechanism is best for running and CrossFit training. These fasten the vest tightly, with little to no chance of it coming undone while you are still working out. But if you want a weight vest for your gym routines, either of the two fastening mechanisms works.

5. Comfort

The weighted vest needs to be as comfortable as possible, especially when it is fastened. If it comes with adjustable straps and side straps, the better you are equipped at adjusting the fitting for extra comfort. Many are unisex, which is great as they can be convenient no matter who wears it. If the vest isn’t comfortable on you, then the chances are that it will stay at the bottom of a drawer in your closet. 

6. Body Type

Not all weighted vests are one-size-fits-all. So, yes, your body type matters when the vest's design is not everyone. Some vest weights are for trainers with broad shoulders, and others are suited for thinner shoulders. Others are made based on gender, with women's weighted vests explicitly designed for breasts and curves, depending on their sizes. This will ultimately determine how comfortable you are in your weight vests, as well as your performance in one.

What exercises can you do with a weighted vest on?

Investing in a piece of versatile workout equipment is a win-win for both your wallet and fitness goals. Vest workouts are part of that list, as you can use them in a wide variety of routines. 

  • Cardio  

Some weighted vests for cardio activities, from running to walking, hiking, rope jumping and stair climbing. You can keep up with the same routines, only that you will be in a workout vest; with time, you will start building endurance and strength, allowing you to advance to the next level in your routines sooner.

  • Push-Ups 

Push-ups are a typical routine for those looking to work out their abs, shoulders, chest and arms at a go. Adding a weighted vest to this exercise provides you with more resistance and intensity, which goes a long way in ensuring you revamp your upper body quickly.

  • Sprints 

A sprinting workout helps you build muscles and stamina. Adding a piece of extra workout equipment to your sprinting routine can fasten that process and help you get to your end goal in no time!

What size weighted vest should you get?

When investing in a weight vest, the goal is to, of course, have one that lasts for long, meeting your increasing fitness needs. If the vest is not challenging you in a few months, you will be forced to dish out more money for a new set. And you will be stuck with an old one. What a waste! As such, your current fitness level and future goals will play a significant role in which is the best size to get.

While the perfect size for a weight vest depends on your fitness goals, your body weight also plays a significant role. Experts recommend getting about 10% to 20% of your body weight, which varies depending on the type of fitness routines. If you are into cardio, a weight vest of 10% of your body weight is recommended. With that in mind, if you weigh 80kgs, the weight vest should be 8kgs utmost.

For bodyweight exercises, the resistance and strength training ones, you can increase to about 30% or 50% of your body weight. What many trainers do, though, is buy an adjustable weight that allows them to max up to the 50% size over time. If you are doing the heavy lifting routines, you can, by all means, increase the size to more than 50%.

Which is better: Full Body or Shoulder Weighted Vests?

There are two main types, shoulder and full body weighted vests to choose from. Depending on your routine and the results you are opting for, you can choose accordingly. Let’s have a closer look at each one. 

  • Full Body Weight Vest

A full body weight vest looks a little like what the police wear. It covers your whole upper body, giving you a lot of space to add extra weight. They are heavier, ranging from 10kgs to 50kgs. Full body weight vests are ideal for gym exercises, like bodyweight workouts, but some trainers use them when running. While they limit your body movement, they are great at weight distribution between the front and the backside.

  • Shoulder Weighted Vest

On the other hand, we have a shoulder weighted vest, which resembles the shoulder straps of a backpack. They are smaller than their counterparts, giving you more room for movement. Because of this, many will prefer to use these for running or CrossFit workouts. Shoulder vest workouts are also lighter, weighing anywhere from 1kg to 5kgs, making them ideal for prolonged usage.


How much should you spend on a weighted vest?

Weighted vests are pretty affordable, which makes buying one for any fitness routines easier. Depending on how much weight filling you are looking for, you can expect to spend anywhere from £26 to about £110.

  • Affordable 

Affordable weighted vests will only cost you £26 to around £50. These will mostly be 20kgs and lower. The vest could be full-body or shoulder, which gives one a vast selection pool depending on what they need the vest for.

  • Mid-Range

With a budget of £50 to at least £100, you can expect to find the best mid-range weighted vest. These will have higher weight capabilities, over 20kgs up to 30kgs. You will also find other vest features that make the extra pounds worthwhile, such as machine washable fabrics, sweatproof or added water-resistant design and odourless filling. 

  • High-End

High-end models will mostly cost over £100. Some of these are not that different from what you can get on a mid-range model. The extra coins on the price tag will probably be for the brand name. That said, most will have a higher quality than what you will get when you buy a mid-range weighted vest. 

Always keep in mind that...

Are you ready to level up your collection of gym equipment and spice up your workout routine? Our well-selected list of the best weighted vests will help you achieve all your goals. Better still, use our in-depth research on what you need to consider when buying one and we are confident you’ll make the best choice for you!


Whether you are shopping on a budget, need a high-end model, working to lose weight or want to build muscles, we have you covered! There is a vest for each one of your needs. Get yours today and happy workouts!

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