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Best 10 Water Pistols

As Of July 2022

Are you ready to take on the summer fun with your kids? Buying a fun toy to enjoy in your backyard is a must! Cool off from the heat with the best water pistols and play outside for hours! Your little ones, and you too, won’t be going in the house before dinnertime. Break into a water fight without the need for water balloons! Want to find out more?
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1 Nerf Super Soaker Microburst on white background

Nerf Super Soaker Microburst

4.8 /5

Best Water Pistol Overall

  • Drench your friends at the other side of the yard with its 10m long-range
  • Reload it in less than 30 seconds as it has a 300mL capacity
  • Mess-free water tank fill up through the big inlet tap
  • Fit in the palm of one hand as it’s lightweight & compact
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2 Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka on white background

Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Handled Water Blast

  • Win every water fight as you can control the way you push water out through the handle
  • Stay in the battlefield longer thanks to its 1.6L capacity
  • Enjoy an extended stream of water with its 15m blaster
  • Keep it for years as it’s made from durable plastic
Best Quality Ribbon
3 Ucradle Water Pistol on white background

Ucradle Water Pistol

4.6 /5

Ideal for Toddlers

  • Bring it with you to the pool to play with friends as it’s a 3-pack
  • Perfect for kids 3+ thanks to the one-click trigger squirter
  • Safe to use without cuts or scratches as it has no sharp edges
  • Play for hours by holding it through the comfortable handle
4 Nerf Super Soaker Floodinator on white background

Nerf Super Soaker Floodinator

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Large Water Capacity

  • Soak your competition from top to bottom with its powerful water blast
  • Target any range when others are close by pumping less
  • No need to hover over the garden hose thanks to the 2L capacity
  • Pick between the trigger or pump for different shooting distances
Ideal Gift Ribbon
5 Nerf Super Soaker Twin Tide on white background

Nerf Super Soaker Twin Tide

4.5 /5

Ideal for Double Water Stream

  • Squirt double the amount of water thanks to its dual-barrel system
  • Engage in water gun fights for longer due to its 1L capacity
  • Comfortable even for adults to use as it has a spacious handlebar
  • Refill conveniently through the water inlet on the back
6 Nerf Super Soaker Breach Blast on white background

Nerf Super Soaker Breach Blast

4.5 /5

Ideal for Adults & Older Children

  • Win every water fight thanks to its 12m shooting range
  • Stay in the action by refuelling less often due to the 1.5L capacity
  • 100% leak proof as the water inlet stays tightly shut
  • Control how far you’re squirting the gun by using the pump
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7 Nerf Super Soaker Piranha on white background

Nerf Super Soaker Piranha

4.5 /5

Best Mini Water Gun

  • Launch a sneak attack anywhere as it’s small & hideable
  • Move around with ease thanks to its lightweight & one-handed operation
  • Simple to use even if it’s your first time - just pull the trigger
  • Refill the 300mL water tank quick & return to the battlefield
lightweight choice ribbon
8 Kiztoys Water Gun on white background

Kiztoys Water Gun

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Easy Refill

  • Play along with your kids as it comes in a set of 2
  • Less pauses mid-game to refuel thanks to the 600mL capacity
  • Great for the eco-conscious as it’s made from recyclable ABS plastic
  • Soak your opponent even if they’re across the yard with its 10m range
eco-friendly choice ribbon
9 JOYIN 2 Pack Water Pistol Guns on white background

JOYIN 2 Pack Water Pistol Guns

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Long Water Range

  • Safe for your kids to use thanks to the non-toxic & certified plastic
  • Perfect for families with 2 kids as it’s a 2-pack
  • Shoot water even at the back garden end with its 11m range
  • Very straightforward to use by pumping to shoot close or further away
10 JOYIN 3 in 1 Water Blaster on white background

JOYIN 3 in 1 Water Blaster

4.5 /5

Ideal for Families

  • Pick how you want to squirt water out either via the trigger or pump
  • Let the whole family in the fun thanks to the valuable 3-piece set
  • Enjoy more playtime as the water tank holds up to 500mL
  • Hit targets while you’re hidden with its 11m range
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Ultimate Splish Splash Fun On Summer Days with the Top Water Pistols

Do you want to find a refreshing way to beat the heat and play outside for hours on end? Are you and your children looking for a fun new toy that’s not a video game? With the best water guns, you can have tons of outdoor battles, drenching your opponents from top to bottom! By adding some water toys to your backyard you can create the ultimate splash zone for your little ones and their friends. 

Be the cool mom or dad or even the adventurous adult that has their inner child ready to play! Combine it with an above ground pool, inflatable water slide, or even a trampoline and have the best time in your backyard! Stay shaded outdoors and have total peace of mind while your kids are playing by sitting under a parasol in your garden sofa set. Want to get your tan on? Enjoy a few short breaks by relaxing in a comfy sunlounger or camping chair. 

Are you buying water guns for kids? Is it an adult gift? Whatever the case may be, we have all the information you’ll need before purchasing. With our buying guide, you’ll be able to pick the best choice for you that’ll guarantee soakage to the bone. Enjoy huge liquid fights at home, the pool or anywhere else you want!

What is a water pistol? 

This is a super fun toy mostly for kids. Most children like to play with them and use them as a squirt gun to mess around with their friends and soak them in the hot summer months. They are very popular water toys that everyone loves to bring to the pool, the beach or even in the park. Instead of spending time indoors during the summer under an air conditioner, you can cool off in your backyard with these toys.

There are many different types of water guns that have varying capacities, shooting ranges and squirting mechanisms. Overall, they are not too expensive and can be part of any household’s toys. Their portability and light weight makes them a fantastic choice for bringing them with you on a road trip so that the kids can play away from a tablet screen. 

Why should you buy one? 

Any type of water play can have significant benefits for your overall health and wellness. Believe it or not, water games can help your children practise many areas of development, including mental, physical and emotional. Let’s look at some of the most beneficial reasons you should buy a  water gun.

1. They are safer than foam bullet play guns.

While some prefer to use play guns that shoot out foam bullets, that is a more aggressive game than a liquid fight. With a water gun, you can have peace of mind that your little ones won’t be running the risk of injuries. The one thing to remember is just to keep them away from your eyes as the water pressure could be dangerous if it’s in direct contact with them. But, as long as they’re away from your eyes, there’s no other risk of playing with them. 

Foam bullet play guns release with enough power to injure or bruise more sensitive skins potentially, so they’re not suitable for young children. 

2. They let you cool off from the heat.

One of the most obvious benefits of these toys is that they allow you to use them as a water blaster. It’s a refreshing and amazing way to enjoy the sun without feeling dehydrated or hot. A high-quality pistol can hold a large capacity of water for non-stop play throughout the summer. 

Many adults like to use them for themselves too when the temperatures rise as a fun game with friends.

3. They broaden your creativity when playing.

Another benefit to water guns is their versatility to create different play scenarios. You can enable a space where your imagination and creativity run wild. Playing with water can stimulate children’s brains in different ways each time. Whether you’re in the pool, at the beach or home, there is a new game waiting for you to act it out. One day you can pretend you’re pirates; the other, you could be fighting over territorial expansions!

4. They are a great way to release energy.

We all know how energetic and playful kids can be, especially when the summer holiday begins. Allowing them to bask in the sun and play with some water guns can help let off steam during the day. It’s also an excellent form of physical activity as they will be running around trying to avoid the soakage. 

Introducing some active play in your children’s life will be very beneficial for their long-term health. It’s also much better than sitting indoors looking at a phone or tablet screen. 

5. They allow your kids to develop motor & social skills.

No matter what age your child is, their development is continuously improving. Water play can be very beneficial to developing motor and social skills. From toddlers touching water to feel its texture to older children running towards the water to play in it, there are many advantages to this play form. Also, the task of refilling the tank can improve your children’s hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, as well as their muscle strength. The task of pumping the pistol and splashing around in the water also develops your little one’s stamina and core strength. 

Engaging in a liquid fight can help your kids build stronger social interactions too. They give your kids the opportunity to learn about teamwork, share toys with others, and cooperate to reach a common goal (in this case, beating the other team).

6. They improve children’s cognitive development.

Playing with a water gun can also improve your childrens’ cognitive skills. That’s because it takes some effort involving math to understand the water’s elements. For example, to calculate how far off your opponent is and if you can splash them from your current distance requires some cognitive ability. Or, realising that you should keep the pistol in a horizontal instead of vertical position for the water to shoot out develops your kid’s understanding of science. 

There are many practical ways that cognitive abilities can improve with water guns, so don’t just think of them as toys.

What features should a water blaster have? 

Are you ready to make a purchase but want to know what top features to consider? Don’t worry, as we’re here to help you out! Take a look at the most important considerations you should know about before picking your water gun.

1. Shooting Type

There are two different types of water guns available. The one is the automatic push trigger which is suitable for one-hand use. These are lighter and better for young children as they don’t require too much muscle strength. They also don’t make too much noise because you don’t have to pump them like their counterparts manually. So, if you want to attack the other team sneakily, these are the most efficient ones. Their one downside is that they don’t have as great of a shooting range as pump-action ones. 

Pump-action water guns give you a longer shooting range, and the strength is superior. They are water blasters with a bigger capacity, but their one drawback is that your manual pumping causes more noise. So, your opponents will know when you’re close by, thus avoiding your drenching. 

2. Litre Capacity

Depending on the type you pick, you will also notice that the litre capacity will differ. On average, trigger type water guns have a smaller capacity of up to 1L. But, the pump style water guns have a higher water capacity of up to 2L. Checking to find one with a larger one will be beneficial because you won’t have to pause mid-game to refill the tank for the water. 

You would want a lower water capacity because it will make for a lighter water gun. These are better for younger children without straining them during playtime. 

3. Range

The shooting range varies between different water guns. The smaller ones have an average range of 4-5m, but some mid-ranged ones are between 10-12m. But, if you want to have the largest coverage possible for play from one end of the garden to the other, go for one that’s between 12-15m. Those will also have a higher litre capacity so that you can continuously play with your friends and family. 

4.Weight & Age

The overall product’s weight matters if you are buying the water gun for a child. The lighter it is, the better your little ones can handle it, even if it’s full of water. The average weight of a water gun is no more than 0.5kg. But, adding water to the tank, like huge 2L ones, can significantly increase the toy’s weight. 

Some manufacturers will also clarify the age restrictions. Not all water guns are suitable for any age, mostly because of the weight. The smaller ones are fit for kids over 3 years old, but the larger ones are best for children ages 6 and above. In general, manufacturers recommend that children under 3 years old should not use these toys to prevent injuries and direct contact with their eyes.

How do they work?

These toys are very straightforward and simple to use. Anyone can enjoy playing with them as it’s a hassle-free two-step process. All you have to do is fill the tank with water and after that, you can immediately start spraying your friends. Most water guns have an inlet tap that you can pop open under running water to fill the tank quickly. The litre capacities vary depending on the size from 200mL to 2L. The smaller the capacity, the faster you can fill it up. But, the larger the capacity, the more non-stop play you can enjoy before needing to refill.

Once the water gun is full, you can blast water from as close as 50cm all the way to 10-15m. The shooting ranges also vary depending on the size. The shooting mechanism is either going to be automatic via a small trigger or manual with a pumping motion. The trigger type is optimal for shorter distances and the pump one is best for longer distances. The pump action also gives you better control of the water pressure if you don’t want a full blast. 

When the tank empties out again, you will notice that the water dripping from the pistol will be close to none. A few drops won’t shoot out too far away; that will be your indicator that you have to rush back to the hose and fill it up again. Refilling won’t take longer than a minute, even if it’s a large 2L water gun. 

How much does it cost?

Most water guns are inexpensive as they are a summer essential that kids love. Also, their material build is very affordable plastic, thus reducing the cost. The different prices will depend on the size, litre capacity and shooting range. Also, if it’s a 2 or 3 pack, it’s probably going to cost a bit more than a single one.


The most affordable options start at £6.99 up to £11.99 and are smaller in size, single water guns. Their litre capacity is lower than the most expensive ones, between 200mL to 1L. Also, the range that the water shoots in is closer than the higher-end models, approximately up to 4-5m. That’s because these are usually best for toddlers or young children that are using them for the first time.


On the other hand, the pricier ones can start from £19.99 to £49.99 as they are premium water launchers. These have a high capacity water blaster that can hold up to 2L, and their range is longer up to 12-15m. Many adults like these as they give you a super soak and have pump action instead of trigger-style guns that low budget ones have. Also, some manufacturers include a set of two or three, making them worthy of the upped price.


Take on the summer heat by purchasing the top water blasters out there! Use it for any type of outdoor play that will cool you off no matter how high the temperatures reach. Do you want a small squirt gun or something as close to a water cannon as possible? Whatever type you prefer, you can find a toy that gives you enough water litre capacity for non-stop play!

Our buying guide gives you the best options in the market for any age group, from toddlers to adults! Let your hair down and launch a full-blown aqua attack by playing in teams. Who’s going to win the next aqua fight?

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