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Best 10 Water Filter Jugs

As Of July 2022

Do you want to stop using plastic bottles for drinking water? You’ve come to the right place! We bring you the best water filter jugs that will offer you tasty and healthy drinking water while they will help you eliminate the usage of plastic. Go green and stay hydrated all year long without compromises. Interested in learning more about these eco-friendly utensils?
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1 BRITA Style Water Filter Jug Maxtra+ on white background

BRITA Style 2.4L Water Filter Jug Maxtra+

4.8 /5

Best Water Filter Jug Overall

  • Enjoy cold water any time of the year as it fits in most fridge doors
  • No-fuss cleaning, just throw the jug in the dishwasher
  • Keep track of your water’s quality with its intelligent meter
  • Taste the difference as its micro carbon pearls improve its taste
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2 BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug on white background

BRITA Marella 2.4L Water Filter Jug

4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Flavourful & quality water like never before with its MAXTRA+ filters
  • Reduce plastic-bottle waste & stay hydrated all year long
  • Super easy to fill in with its flip lid
  • Slim design so you can keep the jug in your fridge for refreshing glasses of water
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3 BRITA Elemaris XL Water Filter Jug on white background

BRITA Elemaris XL Water Filter Jug

4.6 /5

Ideal for reduction of chlorine, limescale and impurities

  • No more plastic bottles save you money & the planet
  • Have tasteful water at home without trips to the market
  • Alerts you for filter replacement thanks to its intelligent meter
  • Forget about scale build up as it has ion exchange pearls that reduce limescale
4 ZeroWater 1.7 Litre Water Filter Jug on white background

ZeroWater 1.7 Litre Water Filter Jug

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Personal Use

  • Versatile to use for drinking water or washing off veggies
  • Perfect for your daily water intake with 7 cups of quality water capacity
  • Cleaner water with its 5 stage water filtration
  • Designed to fit UK fridge doors so you can always enjoy cold water
5 Aqua Optima Water Filter Jug on white background

Aqua Optima Water Filter Jug

4.5 /5

Ideal for Recyclable Filters

  • Enjoy better-tasting hot & cold water whenever you want
  • Less appliance maintenance costs as it helps reduce scale built-up
  • Efficiently removes impurities offering you clean & tasty water
  • Peace of mind purchase as it lasts up to 30 days
6 BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug 3.5L on white background

BRITA Marella Aqua Filter Jug 3.5L

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Value for Money

  • Perfect for families as it has a 2.4L filtered water capacity
  • Guaranteed filtration to offer you the best drinkable water
  • Fill it effortlessly thanks to its flip lid
  • No more odours, funny taste water or scale with its micro carbon & ion exchange pearls
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7 Russell Hobbs BRITA Filter Purity Glass Kettle on white background

Russell Hobbs BRITA Filter Purity Glass Kettle

4.5 /5

Ideal for Tasty Tea & Coffee

  • Your tea never tasted better than with this BRITA filter kettle
  • Perfect for about 4 cups of coffee with its 1L boil capacity
  • Eco-friendly recyclable cartridges that are ideal for the eco-conscious
  • Made to last & stand out by premium glass body & accents
8 Waterdrop Elfin 2.5L Fridge Water Filter Jug pink on white background

Waterdrop Elfin 2.5L Fridge Aqua Filter Jug

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Modern Design

  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle so you can pour water without aching
  • Water safety with its BPA-free plastic design
  • Beautiful addition to your fridge available in 5 modern colours
  • Healthy water as the filter retains beneficial calcium & magnesium
9 Aquaphor Time 2.5L Water Filter Jug on white background

Aquaphor Time 2.5L Aqua Filter Jug

4.5 /5

Ideal for Large Capacity

  • Fill the bottle without trouble through its flip lid
  • Water at its best as the jug is safety tested & TÜV Nord certified
  • No need for extra purchases as it comes with filter cartridges included
  • Great for large households with a 2.5L capacity
10 pH Replenish Glass Alkaline Water Jug on white background

Invigorated Water pH Replenish Glass Alkaline Water Jug

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Awarded Design

  • Leave plastic bottles in the past with this state-of-the-art pitcher
  • Healthy to use for drinkable water as its made of food grade glass
  • Delicious water everyday without compromises
  • For hot & cold drinks as it’s thermal shock resistant to up to 150°C

Best Quality Water With Water Filter Jugs

There is no other element as H2O. From its varied uses that include it being the essential element in our day-to-day lives, water is a life saviour, quite literally. Even though most of the world is made up of water, less than 1% is consumable. The lower percentage of drinking h2o makes filter jugs or a water purifier a truly cherished product, giving you the purest and healthiest drinking h2o possible. 

All the more companies are coming up with modern technology-based filter jugs, providing customers with filtered water, and Brita or Brita Maxtra is undoubtedly amongst the top brands. It helps convert tap water into healthy drinking h2o without worrying about falling sick or getting hold of waterborne disease. 

If you are struggling to choose the best filter jug or the right water filter pitcher for your household, worry no more as our guide answers all your questions and helps you find your ideal drinking h2o system. From hot water to cold water, these aqua filter jugs filter out everything for you to give you healthy litres of water to drink! And if you are on the go a reusable bottle or a insulated flask, could come in handy! Keep scrolling to learn all you need to know and pick the best one for you!

What is an aqua filter jug?

In a word, they are your best friends. Aqua filter jugs are filtration systems that are filled with tap water. The tap aqua slowly passes through the filter, giving you access to filtered aqua and getting rid of any possible impurities and makes the water BPA-free. It converts hard h2o into consumable quality drinking h2o, improving water quality by eliminating any build-ups, contaminants and enhancing water taste.

The activated carbon method is an excellent way to remove chlorine from the water, prone to scale and bacteria growth. Due to this reason, it is recommended that the water filters should be replaced as frequently as possible to ensure the proper functionality of the water jug. Since the water jug capacity is limited, the water filling process takes time as the water passes through the filter before it is ready for consumption. So, we recommend that you constantly refill the water filter as much as possible during the day, especially if your water intake aligns with the recommended daily intake of water.

Why do you need a water filter jug?

The benefits of using a filter jug are multiple. It helps in improving the taste of water along with its quality. The reduction and removal of water pollutants, including heavy metals like pesticides and fluoride. Here are the main reasons why you do need a filter jug in your life today:

1. It is convenient to use.

Even though filter jugs perform the technical activity of purifying water, their functionality is relatively easy. They are specially designed for everyday use by households; keep in mind that not everybody is a technician, so a filter jug is the easiest way to make drinkable water. Simply pour the water in the jug to be processed and store the drinking h2o wherever you wish to, without transferring it from one container to another or from this container to water bottles. Many filter jugs also come with digital indicators, which lets you know when to replace the water filter case or clean the unit thoroughly.

2. It removes contaminants and improves water quality and taste.

Water usually tastes terrible when it is loaded with contaminants. Consuming water rich in contaminants is harmful to human health and should be avoided in all cases. This leads to the spread of water-borne diseases. Water filters ensure that you get access to clean, fresh, and great tasting water necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

3. It is highly sustainable. 

If you purchase a filter jug for your household, you don’t need to buy bottled/packaged water anymore. Since these bottled waters usually come in plastic bottles, it is harmful to the planet. Have access to filtered aqua at home, so you do not need to get to the bottled water market. Instead, create your purified drinking h2o from the comfort of your home through stainless steel filter jugs. These water jugs are also dishwasher safe. Your little step into saving the environment and encouraging sustainability could lead to a visible change, and having more and more friends and family on board to this mission could eventually lead to a plastic-free lifestyle (well, at least the beginning to a plastic-free lifestyle)!

What should you consider when choosing a cartridge system?

It is imperative to get your hands on the perfect water filter case system in order to get the best quality water. The main points to consider while choosing a cartridge system are:

1. Filtration quality

The type and size of the filter cartridge material are essential when selecting a filtration system. Fine particulate filtration is different from separating large particles from liquids. Hence, it involves different mechanisms. Suspended solids have one micron or larger particles, dissolved solids have particles less than a micron, and colloidal solutions contain particles sized between 0.01 and 1.00 micron. Hence, according to the approach you wish to follow, the filters also differ. You need to understand your specific need or the filtration and the average particle size you will be filtering and choose a filter cartridge accordingly.

2. Conditions

Different strainers/filters/cartridges are appropriate for different temperatures and processes involved in water filtration. For high temperature and high-pressure industrial environments, metal strainer installations are the best. Strainer filtration is required mainly in pipelines and processing plants. But, a small under-counter reverse osmosis system is an ideal solution for healthy drinking filtered aqua.

3. Cleaning & replacement costs

Self-cleaning liquid filtrations use the process of backflushing and removing particulates from the surface of the filter itself. This saves on some labour. While choosing the perfect cartridge, disposal and replacement filter costs should also be considered. Since replacing a bag filter costs much less than replacing a cartridge filter altogether, investigating such expenses help in deciding the right filter.

4. Continuous Filtration

Some households, companies or industrial areas require water to be filtered continuously whilst some perform the filtration process in batches. Continuous filtration requires a device that is designed in a way to allow long operating periods seamlessly. However, batch filtration is a much-relaxed process and suitable for smaller-scale operations. These allow time for more frequent cleaning of the filtering devices and replacement when necessary. This leads to increased effectiveness of the filtration process. According to personal needs and choices, cartridges are chosen to fit the continuity of filtered water in an environment.

How can you test the water's taste?

Every water has a unique taste. The ideal taste of water is neutral, neither sweet nor salty. After getting filtered, the water should remain at a TDS of less than 300 mg/litre and should be free from chalkiness, limescale and chlorine. Some instruments can show you these indications or you can turn to a professional for more accuracy.

The pH should also be around 6.5. water's taste mainly depends on the minerals it contains. For example, tap water has a distinctive taste due to its pH level and the abundance of minerals. Its TDS is also higher than drinking filtered water. It involves a slight aroma (and taste) of chlorine which is evident.

But, the filtered water that is ideal for drinking tastes extremely bland (almost tasteless) as it has most of the minerals filtered out. It does have a taste that can help you distinguish it from tap water.

What is the difference between hard and soft water?

Hard water has high mineral content, formed primarily through deposits of limestone, chalk, and gypsum, including magnesium, and sulphates. Since it contains essential minerals, it can be used as drinking h2o sometimes but in limited quantities. 

Hard water is called hard due to the dissolved magnesium in the water, which are evidently visible when heated. On the other hand, soft water is free from dissolvable salts and minerals and contains a low number of ions and minerals. Generally, distilled water or the water we drink at home through the filtration process is soft water because all the minerals, ions and particles are filtered out before consumption and that water is free from hard h2o areas.

The most straightforward example to understand hard and soft water is through the example of rainwater. When rain naturally falls from the sky above, it is considered soft water. But, as and when it touches the ground and seeps through the waterways, it picks up several minerals and becomes hard h2o.

How much should you spend on a water filter jug?

Every filter jug is unique with its own specifications, features and design. Hence, every filter jug costs different. The good part about these jugs is that it comes in all ranges to cater to all sets of people. 

This means if you are looking for an affordable filter jug or a truly exquisite expensive one, we have you covered!

  • Affordable range

The most affordable filter jugs cost anywhere between £15-£20 with a solid filtered water pitcher. But, these jugs mainly have a small water capacity, ranging from 5 to 7 cups max,  with one fill. 

It is suitable for people with limited fridge space and for the ones that like a slimmer compact design, fitting in your small fridge doors easily. Its water pitcher filter can last up to 2 months with an alkaline water filter replacement cost of no more than $10.

  • Mid-range

The average cost of filter jugs ranges from $30-$50 and gives you one of the best products in the market. The average range filter jugs also act as a good alternative to a carafe. These stage filtration systems also come in non-plastic models, with sleek metal bodies that help keep the water naturally cool.

 It is suitable for houses with good daily water consumption with decreased pH levels and moderated TDS, having considerable water supplies.

  • Expensive range

The expensive range of aqua filter jugs cost more than $70 usually. It comes with a minimum of 10 cups and is considered a large-capacity server with over 500lt of estimated filter life. 

The filter replacement cost for these jugs cost up to $50. Most of these filters outperform their cheaper counterparts due to their built-in unparalleled features that give you the best tasting pure drinkable water. 

They also come with a five-stage filter that is exceptional at removing particles and preventing moulds with increased usage. Most of these pitchers use two filters simultaneously for efficient, quicker, and better water purity results. Some of these aqua filter jugs also come with reusable filters, cutting down on costs immensely.


The benefits we can gain from aqua filter jugs are essential. Not only it removes unwanted particles like chlorine, limescale, excess calcium, and other total dissolved solids, it also helps in improving skin health and aids in weight loss by providing us healthy, pure and quality tasting water. Since water is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives and indeed the most important thing that we need to survive, we must ensure that we intake the best version of it, without compromising its quality. 

Our buying guide takes you on a complete journey of why you need to start using an aqua filter jug as soon as possible and make it your best friend, starting today. The article lists all the essential points that one should know about aqua  filter jugs and ensures that this is the best alternative to have fresh and healthy drinking water at home! Did you find yours yet?

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