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Best 10 Under Cabinet Lights

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for a lighting solution for your under cabinets? From your kitchen cabinets to your wardrobe, bedside, bathroom and garage spaces? There are many blindspots in the house that could use some lights. And there is nothing better than under cabinet lighting. Ready to learn more?
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1 Racokky Rechargeable Strip Light on white background

Racokky Rechargeable Strip Light

4.8 /5

Best Under Cabinet Lights Overall

  • Illuminate up to 3 areas with a bright & welcoming pure white light
  • Simple installation on any surface with the adhesive magnetic strip
  • Light up your electronic spaces by attaching them to magnetic appliances
  • High-quality built with a lifetime warranty
A ribbon about the Home o'Clock's choice
2 Willed dimmable Torch Light on white background

Willed Dimmable Torch Light

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Wireless

  • Remembers your last level of brightness so you don’t have to adjust it each time
  • Choice a different angle of lighting to suit your needs
  • Suitable for anywhere from closets to car boots thanks to its portability
  • Rechargeable battery- simply use a power bank or USB socket & adapter
3 Star-Spangled Tap Light on white background

Star-Spangled Tap Light

4.6 /5

Top LED Puck Lights Pick

  • Enjoy hassle-free control with just a push of the light
  • Comfortable on the eyes with its warm white light
  • Light up multiple spaces as it comes in a package deal
  • Accent lighting & your home surfaces with the gold finishing
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4 Wobane Light Kit on white background

Wobane Light Kit

4.5 /5

Ideal For Cabinet Strip Lights

  • Perfect for larger spaces with 4 LED strip lights that have adapters & connectors
  • Easy installation with no tools or professional help needed
  • Super bright & energy saving with 1100 lumens and low voltage
  • Style your connection with 1, 2 or 4 connecting lines
5 Racokky Wireless LED Lights on white background

Racokky Wireless LED Lights

4.5 /5

Best For Warranty

  • No more manual control with the motion sensors
  • Pick the best bright level for your every use from the 3 options
  • Brighten dark rooms effortlessly with the anti-glare plate
  • A long time of use worry-free due to the lifetime warranty
Warranty Safety Ribbon
6 OxyLED Sensor Lights on white background

OxyLED Sensor Lights

4.5 /5

Top Battery Operated Choice

  • Save energy & battery life with the auto on/off feature
  • Excellent movability as you can attach & detach light with the backed adhesive tape
  • Enjoy super bright light with the 3 LED light fixtures
  • Multi-purpose with durable material for use in all indoor areas
7 Hiboitec Under Cabinet Lighting on white background

Hiboitec Under Cabinet Lighting

4.5 /5

Ideal For Bright Light

  • No more walking or working in the dark with the 160 lumens
  • Let the light switch on/off with just the detection of your motions
  • Fewer charging times with the long-running rechargeable battery
  • 3 sets to use for your wardrobe, bathroom & kitchen lighting
8 Racokky 2 Pack Under Cabinet Lighting on white background

Racokky 2 Pack Under Cabinet Lighting

4.5 /5

Best For Functionality

  • Adjustable brightness levels, so you get your choice of ambience
  • Choose a working mode to meet your specific needs
  • Never run out of power with the power bank, USB charger & computer charging options
  • Portable for you outdoor power supply when travelling
9 Prism Cupboard Push Lights on white background

Prism Cupboard Push Lights

4.5 /5

Top Budget Pick

  • Maximum lighting with the 6 extra bright LED lights
  • Simple control; requires only the push of the lights
  • No tangling with power cords as it works with a battery
  • Undemanding DIY installation, thanks to the self-adhesive backing
10 OUSFOT Motion Sensor Closet Light on white background

OUSFOT Motion Sensor Closet Light

4.5 /5

Ideal For Motion-Activated

  • Stay illuminated when moving with the delay time
  • Wide sensor range for lighting up all your working surface area
  • Lightweight & compact, so you can use it when handheld
  • Keep your eyes safe from powerful lights with the warm light colour

Shed Light On Your Dark Spots At Home With The Best Under Cabinet Lights

Are your working spaces in need of extra illumination? Do you try to chop some vegetables but you’re having a hard time seeing in the dark? Or maybe you need some light in your closet to help you find your work suit faster in the morning. No matter the case, if you want to see better in dark spots, opting for the best under cabinet lighting fixtures could be the next big investment you need to make for your home!

They are great for so many reasons, as they are not just for your kitchen cabinets! Plus, there are many options that help you meet any lighting needs. So keep reading and let you the best lighting solutions for your home!

What Are Under Cabinet Lights?

While we have all sorts of lighting options, from flood to ceiling lights, there are times all you need for better visibility in some spaces is a set of under cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is mainly used for task lighting. They are usually installed under shelves, cabinets and such surfaces to provide localised lighting. That makes them an excellent addition to your kitchen countertops, bathroom cabinets, desks and wardrobes, among others. 

Why Do You Need Under Cabinet Lights?

There are many reasons why you need under cabinet lights for your home. Here is a list of those reasons: 

  • Add an Extra Layer of Illumination

Under-cabinet lighting is excellent at complementing your overhead lighting. This comes in handy on worktop areas, like kitchen countertops and pantries. You get a brighter surface when the light illuminates on the backsplash, enabling you to get better visibility. 

  • Get Rid of Shadows 

Lights, especially overhead installations, can sometimes create shadows that could mess with your work or images. Under-cabinet lighting will help you eliminate any shadows, making the areas brighter. 

  • Increase the Ambience and Design of Cabinets 

You can add a little life to your counters by adding light to it. Depending on the type of light you want to give, you can give your spaces a warm, cool, or contemporary look. With lights that come with many colours, you can set different atmospheres that match every possible mood. 

  • Use as a Night light 

Are there dark areas in your home that could use extra lighting, like a night light? Instead of burning candles or using flashlights all the time, buy a set of lights for cabinets, and you no longer have to walk or work in underlit spaces.  

What Should You Look For When Buying Under Cabinet Lights?

There are many things to keep in mind, besides your preferred price point, including:

1. Power Source 

The source of power could be directly wired (hard wired), plug-in, and wireless. You don't have to worry about cords with direct wire models. They also have a custom lighting look, but you will need the help of an electrician for installation. 

You can easily install plugins by yourself. But, you will need a dedicated power outlet. Wireless models have neither of the problems the first two models provide. You only have to replace batteries whenever they run out or recharge the inbuilt batteries when they run low. Also, ensure you confirm the correct battery size when buying to avoid buying the wrong battery size and have to wait a minute longer to use your cabinet lights. Some use AA batteries, while others use AAA one's, with each model requiring a different number of batteries.  

2. Size and Placement 

Does the size of your preferred under cabinet lights fit perfectly in your chosen area? First, the lights need to be as shallow as possible to stay hidden and out of sight. Also, ensure the colour of the lights is not far off that of your cabinets to even the finishing. 

Speaking of even out, if you are working with pluck lights, you should mount them at least 20cm to 30cm. It helps in distributing the lighting uniformly. It also helps to mount them at the front of cabinets for the light to spread across the counter. 

3. Style 

When it comes to this, there are 3 main styles. Strip lights have an adhesive on the back so you can stick them on the surface. This is usually enough to keep the lights in place, but some strips have screws for tighter fixation if needed. These offer you more flexibility and customisation but are not sufficient enough for working tops. 

The second style is the puck lights, which look like hockey pucks and usually have an adhesive backing. They come as individual lights, allowing them to provide spot-like illumination or a pool of light if you install several lights. 

Lastly, there are bar lights, which are the most common choice for under cabinet lighting. Lightbars are pretty sturdy for your task lighting, thanks to the light diffusion cover and aluminium casing. But, unfortunately, they are inflexible. That counter this, ensure you measure the installation place carefully before making any purchase.

4. Additional Features

Think of digital features that enable you to connect the lights seamlessly to your existing smart home systems. With such, you will have remote control via apps, Bluetooth, and even voice control. Other lights also allow for outdoors, so you can easily use them in such areas, like outdoor kitchens.   

5. Price 

Luckily, you don't have to send an arm and a leg to get a set of these lights. They are pretty affordable, with some going for as low as £2.88 and the most expensive ones ranging from £20 to £30. Of course, the price will depend on how many lights you get from one pack, levels of brightness, and the brand name. 

What Types of Under Cabinet Lights Are There?

Under cabinet lighting comes in different types, mainly depending on the lighting mode. Each of these has different energy efficiencies and aesthetics. 

  • Cabinet LED Lighting

Expensive as the initial costs for LED lighting is, it is one of the most common and energy-efficient solutions, even for under cabinets. Apart from the efficiency, which saves one a lot from their power bills, LED lights are long-lasting, with most lasting up to 20 years. 

LED lights for under cabinet lighting come in two types, puck lights and strip lights. The choice narrows down to what aesthetics you want, with strip lights being the best if you are after a minimalist look or something easy to install. Puck lights are a little bit challenging to install since these are installed individually. However, they are great for spaces where you need more focused lighting rather than a distribution of illumination. 

LED lights are also dimmable, allowing you to change the levels of brightness to suit your needs. That said, you might have to invest a little bit more to get a dimmer switch and enjoy the full benefit of dimmable lights. Also, if you are settling for linkable LED tape lights, ensure that you follow the manufacturer's connecting instructions, especially if you need to cut the tapes. Making a wrong cut could compromise the lighting capabilities of the lights. 

  • Fluorescent Lighting

Like their LED counterpart, fluorescent lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting compared to other incandescent lights. The lifespan is, however, shorter than that of LEDs. CFLs also produce more heat with harsher light. Some have a buzzing sound that could be annoying. 

Not all fluorescent lights have dimming capabilities, meaning you have to stay content with the type of light the tube provides if dimming is not a possibility.  

  • Halogen Lighting 

Halogen bulbs have an inert gas that reacts to electric currents, producing white light. Adversely, these tend to get very hot and are not recommended in areas you might touch them accidentally. That means these lights produce a lot of heat but are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs. Still, LEDs and Xenon are more efficient, if that's what you are after. It also reduces its lifespan but is still better than traditional incandescent lighting. 

Xenon Lighting 

These have two electrodes with an electric arc to produce light, which is usually brighter than what halogen produces. They are pretty energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs but can't beat LED and fluorescent bulbs. What makes them so popular is the bright and warm light. 

How Many Under Cabinet Lights Do You Need?

How many lights you need for your under cabinets will depend on your particular needs. For example, if you are working with a large area, like long-spaced kitchen counters, you will need more light than one looking for lights for their bathroom vanity cabinets. 

The brightness level from each light also matters. Different light bulbs have varying lumens, levels of brightness. While some models have adjustable levels of brightness, you ought to consider whether the total available brightness will meet all your needs. 

That said, some spaces, like bedsides and desktops, could use one light when using bar lights and at least two puck lights. When dealing with larger areas, you might need at least 2 bar lights and more well-spaced puck lights


Never stumble in the dark again when we have a hand-picked list of the best under cabinet lighting options for you! Install them in your garage, kitchen, study room, bedroom, bathroom, attic or staircase! We mean, the installation options are endless! 

Better still, this buyer's guide is here for every step of your shopping experience to make it smooth and delightful. Get every required information, and know what to look for as you browse for the best lights for your home!

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