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Best 10 TV Wall Mounts

As Of June 2022

You bought a new TV, but there is not enough room on the tv console? Don’t worry because what you are experiencing is really common. It’s normal to have this issue when you are switching to a bigger screen. What’s the solution, you ask? A wall mount. A full-motion or fixed wall holder is the best solution! There are many choices, though, & countless aspects to consider while searching for the perfect one. Not to worry, we’re here to help!
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1 Invision Ultra Slim Tilt Swivel TV Bracket Mount on white background

Invision Ultra Slim Tilt Swivel TV Bracket Mount

4.8 /5

Best Overall TV Wall Mount

  • Safe & versatile thanks to its steel structure & support for multiple VESA mounts
  • Improved viewing backed by its 180° horizontal full motion swivel
  • Allround use fit for LED, LCD, & Curved TV
  • Connect devices with the TV using the included HDMI cable
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2 Invision Swivel and Tilt TV Wall Bracket on white background

Invision Swivel and Tilt TV Wall Bracket

4.7 /5

Ideal TV Mount for Sturdiness

  • Robust design made from cold rolled carbon steel
  • You can easily tilt your TV thanks to the -5° to +8° tilt range
  • Sturdy metal structure has a weight-bearing capacity of 50 kg
  • Mount any TV with its support for multiple VESA standards
3 Yousave Accessories Compact TV Bracket on white background

Yousave Accessories Compact TV Bracket

4.7 /5

Great for All types of TV brands

  • Bendless design backed by its solid steel construction
  • Mount heavy TVs as it has a weight capacity of up to 40 kg
  • Adjustable design that tilts vertically from 0-10 degree
  • Mount it to wall studs, drywall, or solid brick wall with the built-in spirit level
4 PERLESMITH TV Wall Bracket on white background


4.6 /5

Top Choice for Flexible TV Wall Mount

  • Easily attach wires at the back by extending the TV mount out
  • Attach TV of size from 26’’-55’’ thanks to the multi VESA compatibility
  • Reduce glare by tilting it between +5°/-12°
  • Quickly connect devices to the TV with the provided HDMI cable
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5 VonHaus 15-42 Inch TV Wall Bracket on white background

VonHaus 15-42 Inch TV Wall Bracket

4.5 /5

Most Ultra Slim Design

  • Almost sticks to the wall (27 mm) thanks to its ultra-slim design
  • Sturdy holding backed by the alloy steel material
  • Attach TVs of multiple dimensions as it supports various VESA standards
  • Damage-free design promised by a 25-year warranty
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6 SANUS VLT5 B2 Premium Series Wall Mount on white background

SANUS VLT5 B2 Premium Series Wall Mount

4.5 /5

Ideal for Wide TVs

  • Fit wide TVs easily between the range of 42-90 inches
  • Bendless heavy-duty design backed by its solid metal construction
  • Adjust it as per preference as it supports vertical angular adjustment
  • Add style to your living room with the popping black colour
7 Perlegear TV Wall Bracket on white background

Perlegear TV Wall Bracket

4.4 /5

Top Pick for Extendable TV Mount

  • Pull it forward with the adjustable articulating arms design
  • Adjust it as you like with 180° horizontal pivot and 5-15° vertical tilt TV
  • Super robust design backed by reinforced steel material
  • Install in no time with mounting holes & installation guide
8 Proper Full Motion Television Wall Mount on white background

Proper Full Motion Television Wall Mount

4.4 /5

Best for gifting

  • Mount it anywhere in the room to improve its aesthetics
  • Non-bending design can effortlessly handle TVs up to 35kg
  • Adjust it as per preference between 10-15° up and down
  • Versatile wall holding as it supports various VESA standards
Ideal Gift Ribbon
9 One For All TV Wall Mount on white background

One For All Wall Mount

4.3 /5

Best for Smooth TV movement

  • Adjust TV simply with the extendable arm & 0-20° vertical tilt angle
  • Maintain an uncluttered look with the included cable management system
  • Great for TVs weighing up to 70 kg with its durable & low profile design
  • Adjust the widest TV screen of up to 90”
10 Perlegear TV Wall Bracket Mount on white background

Perlegear TV Wall Bracket Mount

4.2 /5

Ideal for Universal Wall Plate

  • Universal wall plate fit for 25-55” TVs
  • Save space in your living room with its low profile design that stays 32mm from the wall
  • Get a better viewing angle with an 8° vertical adjustment
  • Install within minutes on any wall with the included accessories

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Get Absolute Peace of Mind with the Best Fixed or Full Motion TV Wall Mounts!

It can become a bit tricky to find space for new things in your house if you don’t plan well. But, if you have just bought a new LCD, LED, OLED or curved TV, when you suddenly realise that it doesn’t fit on your TV console. Well, don’t sweat it! What should you do?

You can invest in a wall-mount and let your TV hang on the wall while you get the best watching experience and also save room! And no matter which TV you buy, Samsung, Sony, or any other, rest assured that you will find the right TV mount for your TV and home.

If you are confused about which one is the best wall holder, you should keep reading. We are here to give you a better insight and help you make the right choice!

Why do you need a TV wall mount?

First things first. A TV mount is a wall holder for attaching your TV to it. Unlike a TV stand, it does not take much space and is pretty easy to install. Here are some of the factors that favour your need for a wall holder :

1. Save space

The key aspect of buying a wall holder is saving space. As it is attached to the back of the TV and to the wall, there will be no covered space on the ground. Moreover, it will also save it from damage if you have a flat-screen TV and a naughty little kid at home.

2. Enhances viewing experience

Unlike a TV stand, where you can experience the glare of the TV screen. A wall holder will offer you an anti-glare watching experience while providing you with adjustability.

3. Installation

Another reason you need to pick a wall holder over a stand is the installation. A wall holder is easy to install and thus ranks higher than a stand. Moreover, a stand might require frequent moving, unlike a mount that does not.

4. Improves Aesthetics

Compared to a stand, a wall TV mount can enhance the room’s aesthetics and create a more minimalist approach. It also helps eliminate cable clutter to keep your area more organised, neat and tidy.

How to choose the best television wall mount?

As there are several online and offline choices for wall mounts, it can become a bit tough to choose the best one. Here are some crucial factors that you need to consider while picking one for yourself:

Weight and Dimensions of your TV

The prime factor that you need to consider while buying a television wall holder is your TV’s weight and dimensions. As the wall holders come in various sizes and have varying weight capacities, you need to note your TV’s weight and size. Most of the wall mounts have a weight capacity of around 30-45 kg. Additionally, these wall holders can adjust to smaller screens from 24 inches width to over 55 inches.


Although all the wall holders are made from solid steel or aluminium, it is necessary to check their density. Or you may end up damaging your TV. The larger your TV, the more stability you need in the long term. So, make sure you opt for a material that can withstand over time to avoid changing your wall holder frequently. If you have a smaller and lighter TV, the material might not be an issue.

Wall type

The type of wall plays a critical role in the overall functionality of a wall holder. Hence, it is necessary to verify if the wall is bricked or a plastered one. Bricked walls tend to handle heavy TVs better. On the other hand, plastered walls may not be that effective in handling TVs with mounts. If you plan to mount a smaller TV, it may seamlessly handle the TV and the mount.

Type of Mounting

If you are planning to get a wall holder for your TV, it is imperative to check how and where you are going to mount it. Are you interested in mounting it across your sofa or at your bedroom’s ceiling? The wall holders can be full motion, ceiling mount, extension arm, articulating, or tilted. Analyse the area before you buy one to ensure safe mounting.


Along with all these factors, it is necessary to check if the wall holder is simple to install or you will need a professional to do that for you. If you are not sure that you can handle it on your own, you might find it best to hire a professional, especially if you need to mount a heavy TV. Some wall holders are very simple to install, and if you are a little bit of a handyman yourself, you could mount your TV in a matter of minutes.

Types of television Wall Mounts

When it comes to the types of TV mounts, they can be classified into the following categories:

Fixed Wall Mount

This is the most basic variant of the wall holder . The fixed TV mount stays where it is forever so if you are opting for it, make sure you put it at the right place and at the proper height. Attaching cables to your TV may also be tough in the case of this mount as it has a profile close to the wall design. If you have to attach cables, you may have to take it off.

Tilt or Swivel Wall holder

This type of wall holder’s key benefit is that you don’t have to worry about any connectivity or viewing issues. You can tilt and swivel the wall holder based on your preference and viewing requirements. A swivel/tilt wall holder will prevent glare on the screen. It will also be easy for you to attach cables, like HDMI.

Full Motion Wall holder

Unlike fixed, tilt and pivot wall holders, these mounts are super flexible as they can be pulled away from the wall using the cantilever. This allows for easy viewing if you have changed your seating place in the sitting room. These wall holders have extra functionality, but it comes at a high price.

Ceiling TV Mount

This is the choice you can opt for if you don’t have enough room on your sitting room wall. It is also best for spaces in your home, like your bedroom, if you want to lay down and watch your favourite TV show.

Is it dangerous to hang my TV from a wall mount?

One question that hounds most of us is whether hanging a TV from a wall holder is safe. Especially with kids or pets around, you need to be extra-cautious about the safety features of products you bring to your house. So, the simple answer is yes, wall holders are safe. However, the weight and size of a TV play a significant role in deciding if they are safe to hang.

Unlike the older TVs, the newer models are slender and lightweight. For these, the wall holders are fitted with an anti-tip strap that is designed to support its weight. But, if you own a heavy TV, the mounts must be sturdier. Moreover, it isn't easy to support a heavy TV to drywall, and so it must be anchored on the wall stud with appropriate hardware.

Do TV mounts ruin walls?

Mounting a television to the wall is indeed a great idea but only as long as it doesn't ruin the wall. Therefore, before installing a wall bracket, make sure that your wall is strong enough to support it. If that is not the case, even the sturdiest of mount walls won't be able to help a wall from crumbling down.

For instance, the drywall may not bear the mounted TV's weight, consequently, ruining the wall. The anchors attached to these walls will get pulled, and your TV will end up on the floor. On the other hand, if you have a concrete or solid brick wall, you just need to buy the right mounting accessories, and your walls will remain undamaged.

Is hanging the TV from a wall mount safer than a no-drill solution?

For smaller TVs as well as for the bigger ones, it's always safer to go with a wall holder rather than a no-drill solution. Wall holders are easy to install. Moreover, they are stronger and more durable as they are hanged using anchors. With these, you will no longer have to worry about your kids adjusting the TV screens on their own.

Besides, mounting a wall without drilling to some extent, is a daunting task. However, if you prefer the no-drilling solution as per building rules or personal choice, you must consider using strong adhesives or a hybrid stand. Brick clamps or rigid wall hangers, too, are an excellent way to install TV without drilling. Just make sure that your wall isn't already damaged.

What is a VESA size, and how can I find mine?

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association and is a standard to measure the distance between the four holes at the TV’s back. In short, it is a mounting standard adopted by most TV brands and bracket manufacturers. The most preferred sizes are 200 x 200, 400 x 400 and 600 x 400 varying with the screen sizes.

So, how can you find your VESA dimensions? The simplest way is to measure it on your TV. All you need to do is locate the four mounting holes and measure the distance from left to right and top to bottom. Now the horizontal and vertical distance readings you have, that's the VESA size of your TV.

Or, if you wish, you can also refer to the product’s manual page to confirm the TV specifications.

Where do the wires go on a wall-mounted TV?

Mounted TV surrounded by tangled wires gives a messy look. The tedious looking cord hive will just defeat the whole purpose of mounting a TV to the wall. But, you can rest assured because these cords are smartly concealed behind the TV. You can hide them behind the TV itself using cable plates in case of plasterboard.

To do this, remove or move the TV aside and use a stud finder to find two free sections in the wall -one slot, where you will fit the screen and the other one for the power outlet. The best way is to fit two bulk cable plates to let the TV cords in and out of the wall. Besides, many wall holders come along with cable management clips to hide your TV wires.

Always keep in mind...

Modern-day TVs are both attractive as well as brittle. So, it is necessary to make sure that they are handled carefully. And when it comes to safe handling of LED, LCD, OLED TVs, a wall holder is a clear winner for you. Hence, you should invest in it. As far as choosing the top TV wall is concerned, this guide will guide you in the best possible way. Study each section carefully and make your pick!

Improve your viewing experience and your movie nights with friends and family. Enjoy your relaxing time on the TV more with the top television wall mounts. Find yours here!

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