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Best 10 Trampolines

As Of July 2022

Keep your kids entertained and improve their fitness, coordination, and motor skills! Trampolines are a fantastic way to get them up and moving. But trampolines aren’t just for kids! Adults can also use them for exercise. They come in many shapes and sizes for all to have fun! Work that core, strengthen those legs, and bounce off that belly fat! Low impact exercise that doesn’t damage your joints.

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1 Kanga 8ft Premium Trampoline on white background

Kanga 8ft Premium Trampoline

Zipped Entrance
4.8 /5

Best Overall Trampoline

  • Prevent injuries in the event of a fall with its durable safety enclosure
  • Set it up easily watching a detailed YouTube Video with instuctions
  • Softer landing on your knees thanks to a thick foam padding
  • Climb up with ease from the included step ladder
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2 ZERO GRAVITY Trampoline on white background


4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Absorbs kids impact so that they can enjoy hours of playing
  • No sunburns thanks to the UV-resistant enclosure mesh
  • You can even put it on uneven ground as it won’t topple over
  • Set it up & store in just seconds with its neat quarter folding hinge design
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3 WestWood Mini Trampoline on white background

WestWood Mini Trampoline 4.5FT

4.7 /5

Best for easy assembly

  • Perfect for trampoline beginners at only 1.6m heigh
  • Stands well against harsh weather as it has a rust-free steel frame
  • Safely jump and exercise with no risk of falling with its enclosure net
  • Vibrant colours to choose from that your kids will love
4 Greenbay Kid Indoor Outdoor Trampoline on garden

Greenbay 4.5FT Trampoline

4.6 /5

Great for both indoor & outdoor use

  • Avoid foot burns with the UV treated jumping mat
  • Parents can have peace of mind by keeping an eye through the mesh enclosure net
  • Risk-free lands with safe cushioning on the thick foam pads
  • Ideal for young children with a max weight capacity of 45kg
Ribbon For Kids
5 Sportspower 8ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline on white background

Sportspower 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure

4.6 /5

Best for kids older than 6 years

  • Fold it up easily and store it till next time
  • Elegant steel frame to match any indoor or outdoor space
  • Jump around with no restriction as it has unique free bounce technology
  • Self-assemply as itt only needs to adults to set it up by themselves
Warranty Safety Ribbon
6 HOMCOM Kids trampoline on white background

HOMCOM 4.5FT Junior Kids Trampoline

Designed Just For Kids
4.6 /5

Best for kids ages 3 to 6

  • No more sunburns when playing outside thanks to its UV-resistant net
  • Protect your kids from scratches thanks to the thick foam padding
  • Made of sturdy rust-resistant material will last for years
  • Ease access for the little ones from the front door
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7 Happy kid playing in Airwave's outdoor trampoline

AIRWAVE Trampoline

4.5 /5

Best option for children and adults

  • Its superstrong galvanizes steel springs offer great stability
  • Worry not about leaving it outside in rain as it's weather-resistant
  • Safe for kids to play thanks to the included net
  • Its thick foam padding protects you or your kids from hurting
Best Quality Ribbon
4 Kid Using Plum Kids Trampoline

Plum Children's Trampoline

PVC Top Surface
4.6 /5

Top Children's Trampoline

  • Avoid foot burns with the UV treated jumping mat
  • Parents can have peace of mind by keeping an eye through the mesh enclosure net
  • Risk-free lands with safe cushioning on the thick foam pads
  • Ideal trampoline for young children with a weight capacity of 20kg
Ribbon For Kids
8 Skytric trampoline and a kid practising in it

Skytric 11ft Large Trampoline

4.5 /5

Best Large Trampoline

  • Minimal assembly needed - ready to jump in within 5 minutes
  • Exercise or play safely with the protective net that's included
  • Play rain or shine as it’s UV treated and weather-resistant
  • Suitable for adults and kids to play together - holds up to 150kg
10 Green JJ JUJIN 6FT Trampoline on white background

JJ JUJIN 6FT Trampoline

4.4 /5

Best support after buying

  • Superior bounces & the best jumping experience on thick safety pad
  • Stable & sturdy made of steel galvanized frame
  • Eye-catching colourful green design
  • Ease to assemble by yourself with the detailed manual

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Have The Most Fun Exercise With Your Trampoline

Kids and adults of all ages can appreciate the joy and happiness a trampoline can bring. Indoors or outdoors, hours of fun are just waiting for you. Encourage your kids to ditch that iPad and run outside and jump on your trampoline, the slides or roller skating. Trust us. They’ll love it!

More than just an entertaining way to spend the afternoon, trampolines are a great way to get the heart pumping without damaging fragile joints or bones. Both kids and adults of all fitness levels can benefit from this low impact form of exercise. It’s easy to master and doesn’t require a lot of skill.

Trampolines are excellent gymnastics equipment that pro acrobats and any novice athlete can enjoy. They are great for a total workout to burn belly fat, tighten muscles and improve your body shape. The best trampolines are the ones that are top-quality and have a great bounce to them. Read our buying guide and find out more about this fun activity!

Why give Trampolines a Chance?

Your little ones will love trampolining. A trampoline can give you endless hours outside, jumping around and having fun. You can even find indoor trampolines that you can use as part of your workout routine. They don’t take up too much space as they come in many different sizes for all areas.

Buying a trampoline for your home will save you money as you won’t have to leave the house for fun. You can have some friends over and let off some steam by jumping up and down on the trampoline. It’s a great way for parents to introduce activities and fitness to their younger children. And don’t think that there are only kids’ trampolines. There are larger ones that can hold an adult’s weight for you to let the little kid inside of you out.

Which Trampoline Size Should You Buy?

You can find a trampoline that matches your needs in shape and size. Size is important because it determines the use you can get out of your buy. If you want an indoor trampoline to use for exercise, you will have to find a small-sized one. Many mini options average between 1-2m in width and up to 60cm in height. You can add those to your cardio workout, and they are perfect for the active adult.

Outdoor trampolines have more flexibility to be larger because the space is bigger than in the home. For small gardens, a 3m wide rectangular trampoline will be portable enough to fit well. They are the most inexpensive option. If you’re tight on budget, a small and cheap 2.5-3m round trampoline will also do the trick.

A solid square option with a good bounce rate is a minimum of 3.65m trampolines. It’s a popular choice for all ages and levels. What’s nice about these trampolines is that they give just the right amount of bounce. Alternatively, a round type of the same size is also very common and can fit two people.

For hardcore gymnasts and professional trampoline users, a minimum of 4m is a must. You will notice that they are much more durable. The springs do not wear and tear as fast, and you have extra room to bounce around. Round trampolines that are between 4.25-4.55m are very safe, too, and they have an extended jumping space for multiple people at once.

The largest square sized trampolines are the 5m ones, otherwise knows as Olympic size trampolines. These are the best option if you want many people to be able to use them simultaneously, without fear of breaking them. They have a large jumping surface that can fit 3-4 people with ease. If you can afford a larger trampoline price tag, you should pick one to have the most fun.

What Features Should A Trampoline Have?

Finding the perfect trampoline that you and your family will enjoy can be an easy task. All you have to know is the best features! Take some time and read up on what your trampoline should have to make an informed and right decision.

1. Type

There are two types of trampolines to pick from according to your personal preferences. Above ground, trampolines are straightforward to set up. They don’t have a lot of maintenance needs and are the most common type. An above-ground type has a large frame that you can pretty much spot immediately in your garden. This makes it less of a discreet option. Above-ground trampolines elevate on feet, so they have a risk of you falling from them.

In-ground types are safer because you dig them within the ground. You won’t be raised from the ground and at risk of falling as it’s flat on the surface. These are much more delicate pieces that you can hide in the garden and have recently become a trendy alternative. Their maintenance and assembly are more complex than above-ground trampolines.

2. Shape

A trampoline’s shape will define how big of a jumping area it has and how many people can fit it in. You can either buy a round or a square trampoline. Some come out in octagonal shape or oval trampolines, but they aren’t as common.

A round type is a good option for personal recreational use. If you are plan on working out with your trampoline, then you should buy a square one. Square trampolines have a more even bouncer, and your rebound control is bigger.

3. Size

The size of your trampoline is something to think about because your space needs to allow for one. Consider where you will place it and how big it should be for safe jumping. How many people do you want it to fit at the same time? The size will be important for that.

Do you want to use it inside and store it when not using it? Pick a small size that can fit under your bed, inside your closet or tucked away in the storage room. We highlighted the different sizes available right above this section. Each size has its benefits, so your choice should make sense for you.

4. Frame

You want to pick a frame that has a robust and durable design when multiple people are jumping on it. A galvanised steel frame will prevent your frame from rusting too. Galvanised steel is also used on the springs.

Don’t think that compromising on frame quality will save you some money. It’s far more important to get the best quality frame for safe and long-lasting use. Besides, many trampolines have included galvanised steel in their builds because they are a popular feature everyone wants.

5. Safety Padding

Jumping around and landing on a safety pad when you fall is going to limit trampoline injuries. High-quality and durable PVC coating and thick foam padding can make your jump mat and trampoline edges hazard-free. Proper padding will keep you without any scratches from the metal springs.

6. Weight Limit

Naturally, kid trampolines were not meant for adults. Some trampolines have weight limits that allow users up to a certain age. There are toddler trampolines for toddlers as a beginner’s activity. Their limit is only up to 20kg. Others have weight limits of up to 100kg and are ideal for kids ages 5 and up. Adults could also use them, but there’s a higher risk of damaging the trampoline.

Some trampolines can hold any size of adult or multiple people at the same time. The larger sized trampolines have weight limits of up to 150kg. Their durability is amazing, and their trampoline frame is much sturdier.

7. EV71 Certification

You should always keep yourself or your kids safe when using a trampoline. A trampoline that is EV71 certified has followed all EU safety standards. Check for as many safety features as possible to have peace of mind when your children are using the trampoline unattended.

8. Springs or Bungee Cords?

Trampolines can either have springs or bungee cords. A trampoline with springs is usually harsher on the knees and joints. They carry more risk of causing injuries, too and have a lower bounce rate. Springs are a low-budget option but need replacing more often.

Bungee ones offer more elasticity and an improved bounce than springs. They’re low in noise when you jump as they connect to the trampoline with cords. The bouncing on elastic cords is lighter, which makes them better options for your joints. You can spend more time on an elastic cord trampoline for a more efficient workout. If you have the choice, always pick an elastic cord trampoline, even if it’s a bit pricier.

9. Safety Net

You know how when you’re jumping up and down on the trampoline, you feel like Superman? You can reach such heights that when you land on your feet, you could lose balance. An enclosure mesh helps you from bouncing off the trampoline. Mesh nets give parents better visibility of the trampoline’s interior. They help keep you centred and stable while bouncing around.

10. Indoor or Outdoors?

You can’t use all trampolines indoors and outdoors. A garden trampoline is often too big to fit in the house. Smaller trampolines are portable enough to carry anywhere, so the problem isn’t as big there. Still, though, too light, and your mini trampoline could topple over with a strong wind outside.

There are other reasons you should think about where you will place your trampoline. For one, if you place it outside, it’s going to be heavy to move around. Unless you buy one that has an easy disassembly. Leaving it out means that the sun and rain see it all day. A rust-resistant trampoline will stand the test of time better. A UV treated mat for jumping will also be necessary forsee outdoor use.

Is a Round or Square Trampoline Better?

There is not one trampoline better than another. All types bring the same fun. The difference is on the bounce that one has to offer over the other. Check the differences between the two below.


Round trampolines bring less risk. The springs push and pull in such a way that they centre the bouncer. These are cheaper than square trampolines and come in many sizes. Round types are a beginner’s favourite. They are perfect for one person and kids. The one con to them is that they have a limited weight capacity.


Rectangular trampolines give you a different type of bounce than round ones. Intermediate and advanced trampolinists and acrobats prefer square trampolines. They are more expensive than round ones. Their shape lets you tuck these away in corners, something that a round type does not allow.

Where Can You Place Your Trampoline?

Trampolines are built for use indoors and outdoors. The size can factor in on this too. A mini trampoline that is foldable and tiny is perfect for indoor use. You can fold it and store it anywhere. You can place it in the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the office. You name it!

Large trampolines can’t be placed indoors. They are too wide and tall to fit in some houses. You should place an outdoor trampoline in your garden. Setting up your trampoline on grass or soil is better than on a deck. Soil absorbs the jumper’s vibrations from the springs for a greater bounce. Always keep it on a flat surface so that you limit the risk of falling over.

How Much Does a Trampoline Cost?

There’s a price for any pocket with trampolines.

  • Cheap Options: You can find very cheap options for as low as £50. In general, round types are cheaper than square trampolines. The best budget choice are square ones as they offer an extra bounce in a larger jump area.
  • High-End Options: There are pricier trampolines that can reach up to £1500. Springless trampolines are usually more expensive and have rust-free materials that can bump the price. The more safety features and high-quality materials, the pricier your options.

Start low and build your way up to high-end models as you become more familiar with trampolines. You can have fun and learn new tricks on a good-quality £100 trampoline. That way, when you buy that £1000 trampoline, you’re going to be a pro gymnast!

Final Thoughts

Hate the gym and want to find a fun way to include exercise in your life? Add a trampoline to your backyard! This workout equipment is the best belly fat burner, low impact enough even for beginners. No more excuses! Time to get in your best shape ever with the best trampolines. Use them together with your kids or alone for long hours of fun outside!

Trampolines are a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time. If you’re unsure which to pick, we’ve made things simple. After you’ve read our guide, check out and find the trampoline for your needs. Are you ready to start jumping up and down?

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