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Best 10 Tower Fans

As Of June 2022

When hot summers are around the corner, and you’re looking for something cool and classy to beat the heat, tower fans are the best option for you. Wouldn’t you like to try something new this time that is energy-efficient? That works wonders if you compare it to other types of fans, say, pedestal fans? Tower fans can show you the way!
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6 Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan

Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan

Super Slim & Sleek
4.5 /5

Best Overall Tower Fan

  • Convenient & portable to store anywhere with a small base
  • Effortless handling thanks to an included remote control
  • Ideal for comfort in hot temperatures with its three-speed settings
  • Hassle-free unsupervised operation as it has an 8-hour runback timer
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1 ANSIO Tower Fan 30-inch on white background

ANSIO Tower Fan 30 Inch

3 Wind Mode Settings
4.8 /5

#2 Best Tower Fan

  • Cools the entire room as it has an oscillating function
  • High-quality air cooling unit that comes with a carry handle
  • Shuts off on its own with an energy-saving automatic power-off timer
  • Choose between normal, nature or sleep mode settings
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10 Honeywell Oscillating Tower Fan on white background

Honeywell Oscillating Tower Fan

70-Degree Oscillation
4.3 /5

Ideal for Large Space Cooling

  • Keep it for years thanks to its sturdy aluminium side-bar
  • Control from across the room with the remote - no need to stand up
  • Programme and let it work on its own through the automatic 4-hour timer
  • Hassle-free replacement as it comes with a 3-year warranty
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9 Honeywell Quietset Tower Fan on white background

Honeywell QuietSet Tower

Automatic Oscillation
4.3 /5

Top Pick for Quietest Fan

  • Put it on the lowest setting for a soothing sleep experience
  • Automatic shut-off timer ranging from 1 to 8 hours
  • Move it around without strain through the carry handle at the top
  • Work without distraction in the office by selecting the white noise operation
5 Igenix Oscillating Tower Fan on white background

Igenix Oscillating Tower Fan

Remote Control
4.6 /5

Ideal for Short Period Use

  • Bring it to the office without annoying your coworkers thanks to its low noise
  • Perfect for small spaces with a 120-minute timer
  • Select cool air to your liking among three-speed settings
  • Oscillating fan that brings cold air to everyone in the room
4 Pro Breeze Oscillating 40 Inch Tower Fan on white background

Pro Breeze Oscillating 40-Inch Tower Fan

Space Saving Design
4.6 /5

Top Pick for Medium-Sized Spaces

  • Cools the whole room with its large 80-degree oscillating coverage
  • Pick between three fan speeds for excellent cooling power
  • Handy remote control included for ease of operation
  • Fall asleep without getting out of bed to turn it off as it has a 7-hour timer
2 KEPLIN 13 Mini Tower Cooling Fan in the living room

KEPLIN 13" Mini Tower Cooling Fan

Maximum Output Minimal Footprint
4.7 /5

Best Power Performance

  • Reliable & powerful airflow with its 60W motor
  • Lightweight & space-saving base design to fit anywhere
  • Ideal for even air circulation in large rooms with the 70-degree angle
  • No more freezing cold room mid-night due to a 7.5-hour sleep timer shut off
3 Ezsmart Bladeless Fan Cooler on white background

EZSMART Bladeless Fan Cooler

Quiet Operation
4.7 /5

Top Choice for Long Timer

  • Eco-friendly choice as it runs on a low-power cooling fan
  • Perfect to use as a desk fan due to its compact & slim design
  • Clean it with no strain as you don’t have to disassemble it
  • Adjust the air conditioning modes through the elegant touch panel
8 Bionaire Oscilating Tower Fan on white background

Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan

Sleep & BreezeModes
4.4 /5

Best Budget Choice

  • Choose the runtime from the LED display as it runs up to eight hours
  • Distributes air well in your living space with its wide-angle oscillation
  • Sleek silver finish floor fan to match any space
  • Sleep comfortably by picking the quiet operation mode
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7 Dyson Cooling Tower Fan on white background

Dyson Cooling Tower Fan

Ideal For Personal Space
4.4 /5

Top Pick for Bladeless Tower Fan

  • Trouble-free & mighty air quality with the air multiplier technology
  • Safe to use around kids due to its no-blade operation
  • Never wake up from the noise at night as it’s a very quiet fan
  • Maintain & clean up effortlessly with its unique & modern design

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Beat the Summer Heat with Tower Fans!

Summer is the perfect time to let yourself enjoy the warm weather and have fun in the sun. But, when you’re indoors, you definitely feel the heat! That’s why you need some sort of cooling system that will refresh you and have you feeling comfortable. It’s like you create your personal oasis that is sweat-free and relieving.

When it comes to appliances to cool your rooms, there are so many options. A powerful fan will make the sweltering heat your friend, not the enemy! Air conditioners are high maintenance and consume a lot of electricity, so some don’t prefer them. They want an option that can fit their price tag that is energy-saving and powerful. Air coolers are another choice but do not suit everyone. They are noisy and bulky in size. So you might be one of those people that a tower fan is the ultimate solution for you! There are also so many different fan types to choose from like a ceiling fan, wall-mounted fan, pedestal fan or even a hand fan, to keep you cool.

So, no need to worry! You have many options to choose from, and no doubt tower fans are your best option if you have small rooms and lesser floor space. If you want a worthy investment for cooling off, you won’t regret buying a tower fan. They are top-quality air circulators with a fantastic slim design.

What is a Tower Fan?

In case you have never heard of the term, a tower fan is a cooling appliance that gives off a lot of air despite its small size. They have an oscillating fan that blows off air horizontally and vertically. A larger rotation allows them to cover small and larger spaces with ease by taking up very little space in a corner.

Unlike larger air coolers and portable air conditioners, tower fans produce way less noise too. There are plenty of options available that are compact enough to move around the house, with some even being cordless. The majority of them are corded, but their long cable allows you to have constant airflow from any side of the room. A tower fan is a worthy buy that will give you enough cold air on even the most humid and hot days of the summer.

Why give Tower Fans a Chance?

If you like to sleep in a cool room or spend hours a day working on your study desk, a tower fan will solve your feeling hot. Having difficulty sleeping or concentrating when you’re uncomfortable? You will find tower fans a worthwhile investment that will offer a constant breeze day or night.

Tower fans can fit almost anywhere, so there is no need to keep extra space for them, but instead, you can even keep changing their place according to where you are. That’s a great feature because you can also pack them up and take them on a road trip with you. Their slim design doesn’t overpower the rest of the living room or bedroom, so you can neatly pack them in a corner. Their stylish design does not make them look awkward, and they can blend into any home décor regardless of the room’s interior design. They are inexpensive, and you can find one to fit your budget for as low as £30.

Another positive to tower fans? They are a fantastic choice for low-noise operation. Compared to pedestal fans, for example, tower fans are quieter. Are you eager to find out more about the features to consider? Check the following section to learn more about what the best tower fans have to offer!

What Should You Look for When Buying a Tower Fan?

Believe us; we know that the options can make your pick look daunting. We’re sure you might need more clarification on what to consider when buying a tower fan. That’s why we have taken the time to research their top features for a tower fan. There are many fan speed settings, timer functions and other specifications you should know about before your purchase. So, read up and make the best choice for you!

1. Size

The size of the fan will determine how much air can circulate through the blades. A larger-sized fan will produce higher airflow than a small one. An average size for floor tower fans is 30 inches (76cm). You will find other larger ones, ranging up to 40 inches (101cm). If you are tight on space, you will benefit equally well from the 30-inch ones. They are powerful enough to give off enough air for your bedroom, home office, or other space. One thing to remember when buying any size fan is that a larger fan will not be as lightweight as a smaller one. But, tower fans are generally very compact, and you can carry them around the house with no problem.

The size or height of your tower fan will determine where you can place it too. For small shelves with roofs or study tables with shelves above, you need to check whether your tower fan will even fit in the designated place or not. The size will also determine how it will change the look of your room. If you don’t plan to establish a specific area for your fan but plan to keep changing its place, make sure to check its weight before buying it. It should be light in weight in this case so that it is not an added hassle for you to carry it.

2. Oscillating

An oscillating fan will benefit your space tremendously. You will find that it is a very common feature on most tower fans. Oscillation lets your tower fan rotate from left to right so that it covers the whole room. There are different wide angles to look out for, which is why you should check the product description.

A small space will benefit from a minimum of 60-80 degree wide angle oscillation. With a 90-110 degree angle, an open concept living room that blends into a kitchen or dining room will stay cool for hours. Unlike air conditioners that limit the circulation up and down in one direction, tower fans rotate throughout the whole room. If your tower fan doesn’t have an oscillating feature, then you should look for height adjusting capabilities to your fan. Some level of customisation is still better than none.

3. Timer

A timer is a convenient feature to look for because it automates your space’s cooling. You can pre-programme when you want your fan to work so that when you return from work, your home will be nice and refreshing. There are many options to choose from and, depending on your personal preference and space, you can make the most customised buy.

On average, most tower fans have an on/off timer ranging between 1 and 8 hours. That’s why they are perfect for maintaining a chilled bedroom while you’re sleeping. The standard sleeping time is 7-8 hours, so most people try to find a minimum of 7 hours on the timer. If you don’t plan to use it for that long, you can find other options with a 120-minute timer or a 4-hour cap. These are excellent choices for medium-sized spaces.

The best part of a timer function? It automatically powers off when the time is up. No more waking up in the middle of the night because you are freezing cold! Your tower fan takes care of business for you!

4. Speed Settings & Wind Modes

Variable fan speed settings will allow more air circulation out of your fan. There are at least three speeds on most fans to pick from, low, medium and high. Your choice of speed will prove essential when the temperatures rise to unbearable levels. Some tower fans have even more speed options, up to 5 or 6 choices.

Tower fans also give you the ability to select the type of wind mode you prefer. Again, most have a minimum of 3 wind modes. There is the natural, soft breeze mode, the regular wind mode and the taper (sleep) mode. Different wind modes are an excellent choice for the level of cool air you want at any time of day.

5. Noise Levels

When buying a tower fan, always think about the noise that it produces. Some models offer enhanced quiet levels, which make them perfect for night use. The wind modes also contribute to this. You will see that there are sleep modes to pick from that reduce the noise to the lowest levels. You can switch them on throughout the night and sleep without obstructions. You can even use them when working as long as you find one with a low decibel volume. Any tower fan that is quiet enough to not cause any disturbance is excellent to have.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like the white noise of a fan, then go for an option with multiple low settings ideal for sleep. It’s bad enough to have a noisy fan that doesn’t let you work during the day, but it’s even worse when it doesn’t let you fall asleep.

6. Remote Control

A remote control will work wonders for a tower fan. You will never have to stand up from your seat with a remote control. Is the room getting too cold? Just press the button on the remote, and you will have fixed the problem in seconds. Without even moving an inch! Most tower fan remote controls have a full control panel. You can set the timer, enable automatic on/off features, set the wind mode, speed control. You name it!

What’s the difference between tower fans and air coolers?

Unless you have previously bought either of the two, you probably might think they are the same. Not quite! There are some differences between the two that make the tower fan a better cooling choice for your home. Let's have a look at why a tower fan can be a better choice.

Tower Fans

Tower fans produce low noise levels, which makes them the perfect cooler for night use. You don’t want a cooling system that makes too much noise to the point of disturbing your sleep. Tower fans have many operation modes that will allow you to use them night and day. They are also slim and have a long, thin base, making them easy to store and place just about anywhere. Their oscillating feature that distributes the air evenly gives them an advantage over air coolers. They are also more affordable than air coolers.

Air Coolers

Unlike tower fans, air coolers are noisier. They also increase your space’s humidity while they are on. You won’t feel as comfortable using an air cooler as when using a tower fan. The shape of an air cooler doesn’t have as robust of an airflow through its ventilation system. Not to mention that air coolers are far less elegant looking. Also, air coolers aren’t air purifiers like tower fans are. That makes the atmosphere musty when using this type instead of a tower fan.

When given a chance, opt for a tower fan as you will see that the benefits outperform air coolers from end to end.

How much do tower fans cost?

Tower fans are inexpensive and affordable cooling systems that do not take up too much space either. It’s a win-win scenario. You will find a choice that is fit for any budget, from low-end to high-end. Interested in finding out more about what’s the average price to expect? Check below!

  • Budget-Friendly Tower Fans: The most significant advantage to tower fans over air conditioning is that they can cool the room equally well for a lower price. A budget-friendly price for a solid tower fan ranges between £30-60. Within this price range, you will find choices with minimum 3-speed settings and different wind modes. Their one downside is that they may produce more noise than a costlier one.
  • High-End Tower Fans: You can find some higher-end tower fans that can cost more than £100. Those are pricier but will also have a better quiet operation than a low-budget choice. These types also have a larger oscillation and may even have more speed settings or wind modes. The choice is yours, depending on the budget you want to put down for your tower fan.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. We are sure that you are ready to make an informed tower fan purchase. The only question is, which one are you going to pick? Check out our guide, and don’t wait any longer to choose the right one for you. Even if the weather doesn’t seem too hot, you’ll love never having to find that out the hard way. The worst humid and breezeless weather conditions are not going to stand in your way anymore with the best tower fans.

You will benefit from buying a tower fan to make your life easy and cool. They are more practical and have more advanced features than other cooling units. Improve the air quality in your space, and always sit around comfortably without breaking a sweat!

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