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As Of July 2022

Banish darkness today. From your old basement. When walking alone in the park. Or during your camping trip with your family! Let a bright torch be your guiding light in times of emergency, or upon your most significant discovery ever - it depends. Which type of LED torch better suits your needs: A head torch, a handheld or a keyring torch?
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1 Linkax LED Head Torch on white background

Linkax LED Head Torch

Flashing S.O.S Mode
4.9 /5

Best Overall Headlight Option

  • Ideal for any outdoors night time activity, with its ultrabright LED light
  • Comfortable and lightweight, for both adults and kids
  • Wear it even on rainy days, as it withstands pouring, splashing water
  • Great to help you in case of an emergency, too
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Linkax Torch

Zoom-In & Zoom-Out Function
4.8 /5

Best Torch for Targeted Searches

  • Strong beaming in extreme conditions with its waterproof and shockproof built
  • Switch the SOS and strobe mode in an emergency
  • See the details at a distance by zooming in & out
  • Comfortable to hold on rainy or snowy days thanks to its anti-slip handle
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3 LETMY 2 Mini Torches next to theri box on a white background

LETMY 2 Mini Pocket Torches Set

Mini & Powerful
4.8 /5

Best Value for Money Option

  • Super bright LED flashlights in a compact size, easy to carry around
  • Great visibility even at a distance thanks to its zoomable searchlight
  • Quite a long lifespan, no need for regular replacements
  • Easy to afford, especially for campers on a tight budget
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4 Lumitact Handheld Torch in a case on a white background

Lumitact Torch

2.500 Lumens
4.7 /5

Super Bright Flashlight Choice

  • Ideal for bike riders, campers and pet owners, during their nighttime activities
  • Illuminates your path with 304 m beaming distance
  • Prolonged, worry-free use due to the enduring rechargeable battery
  • Switch to your ideal beaming power by pressing one button
5 iToncs 2 Handheld Torches on a white background

iToncs 2 Torches Set

4 Light Modes
4.7 /5

Best Product for Traveling Couples

  • Lights up your way forward thanks to its Cree LED lights
  • Easy to recharge through pc, power bank and car charger, with its USB cable
  • Built to last design, suitable for extreme cold or hot weather
  • Super compact, just clip it to carry it with you anywhere
6 Ledlenser Professional Torch on white background

Ledlenser Professional Torch

Unique Portable Charge System
4.6 /5

Best Compact Pro Solution

  • Superior brightness in a compact size, during heavy-duty tasks
  • Use the wall-mounted base to charge it and store it with ease
  • Switch from spotlight to floodlight without losing any power
  • Ideal for electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, and engineers
7 Maglite Handheld Torch on white background

Maglite Torch

Energy Efficiency Feature
4.5 /5

Best Eco-Friendly Choice

  • Choose among 4 light modes for hiking, home repair, or self-defence
  • Activate Eco Mode with an extended run time, without losing on efficiency
  • See clearly in a super long beam distance of 460m
  • Switch it on with extreme ease, with its electronic button
8 Everbeam H6 Pro Head Torch with yellow case on white background

Everbeam H6 Pro Head Torch

Wave Switch Sensor Mode
4.5 /5

Best for Discovery Trips

  • Use it continuously for hours, due to its rechargeable battery
  • Easy to activate the headlight just by waving your hand
  • Glows brightly to a far-reaching distance thanks to its many lumens
  • Great companion for your journeys as it comes with a travel case
9 RovyVon Aurora Keyring Torch red on white background

RovyVon Aurora Keyring Torch

Strong & Portable
4.4 /5

Best Wearable Option

  • Use it as a multipurpose tool thanks to its small and sturdy design
  • Save extra money with its rechargeable, lithium-ion battery
  • Charge it at home or on the go through the USB cable
  • Clip it firmly on your pocket, belt or necklace as a wearable
Ideal Gift Ribbon
10 NEBO Handheld Torch standing on white background

NEBO Torch

Micro USB Cable Included
4.3 /5

Best Heavy-Duty Choice

  • Perfect for too dark working areas, with inbuilt red glowing light
  • Illuminate areas even under shallow water for up to 30 minutes
  • Use it also as a power bank for other devices
  • Avoid damage while working with the lanyard included for your wrist

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Be a Bright Torch, for You and the Ones You Love!

Are you an adventurous person, who wanders in the wild, under the starry sky? Consider a LED illuminant as your fellow.

Do you enjoy home repairs? DIY projects, maybe? Or just going for a dog walk late at night, after work? Your LED illuminant will make you feel safer.

Are you an engineer, electrician, plumber, or a pipefitter? A private investigator or a police officer, perhaps? Then, you already know how important it is to have your LED illuminant ready for action.

Are you going on a camping trip with your family and friends? Enjoy your reading and outdoor activities, with a super bright LED torch paving your path ahead.

You see, no matter what we do in our everyday lives, light is always better than the dark; it gives us a sense of security, readiness and confidence to move forward; to overcome all obstacles; to protect ourselves and others in times of need.

In our buying guide below, we will share with you all you need to think about, before buying a torch. Let’s go!

How Does a LED Torch Work?

Getting to know more about how a modern, LED flashlight works will help you see clearly which piece you need to buy and why. So, back to basics:

A LED illuminant is a rather simple electric circuit system, “wrapped up” in a durable, aluminium case; this way, you can carry it safely in your hands and target the light source where you need it.

Even if you find yourself in the middle of dark nowhere and a storm is about to begin!

When you switch it on, electricity flows through the circuit and activates the light bulbs, through the reflectors: Small pieces of plastic, coated with aluminium, which receive the light and send it out through the lamp. The lamp, in turn, is protected by a plastic lens since it is made of glass and it’s very fragile.

Easy, wasn’t it?

Why Do Best Flashlights Use LED Technology?

Because LED bulbs perform much better than traditional light bulbs, they produce a super bright light and are more energy-efficient. Experts say that LED flashlights consume 12% less energy than their halogen and filament counterparts and they can serve you for a more extended period of time, without losing any of their power.

How Many Lumens Do I Need for My Torch?

Lumens is a way to measure how powerful your torchlight is. For example, a torch with 2.500 lumens produces ultrabright light. It is best suitable for people with difficult tasks like mine workers, police officers, plumbers and electricians, even archaeologists and people who deal with caves as part of their job where fixed work lights are not that flexible.

Now, LED illuminants with fewer lumens suits you best if you need a dimmer light, for example for a small night walk in the park, or when you need to fix your car engine as you drive at night. For home repairs and indoor uses, again, fewer lumens, meaning up to 650, for example, maybe fair enough.

How Do I Choose the Best Torch for Me?

LED torches come in all shapes and sizes; they can be USB, with storage battery, portable, hands-free, mini or more oversized, and have several light levels. But, here, we give you a topline on which are the key features you need to consider before you buy one. This way, everything is going to be easier for you:

A Hand Torch or a Headlamp?

If you want to use a powerful torch while working on a specific project hands-free or read a book in your camping tent late at night, a head torch is the best option for you. It may look weak, but it can produce a very bright light, almost like a handheld model. If you need something more durable, then you can go for a hand one, which usually offers you more lumens, zoom- in and zoom- out function for more targeted searches and an extended warranty, too. Now, for some essential, additional mini light source, you can try a keyring torch. It will give you a much more powerful light than your smartphone, and it can also be a great gift idea, as it is incredibly lightweight and portable.

So, the best question to ask yourself is “What I wish to use my new torch for?”. Everything will depend on this.

Light Modes

Most LED illuminants, whether a rechargeable flashlight or a AAA batteries’ model come with adjustable levels of light output so that you can easily switch the light intensity according to your needs. For example, use low light to read in your camping tent without bothering others. Activate the medium or high light when you need maximum visibility, e.g. while you walk in the mists February. Finally, send out an SOS in case of an emergency.

Rechargeable or Alkaline Battery?

A rechargeable, li-ion battery has many advantages for you: It is energy-efficient. Hence, it is more environmentally friendly than conventional batteries. Besides, most rechargeable LED illuminants come with USB wires, and they are easy to charge, even on the go, using a power bank, your computer or car charger. On the other hand, these models tend to be more expensive; they compensate, though, in the long run, as you save all the money you would have spent on buying new conventional batteries. And that’s because they have a longer battery life.

Now, alkaline xAAA batteries are less expensive, and they are ready to use straight away when you need them. No need to wait until you charge them. They produce a lot of energy in the beginning, but, as time goes by, they lose their voltage. And so, you spend a lot to replace them. If you need to power low current devices, though, they are a perfect solution.

Now, when it comes to LED illuminants, some models run both on alkaline xAAA and rechargeable, li-ion batteries- oh, lucky you! Expect to pay a little bit more for that unique feature, but it’s always better when you can have combined benefits than an “either-or” option, isn’t it?

Does it Have to Be Waterproof or Not?

It is advisable, on our part, at least. And that’s because LED flashlights are not used on bright, shiny days where everything is clear and visible. You are going to need it when things become obscure, in wet, rainy, natural settings, during storms, floods or power outages. Check on the model features to see an IPX4, IPX5 or IPX6 indication and see in which waterproofing category it belongs. It’s quite risky to use a non-waterproof flashlight as it may let you down when you need it the most. And we think it’s a pity!

What About Portability?

Well, that’s easy to guess yourself: The lighter your flashlight, the easier it is to carry it with you. Now, you have to consider its power supply, too. That is, USB portable LED illuminants can be charged on the go so that you have them ready when you reach your destination. If portability is super crucial for you, opt for a model that runs on alkaline batteries. Again, hand torches are less portable than headlamps and keyring ones.

How Much Should I Spend on a LED flashlight?

A LED illuminant is an affordable asset that most of us can buy with ease. Let’s see some general price tags briefly:

  • Keyring and head torches can cost roughly from £10 to £30.
  • Hand ones come at a higher price, that is, from £20 up to £80, due to their more advanced features.

Your needs and budget will better define your final choice.

There’s A LED Torch for Every Life’s Journey. What’s Yours?

Your next torch will be the one that aligns better with your way of life and working needs. It will be the bright torch of yours, ready to light up your path towards any activity or destination. But mostly, it will be an essential tool to provide help for yourself and others in time - simply put.

So, choose wisely your life path and worry not; for some of the top torches will always be there for you!

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