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Best 10 Tool Bags

As Of July 2022

An electrician's or workman’s best friend is a set of tools for better job performance, from plumbers to electricians, mechanics, engineers, and DIY’ers. How you haul your work tools, though, is what sets you apart from the rest. Whether you are looking to replace your old and beaten metallic toolbox or just starting in your trade, a tool bag is a must-have. Want to learn more?
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1 Stanley Fatmax Technician tool bag n white background

Stanley Fatmax Technician Tool Bag

4.8 /5

Best Tool Bag Overall

  • Heavy-duty strap & rubber grip handle for comfortable carrying
  • A rigid waterproof plastic base keeps your tools safe & dry
  • Enjoy long service with the leather reinforcement on critical points
  • Easy-pull zips for fast & simple access to tools
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2 Stanley Fatmax Open Tote Tool Bag on white background

Stanley Fatmax Open Tote Tool Bag

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Easy Access

  • Effortless transport by its rubber griped stainless steel handlebar & shoulder strap
  • Carry securely even smaller tools in the multiple velcro straps
  • Large side compartments for large tools like your saw
  • Open top provides quick access to content
3 Makita Tool Bag on white background

Makita Tool Bag

4.6 /5

Top Choice For Large Capacity

  • Large size bag with exterior pockets to hold all your tools at once
  • Maximum protection thanks to the padding throughout the bag
  • Keep your tools organized with multiple interior & external pockets
  • Long-lasting, heavy-duty canvas tool bag with plastic skids at the bottom
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4 Case4Life Tool Bag Belt on white background

Case4Life Tool Belt

4.5 /5

Best Small Tool Bag Choice

  • Adjust waistband size for perfect fitting on anyone
  • Spacious pouches to fit gardening accessories & small tools
  • No more bending & backaches, thanks to the belt design
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty so you can enjoy long years of service
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
5 Amazon Basics Tool Bag on white background

Amazon Basics Tool Bag

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Tools Organization

  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable portability
  • Store small hand tools in the multiple exterior & interior pockets
  • Perfect for your big tools, too, with its large main compartment
  • 2 smooth zippers for effortless opening & closing
6 Stanley Denier Tool Belt on white background

Stanley Denier Tool Belt

4.5 /5

Best for Belt Organizer

  • Ergonomic back padding for convenient extended usage
  • Integrated hammer loop & tape pocket for faster access
  • Waist wearable design for effortless reach & tool storage when working
  • Strong & durable with multiple pockets for storing
7 Workpro Tool Bag Organiser on white background

Workpro Organiser

4.5 /5

Ideal for Waterproof

  • Carry in any weather, rain or shine as its hard base protects tools from water & falls
  • Find your tools in no time as it has a wide mouth when open
  • Adjustable strap & padded handle for comfortable carrying
  • Heavy-duty tool bag to accommodate up to 16kgs weight
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8 Bosch Professional Tool Bag on white background

Bosch Professional Tool Bag

4.5 /5

Ideal For Medium Capacity

  • Extra support for heavy tools thanks to the ergonomic padded shoulder strap
  • Everything has its place with the multiple storage options for all your tools
  • Hard-wearing nylon material to last you for years
  • Have quick access even on the go thanks to its wide opening
9 Silverline Tool Bag on white background

Silverline Tool Bag

4.5 /5

Ideal For Long DIY Tools

  • Key fob provides safe storing for small tools & keys
  • Light but durable nylon material with a hard base to protect your stuff
  • Store even your long tools safely in the 2 side straps
  • Never run out of tool box space with the 8 internal & 13 exterior pockets
10 VonHaus Rolling Bag on white background

VonHaus Rolling Bag

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Portability

  • Transport it anywhere no matter its weight thanks to its wheels
  • Large main compartment for organizing all your tools
  • Conveniently pull it whether you are short or tall with its adjustable telescopic handle
  • Durable plastic wheels with stoppers offer upright standing

Keep Your Tools Organized With The Best Tool Bags

Do you own a lot of tools like jigsaw or callipers? Are you a DIYer and a handyman in need of transporting them? Every tradesman worth their salt will tell you high-quality tool storage is worth investing in, no matter how expensive it is. We know many of you are used to old metallic boxes for your garage tools. That’s ok! 

In this buying guide, we are here to talk about tool bags, the best way to transport and store your collection of power tools and not only. Carry from calculators to rotary tools or hammer drills anywhere you need. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional handyperson or have a couple of tools for your projects. These bags can help you organize your tools like a pro for safer keeping and accessing. Let’s find out how to choose the best one for you. 

Why Do You Need a Tool Bag?

If you are wondering why a tool bag will be useful to you, we have you covered. Here is some reason you need to consider:

  • Organization 

Do you feel like you are digging through an endless tunnel just to get the power tools from your toolbox? Yeah, toolboxes are the blackholes of the workmen’s world. And this where a bag for your tools comes to your rescue. Organize your tools like the pro you are and have quick and easy access whenever you need one.

  • Portability 

These bags are the best way to move your tools around without hassle compared to toolboxes. With the carrying handles and compartments for organization, it has never been easier to transport your tools from one job site to another. Carry any tool you like, even that bulky plunge saw to your job site without any hassle.

  • Storage 

They also double as excellent storage bags for all your tools whenever you are not working. With the multiple storage spaces and proofing than most bags have, even the belt tool bags do, your tools are kept safe from dust, moisture, water and other elements that could contribute to decay. Keep them neatly away until the next time you need them and know where to find them all.

What To Look For When Buying a Tool Bag

Before you rush off to purchase any of the recommended tool bags from the various review you come across, you must understand what affects your user experience and how to choose the right tool bag for you: 

1. Material

The most common materials are polyester, canvas and nylon. Both nylon and canvas are more durable than polyester, with nylon being more flexible than the rest. On the other hand, canvas material on bags will usually have a double-layer for better protection against the tools. As much as polyester is not as durable as its counterpart, it’s a favourite among people looking for a material that dries faster, and its colour can stand the test of time. 

Watch out for cheaper materials, like faux leather and low-grade nylon. They will save you money presently, but you will soon be back in the market shopping for another one. Unfortunately, cheap as they are, these materials are not durable, and your tool bag will start developing tears and rips. 

To tell the quality of the material, look at its denier rating. The best materials are those with a denier rating of 600 and above. 

2. Usage

What is your intended use? Of course, if you are looking for a bag, you definitely have many work tools. But, how many? Is yours a professional job, or do you just use your tools for your occasional home projects? That’s the difference between how many tools you have in your collection and how often you travel around with the tools. It will also help you determine how many pockets you need from the bag for all the tools you have and those that you might add in the future. 

3. Durability 

It is not only the durability of the materials you should be worried about. Picture this: you are rushing somewhere, your tool bag in your arms or on your back and out of nowhere, your tools are falling because the fasteners, straps, zippers or buckles have come undone. To avoid this nightmare, opt for a model that is a well known and trusted brand while the specs indicate that it is durable. 

4. Portability 

While every tool bag you come across will have a carrying option, not every one of these will make portability effortless for you. The best tool bags with ease in portability will have large carrying handles moulded over rolled-nylon, leather sleeves or rubber grips. Others will have padded straps or wheels at the base. With these, you can haul your load of tools for an extended period without giving in to the weight.

By all means, avoid flat and thin straps, especially when buying a large capacity tool bag. These will put a lot of pressure on small areas of your hands or shoulder, leading to discomfort and soreness. Plus, you will get tired faster.  

5. Waterproof 

This is one essential feature to watch out for, especially when yours is a professional job. Most of the time, you will be working outdoors, and sites can get messy. For example, there could be water running without your knowledge, or you could get rained on. A waterproofed tool bag will protect your tools from getting wet.

6. Rust-Proof 

Does the bag have storage compartments for metallic items? Are these compartments rust-proof? This is an important feature, even more, when you are living in a humid area. Rustproofing will protect your tools from moisture that can accumulate and accelerate the rusting of the tools. 

7. Warranty 

Not every manufacturer will provide a warranty for their product. Of course, it is always best to have these for any product you buy. But the lack of one of these doesn’t automatically guarantee the tool bag is not reliable. Read through the numerous reviews online to see what other customers think of the product and its durability. If the bags you want have offered a warranty, you should probably go for the one with the most prolonged period.  

What Types of Tool Bags Are There? 

If there is one thing tool bags differ in, it is the design. There is a wide variety of these, and each design differentiation affects the user experience. The common designs you will come across include backpacks, carriers, traditional bags and belt tool bags

  • Backpack Tool Bags

Tool backpack bags look like the usual backpacks we use for laptops or school. But, they do have an extra shell of protection, a myriad of pockets designed explicitly for tools and more interior space. These are the best choice if you are looking for a tool bag that’s easy to carry. Still, you should be ready to sacrifice the packing space. These bags usually have less storage space than the carrier and traditional tool bags. For an aspiring DIYer, this type of bag might be the best choice.

  • Carrier Tool Bags

Yes, carrier bags will offer you more space and ease of access to your tools than a backpack. They have an open mouth design, just like a tote bag. If you need to carry this bag for long, it could get difficult to carry, but you could always aim for one with padded straps. This will make it so much more convenient to carry. If it has handles, make sure they have a comfortable grip to avoid hand aching.  

  • Traditional Tool Bags

Traditional bags are the most common of the three and pretty convenient if you have a wide variety of tools. They have a single zipper compartment, several exteriors and interior pockets to store your tools better. For transportation, some traditional tool bags will have a shoulder strap. But, this might not be as painless and comfortable when carrying, especially when heavy. 

  • Belt Tool Bags 

Also referred to as tool pouches, these types of tool bags provide the greatest convenience, from carrying tools within a workspace to accessing your tools. Just strap it around your waist, and you can move around with your tools without having to drag around a 10kg+ bag with you. On the downside, pouches are small and might not accommodate all of your tools. Nevertheless, they offer the necessary storage space for essential tools like screwdrivers, drill bits, pliers, and spanners

What Are Some Must-Have Accessories For a Tool Bag

If you are working at night and require a little assistance to see clearly, many manufacturers include LED lights in their tool bags—no more floundering around the bag, especially in dark lit areas for tools. Even if you have a torch with you, it is good to have a backup if it gets misplaced or runs out of batteries. This way, you can be sure you’ll always find your tools without hassle. 

Hooks and clips will help you store tools like tape measures and other small items that get lost easily inside the large spaces of tool bags. They will save you organization and rummaging time and provide you with easier access to these tools.  

How Much Should You Spend On a Tool Bag?

Like every product you set to purchase, you probably have a price point in mind. But is it enough to get you a quality tool bag that serves your needs? Tool bags can cost as low as £10 and as high as £100 or above, depending on the design and extra features. 

  • Affordable

Affordable bags range from £10 to £70. The cheapest ones are mostly belt tool bags, while carrier and traditional bags could range from £15 to £70. The price will vary from one brand to the other. Design features like double zippered enclosures, metal frames on the base, and the number of storage pockets will affect the price. 

  • High-End 

You will spend over £70 for a high-end model with other models getting to the £170 price point. Most of these on the higher end of the price spectrum will have wheels and a design that looks more like a check-in luggage bag. They are perfect if you need to carry a lot of tools and you are a professional, using the bag on a daily basis.


Gather up your tools! Clean them up! It is time to find them a safe home! And, it’s not just about the storage, but also the organization, portability and ease of access of any tool you own. You can now bid goodbye to those days you fumble with every tool as you search for the right one. Build that pallet sofa to spruce up your patio or fix your radiator for the winter season on your own without any frustration, by having all your tools with you!

We have handpicked the best tool bags for you so that you can eliminate the guesswork. But, most importantly, this guide provides you with all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision. So, which one will you choose?

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