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Best 10 Toilet Seats

As Of July 2022

Do you want to upgrade your bathroom’s decor? Changing your toilet seat is one of the easiest, fastest, and least expensive ways to do so. It gives your toilet a different look and makes it comfortable for you to relieve yourself. Still, looking for a replacement can be a daunting task, and that's why we've found the best toilet seats to help you. Want to find out more?
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1 STOREMIC Toilet Seat on white background

STOREMIC Toilet Seat

4.8 /5

Best Toilet Seat Overall

  • Shut the lid down smoothly as it has a noiseless mechanism
  • Clean the inner bowl effortlessly as it’s removable with the tap of a button
  • Avoid position shifts with its non-slip dampers & improved fixings
  • Prevent bacterial growth thanks to the robust duroplastic material
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2 Mass Dynamic Toilet Seat on white background

Mass Dynamic Toilet Seat

4.7 /5

Ideal for Oval Shape

  • Disinfect it thoroughly thanks to the push-button removal system
  • Worry-free to use as it doesn’t move due to the non-slip buffers
  • Install it on any oval pan thanks to the adjustable hinges
  • Sleep peacefully while your partner’s at the loo with the soft closing
3 Pipishell Toilet Seat on white background

Pipishell Toilet Seat

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Quick Remove

  • Assemble it stress-free with the included top fixing
  • Never wake up from a slammed lid thanks to the automatic lowering mechanism
  • Maintain a germ-free bathroom as it has an antibacterial build
  • Fit it securely with no chance of it shifting due to the 4 non-slip buffers
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4 Bemis Chester Toilet Seat on white background

Bemis Chester Toilet Seat

4.5 /5

Ideal for Tight Fix

  • Keep your bathroom mess-free with its patented firm fixing system
  • Built to last for years to come thanks to the durable Tecno-plast
  • Adjust it to any toilet size as it has a universal compatibility
  • Show off your green thumb with 100% eco-friendly & recyclable materials
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5 Mass Dynamic Soft Slow Close Toilet Seat on white background

Mass Dynamic Soft Slow Close Toilet Seat

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Silent Close

  • Withstands wear & tear thanks to its fade-proof materials
  • Save time & effort when cleaning it by removing it with the quick release
  • Avoid arguments over open lids as it automatically closes
  • Set it up hassle-free in minutes with the simple installation guide
6 Croydex Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat on white background

Croydex Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat

4.5 /5

Ideal for Two-Pack

  • Perfect for families with more than 1 bathroom as it comes in a set
  • No need to call a professional to install it as it’s straightforward to DIY it
  • Blends well with the rest of your bathroom thanks to the neutral white
  • Stays securely in place with the built-in hinges
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7 AAN Toilet Seat with Soft Close on white background

AAN Toilet Seat with Soft Close

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Dual Fitting

  • Save your fingers from accidents by tapping the soft closing button
  • Remove built-up dirt efficiently as the hinges are removable
  • Leave no gaps thanks to the adjustable front to back design
  • Combine it with your oval or round bowl due to the universal fit
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8 Bemis Toilet Seat on white background

Bemis Elongated Toilet Seat

4.5 /5

Best Wood Choice

  • Make cleaning a walk in the park with the twist & unlock plastic hinges
  • No need to replace it for years as it has non-corrosive & hard-wearing bolts
  • Select 1 of 6 colours to match the rest of your decor
  • Add an elegant touch to your bathroom with its wood gloss finish
9 Kohler Toilet Seat on white background

Kohler Toilet Seat

4.5 /5

Best Heavy-Duty Choice

  • Close the seat without slams thanks to the quiet mechanism
  • Maintains a steady grip with the tight bumpers for extra stability
  • Make your life easier with its upkeep by removing it thanks to the hinges
  • Pick between 6 different earthy tones to match your aesthetic
10 Mass Dynamic Toilet Seat on white background

Mass Dynamic Toilet Seat

4.5 /5

Top Pick for D-Shaped

  • No yellow fading guaranteed as it has excellent durability
  • Shoo away bacteria thanks to its removable design for quick cleanups
  • Never startle others with a loud bang as it has a soft-closing mechanism
  • Put it together in less time with the handy installation guide

Upgrade Your Toilet Bowl With The Best Toilet Seats

Do you want a toilet seat that best compliments your bathroom decor? Or, are you finding it difficult to choose the best toilet seat to replace your old one? Aside from the aesthetics, we have discovered that many people want to learn all the important features to look for in a toilet seat. It’s critical to purchase one that will help you clean your toilet effortlessly. 

That is why we’ve put this buying guide together to give you a deeper insight into them and help you make a better choice when it’s time to buy one. Keep reading below to learn more about what a toilet seat should have, what types are available and how much you should expect one to cost. 

Why should you buy a toilet seat?

Unless you have another comfortable option of carrying out your restroom business, we consider buying a toilet seat necessary. It might not seem like it, but the truth is that we spend a substantial amount of our lives in the restroom. So, if you don’t think that a toilet seat is important, check out the following reasons that we recommend you select one for your bathroom. 

1. For sanitary and hygienic purposes.

Toilets are a natural breeding habitat for germs and bacteria; no matter how often and religiously you clean the limescale, sterilise, and sanitise them. A toilet seat gives you some added confidence to visit the loo without the fear of what the naked eyes cannot see.

Also, why not invest in a quality toilet seat that can provide a level of protection against germs instead of layering up the bowl with tissue paper, which by the way, is contaminated easily? Yes, some standard toilet seats have antibacterial properties, which make them ideal for hygienic purposes. However, one thing to keep in mind is that any unpleasant bathroom smells should be tackled and cleaned on time. 

2. For a more comfortable experience.

Even though spending more than 10 minutes sitting on a toilet seat is not advised, you still need to carry out your business comfortably. A toilet seat provides a stable and comfortable base for you to sit on. Using the bathroom is an everyday part of our routine, so making the experience easier with durable materials that are user-friendly is critical. The feeling of touching a bare toilet bowl, besides unsanitary, is also uncomfortable and cold to the touch.  

3. For a cleaner, look at your bathroom.

When you install a toilet seat in your bathroom or have friends over, it is less likely that you will squat or hover over the toilet. This may be common practice if you’re visiting a public bathroom or a home that you’re not too familiar with. But, a toilet seat with a lid gives you a level of confidence in knowing that when you enter the restroom, it is neat. Also, a toilet lid prevents dust and dirt from accumulating in the inner part or the bowl’s surface, which comes into direct contact with your body.

9 Things To Look For In A Toilet Seat

Are you interested in purchasing the best option available in the market? Do you want more information on the features to consider before you add one to your shopping cart? Various options make the selection process a daunting task. Fear not, as we have done our research and provided the necessary information in this guide to help you make the best choice possible. 

1. Shape

The fact that you are looking to get a toilet seat means that you may be replacing a previous one. What is the shape of the seat you are looking to replace? Or do you want to try other shape options? Whatever your response is, don’t forget that the seat’s shape should match the bowl’s. If possible, measure the previous seat or the bowl itself to get an exact match. There are four main shapes in the market, round toilet seats, squared, elongated toilet seats, and D-shaped seats. The round toilet seats are most common, while elongated toilet seats have become popular in modern toilets. D-shape, like the squared toilet seats, is stylish and adds a modern feel to your bathroom.

2. Size

Now that you’ve settled for a shape that matches your toilet’s pan consider the height, length, width, and distance between the hinge holes to ensure that it matches your bowl. If you are unsure of the bowl size, buying an adjustable seat will give you more versatility and leeway. An average seat length can be between 35-52cm; the width can be 35-47cm and the height about 2-7cm. The length and width dimensions are important to consider when living with others so that it’s comfortable and fit for many body types. Height is also essential to look at as it gives you an elevated position from touching the bowl. 

3. Material

The most common materials used in making toilet seats are wood and plastic, and the choice is a matter of personal preference. Plastic toilet seats are made with lighter polypropylene or durable plastics and are easy to maintain but get cold in the winter. Wood toilet seats, mostly made with medium-density fibre (MDF), are sturdy and have a gloss finish but are not scratch-resistant, and they tend to be heavier, which may not be ideal for kids to use because of their bulkiness.

4. Colours

Colours are not a critical feature to look for when picking a toilet seat, but they offer a stylistic choice. With plastic toilet seats, you can get various colours on the market, but the most popular among them are white toilet seats. Enameled wood toilet seats do not come in as many colours as plastic; you still get a few options to choose from. The most common colours you will find come in neutral, earthy tones, including grey, almond, Venetian pink, and cream. 

5. Compatible Fixtures

Most toilet bowls and seats in the UK have a standard size for their fixtures. Regardless, we still advise that you take the necessary measurements and study the connections to know if they match. Many models come with adjustability features that give you a universal fit no matter the toilet pan

6. Ease of Maintenance

Seats with quick-release hinges make for easy cleaning because you can detach and clean them properly before reattaching them to the bowl. If you prefer an option with minimal upkeep, remember that you can use cleaning solutions on plastic seats but not on wooden toilet seats.

7. Slow-Close & Quiet-Close

A loud and banging noise that a conventional toilet seat makes when dropped can be frustrating. The modern seats with slow-close and quiet-close features make them less disturbing to use, prolongs the lifespan and prevents finger-trapping. That way, you can say goodbye to arguments with your partner after they’ve been forgetful and left the seat up. The toilet takes care of the issue and lowers automatically when you finish using it. 

8. Ease of Installation

The installation will be easy if the hinges and fixtures of the seat correspond with that of the toilet pan. So, check out the installation guide before you buy it. Also, you can buy adjustable hinges to make the installation process easy. Plastic hinges are not noticeable, especially if you get the same colour as the toilet pan and seat. They are the most common and are removable for easy cleaning. The downside is that they are not entirely durable. Brush chrome hinges have an appealing look and are durable because they are made from steel and lead, and their chrome coating makes them rust-resistant. Metal hinges consisting of stainless steel hinges, gold-plated hinges, and polished brass hinges add a modern and luxurious look to your bathroom.

9. Hinge-Fixing Type

Keep in mind that there is no standard fixing style for hinges. Instead, there are two types, top and bottom fixing. Top fixing involves putting the fixings from underneath the toilet’s pan and tightening them from the top of the seat. Bottom fixing is the conventional method of inserting the standard screw and bolt from the toilet seat to the bottom of the bowl.

What toilet seats are available?

There are so many toilet seats available in the market that make your choice a tough decision. This guide, however, will give you insight into the range of options you will come across to help make your buying decision easy. There are two main types of toilet seats, the standard-close and the soft-close ones.

  • Standard-close toilet seats

These are the conventional types in most homes, which come in different materials, designs, and finishing and are ideal for any bathroom. They are mostly shatter-proof because they do not have the quiet or soft-close feature. 

  • Soft-close toilet seats

These are highly recommended for families with kids because they feature a gentle and slow-close mechanism that prevents finger trapping and do not slam against the bowl when closed. You can get a range of designs with this type, which is resistant to chemicals, scratches, and stains.

Are all toilet seats one size?

No, all toilet seats are not the same size because they come in different shapes. This is why we mentioned earlier that you should measure the length, width, and height of your toilet bowl, as well as the distance between the fixing holes, to avoid compatibility issues after purchase. To have peace of mind that the seat won’t shift around, try to find an option with a STA-TITE fastening system that securely holds it in place. 

Can you install a toilet seat on your own?

Yes, you can because it’s a simple DIY task. Some toilet seats come with easy installation guides (videos or pictures), which show a step-by-step process on how to get the job done. If you want a more explicit guide, you can always check out some Youtube videos. If you’re not too familiar with assembly, getting a professional to install it for you is also an option, but remember that it’s an additional expense.

How much do toilet seats cost?

We recommend that you always have a budget in mind before you head out to buy any product. The cost of a toilet seat varies with materials, features, and style. Luckily, you can always find one that falls within your budget.


Depending on your personal preference, you can get both plastic and wooden toilet seats of different shapes and types within a price range from £10 to £50. For this price tag, they may not have as much adjustability or a soft closing mechanism as their premium counterparts. But, they are reliable and fit for any bathroom type as a basic and comfortable seater.


A price range from £50 to £100 will give you a high-quality toilet seat with additional functionality features like a quick-release mechanism, adjustable metal hinges, and safety rail or handles. You may be able to find a heated seat or others with features like an ergonomic handle, bidets, massage streams, dryers, night lights, and water temperature controllers.


Toilet seats are an excellent investment that make your bathroom look organised and sophisticated and give you a wide enough space to relieve yourself comfortably. Most importantly, they protect you from germs and bacteria that reside in bowls. 

We are optimistic that our buying guide has helped you better understand them so that you can make the best choice according to your needs. Are you ready to get the best toilet seat and give your bathroom the upgrade it deserves?

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