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Best 10 Tile Cutters

As Of May 2022

Are you thinking about doing some home renovations? Do you have tiled floors and walls which you’re hoping to replace? Tile cutters are the best tools to have in your corner for this kind of task. Whether you are cutting floor tiles, wall tiles, porcelain or ceramic tiles, it has your back! Ready to get the best one?
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1 Vitrex Tile Cutting Saw on white background

Vitrex Tile Cutting Saw

4.8 /5

Best Tile Cutter Overall

  • See what you are cutting from the transparent wheel guard
  • Make cleaner cut on tiles with the diamond blade
  • Drain water from the tool quickly & safely with the integrated drainage system
  • Move around your working space effortlessly with the long cable
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2 Bosch Home and Garden Tile Cutter on white background

Bosch Home and Garden Tile Cutter

4.7 /5

Top Electric Tile Cutter Pick

  • Robust & long-lasting wheel with titanium coating
  • Make precise diagonal cuts with the sturdy 45-degree angle guide
  • Carry tool comfortably with the low weight & comfy carrying handles
  • No dealing with moving tile with the clamping feature
3 VonHaus Tile Cutter on white background

VonHaus Tile Cutter

4.6 /5

Best Manual Tile Cutter

  • Ease of use for pros & first-time users with the adjustable measuring guide
  • Great for diagonal & straight cuts with the tungsten carbide blade
  • Battery-powered tile cutting tool; no need for electricity
  • Lightweight & ergonomic design for sweat-free operation
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4 Plasplugs Compact Plus XL on white background

Plasplugs Compact Plus XL Electric

4.5 /5

Best For Versatility

  • Robust for ceramic, porcelain, marble, quarry, slate & natural stone tiles
  • No veering off the straight line with the lockable cutting guide
  • Mess-free worktop, thanks to the recirculation water reservoir system
  • Integrated carrying handle for ultra movability
5 Makita CXT Tile Cutter on white background

Makita CXT Battery-Powered Tile Cutter

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Wet Tile Saw

  • No corrosion or straining of the base with the nickel-plate tilt design
  • Change cutting blades fast with the on-tool hex wrench
  • Smooth blades for glass & ceramic tile cutter
  • Adjust cutting depth for more accurate cuts
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6 T-MECH Tile Cutter on white background

T-MECH Electric Tile Cutter

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Dust-free Tiling

  • No extra costs to replace the blade with the added diamond blade
  • Forget about dust all over with smooth cuts, thanks to the wet blade system
  • Strong diamond blade for fast & exact cuts on wall & floor tiles
  • Compact & lightweight build for portability to job sites
7 Excel Electric Wet Tile Cutter on white background

Excel Electric Wet Tile Cutter

4.5 /5

Best Porcelain Tile Cutter

  • Handle strenuous cutting tasks with the water cooling system
  • Parallel guide & an adjustable cutting table for increased accuracy
  • Cut large tiles effortlessly on the large workbench
  • Enjoy a dust-free workstation with the cooling water system
8 Vitrex Power Pro Tile Saw on white background

Vitrex Power Pro Tile Saw Corded

4.5 /5

Ideal For Cutting Thick Tiles

  • High cutting capacity for larger tiles with the double extension
  • Stable cutter with rubberised foot pads for safe operation
  • Make seamless plunge cuts with the quick release splash guard
  • Make perfect corners when tiling with the tilting design
9 SKIL Wet Tile Saw on white background

SKIL Wet Tile Saw

4.5 /5

Top Choice For Professional Tiler

  • Get accurate mitre & straight cuts with the adjustable rip fence
  • Store tile cutter’s power cord safely on the integrated storage
  • Work with less debris, dust & a cool blade with the cooling reservoir
  • Get bevel cuts with the tilting table design
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10 KATSU Tile Cutter on white background

KATSU Tile Cutter

4.5 /5

Best For DIYers

  • Make precise cuts with the laser cutting guide
  • Lightweight with aluminium base for portability
  • Foldable supporting wings for smaller storage space & cutting large tiles
  • Adjust bearing ball to meet all your tiling needs

Rock Your Home Reno With The Best Tile Cutters

Are you ready to take your DIY skills to the next level? Are you in the midst of renovating your bathroom with the latest tile trends? Maybe you are prepared to up your new-learned professional skills a notch higher by installing tiles? Whatever the reason, a tile cutter and tile adhesive shouldn't be missing from your tool bag. With these, you can tackle any tiling task like a pro.

Cutting tiles is a hard enough job, and knowing how to use a tile cutter and choosing the best cutter is not an easy task. Are you looking for porcelain or a ceramic tile cutter? Is an electric or a manual tile cutter the best for you? What features should you consider when shopping? There is no better way of making the right decision than using a detailed guide. And we have one for you! 

Here’s everything you need to navigate the tile cutter market!

Why Do You Need a Tile cutter?

Should you really invest in a tile cutter while there are other methods for cutting tiles? Yes, and here is why we insist on getting one:

  • Protect Your Tiles

Yes, there might be other methods of cutting tiles. But why not use a tool that’s made explicitly for this reason? Using the proper tool for cutting tiles gives your tiles an added layer of protection from the cutting pressure, especially when dealing with fragile tiles. 

  • For Making Elaborate Cuts

Not every cutting tool will allow you to make complicated cuts on tiles. But with a tile cutter that’s designed for just this, you can rest assured you will cut all the patterns you desire. 

  • Bring It With You To Job Sites 

Whether you are working as a professional tile cutter or promised a loved one to help with their renovations, you can count on your tile cutter to ensure you give them well-cut tiles. Tile cutters are lightweight and portable for mobile job sites. 

What Should You Look For When Buying a Tile Cutter?

There are several factors to consider before purchasing any tile cutter. As you shop around, think about the below:

1. The Cutting Wheel’s Material

Fun fact: the wheel of the cutter does not do the actual cutting of the tile! But that’s not to say it is the least important factor to consider. In fact, it is one of the essential features to consider when buying a tile cutter. 

Why? Because the wheel is responsible for scoring the surface to ensure the pressure of the cutter breaks the tile along the correct scoreline. As such, the scoring wheel needs to be sturdy enough to make a solid and deep score on the tile. It is essential to ensure the wheel is not too sharp because these deform pretty fast. A high-quality cutting wheel needs to have thick edges

Of the materials, the most durable one is the alloy wheel. Some will have a coating for extra durability, and others will have diamond grinds for extra edge. 

2. The Tile Cutter’s Bed 

Beds with rubber coatings are the best options. This rubber holds the tile in place, ensuring you don’t deal with sliding tiles when cutting. In addition, some cutters will have a rubberised breaker bar, ensuring the underside doesn’t leave any marks on the tile. However, if the underside has aluminium material, you can rest easy knowing it won’t leave any markings on porcelain or ceramic tiles

3. The Type of Tile

What type of tile are you cutting? Different tile types need a specific cutting tool to ensure you do not damage the tiles or the cutter in the process. For instance, cutters with moderate pressure are ideal for basic tiles, ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles. But if you are dealing with larger tiles, the best choice is a cutter with high pressure and cutting force. 

4. The Type of Cut 

Tile cutters work in two styles; fixed/single-point and mobile/multi-point cutting. With the former, you get vertical cuts and at a fast speed. With the latter, you can make angular and repetitive cuts hassle-free. 

5. Blade Capacity & Adjustability 

While different blades make varied cuts, as mentioned above, you can get a cutter with an adjustable blade. With this, you only need assorted blades to cut through different tiles types rather than buying separate tile cutters for every need. 

What Type of Tile Cutter Is Best For You?

There are three types of tile cutters, each with benefits and uses for different professional levels. 

  • Wet Tile Cutters 

These have a cutting water table where you position the cutter. It helps in reducing the friction between the tile and the cutter. This gives you a precise, smooth and clean cut. Wet cutters are ideal for a beginner as they are easier to operate than manual cutters

  • Manual Tile Cutters

If you are a professional or are getting there, a manual tile cutter is an excellent choice. They are hard to navigate around. But once you get the hang of it, they are a bliss to use for any tile cutting job. However, they are ideal for small projects. Because of their tedious nature, using a manual tile cutter for a demanding job will be laborious. This makes them best for small jobs, too. 

  • Tile Grinder 

Are you hoping to make patterned cuts? Perhaps you are dealing with thick tiles? Grinders are the best choice for cutting through thicker tiles and making any intricate cuts and patterns

Tile Cutter vs Tile Saw; Which One Is Best?

You might come across tile saws as you shop around for a tile cutter. Are these the same? The short answer is no; they are totally different tools, although they achieve the same result. 

Tile saws, also electric tile cutters look a little like a table saw. They have an electric-powered rotating blade for cutting the tile while keeping the tile straight. Most will use water to collect deposits and ensure the tile doesn’t catch on fire. With a tile saw, you can expect to work in a noisy environment, thanks to the electric motor. The added water can also make the workspace messy. However, they are the best option for cutting glass tiles and for making intricate shapes and cuts

On the other hand, tile cutters resemble a car jack. They have a bar for levelling up and down while the wheel passes through 2 guide rails to cut the tile’s surface. Finally, a final snap through the cutter’s foot or breaker bar splits the tile. Compared to their counterparts, tile cutters are less noisier and messier. They also provide more precise and levelled cuts

How much should you spend on a tile cutter?

Price range is an essential factor to consider while shopping for anything. So, how much are you willing to spend on a tile cutter? Usually, the heavier and versatile the cutter, the higher it will be on the price end. That means electric cutters are more expensive than manually operated ones. 

  • Affordable

That said, with as low as £25, you can easily bag a manual tile cutter for your DIY and minor projects. While electric tile cutters are pricier, you can still get one with a budget of £50 to £100. These are of excellent quality for both home and industrial jobs. 

  • Professional

They are more versatile tools and have a budget of over £150. Some of these models will cost as high as £300. They are mainly electric ones, and they are great if you need to handle heavy-duty tasks.  They are also an excellent investment for your toolbox if you plan on taking tiling jobs regularly. 


You no longer have to stop your project for the lack of suitable tiles. Instead, cut tiles with our selected top choices. Each of our selected tile cutting tools will meet your specific needs, from making straight to diagonal and intricate cuts on any tiles. Use our detailed buying guide to stay ahead of the market-speak, and know what matters when choosing the best tile cutter from the plethora of choices.

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