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Best 10 Telescopic Ladders

As Of July 2022

Do you find yourself struggling to paint the tallest corners of your home wall? Do you want to reach for a dusty box in the attic but can’t? Any DIY person will vouch that a ladder can be a heavy-duty tool that keeps you balanced when working on a tough chore. A telescopic ladder helps you reach any desired height thanks to its extendable base. Want to find out more?
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1 WolfWise Telescoping Ladder on white background

WolfWise Telescoping Ladder

4.8 /5

Best Overall Telescopic Ladder

  • Locked in place for you to work with safety thanks to the non-slip end caps
  • Hassle-free home chores with the adjustable ladder heights
  • Fit for adults up to 150kg with a high-quality aluminium frame
  • Store it even in your car as it’s folding enough to fit
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4 Photo of a man on the third step of a Nestling Multi-Purpose Folding Extensionable Telescopic Ladder fixing his security camera

Nestling Folding Extensionable Telescopic Ladder

4.5 /5

Ideal for Small-Scale Projects

  • Reach different heights by adjusting the rungs from the slide latches
  • Move around the house comfortably with its compact size & lightweight aluminium
  • Maintain your steadiness with safety due to a locking mechanism
  • Avoid accidents thanks to non slip feet
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5 DICN Extendable Telescopic Ladder on white background

DICN Extendable Aluminium Ladder

4.5 /5

Best Portable Ladder

  • Lift it using only one hand with a comfy rubber grip handle
  • Ideal for adults thanks to its 150kg maximum load capacity
  • Improved balance with the rubber sleeves on the steps
  • Keep it for years with its corrosion-resistant aluminium frame
3 AutoBaBa Multi-Purpose Aluminium Portable Telescopic Ladder on white background

AutoBaBa Multi-Purpose Portable Ladder

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Large Step Count

  • Always work securely with the anti-slip rubber feet & bottom caps
  • Carry around without trouble by its ergonomic grip handle
  • Compact and foldable enough to fit in any tight storage space
  • Climb up the steps with great balance thanks to slip-resistant rungs
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6 AutoBaBa Aluminium Telescopic Ladder Foldable on white background

AutoBaBa Telescopic Ladder

4.5 /5

Ideal for Home Use

  • Never worry about unstable climbing with a securing strap at the base of the ladder
  • Convenient with great portability A-Figure ladder
  • Work with safety as it complies with EN131 standards
  • Enhanced versatility with the retracting slide latch
7 Acrohome Telescopic Ladder on white background

Acrohome Telescopic Ladder

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Extendability

  • Lasts for years made of high-quality aluminium
  • Extend the ladder to your desired height by using the slide latch
  • No more pinching your fingers with its safe & robust switch
  • Effortless transport as it is lightweight & portable
8 Trintion Telescopic Multi-Purpose Ladder on white background

Trintion A-Frame Telescopic Ladder

4.5 /5

Ideal for Outdoor Use

  • Minimise the risk of slipping with friction-protecting rungs
  • Hassle-free storing anywhere as it’s a fully collapsible ladder that fits in all tight spaces
  • Multi-purpose to use as an A-figure or straight ladder
  • Avoid injuries with enhanced safety features
9 DICN Telescopic Ladder with Hook on white background

DICN Telescopic Ladder with Hook

4.5 /5

Best Ladder for Large-Scale Projects

  • Climb up maximum heights as it’s an extendable ladder reaching 6.2m
  • Perfect for rooftop use with detachable hooks at the top
  • Stable & sturdy with an anti-slip rubber on the feet of the ladder
  • Never worry about breaking it due to robust aluminium alloy
2 Ohuhu Telescoping Ladder on white background

Ohuhu Telescopic Ladder

4.7 /5

Ideal for Quick Retraction

  • Convenient one-button retraction for effortless folding
  • Have peace of mind as it’s compliant with ANSI safety standards
  • Stress-free climbing up the ladder thanks to anti-slip end caps
  • Prevent the ladder from sliding down with the smart self-locking pins

Take A Step Towards the Right DIY Direction

Are you someone who likes to work around the house and take on many do-it-yourself projects? Do you use the traditional step ladder and always stand on the top step when you want to reach taller areas? Wouldn’t it be easier if you bought a telescoping ladder?

Any household that likes to renovate and transform their home now and then will say that a ladder is a must-have tool. You will work without risk and reach maximum heights in no time. Whether you want to use it as a loft ladder to store your unused items or as an extension ladder on the roof, we are sure you will find a purpose.

Our buying guide will show you how the best telescopic ladders can benefit you. Keep reading to find out more!

What is a telescopic ladder?

A telescopic ladder is a ladder that, unlike traditional ones, you can extend to different heights according to your task at hand. You might think that their size makes them hard to store. They are much easier to store than a standard step ladder. Their collapsible design allows you to put them in the tightest of spaces. You can put them under your bed, in a closet, in your car’s boot, you name it!

Their build is folding within its own body, which is why we call them telescopic. Just like telescopes that merge and become compact, telescoping ladders shrink to as small as 90cm. Imagine having a 5-6m ladder that can fold to such a small size. There are many different sizes with added safety attributes that will make any chore a walk in the park. You should take some time to review the following sections to better understand what considerations there are. The more research you’ve done, the better of an understanding you will have. Want to find the answers to all your questions? Keep reading below!

Why do you need a telescopic ladder?

There are many benefits to a telescopic ladder that make them an upgrade to your conventional ladder. They are a stabilizer with a sturdy and durable frame. Have a look below to see why you should invest in such a ladder. You will see that the positives make them worth a buy.

Ease of Storage

Think of your conventional ladder and how you store it in your home. We are sure that you struggle to find a tall and wide space to fit your ladder. They are so bulky that you have difficulty finding an area that they won’t stick out. The most likely place to keep a conventional ladder is your garden shed because that’s where you have enough space. But, we’d hate to see your garage or garden sacrificing their organisation and look over a ladder.

Telescopic ladders are the perfect solution! You won’t have to worry about whether you can store it indoors anymore. Their ability to fold down from 5m to as little as 80cm can help you hide them even under your bed. The best part of efficiently storing them indoors? They are weather-proof and have less of a chance of rusting from outdoor wear and tear.


Have you seen those old black and white movies where the worker is carrying a ladder? And, when they turn around, they bump into an object or another person? That’s what you might look like if you have a ladder that is too big and heavy to carry. Even a fit person with strong arms will find a traditional ladder that doesn’t fold more challenging to carry than a telescopic one.

Telescoping ladders are very lightweight, and the fact that they fold down makes them even more compact. You can even carry them with one hand! You won’t need to ask for help folding down or moving it around the house. They are very straightforward to use and have increased safety attributes for secure retraction. With a telescopic ladder, you can turn without having to look behind your back in case you bumped into something.

Multi-Functional Uses

A small step ladder or conventional ladder does not offer as much practical use as a telescopic ladder. You will see that the harder to reach areas will be a no-go for you with a small ladder. You can tackle light tasks fine, but what happens when you want to remove branches from your roof or clean your floor-to-ceiling windows?

A telescopic ladder can work on many adjustable heights around the house. They are great for those spring cleaning chores like dusting the light fixtures or repainting the walls. You can match your project needs much better with this type of ladder.

What features should your telescopic ladder have?

Like any other product you buy, you should always do your best to research the available options. You should consider some features before you buy an expandible ladder, and we have done the work for you. Take a look at the list below and keep these things in mind when you are ready to make your purchase.

1. Build Quality

Most telescopic ladders these days have a strong aluminium or aluminium alloy build. Still, you should always make sure that’s the case before you buy one. A top-quality build material will improve the product’s durability. A corrosion and water-resistant, and rust-proof ladder will stand the test of time for many years to come.

You don’t want a ladder that will have you second-guessing your balancing abilities. You want one that will enable you to stand on it for extended periods without fear of falling or losing your footing. A good foundation is the most critical feature for safety.

2. Length

The overall ladder’s length will help you work on tough spots and hard-reaching areas with ease. If you don’t plan to climb up the roof or take on heavy-duty work, a 2-3m ladder will be sufficient. An extension ladder allows you to reach different heights, with some reaching up to 5-6m.

Also, A-frame or straight models have different abilities. You should keep in mind which step is the most secure in each case. For example, an A-figure ladder usually has eight steps on each side. The safest work is no more than on the fifth or sixth step. Don’t push your luck and think that you can handle the top step right from the beginning. Experienced users can reach the top step but do so with great caution. You should handle straight ladders with even greater awareness and avoid the top two steps for less risk of falling.

3. Ladder Weight & Weight Capacity

It’s always good to know ahead of time how heavy of a ladder you’re buying. You don’t want to be stuck with one that you can’t even lift! Check the product descriptions to find an option that is light enough for you to carry without compromising on build quality. These ladders average anywhere between 7-12kg, and some larger ones reach up to 18-20kg.

The ladder’s weight capacity is how much weight-bearing the ladder can handle. You don’t want anything less than 100kg. Apart from your weight, you should also calculate your tools’ weight. You will carry your tools on top of the ladder, too. So, choose a maximum weight of up to 150kg to have peace of mind that the ladder will be safe for use.

4. Extendability

The biggest difference from a traditional ladder is that telescopic ladders have the option to extend to greater heights. Always make sure that you’re buying a ladder that’s expandible to reach your personal desired needs. Telescopic ladders for home use don’t go much higher than 6m, and they don’t extend beyond 16 (8+8) steps on both sides. But that length is more than enough for home use.

Straight ladders don’t extend as much as A-figure because they are more compact. They have at least 7-8 steps and consider all safety precautions. If you have experience using telescopic ladders, you can buy one that extends beyond the 6m home use cap. You should only buy this one if you are handy and pro-do-it-yourselfer. They are also a bit more expensive.

5. Folding

One of the most obvious benefits of telescopic ladders is that they are collapsable. You should find a type that allows the most compact size with the best foldability. We have looked at the options out there and have found that the smallest folding size possible can be 80cm. That’s much better than a conventional ladder that you have to keep intact and store in a large closet or your garage.

A foldable ladder will give you the ease of access and storage, even in an apartment setting. You can carry it with less strain and even move it around with one hand, thanks to hard-strap handles and rubber grips. Their lightweight and portable design even allow you to store them at the back of your car!

6. Safety Features

An overlooked feature that we don’t think of at first is safety. We’d hate to see anyone injured because you didn’t spend some time reviewing the best safety features for their ladder. Look for a ladder that is compliant with all UK safety standards, including EN131. There are other safety standards for compliance, such as ANSI (the American equivalent to EN131) and other EU-compliant safety regulations.

Try to find a ladder that has self-locking mechanisms and slip-resistant foot pads for enhanced safety. A slide latch makes the ladder’s retraction more secure and gives you peace of mind for not getting your fingers stuck. Some ladders come with a stabiliser bar that improves overall balance and stability too.

7. Warranty

A warranty gives you the confidence that you can always rely on customer service to help you fix anything that’s broken no matter what happens. It’s an added feature that some manufacturers include. Even though they are durable equipment, there’s still a chance of something breaking. You would feel much better if you didn’t have to pay for a replacement that the warranty covers.

What safety precautions should you consider when using a telescoping ladder?

There are a few best practices tips that will improve your overall safety when using a telescopic ladder. We’ve added up a few of the most common ways to stay safe and secure while you’re on top of the ladder.

  • Always check the weight capacity of your ladder before stepping on it.
  • Ensure you lock the rungs and feet in place before you climb on the ladder.
  • Buy a product that has anti-slip pads for secure use on any surface.
  • Place the ladder against a steady surface in an angled position.
  • Avoid touching the slide latch when on top of the ladder to prevent unwanted retraction.
  • Keep your fingers away from the inward slide latch when retracting the ladder to prevent injuries.

These are some of the most important things to remember so that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself or fall and end up with an injury.

Do you have to extend a telescopic ladder when using it fully?

No, a telescopic ladder gives you the chance to extend it if you want, but you don’t have to extend it fully. There are some that only partly open and can get the job done very well. But, there are also others that you have to extend to reach maximum heights fully. For example, when working on your rooftop, a partly-extended ladder will not be enough to reach and climb up the roof.

Always practice safety and don’t overextend the ladder if it’s not necessary. An indoor project will find solid practicality in a lower height. Don’t think that you have to be over the top of the surface too much to work efficiently. As long as you’re 1m above the surface you’re working on, you are perfectly well.

What is the cost of a telescopic ladder?

We know a standard ladder is a more affordable choice, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a telescopic ladder. You will see some low-budget yet top-quality finds online that will be worth the price. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a cheap product is going to do the trick. A low price is an indicator of a lower quality build too. Let’s have a look at what price range you should expect.

  • Low-Budget: You can find an affordable telescopic ladder that ranges between £60-100. These offer all the safety attributes that their higher-priced counterparts have too. Their one downside is that they are usually shorter in length.
  • More Expensive: A more expensive option will range between £120-200. You will notice that these types also follow all safety requirements. Their one plus is that they extend to longer heights. You will also find more durable options that don’t rust and are corrosion-resistant.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can agree that their quality of work was much better once they bought a telescopic ladder. Love working on small and large-scale projects at home? Want to start spring cleaning work with a strong companion? You will find that a ladder will give you so much flexibility to work non-stop. No more adjustments of your ladder needed. An extension ladder is a great and handy piece of equipment that you will absolutely love!

Our buying guide went through the top picks of aluminium telescopic ladders. Now, it’s up to you to make the decision. Will you upgrade your standard ladder to an extension ladder that also folds?

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