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Best 10 Sunloungers

As Of July 2022

Do you enjoy sitting out in the sun all day? A sunbed lets you spend your entire morning out by the poolside, soaking up the sun in comfort. Have some friends over for a BBQ and snooze around while the grill is prepping the food! Purchase the best sun loungers that are perfect for sunbathing in your garden!
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1 Sunmer Set of 2 Sunloungers on white background

SUNMER Set of 2 Sun Lounger Chairs

4.8 /5

Best Overall Sunlounger

  • Don’t worry about where to put your things with the phone and cup holder
  • You can even take a nap thanks to its adjustable back
  • Move it around the garden with ease as it’s super lightweight
  • Sit side by side with your partner as it comes in a set of 2
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2 Kingfisher reclining sun chair lounger on backyard patio with bushes and concrete floor

Kingfisher Garden Sun Chair

4.7 /5

Best Reclining Sun Chair

  • Have no neck strain thanks to the adjustable padded headrest
  • Fold in seconds without disassembly to store anywhere you want
  • Wipes clean fast and has a quick-dry with the sturdy textilene fabric
  • Adjust to your liking as it reclines in multiple positions
3 Azuma Sun Lounger Blue Padded

Azuma Padded Relaxer Chair

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Padded Recliner

  • Extra comfortable with 3 adjustable backrest positions
  • Perfect to take to the beach as it's very lightweight & portable
  • Available in a range of colours including grey, orange, pink, blue, navy, black & lime green
  • Super easy clean: Just wipe with a cloth
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4 Songmics Sun Lounger with Sunshade on the deck

SONGMICS Sunlounger

4.5 /5

Best Top Shaded Option

  • Unfold and use straight from the box with no assembly
  • Keep your face always shaded thanks to the adjustable sun protection
  • Take it with you on your next vacation as it’s compact and folds easily
  • No more wobbly legs even in the sand with sturdy three-part connectors
5 Livivo Sunlounger on white background

Livivo Sunlounger

4.5 /5

Ideal for Side Pockets

  • Leave it outside all-year-round as it’s weather and rust-resistant
  • Take a comfy nap with the included soft and breathable headrest
  • Store your phone & other valuables in the handy and spacious pockets
  • Always catch the sun as it has adjustable lean back positions
7 Allibert Jaipur Sun Lounger on white background

Allibert Jaipur Sun Lounger

4.5 /5

Top Cushioned Sunlounger

  • Keep it for years as it's made from high-quality resin
  • Achieve ultimate comfort thanks to the adjustable recline
  • Ideal for all adults to use with its large weight capacity
  • Match with all your furniture as it has a modern design
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6 Lafuma Sunlounger on white background

Lafuma Lounger and Recliner

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Multiple Colours

  • Relax with no back strain as it has a zero-gravity recliner
  • Clean with no hassle by detaching the fabric from the frame
  • Improve your lower limb circulation thanks to the adjustable footrest
  • Stays dry rain or shine with the weather-proof Batyline fabric
8 SONGMICS Sun Lounger on white background

SONGMICS Sun Lounger

4.5 /5

Top Shaded Sunlounger

  • Unfold and use straight from the box with no assembly
  • Keep your face always shaded thanks to the adjustable protector
  • Take it with you on your next vacation as it’s compact and foldable
  • No more wobbly legs even in the sand with sturdy three-part connectors
9 TolleTour Folding Wooden Deck Chair on white background

TolleTour Folding Wooden Deck Chair

4.5 /5

Best Lightweight Choice

  • Bring it with you to the beach with its light and portable design
  • Versatile wood frame to use on any deck, patio or other space
  • Simple & straightforward to install in no time
  • Ideal to match any home decor with multiple colour options
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10 SONGMICS Sun Lounger on white background

SONGMICS Sun Lounger

4.5 /5

Ideal for Large Weight Capacity

  • Eliminate the chance of slipping as it has feet stoppers at the legs
  • Avoid sunburns thanks to the adjustable sun protection
  • Stay outside for hours with its ergonomic 3 supporting springs
  • Use it for many summers to come as it has a durable aluminium frame

Sunloungers: The Must-Have of all Garden Furniture!

Ah, summer! The time that we get to put away our winter clothes and throw on our swimsuits to have fun in the sun! Summer is the perfect time to lounge and enjoy great weather. To recharge our batteries and have endless fun in the sun. And what’s the best way to spend your morning soaking up the warmth outdoors? Sit back and put your feet up on a sunlounger!

These are excellent quality garden chairs that you can lie back on and chit chat with your friends. They complement your garden sofa set effortlessly. If you have space, carefully selected furniture for your garden or patio can make your deck or backyard the centre of all friendly gatherings. You can be the dream host among your friend group who can bring out the fun, comfort and (of course!) food!

We’ve added up the best options out there that will give you ultimate comfort with a modern design to fit any space. Combine them with a parasol for the best results and body sunscreen to spend hours outside.

Why do you need a sunlounger?

They are an excellent option for a heavy-duty garden chair. You can also use them as a daybed to relax and read up your book out in the sun. They are versatile enough and include special resting points for your arms, back and head so that you don’t feel strained after using them for too long. They have multiple reclining positions so that you can adjust yourself to the desired one. Want to take a nap next to the pool? Lay it back for a flat surface. Want to have a snack as you’re chatting with your friend? Tilt it to a standing position for upright posture.

Their materials are weather-resistant for improved wear and tear durability. Sunbeds have hardwearing and weatherproof frames that make them durable enough to stand the test of time. They can be easily folded to store during the wintertime and protect them from bad weather conditions.

What should you look for when buying a sunlounger?

Looking to upgrade your outdoor space and want to make the best-informed decision for your lounge chairs? We’ve taken the time to find the top features you should be looking for when buying a sunlounger so that you don’t have to. Don’t know what types are available? We do! What’s the best material? We’ll give you the answer! Is a steel frame or aluminium frame best? Keep reading to get all the answers!

1. Type

Have limited space and want to make the most out of it? Want to elevate your furniture for the garden and pick a stylish and contemporary design? There are different types to fit all needs and wants. You can select from four choices that will make the most sense for your space.

Reclining, folding, double, or day beds are the four types, and you can purchase the one that is the best for your convenience or luxury wants. Want a fully custom experience that allows you to adjust the position of your chair? Pick a lean back one. Space is your biggest concern and you want a chair that you can store away with no hassle? Folding chairs are your best option. Are you looking for a premium choice that you can enjoy with more people at once? Double loungers give you a wider seating space.

Stay with us as we go through the differences between the four types further down below.

2. Material

Material is an important feature that will give your lounger a longer lifetime. Look at the options available and decide if you think you should invest in a sturdier material. We believe that you will benefit more by paying for a pricier but better material. Some require little to no maintenance, while others have a once a year treatment need.

Pick between a rattan, a wooden lounger or a metal one. Each has its benefits and adds a different feel and look to your garden. Rattan is a budget-friendly option that comes in multiple colours and is very light. Metal ones are long-lasting and have excellent frame builds but come with a pricier tag. Wooden are timeless pieces that work well with any space and have amazing ergonomic support.

We go over the options below and give you a breakdown of their pros and cons. In the end, the choice is yours. Budget and design considerations for your personal wants will determine the material you pick.

3. Weight

This one’s a two-part consideration. First, the actual product’s weight and secondly, the weight it can hold. Try to find an option that is not too heavy so that you can carry it around in your garden. You don’t want to have to lift one that will end up hurting your back. Make sure that to choose one from a lightweight material. They are very portable and don’t need too much effort to move.
It makes sense that not every lounger has the same weight capacity limitations.

Some designs have less durability, and others are fit to hold an adult’s weight who would like to sit out in the sun. Check for weight limitations on products to not end up with one that will break after a few uses. A solid option is a lounger that can hold up to 130-150kg. That is an above-average weight for adults. That way, your lounger could perhaps even hold the weight of two petite adults. You could even snuggle up with your partner or children on one lounger without having to worry about a thing.

4. Adjustable Backrest

An adjustable rest for your back is perfect for a lounger because you get the most relaxed feeling when you can tilt back and forth. This feature brings an ergonomic design to your lounger so that you can have a fully supported back in any position. The zero-gravity design of a reclined lounger eases any piled-up stress and offers you more flexibility.

The adjustable back also lets you pick the most comfortable position to enjoy all activities that you want while resting. Want to sip your favourite drink? Adjust the seat forward. Are you feeling like sitting halfway up? Just move it down a couple of notches. You are your own boss, and you can customise the sitting position in any way you want. The footrest will also adjust according to your liking to have the best relaxing experience under the sun!

5. Foldable Design

A lounger with the ability to be folded is the best option to look for because you can store it wherever you want. Check to see if you are allowed to fold them as you need to do so in the winter. Such furniture is portable, and you can lift them with one hand. You won’t need anyone to carry them around, and you can even bring them inside the house for dry storing. Another benefit? You can bring them with you to the beach!

Why waste time disassembling the chair entirely when you could have avoided this? It’s a time-saver that you will thank us for, especially if you get caught lounging in summer showers.

6. Accessories

Accessories give you added features that make the lounger even more adaptable. These provide practical use to your lounger that will allow you to stay out in the sun for longer periods.

  • Cushions: Who doesn't like cushions?. There are many colours, sizes and materials available to match any other outdoor furniture. The best options are removable cushions that are easy to clean. When not in use, store them in a dry place to avoid colour fading. You will notice a big difference in the lounger’s comfort if you buy a neck or back cushion.
  • Tables: Some sun lounger sets come with clip-on tables. These are very handy as you can place your drinks, books and cellphones on them. No need to place your glass on the ground anymore! Keep it shaded and in cool temperatures by placing it on the table.
  • Covers: Covers are best to have so that you can protect your chairs from the sun’s UV rays. They also are great to keep your chairs dry and dust-free in the winter.
  • Sunshade: Some sunbeds come with extra protectors that you can use to hide your face from the sun. It is a great accessory for UV-resistant lounging that will protect the top of your head.

What types of sunloungers are available?

The right type of sunlounger is the one that will give you the biggest benefit to match your wants. A practical, durable, light and inexpensive sunlounger will give your garden a unique look. We’ve highlighted the types of sunloungers available on the market and what each brings to your home. Read up on them and make the decision that will be the best for you.

1. Reclining

A reclining sunlounger gives you the ability to adjust the back’s positions from up to down. It is a highly customisable option to enjoy sunbathing outside for hours. The best part of lean back lounge chairs is that they lift your legs off the ground and give you a zero-gravity feeling as if you’re in space.

You can sleep like a baby when you recline them all the way flat and have maximum relaxation. If you’re looking for an option to adjust the most to your liking, this is the one. You don’t have to look any further because you can fully customise this type to your personal preference.

2. Folding

A folding sunlounger is an efficient and ingenious way to have your furniture out in the summer but well protected in the winter. They are a great chair to carry around with ease. You can use them for many purposes around the garden and even on your next beach trip.

Storing them in the winter will increase the lifespan of your lounge chair. Folding sunloungers are quite budget-friendly options, and you can find some very compact models to fit any garden size. You could even enjoy them on your tiny city loft balcony! Now we’re talking!

3. Day Beds

Who doesn’t love to live a luxurious life? Transforming your backyard into a cabana has never been easier! These cushioned lounge chairs can seat two people comfortably for the perfect mix of socialising and relaxing in the sun. They are a staple piece that will put your hammock to shame as you can laze around all day without having to move a finger.

This type of sunlounger is a bit more expensive, but you won’t regret buying something as comfortable and stylish as this. Not to mention that it will give your patio furniture a resort-like feel.

4. Double

Why only get one when you can get two lounge chairs? A double sun chair is a sun lounger set that you can place next to each other or in different parts of your garden. You can sit next to your friend or partner and talk away or enjoy your privacy and move it around your backyard. Double loungers are a great budget choice for deck chairs, especially if you like hosting your friends. You will need more than one. What’s better than one? Two!

Some sets come together with a table so that you can have your coffee and snacks close. That way, you won’t have to worry about going inside to grab something from the fridge.

What material is the best for a sunlounger?

The material should be an essential part of your loungers. They are not only stylistic options but also help maintain your product looking as good as new. There are some positives and negatives to each material type so keep reading to find out more.

1. Rattan

These sun loungers are a very portable and long-lasting material. The benefit to this material is that you can carry it around the garden without breaking your back, thanks to its lightweight design. It is an excellent UV-resistant and weather-proof material. You will not have to worry about maintenance as this material is very easy to clean.

As a cheaper alternative to wood, this is your best friend. It is a better material than plastic and offers more choices than wood for great combinations with other furniture. The colour options range. From minimal black and white to taupe and grey as well as any vibrant colour you can imagine.

2. Metal

The biggest positive to metal sunloungers, especially stainless steel, is that they are rust-resistant. The longevity of metal is far greater than the other kinds. These types have great longevity and need minimal maintenance. The black metal frame gives your space a very modern and stylish feel.

You should keep in mind that metal is a more expensive material, so the options might be pricier than rattan or wood. It is also a heavier material type, so moving them around for storage will be challenging. But, on the plus side, metal can last much longer, so you probably won’t have to buy others for a long time. You just have to make sure that you keep them well-maintained and protected.

3. Wood

Wood sun loungers are all-time classics that never go out of style. You can easily pair them with any colour of your outdoor furniture and any colour cushion covers. The best quality materials are acacia wood, eucalyptus and teak wood. They are a fantastic weather-resistant optionσ that also keep pests away.

Wooden sun loungers offer great back support as they have highly durable. The one negative to them is that they require some upkeep. To have a nice and polished wood look, you should opt for treating it at least once a year. Switch between traditional and modern with the right accessories to make your outdoor space the chicest and most beautiful possible. No other material is as versatile and blendable as wood. You can adjust it to all decorating styles you wish.

How much do sun loungers cost?

Garden sun loungers are not just deck chairs. They can be an essential part of your garden furniture pieces. Their cost can match any budget and any garden size. We have broken them down below into three categories for cheap options, middle options and luxury kinds.

  • Low-Budget: Some choices are very low-budget perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to spend too much. You can find some garden sun loungers for as cheap as £19.99. These are usually small and foldable enough to bring to the beach. An average low-budget option ranges from £40-60.
  • Middle-Cost Option: Take into account that the material adds up to the cost of your deck chairs. While a relatively inexpensive material, wood could elevate the cost (and style) to an average price of £80-100. The investment is worth it, though, because you will find that they are high-quality options.
  • Luxury Choice: Obviously, there are different budgets available for spending. If you want a deluxe choice that even resorts would be jealous of, a set of loungers would be worth the extra money. The added accessories like tables or cushions and privacy curtains can increase the price to anywhere between £200-500. There are even higher-end options that are complete furniture sets upwards of £1000. The choice is yours.

Final Thoughts

Summer is meant to be the most fun time of the year. Snooze and laze around in the sun, put your feet up and have your dream staycation all in your backyard! Our buying guide gave you all the answers to make a pro-choice that’s heavy-duty, top quality and weather-resistant. We’re sure that you will take some time and review the options to purchase the top pick for you. Let the summer mood begin!

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