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Best 10 Strollers And Buggies

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for a safe and comfortable travel system for your baby? One that relieves you of the back pains of carrying your young around on your arms? A baby stroller or buggy is what you need! Just get behind the pushing handlebar and you can stroll away in peace, taking in the fresh air while your baby enjoys the comfort of outdoors from their carriage.
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1 Chicco Echo Stroller on a white background

Chicco Echo

Backrest Positions
4.8 /5

Type: Stroller, Frame Material: Steel, Weight Capacity: 22 Kgs, Safety Harness: 5-Point Harness, Item Weight: 8.5 Kgs

  • 4 backrest positions for comfortable sitting and sleeping
  • Lightweight and foldable design easily carried and stored
  • Front wheels swivel and are lockable for safe rides
  • Raincover included for protection when it starts raining
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2 Red Kite Push Me Quatro Stroller on a white background

Red Kite Push Me Quatro

Reclining positions
4.7 /5

Type: Stroller, Frame Material: Aluminium, Weight Capacity: 15 Kgs, Safety Harness: 5-Point Harness, Item Weight: 8.1 Kgs

  • Has multiple reclining positions to ease baby’s sleep and stroll
  • Wheels are lockable for safe and sturdy anchoring
  • Has a large capacity storage basket at the bottom
  • No need to buy extra rain cover, it’s included
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3 Silver Cross Pop Stroller on a white background

Silver Cross Pop

Different Colours
4.7 /5

Type: Stroller, Frame Material: Aluminium, Weight Capacity: 25 Kgs, Safety Harness: 5-Point Harness, Item Weight: 7.2 Kgs

  • Lightweight and compact design makes it easy for you to take it anywhere
  • Water and wind-resistant for keeping your baby safe
  • A fully extendable ventilated UPF50+ hood for sunny days
  • Safe and secure construction with great brakes
4 Safety 1st Peps buggy on a white background

Safety 1st Peps

Wheels Suspension
4.5 /5

Type: Buggy, Frame Material: Aluminium, Weight Capacity: 15 Kgs, Safety Harness: 5-Point Harness, Item Weight: 4.5 Kgs

  • Swivelling front wheels with suspension for smooth rides
  • Folds to a compact-umbrella design for storage purposes
  • The lightweight frame makes it easy to carry around
  • A folding canopy protects the baby against the sun and the wind
5 Graco TraveLite stoller on a white background

Graco TraveLite

Removable bumper
4.5 /5

Type: Stroller, Frame Material: Aluminium, Weight Capacity: 15 Kgs, Safety Harness: 5-Point Harness, Item Weight: 7.07 Kgs

  • The bumper gives the child something to hold on
  • Multiple reclining positions for the comfort of the newborns
  • Calf support is adjustable to the child’s height as they grow older
  • It’s foldable and thus easy to store
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6 Ickle Bubba Baby Discovery stroller on a white background

Ickle Bubba Baby Discovery

Safety Straps
4.5 /5

Type: Stroller, Frame Material: Aluminium, Weight Capacity: 20 Kgs, Safety Harness: 5-Point Harness, Item Weight: 7 Kgs

  • 3 safety straps for better support of the back
  • Carry it around easily with the comforting leather shoulder padding
  • Suspension on the 4 wheels for easy riding on any terrain
  • Has a large capacity storage basket compartment
7 Silver Cross Avia stroller on a white background

Silver Cross Avia

Carrying Handle
4.5 /5

Type: Stroller, Frame Material: Aluminium, Weight Capacity: 20 Kgs, Safety Harness: 5-Point Harness, Item Weight: 5 Kgs

  • Bumper bar doubles as a carrying handle for easy transfer
  • Swivelling wheels for manoeuvering and control
  • Adjustable backrest and a full-lying flat recline for extra comfort
  • Extendable hood that’s UPF50+, proofed against sun rays and wind
8 KK Kinderkraft Pilot stroller on a white background

KK Kinderkraft Pilot

4.5 /5

Type: Stroller/Buggy, Frame Material: Aluminium, Weight Capacity: 15 Kgs, Safety Harness: 5-Point Harness, Item Weight: 5.8 Kgs

  • Foldable design makes it compact for storage and portability
  • Integrated visor on the hood for better watching over your baby
  • Adjustable sitting and lying positions for added comfort
  • Storage space at the bottom for extra luggage and easy shopping
9 Gymax stroller on a white background


Cup holder included
4.5 /5

Type: Stroller, Frame Material: Carbon Fibre, Weight Capacity: 30 Kgs, Safety Harness: 5-Point Harness, Item Weight: 7.4 Kgs

  • Integrated cup holder close to the handlebar for drinks
  • Adjustable backrest with an adjusting rope for better positioning
  • 3 positions adjustable canopy for shelter against wind and sun
  • EVA shockproof wheels for smooth riding on any surface
10 Cosatto Yo 2 stroller on a white background

Cosatto Yo 2

Adjustable Leg Rest
4.5 /5

Type: Stroller, Frame Material: Aluminium, Weight Capacity: 25 Kgs, Safety Harness: 5-Point Harness, Item Weight: 7.35 Kgs

  • Very comfortable leg-rest for your little on to stretch
  • UPF100+ hood material for protection against sun rays
  • Swivelling wheels that are also lockable for stability and safety
  • Umbrella fold design with auto-lock for easy storage

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Strollers and Buggies


Chicco Echo

  • Large weight capacity of 22kgs provides your baby with space
  • Carrying handle with cushioning for optimum comfort
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With a stylish and quite modern design, the Chicco Echo provides all the features you need for a newborn until your baby reaches the age of 3-4 years. For starters, it can accommodate up to 22kgs and has 4 different adjusting backrest positions as your baby grows. The leg rest is also adjustable so your child feels comfortable as they stretch and grow over time.

For easy manoeuvring and precise control, the front wheels of the stroller are lockable and swivel. It’s also very easy to fold and unfold for storage and portability. Speaking of portability, it’s quite compact when folded with a padded carrying handle, made with your convenience in mind. It comes with some extra accessories, like a rain cover and an expendable hood as a sunshade cover, too.


  • Affordable and comfy
  • Large shopping basket
  • Great bar handle for your baby


  • Not adjustable height
  • Difficult to assemble
  • More suitable for small walks

Red Kite Push Me Quatro

  • Strong and durable frame
  • Lockable and swivelling wheels
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The strong and sturdy aluminium frame of this baby stroller was made to ensure you enjoy its long service and you can load it up to 15 kgs. But it is also lightweight for easy pushing and control even when loaded. The Push Me Quatro stroller offers multiple reclining seat positions so your baby can always find the most right position for its spine and legs, right from when they are newborn.

Its front wheels have a swivelling design, although the back wheels do not. It offers a super protective environment for the baby against the sun and the wind, as it has a long and extending canopy. It also comes with a rain cover for safe sheltering when it’s raining. And for all your extra luggage, the stroller comes with a shopping basket at the bottom where you can place your baby's changing bag.


  • Has a foldable frame
  • Rain cover included
  • Affordable


  • Back wheels don’t swivel
  • Rain cover covers the canopy only
  • Plastic wheels

Silver Cross Pop

  • Lightweight and compact design that makes your life easier
  • 5-point harness offers safety and security during walks
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Take your little one to a great trip without any hassle and difficulty in assembling. This stroller is all you wished for.  And it can care of your baby’s needs from the time that your child is a newborn up until they become a toddler.  With its lightweight and compact design, it’s super easy to store it or get it in your car just in just a second. Plus, the 5-point harness allows for extra safety during your adventures.

You can find it in different colours to better suit your style and your baby’s as well.  And no matter the weather you can rest assured that it will do the job. It’s water and wind-resistant, so it can keep your baby safe. It also comes with a fully extendable, ventilated and UPF50+ hood for sunny days. And the best part? You can go shopping as well! Just put everything in the storage basket on the bottom.


  • Lightweight & compact
  • Safe & secure
  • Different colours


  • A bit pricey
  • Height is not adjustable
  • Plastic wheels

Stroll Away with your Baby and Have Fun!

How much do you enjoy getting out of the house? You know, just for a quick catch up with your friends or even a picnic? If you feel torn between your old carefree life and your insecurity to leave your baby alone...a stroller might be exactly what you need! Let’s see why.

Baby strollers and buggies definitely come in handy on such escapades. And they come in different sizes, models, features and accessories that make worthwhile the extra cost. Once you feel comfy and stress-free on the streets again, you will understand what we are talking about! With the right stroller or buggy, every minute spent with your offspring outdoors runs smoothly up until it’s time to get back home again. Got caught in the rain? Don't worry; just grab an umbrella

Why give Strollers and Buggies a Chance?

With a baby stroller or buggy, you can strap your baby and off you go to see the world. The sleeping or sitting positions offered by strollers ensure that your baby is comfortable and in the required position for their age.

Better still, pack a bag with all the items you are going to need e.g. diapers, wipes, a blanket if it’s extra chilly outside, snacks or a set of changing clothes, and place it firmly on the shopping basket down below. It will loosen your hands immediately.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Stroller or a Buggy

There’s nothing more important than your baby’s safety, and every equipment you use requires a lot of attention on your part when buying. Every feature needs to be reviewed to ensure that the equipment is reliable, safe and warm. The same applies to baby strollers, buggies or footmuffs, so be prepared: The shopping process will not be a walk in the park.

There are so many choices available to consider. Especially when it comes to the online market, the stroller you may settle for could have different performance or features when unpacked and when out in the streets or on rough paths. How can you be sure that it will meet your needs once your baby settles in and you load your luggage?

Even if you try it out in the store, it’s a good idea to still check the manufacturer’s website and other online stores for user reviews. There’s power in other people’s comments and their experience could enhance yours. You see, reliability is a vital feature to look for so that your purchase leaves you and your child satisfied.

For example, some key features to consider are the harness type and length, as well as the wheels and the braking system of the stroller to avoid any sliding or losing control while moving in the city streets or pavements.

Lastly, have in mind there is no stroller that will suit every parent. You and your own parental needs should be the main focus. After all, a customer review is just that, a customer review with only some value for your final choice. Your needs and those of your baby need to be considered when settling for a stroller or buggy. And don't forget to think about your baby's weight, size and age!

Always Think About...

  • The frame of the stroller, which needs to be strong and sturdy. There are many frame materials in strollers, each with different solid capabilities. Some are made from aluminium while others are made from iron or carbon fibre. Whichever you choose to go for, you need to confirm how sturdy it is.
  • The storage space. Going out with a baby means you will carry a lot of items, like diapers, wipes, or a change of clothes. That is a really burdensome task and makes it difficult for you to move freely with the stroller. It’s best to go for a stroller that also offers you ample storage space for that additional weight you carry.
  • The manoeuvrability of the stroller. This will largely depend on the wheel size. The wheels need to be strong to handle most of the terrains for smooth rides when the stroller is loaded or not. It’s also good to go for a stroller with lockable wheels for safe locking when it’s not rolling. 
  • Foldable frame, size and weight of the stroller. All these define how easy it is to carry the stroller around and the storage space it will take when not in use. Some frames will make the stroller a bit heavier than others, but some of these might come with a carrying handle for easy portability.

You can find the perfect stroller or buggy for your little one and go on big adventures. The only thing you need is to make clear what you're looking for and what features are essential to you. Our guide will take care of the rest. Are you ready?

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