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Best 10 Storage Trolleys

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for a versatile storage solution that offers you the ease of use, convenience and mobility? Do you want to keep your pantry, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room neatly organised? The best storage trolleys make organisation around the house a walk in the park. No need to clutter up your spaces with objects anymore! Check the best ones here!

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1 Soft Digits Storage Trolley in bathroom with toiletries on the shelves

Soft Digits Storage Trolley

4.8 /5

Best Storage Trolley Overall

  • Add a variety of different shapes & sizes as it comes in a 4-tier cart
  • Matches nicely with any home decor thanks to the sleek black design
  • Assemble it on your own in just a few minutes - no tools needed
  • Never worry about things slipping off as it has wheels with brakes
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2 SPACEKEEPER Storage Trolley in living room with decor pieces

SPACEKEEPER Storage Trolley

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Tight Spaces

  • Take advantage of all nooks & crannies thanks to its compact design
  • Transport it hassle-free as it comes with 4 wheels on the bottom
  • Hang utensils conveniently on the 6 side hooks
  • Put it together in no time with its snap-on installation system
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3 Amazon Basics 3-Shelf Shelving Unit on Wheels with garage equipment

Amazon Basics 3-Shelf Shelving Unit on Wheels

4.6 /5

Best for Durability

  • Enjoy it for years to come as it’s made of hard-wearing alloy steel
  • Store multiple items at once thanks to its 3-tier shape
  • Adjust the shelving height to your liking without any tools
  • Add bulky & heavy objects stress-free as it has a 100kg capacity
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4 SOLEJAZZ 3-Tier Storage Trolley in living room with decor pieces

SOLEJAZZ 3-Tier Storage Trolley

4.5 /5

Ideal for Side Hooks

  • Slide it worry-free close to cabinets & doors as it’s small & space-saving
  • Stop & hold in place whenever you want by just locking the rollers & handle
  • Versatile to use it anywhere around the house when cleaning
  • Wash it in just a few minutes as it has mesh racks for draining
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5 alvorog 3-Tier Rolling Cart on white background

alvorog 3-Tier Rolling Cart

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Pantry

  • Keep your floor safe with its scratch-resistant PP material on the wheels
  • Organise your items however you want with the handy partition plate
  • Save precious storage space with its 3 hanging cups on the outside
  • Fill it up as it’s built to withstand up to 90kg loads at once
6 SONGMICS Slide-Out Trolley in bathroom with toiletries

SONGMICS Slide-Out Trolley

4.5 /5

Ideal for Bathrooms

  • Stock up on toilet paper & other bathroom essentials on its 4-tier shelving
  • Nestle it into small corners as it has a slim design
  • Install it in under 10 minutes thanks to its 4-step assembly process
  • Hold it firmly in place by putting the brakes on the wheels
7 JIIKOOAI Storage Trolley in living room with decor pieces

JIIKOOAI Storage Trolley

4.5 /5

Most Aesthetic Choice

  • Never lose items when moving it around thanks to the deep basket design
  • Make your living space cleaner by adding many things to its 4 tiers
  • Select it in minimal black or white to match your home decor
  • Prevent odours on the shelves with its mesh openings for better airflow
8 HANKEY Storage Cart in kitchen with food supplies

HANKEY Storage Cart

4.5 /5

Best Waterproof Choice

  • Collect your painting supplies effortlessly in one space as it can hold up to 90kg
  • Have peace of mind when you pause it in place with its 2 lockable casters
  • Manoeuvre it better thanks to its curved push handle
  • Decorate your home with its eye-catching design
9 Maison & White 3 Tier Storage Trolley on white background

Maison & White 3 Tier Storage Trolley

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Cream Colour

  • Roll it from one room to the other thanks to its 4 rubber wheels
  • Include a variety of objects as it has deep basket shelves
  • Bring it to your kitchen to store bottles, groceries & cooking utensils
  • Stress-free to cover repairs with its included 2-year warranty
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10 Kingrack Storage Trolley in kitchen with food supplies

Kingrack Storage Trolley

4.5 /5

Ideal for Kitchens

  • Select 1 of 4 colours to match your aesthetic
  • Transport the cart in any direction with its 360-degree wheels
  • Let liquids drain out efficiently with its vented tray design
  • Pass it on to others as it has a long-lasting & hard-wearing construction

Organise your Kitchen, Pantry & Bathroom With The Best Storage Trolleys

Do you have a lot of kitchen equipment that you want to organise neatly? Are you looking for a compact and space-saving storage solution that also gives you freedom of movement? The best storage trolleys are versatile to keep in the kitchen, the bathroom, laundry room or wherever else you may need extra shelving space, like your garage next to the overflowed garage shelf unit. For example, even though you may have a wine rack for your wine bottles, storage trolleys can give you more functionality by combining bottles, jars, and other objects in one space. 

You can pick and choose where you will install it, or you could have it from one room to the other, depending on your needs. The nice thing about them is that they are on wheels that allow you freedom of mobility within your home. 

Would you like to learn a bit more about the top features a storage trolley should have? Check below! 

  • Tier Levels: Most storage trolleys have a minimum of 2 tiers that allow you to store many objects at once. The more premium ones may have 3 tiers, or even 4, allowing you to include even more objects on each shelf. 
  • Weight Capacity: Manufacturers will say what the maximum weight-bearing capacity will be. On average, a three-tier storage trolley can handle up to 90 kilos overall, distributing its weight equally among the three tiers at 30kg per shelf. 
  • Material: The most common materials for storage trolleys are alloy steel and plastic. These are hard-wearing, robust and affordable materials that will ensure the cart is long-lasting and durable.
  • Hooks: A handy accessory that some storage trolleys have is a side hook system. Some may include up to 6 hooks (3 on each side) that let you free up shelf space on the trolley to hang objects such as towels, toiletries and more. 

Have your home looking clean, organised and minimal with the best storage trolleys. Free up space in your kitchen, laundry room, pantry, bathroom; you name it! Have a look at our top recommendations above and select the one that matches your needs, aesthetic, and living space. Are you excited to declutter your closets?

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