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Best 10 Storage Boxes

As Of July 2022

Do you want to organise your storage space and you are looking for practical storage boxes? You’ve come to the right place! We have the solution for you so all your old and new stuff can be neatly stored. Don’t know which storage solution is best for you? That’s where we come in! Whether you are looking to organise your closet, pantry, garage or kids room we have the solution for you! Start enjoying your home living more...Check our guide!

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1 plastic stackable boxes on white background

IRIS OHYAMA Stackable Boxes

4.8 /5

Best Overall Choice

  • Damage-free design thanks to the sturdy plastic construction
  • View contents through the transparent boxes
  • Super secure with the 2 attached side clips
  • Carry comfortably as it has handles on the bottom
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StorePAK Large Cardboard Boxes

4.7 /5

Best Eco-friendly Choice

  • Practical storage as the boxes are piling and collapsible
  • Excellent choice for spacious moving boxes as it’s a pack of 10
  • Carry your stuff easily with the integrated handles on the boxes
  • Eco-friendly as they are reusable & recycled
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BANKERS BOX Pro store Plastic Box

4.7 /5

Ideal Impact Resistant Box

  • Impact-resistant design backed by the polypropylene plastic
  • Box with lid secures stuff with the click lock clamps
  • Save space while storing thanks to the piling base
  • Fit for storing food as it is made from BPA free plastic
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Novelinks Photo Case Photo Box Storage

4.7 /5

Best for Home Office Supplies

  • Store both large & small pictures as it has extra depth
  • Absolute safety backed by the snap-tight closures
  • Add style to your shelving with the multicolour design
  • Carry it anywhere with the in-moulded handle
5 plastic transparent box with handles on white background

Really Useful 3 x 35 Litre Boxes

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Pack of Boxes

  • Sturdy design backed by the polypropylene plastic
  • Clear visibility of the stored stuff with the transparent design
  • Stuff secure from dirt & dust with the included lid
  • Move them to different rooms by using the clip handle
6 fabric storage box for kids

Magic Toy Shop Folding Jumbo Box

4.5 /5

Best Value Collapsible Model

  • Easy to carry around the house thanks to its lightweight design & handle
  • Store & assemble effortlessly with its folding design
  • Fully versatile to store toys, clothes or games
  • Perfect for kids’ rooms, playrooms or nurseries
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7 plastic box on white background

Wham Plastic Boxes

4.4 /5

Best for Stackable arrangement

  • Easy to stack with the lid grooves of the box
  • Fit for storing heavy sports goods & parts thanks to its rugged plastic
  • Organise multiple items with the pack of 5 boxes
  • Identify content in a glimpse due to its transparent design
8 plastic box with blue lid on white background

CrazyGadget 32-Litre Underbed Storage

4.3 /5

Ideal for Food Storage

  • Stays intact as it’s made by tough plastic
  • Fits perfectly under the bed thanks to the low laying structure
  • Store food items without hassle as it made by food-grade plastic material
  • Make your shelving look cool with various colours
9 plastic box with toys on white background

Really Useful 84 Litre Box

4.3 /5

Great for Outdoor Use Storage

  • Organise your gardening tools in the yard as it is made from toughened waterproof plastic
  • Visible items through the transparent sides
  • Easy handling with the attached secure handles
  • Very large & spacious box
10 plastic stackable boxes on white background

Iris Stack and Pull Storage Top Box

4.2 /5

Ideal for Indoor Use

  • Firmly secure the contents with the 2 closing hooks
  • Suitable to carry multiple items with the notches provided on the sides
  • Super strong construction ensured by the reinforced plastic body
  • Store duvets & blankets in this spacious 15-litre box

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Keep Your Home Organised with the Best Storage Boxes

We all have a corner in our home that is messy and we don’t know how to organise. We are no Marie Kondo when it comes to organising our closets and shelvings, but that’s ok! Trust us! We are here to help you tidy up your home without hiring a professional organiser! Maybe you think that a storage unit is the only thing that could help now, but you would be surprised of the things you can fit in your home if you organise them with boxes and organisers. If all this sounds familiar, then keep reading.

We have the best storage solutions for you. We understand it’s not a walk in the park to buy storage boxes. You need to consider the things you need to store as we have multiple storage options to suit your needs.

So, here is an in-depth guide to help you choose the best boxes for you and your family!

What are the various types of Storage Boxes?

Here are the boxes available in the market to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Plastic Boxes

The most commonly used boxes are plastic ones. The reason behind this is the ability to store every item easily and securely. However, plastic boxes are not just highly effective, but they also keep your things secure from moisture and generally water.

With a plastic box in your house to secure your necessary stuff, you can free yourself from the hassle of waterproofing. The airtight design of the boxes makes them waterproof. You can look at the items as they are mostly transparent; hence you have easier access to your things -and can also keep an eye on your magnificent shoe collection- than with the paperboard boxes that require unfolding first. Lastly, these boxes come in both coloured and transparent variants, thus making it ideal for your home interior.

Cardboard Boxes

Like plastic boxes, paperboard boxes are equally popular as they are widely used during moving or even to store items in the house. Unlike plastic boxes, they are cost-effective, and like plastic boxes can be reused several times. The best thing about the paperboard boxes is that they can be folded and stored easily. Also, the paperboard boxes are lightweight and easy to transport.

Fabric Boxes

Fabric boxes are the third category that is highly popular for storing baby essentials.  As they are available in many designs, you can choose any of them and make your baby room look beautiful and tidy. These are also lightweight just like the paperboard boxes but need a bit more care for maintenance. They are the best choice to opt for if you want to secure baby things. They are also highly used to organise closets and clothes, socks etc in general.

What can you store in a Storage Box?

Well, as there are choices in the type of box material, the storage also varies. Here are some of the appropriate things that you can store in a storage box:

Baby Things

With your little munchkin in the house, the mess will obviously be more. Toys and clothes are certain to be found everywhere. This is where a box comes into the picture. You can use a storage unit to store baby toys, clothes and other baby accessories.

Office Supplies

If you are one of the work from home people, a storage container will be a great addition to your home. Opt for boxes that can store files and documents. The boxes will enable easy access to all your necessary office stuff.

Food Items

If you are buying a box for storing food, it is necessary to check if the plastic used in it is BPA free and food grade. If it is, you can fearlessly choose the box. Hence, you can use a box to categorize different foods, like spaghetti, cereals, nuts and so on. Perfect for storing food can also be a few glass jars.

Books and games

It is pretty common to find books lying in corners or on the bed in a house. Children can be messy, but you need to be responsible. To keep minimum clutter by investing in a storage method like a box for storing games and books.

What to look for when purchasing a Storage Box?

Storage boxes can be of great use and can be of use for a long time, provided you choose them wisely. If you are planning to buy one, it is best if you keep these factors in check!


The number one thing that you need to check is the volume of the box. How big should it be? And this will entirely depend on the type of items you want to store. So, if you have small office supplies like paper clips, documents or files, a box of regular volume would suffice. On the other hand, if you want to store clothes or books, a bigger volume will work best.


These boxes come in several materials such as cardboard, plastic, fabric or even rattan. You can choose any of it. But, it is necessary to check what you are going to store in it. For instance, if you are storing something lightweight like baby supplies, go for fabric or paperboard boxes. On the other hand, if you plan to keep bulky items like books, opt for plastic. Plastic storage containers are best for almost all types of things.


If you are one of those style lovers who love fashion as much as function, check for plastic, transparent boxes. Many rattan boxes in the market have gained popularity over the past few years, but are more decorative than practical. Opt for transparent boxes if you want both functionality and looks. If you could find colours, it will be the cherry on top. Hence, to be creative while tidying up, opt for colourful and aesthetically pleasing boxes.

Securing Mechanism

Storage is good as long as your things are secure. If they lie open, it is possible that your little one messes up your office assignments. Hence, you should look for a box that has closing clips on it. Ensure that all your things will be secured appropriately and tough to access by the kids before choosing a box.

Easy to Carry

No matter if you are choosing a plastic box, fabric box, or paperboard box, it is crucial to check if it has handles, so it is easy to carry anywhere. Most of the boxes come with integrated handles on the side or notches at the bottom, making it’s handling effortless while it is filled with stuff.

Can I use these Boxes to store clothes?

Yes, you can use a box for storing clothes. Yet, you need to decide where you are going to keep those clothes. Storage baskets, storage trunk, plastic boxes, fabric boxes, and storage crates are some of the choices you can consider to keep your clothes tidy. If you want your clothes to be seen or visible, it is best to opt for plastic or acrylic boxes. They are transparent and make sure that you find your clothes with a glimpse.

On the other hand, the choice can also vary based on the location where you will keep the box. For instance, if you are storing your clothes in your garage or outdoors, it is best to opt for a plastic box that can be airtight and waterproof.

Can I use these Boxes outside?

The answer to this question varies based on the type of boxes you have and what you are storing. For instance, if you are storing clothes or anything else in a fabric or paperboard box, the obvious answer is don’t keep the box outside.

If you opt for a plastic airtight and waterproof box, there is no harm in using it outdoors. You can also take this box with you on trips. The waterproof and rugged nature of the plastic box will keep your sensitive items safe.

How to organise a large Storage Bin?

Having a large storage bin at your home with scattered items inside might feel a little daunting to sit down and sort it out. But, we are here to help you conquer your fears and take the courage to start organising your storage bin as we speak. Here are a few simple steps to do it:

  1. Take the strength to begin and make time in your schedule.
  2. Sort things in different boxes like clothes, small games parts, documents, baby essentials, etc. Declutter all of them and put them all in different boxes.
  3. Label each of the small boxes. You can also use coloured boxes as per your preference.
  4. Use transparent containers.
  5. Sort the clothes, game parts, etc. in their individual boxes.
  6. Once everything is done, keep all these separate boxes in the large bin. You can also use dividers to sort out the contents of the large bin.
  7. Make up your mind whether you want to keep them in different places like a clothes box in your closet and games box in your children’s room.

Through these steps, you can transform your home in no time into an orderly, neat and tidy paradise!

Always keep in mind that…

No one likes clutter in their house, and the answer to your problem is storage boxes! They will help you in tidying up your home and transform your daily routine from anxious or chaotic to serene and beautiful.

As you have read the guide, you should have concluded by now as to which one is the best for you. Pick the one you think will help you and your family daily and create a happier environment for all! The best box for storing is here waiting for you to buy it!

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