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Best 10 Step Ladders

As Of June 2022

Are you dealing with hard-to-reach corners of your house? Frustrated that you can’t change the light bulb without stretching? Bringing a chair for your tasks is unsafe and dangerous! Step ladders are here to help you with any maintenance for taller spots. We’ve prepared for you a complete guide with the best step ladders in the market to choose what’s best for you!
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1 Home Vida 4 Step Ladder on a white background

Home Vida 4 Step Ladder

4.8 /5

Best Step Ladder Overall

  • Clean your favourite chandelier without overreaching, thanks to this ladder’s height
  • Perfect for hardwood floors as it is designed to leave no scratches on them
  • Safe to use with the anti-slip mats
  • Space-saving as you can store it anywhere while being self-assembled
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2 Home Vida 3 Step Ladder on a white background

Home Vida 3 Step Ladder

4.7 /5

Best Choice For Cleaning

  • Ideal for any DIY projects such as painting or decorating as it can reach hard to get spots
  • Worry-free usage with its slip-resistant wide steps
  • Enjoy long-lasting durability thanks to its sturdy and metal materials
  • Store it even under your bed as you can fold it down
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3 WolfWise Step Ladder on a white background

WolfWise Step Ladder

4.6 /5

Top Choice For Versatility

  • Reach different heights and work around your tasks with its 3-step structure
  • Feel secure with the non-slip rubber handgrip
  • Carry it around your home without hassle with its lightweight design
  • Easy storage anywhere due to its compact folding size
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4 Belray Step Ladder on a white background

Belray Step Ladder

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Portability

  • Reach the top shelves of your cupboard thanks to its efficient height
  • Perfectly safe for kids to use while cleaning their teeth as it can’t be tipped over
  • Hassle-free carrying with its portable folding design
  • Don’t be afraid! You won’t fall with the built-in robust legs
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5 Home Vida 2 Step Ladder on a white background

Home Vida 2 Step Ladder

4.5 /5

Best Choice For Indoor Use

  • Deactivate any smoke alarms with its 2-step structure
  • Save space & fit into the tightest of areas due to its compact design
  • Long-lasting usage as it’s made of heavy-duty metal
  • Stay safe and secure at all times with its rubber anti-slip feet
6 Werner Step Ladder on a white background

Werner Step Ladder

4.5 /5

Top Pick For High-Quality

  • Work freely around electricity with its non-conductive fibreglass stiles
  • Easily deal with heavy chores using its H-spreaders
  • Keep your tools close without getting on & off in its tool tray
  • Stay protected while working due to its slip-resistant treads
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7 Sterk Systems Step Ladder on a white background

Sterk Systems Step Ladder

4.5 /5

Best Choice For Electricians

  • Easy transport thanks to its lightweight design
  • Wobble-free ladder due to its rubber feet & sturdy materials
  • Excellent for DIY tasks as you can store tools like a screwdriver at the top step
  • Work on any project comfortably while standing on its wide treads
8 HOUSE DAY 2 Step Ladder on a white background

HOUSE DAY 2 Step Ladder

4.5 /5

Top Multifunctional Pick

  • Enjoy its versatility by using it as a step stool or even furnishing such as a nightstand
  • Ideal for pet owners as it can be utilised as a dog staircase
  • Safe to use for any family member with the non-slip mat
  • Move it around sweat-free with its portable and light structure
9 Taylor & Brown Step Stool on a white background

Taylor & Brown Step Ladder

4.5 /5

Best Platform Step

  • Carefree climbing thanks to its significant weight capacity & non-slip tread
  • Reach overhead cupboards in your kitchen without stretching
  • Perfect for campervan owners as it can be used as a rear step
  • Carry it to your garden without struggle with its foldable design
10 HOME HUT Step Ladder on a white background

HOME HUT Step Ladder

4.5 /5

Top Choice For Motor Homes

  • Add extra safety to your doorstep with its solid & stable treads
  • Clean your car roof or conservatory effortlessly with its platform step
  • Climb your caravan with ease & safety thanks to its rubber treads
  • Long-lasting durability due to its load capacity

Say goodbye to unreachable spots with the best step ladders!

If you aren’t born with a basketball player’s height, many areas of your house can be described as hard-to-reach. Whether it’s for cleaning or maintenance reasons, it can be pretty frustrating to come up with a solution. We’ve all been there; bringing an extra chair or using long tools to get the job done, the result might not be what we wanted in the first place.

What if we told you that there is a relatively low priced solution for you out there? Step ladders! You probably already know what they are, but what you might not know is that they come in different sizes and types, suitable for even the most demanding tasks out there. Our guide is here to provide you with all the necessary information before making the right choice! It’s time to say goodbye to that piece of dust that stays forever on your ceiling, don’t you think?

Why do you need a step ladder?

Whether it’s for cleaning, painting or gardening, buying the right one can be a game-changer. Without further ado, let’s see why every household should consider purchasing one:

1. They are super easy to use.

Step ladders are extremely simple to use; the only thing you need to do is climb them! While taking the proper precautions, you can take care of any height-oriented task without breaking a sweat. They can also be used safely by kids or elders who want to reach higher surfaces. You can think of them as a solid companion to your non-stop work!

2. They are solid and stable.

Many household chores require stability which an ordinary chair or a piece of furniture (admit it, you’ve tried it at least once!) won’t give! A step ladder provides the extra support you need to finish the task you’ve started while saving you time and effort. Keep reading to find out how you can use them correctly without worrying about falling!

3. They are safe.

If you have used one in this past and you are afraid that you might fall while on it, then don’t be! Nowadays, step ladders are designed to be safe and secure due to anti-slip features like rubber treads or non-slip handgrips.

4. They are perfect for professional workers.

If you are an electrician or painter, you should consider investing in a high-quality step ladder. Many of them are equipped with non-conductive fibreglass stiles to prevent any electricity-related hazards and include a tool tray to store a handful of tools you’ll need on an everyday basis.

What to look for when buying a step ladder?

Similar to other products you might buy, you should always do your best to research available options. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are all the things you should consider before buying one:

1. Height

From simple stool steps to 4 step ladders, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. While hovering these options, you need to consider the height you’ll be working at and the height you can safely reach. It is recommended that you choose one that is slightly higher for your needs to avoid overreach. In contrast, if you just need a standing platform for your kids or one to use as a rung for your caravan, you can always go with the step stool option.

2. Build quality

Most of them are usually made of sturdy metals, with aluminium step ladders being the number one option. You might also come across stainless steel ones, or in the case of folding step stools, a combination of metal and plastic. When picking ladders, materials matter: If you are dealing with electricity, you should choose one made of fibreglass to always stay protected. If you are looking for something essential for your home use, you can always go with the aluminium ladder.

3. Maximum load

When it comes to buying ladders, safety should always be your number one priority. All of them come with a duty rating that indicates how much weight-bearing they can handle. Generally, you don’t want anything less than 100 kg, while there are plenty of options out there that can hold up to 150 kg. Don’t forget that you’ll carry tools with you on the ladder, so choose the maximum capacity you can get to have peace of mind. 

4. Safety features

Whether you are a professional or not, always pick one that comes with the appropriate safety features. Anti-slip feet, non-slip grips and lock buttons to secure it in one place should be highly valued. Safety certifications like the ANSI or EN131 should also be prioritised before making any purchase, meaning the ladders are made according to the new safety standards.

5. Transpοrt

You wouldn’t want something that's too heavy, would you? Neither would we! Especially considering that you might need to carry it from one room to another. It’s always good to know ahead of time how much your ladder is going to weigh! Without compromising build quality, most of them are usually lightweight and easy to relocate.

6. Storage

Once you are done with your hard-to-reach areas, it’s time to store the ladder. No worries; you won’t struggle to find the perfect storage space! Folding step ladders can be easily accessed and stored, even in an apartment setting. Stools or 2 step ladders are even easier to keep. If you are a professional worker, you should also consider buying one that would fit in your car so you can carry it around everywhere.

Types of ladders

When you hear the word ladder, we are sure one thing comes to mind; A-frame ladders. Much to your, and ours, surprise, this isn’t the case. Let’s take a look at all the types there are out there:

1. Step ladders

The most popular ones can help you in different situations, like reaching the tallest shelf of your cupboard or painting the top corner of your room. They are self-supporting, meaning you can take them where you need to. Usually, they consist of one set of rungs that are evenly spaced. Some of them may have built-in handrails to ensure better stability for the user.

2. Step stools

Small but extra convenient for indoor purposes. They are helpful to have around when you need to grab something from the top shelf without climbing on the counter. You’ll find them in single or two-step versions, and they fold to save space. Kids can also use them to reach the kitchen sink or the kitchen countertop.

3. Standing platforms

Ideal for caravans or garages, these magical single step ladders can help you reach anything anywhere. They are best suited for helping get into your motor home or for serving as an extra step outside your house. They are also ideal for children who want to enjoy their teeth brushing routine or for older people who want to reach taller areas with extra stability and safety.

4. Telescopic ladders

A telescopic ladder is a ladder that can be extended to different heights according to your task at hand. Despite reaching higher areas than the traditional ones, their unique collapsible design allows you to store them even in the tightest of spaces.

Precautions you should take before using a step ladder

As we mentioned before, safety should always be your number one priority. Many of them come with the necessary safety features, but it is important to know how to use the ladder and what to avoid. You can follow our tips below to ensure the safety and stability of your climbing:

  • Make sure your step ladder is fit on purpose.

Before anything, you should check your ladder for any defects before using it, like loose screws and bolts. You can also check for any slippery substances on the treads, even if they are anti-slip ones.

  • Check the duty rating.

Αlthough it’s something that you should know before using, you can double-check the amount of weight it can handle. We recommend climbing the first step or two to see if the ladder loses any balance.

  • Open the spreaders and fully lock the braces into position.

A mandatory step to follow before using the ladder is to ensure maximum stability. While you are doing this, you can check the ladder’s feet too. This would prevent any collapse from happening or the ladder opening too far. 

  • Place the ladder at the right angle.

Either the front or the back of the steps should face your work platform. Whether it’s for changing a light bulb or fixing your gutters outside of your home, don’t place the ladder in an awkward position. This is a necessary precaution to make sure that you won’t overreach and tip the ladder over. Additionally, you should always face the ladder when climbing or descending. Don’t try to climb it backwards!

  • Check the environment.

Different tasks require different areas for you to work with. A general rule you should follow is that you shouldn’t place the ladder on boxes, unstable bases or barrels to avoid slippery situations. Always place them on a stable and level surface that is not slippery.

  • Use a tool belt.

Whether you are a professional worker or not, we highly recommend carrying tools in a tool belt or raising tools using a hand line. Never carry them in your hand while climbing or descending, as you may risk losing balance. In addition to this, you should never leave tools or materials of any kind on the ladder.

  • Never move the ladder when someone is using it.

It might seem self-evident, but you should always shift the ladder when no one is on it. Even if the surface you need to work on is next to you, take the appropriate time to reposition without climbing it.

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions.

When you’ve completed your purchase, it is strongly advised that you read and follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines. Don’t take anything for granted; many of them may work similarly, but they can have significant differences in lock mechanisms and the areas you can work with them.

How much should you spend on step ladders?

Now that you know all about the types and precautions, it’s time to talk about money, shall we? Don’t worry; they are relatively low priced, even the top quality ones:

  • Affordable

In this price range, you’ll find a good variety of step ladders. Starting from £8 up to £40, you can come across stools, platforms for standing and two or 3-step ladders. They offer most, if not all, of the safety features their expensive counterparts do. They are usually designed for indoor purposes like cleaning or reaching the top parts of your cupboards. They can also be efficient to work as extra steps outside your house and are made of aluminium, stainless steel or a combination of plastic and metal.

  • High-end

Starting from £40 up to £120, in this category, you’ll find ladders designed for professional purposes as they are made of fibreglass, and they may include a top step where you can store your tools. If you are a pro painter looking for an excellent ladder to carry around for your projects, then this is the category you should look at. With that being said, this doesn’t mean a high-end ladder won’t come in handy for everyday use. If you are someone passionate about DIY projects or want to fix anything around your home by yourself, then investing in a top-quality ladder is the way to go.


Overall, if you want to improve your cleaning schedule or enjoy your maintenance tasks without stretching and potentially hassling yourself, a step ladder would benefit you in the long run. It’s not pricey, and it’s something that we can guarantee you will last for many years to come. It would give you the stability and flexibility you seek without compromising safety. After reading our guide and making the choice that’s best suited for you, there will be no more hard-to-reach spots or tasks that would be left half-completed! Are you ready to make your life easier and, most importantly, safer?

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