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Best 10 Steam Irons

As Of June 2022

Stubborn wrinkles in your clothes can be a big hassle in the morning, especially when you are in a hurry to head out. And, with a regular iron, it may take a lot of time to get rid of them! Want to make your morning routine a lot easier? Save precious time while ironing your clothes with a modern steam iron. We found for you some of the best!
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1 Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 20630 black steam iron on a grey counter

Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 20630

Fast Heat Up
5.0 /5

Power: 3100 W, Continuous Steam: 45 g/min, Water Tank Capacity: 350ml, Cord Length: 3m

  • Heats up 15% faster to give you more leisure time
  • Vertical steam feature gets your hanging garments wrinkle-free
  • Long enough cord allows for easy use at a distance
  • The auto shut-off feature helps save on power bills
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2 Philips Azur GC4532/26 white blue steam iron on white background

Philips Azur GC4532/26

Steamglide Soleplate
4.9 /5

Power: 2400 W Continuous Steam: 45 g/min, Cord Length: 2m

  • Built-in calc container easily removed and cleaned immediately after use
  • SteamGlide Soleplate works smoothly on all fabrics
  • Drip-stop system leaves your garments stainless, even at low temperatures
  • 45g/min steam output removes persistent wrinkles faster
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3 Russell Hobbs Supreme 23061 light blue white steam iron on black background

Russell Hobbs Supreme 23061

Self-cleaning feature
4.8 /5

Power: 2400 W, Continuous Steam: 42 g/min, Water Tank Capacity: 300 ml, Cord Length: 2m

  • Its self-cleaning feature prevents the iron from any scale damage
  • Soft-touch handle ensures absolute comfort while using it
  • Powerful 110g/min steam shot tackles tough fabrics
  • Vertical steam function suitable for hanging garments
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4 Russell Hobbs 23770 white blue steam iron on black background

Russell Hobbs 23770

Cord wrap system
4.7 /5

Power: 2400 W, Continuous Steam: 40g/min, Water Tank Capacity: 320 ml, Cord Length: 2.5m

  • Self-clean feature cleans any limescale residue
  • Continuous vertical steam removes wrinkles from curtains or hanging garments
  • Durable & scratch-resistant ceramic soleplate heats up evenly for effortless ironing
  • Cord-wrap system for better storage
5 Morphy Richards Turbosteam Pro 303131 navy grey steam iron ironing vertically a grey curtain

Morphy Richards Turbosteam Pro 303131

IntelliTemp feature
4.6 /5

Power: 3100 W, Continuous Steam: 55g/min, Water Tank Capacity: 400ml, Cord Length: 3m

  • Auto shut-off function de-activates the iron if left flat for 1 min
  • High-end technology guarantees burn-free ironing regardless of fabric
  • Pearl ceramic plate smoothly glides over the fabrics
  • Large water tank capacity for more ironing and less refills
6 Rowenta DW6010 Eco Intelligence steam iron standing still on a white counter in a home setting

Rowenta DW6010 Eco Intelligence

Eco Intelligence Technology
4.6 /5

Power: 2400 W, Continuous Steam: 40g/min, Water Tank Capacity: 300ml, Cord Length: 2 m

  • Advanced plate technology for even steam distribution
  • Anti-calc feature ensures easy cleaning of calc deposits
  • Eco Intelligence technology saves up to 30% of energy
  • Smooth and profiled tip for easy access to challenging areas
7 Tower T22008BLU CeraGlide 2-in-1 blue white steam iron pressing a pair of jeans in a home setting

Tower T22008BLU CeraGlide 2-in-1

Cordless operation too
4.5 /5

Power: 2400 W, Continuous Steam: 120 g/min, Water Tank Capacity: 360ml, Both corded & cordless function

  • It can be used for both corded as well as cord-free operation
  • Variable steam ability can be used for tough creases on the clothes
  • Multilayer ceramic soleplate for smooth ironing on all fabrics
  • Long life span thanks to anti-calc & self-cleaning functions
8 Breville PressXpress VIN340 steam iron emmitting steam output on a white dress in a vertical position

Breville PressXpress VIN340

Auto shut-off
4.4 /5

Power: 3100 W, Continuous Steam: 70g/min, Water Tank Capacity: 400 ml, Cord Length: 3m

  • High power design heats up faster & takes away difficult wrinkles
  • Vertical steam allows for ironing hanging fabrics like curtains
  • Multi-directional soleplate can glide seamlessly in every direction
  • Automatic shut-off &, self-cleaning extends its lifespan
9 Russell Hobbs 25900 Absolute blue white steam iron pressing a black cloth on a white background

Russell Hobbs 25900 Absolute

Auto-steam technology
4.3 /5

Power: 2600 W, Continuous Steam: 30g/min, Water Tank Capacity: 320 ml, Cord Length: 3m

  • Autosteam function delivers the correct amount of steam ensuring wrinkle-free results
  • Automatically shuts off if left unused for some time
  • Anti-calc and self-clean for prolonged performance and life
  • It comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty
10 Russell Hobbs 23791 Easy Fill steam iron pressing a pink cloth in a house setting

Russell Hobbs 23791 Easy Fill

Easy-fill feature
4.2 /5

Power: 2400 W, Continuous Steam: 50g/min, Water Tank Capacity: 320 ml, Cord Length: 3m

  • Ceramic soleplate gently smooths the creases in all kind of fabrics
  • Auto shut-off feature adds up to its safety
  • Generous water tank easily filled under 5 seconds
  • Anti-calc and self-cleaning features for better maintenance & extended performance

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Mighty Steam Irons for Stubborn Wrinkles!

Taking care of ourselves comes along with taking care of our beautiful garments, too! They do not only protect us against any weather condition but they also make us feel nice, appealing and unique. With our clothes we set the tone for the day and the night ahead, creating a special style that fully expresses our mood and personality. Hence, they deserve to be gently treated so they continue to accompany our moments for as long as possible.

Now, if you don’t have a steam iron, or a steam generator iron then you are missing a lot of advanced features that can make your life much better and easier when taking care of your garments. But, with a powerful device like this, ironing will turn from a hassle to a piece of cake! Keep reading to know-how!

Why give Steam Irons a Chance?

If you have been using your old iron which does not have the steam feature, it is time for you to upgrade. Why? Well, there are many reasons for that. If you have been troubled by waiting for a long time before you can actually iron your laundry pile then the steam iron is for you. Besides, if you don’t want to persist on a specific clothes area multiple times to get the wrinkles off, then again, a steam iron could be a perfect solution.

What if you could keep the iron flat on your clothes, without the risk of burning them? Well, now, it is possible. And, should you worry about the water capacity, modern steam irons have a lot of it, so chill! All of these features and benefits sound like enough to give steam irons a chance. So, what about it?

What Type of Steam Irons suits you?

Based on the usage, there are two types of steam irons, namely:

  • Cordless Iron: The first category of steam irons is the cordless ones. Their key feature is that you can use it with absolute convenience without any shrinking to worry about. Moreover, this type will be lighter in weight and easy to handle, although it cannot retain heat for a long time.
  • Corded Steam Iron: Regarding this particular type, the key advantage here is that you get continuous heat supply as compared to the cordless version. Another distinguishable feature of corded irons is their high steam output and strong shots. This comes handy when you have to deal with tough wrinkles and prefer an absolute nitty-gritty look for your lifestyle.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Steam Iron?

Well, if you have made up your mind to buy a steam iron, you might need to hold your horses for a while. That is before you rush into buying one, it is essential to look carefully at various significant details, as you probably want to spend money on something that will serve you well in the long run.

How fast does the iron heat up? What is the steam rate or steam boost of the device? How heavy is it? What about the water tank capacity? These are some useful questions that you need to ask yourself before opting for your new steam iron.

Moreover, check if the price of the steam iron matches with the features offered by the manufacturer. Sometimes, there may be discrepancies between what you see and what you finally get. So, pay attention if it comes with a sufficient warranty to feel fully covered in any case.

All these aspects need to be taken into account before making your final choice. Searching online among various products can make it difficult for you to check all of them at a glance. But, with the help of our guide, we hope that you will feel more ready to filter out the best product for you.

Always Think About...

  • Power: The number one factor that you need to consider is the power of the steam iron. It is best to get one that has higher power in the range of 2400 W. These steam iron heat up faster, saving you a lot of time. Be sure to check the heating time, if it is specified.
  • Steam rate: The ability to deliver smooth ironing is highly dependent on the steam rate of the iron. Typically steam irons have a rate of 30-50g/min. Some of them also offer a steam boost of 120-200g. As higher steam output helps you get rid of tough wrinkles faster, attend to this particular feature before making your final pick.
  • Water tank capacity: The key correlation here is the steam rate, as it is dependent on the water tank volume. Hence, for stronger steam output opt for a larger capacity.
  • Safety Features: If you are buying a steam iron, do check if it has features like auto shut-off function, self-clean technology and durable cables material since they will be very important for the overall safety of the device. In detail, the auto shut-off feature turns off the iron if it has been on for a long time, preventing your clothes from burning. The self-clean feature, on the other hand, removes any calc deposited in the iron, which improves efficiency.

One way or another, an efficient steam iron will ultimately help you get your laundry piles done faster, bettering your life and your overall style. Give it a try and see!

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