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Best 10 Steam Generator Irons

As Of June 2022

Do you dread baskets full of laundry waiting for you to iron them but have no time or willpower to tackle them? Have you tried out a steam generator iron? The most high-quality ones can tackle your laundry pile in half the time. Enjoy more rest while also removing persistent creases thanks to the best steam generator irons! Want to know more?
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1 Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator on white background

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator

Fast & Efficient Steam Generating Iron
4.9 /5

Best Overall

  • Make any laundry load light work thanks to its superior steam output that delivers professional results on any fabric
  • Remove even the deepest creases with its state-of-the-art steam boost
  • Start right away without the need to set the temperature due to its OptimalTEMP technology
  • Move it around safely by pressing the carry lock
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2 Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator Iron on white background

Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator Iron

4.8 /5

Ideal for Thick Fabrics

  • Speed through all items in less than 1 hour with its high-pressure steam
  • No need to pause when switching from denim to silk for temperature setting as it automatically adjusts
  • Keep your board spill-free thanks to the tank’s large filling opening
  • Have peace of mind when using it as it has a built-in descaling & cleaning system
3 Tefal Fasteo Steam Generator Iron on white background

Tefal Fasteo Steam Generator Iron

The Ideal Household Appliance
4.8 /5

Top Pick for Large Laundry Loads

  • Store it neatly & tangle-free by tucking the cord in the special compartment at the base
  • Experience convenience when taking on daunting home chores as it heats up in only 2 minutes
  • Penetrate even the most stubborn creases with its ultra-fast steam pressure
  • Enjoy wrapping up more laundry loads at once thanks to its spacious tank
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4 Russell Hobbs Steam Glide Travel Iron on white background

Russell Hobbs Steam Glide Travel Iron

High Power and Performance
4.7 /5

Best Portable Pick

  • Going on a business trip and want to have crease-free dress shirts? Bring it with you as it’s super compact
  • Perfect to make last-minute adjustments to your outfits before stepping out of the door
  • Iron non-stop with no arm strain thanks to the smooth stainless steel soleplate
  • Target difficult areas conveniently by using the water spray
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5 Tefal Pro Express Care Steam Generator on white background

Tefal Pro Express Care Steam Generator

Pressurised Steam Options
4.6 /5

Best Heavy Duty Choice

  • Never worry about cleaning built-up residue as it has a spiral protector & a removable scale collector
  • Get the perfect finished look on any fabric with its smart steam function
  • Finish & place multiple loads in your drawers on one sitting thanks to its 33% faster glide
  • Makes refilling a walk in the park with the removable water tank
6 Russell Hobbs Steam Generator Iron on white background

Russell Hobbs Steam Generator Iron

Ergonomic & Versatile
4.6 /5

Top Pick for Powerful Wattage

  • Spend more time with your loved ones as it cuts downs iron time in half
  • Set it on its base and let it handle maintenance on its own with the self-cleaning feature
  • Reduce refills mid-iron as it has a large 1.3L tank
  • Store it without a hassle by placing the cord on the handy side cable clip
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7 Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron on white background

Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron

ProVelocity Super Steam Boost
4.6 /5

Ideal for Tough Creases

  • Spot-treat shirts, trousers or sensitive underwear with the water spray
  • Remove creases even from pleated skirts thanks to its robust & premium stainless steel soleplate
  • Perfect for those living in hard water areas to even add tap water as it has an anti-scale cartridge
  • Put away the entire pile at once as it has excellent steam output
8 Morphy Richards Steam Generator on white background

Morphy Richards Steam Generator

Quick & Easy Crease Removal
4.5 /5

Best Choice for Silk & Wool

  • Get through all clothing items in your laundry basket in one go thanks to its temperature control
  • Take on longer uninterrupted sessions with its 2.2L tank
  • Transfer it from the storage closet to your board with one hand as it’s lightweight & has a safety lock
  • Versatile to even freshen up your curtains with a no-burn guarantee
9 Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron on white background

Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron

Ideal even for professionals
4.4 /5

Ideal for Auto-Clean

  • Adjust by using the steam booster for the hard-to-reach areas that need more of your attention
  • Iron only one side as the steam function can slip through multiple layers, leaving no creases behind
  • Save money without buying filters as it has an auto-cleaning function
  • Rejuvenate duvets & pillows or dry-cleaning thanks to its vertical steam ability
10 Philips PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron on white background

Philips PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron

4.3 /5

Top Pick for Denim

  • Bring your iron time as close to zero as possible with its exceptional steam quality
  • Glide smoothly through any fabric with its scratch & corrosion-resistant soleplate
  • Always have full water for continuous ironing by checking the transparent tank
  • Know when it’s time for some maintenance with the smart anti-calc beeping alarm

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Ironing In No Time With The Best Steam Generator Irons!

Ironing can be one of the most strenuous household chores. Whether you iron clothes as a house helper or as a part of your weekly home routine, we know how time-consuming laundry can be! Starting from the washing machine to the tumble dryer or rotary washing line and, finally, reaching your ironing board, laundry could be a whole day’s work! Many consider ironing tiresome because a traditional steam iron can be heavy, requiring more effort on your part to move it around. 

But, with the correct home appliance, no task is too hard to tackle! Getting your hand on the right steam generator iron can be a god-sent! It can free up your precious time for other chores or even give you some much-needed rest by getting your work done right and quickly. Do you want some help making the correct pick? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled this buying guide to help you get the best option possible that will match your needs and budget!

What is a steam generator iron? 

It is an iron accessory with a tube that connects to a water tank, also known as the steam generator. These tanks can hold up to 2.5 litres of water which is enough for non-stop ironing for up to 1.5 hours. Their biggest advantage compared to standard steam irons is that they have fantastic steam output superior in power. 

Many people like to use these as they are lightweight and minimise the amount of time required to take on strenuous tasks like ironing. They are very convenient with smart technologies, which make your life easier around the house. For example, some have blinking indicators to let you know when to refill the tank or a beeping alarm when it's time to clean the iron up. 

The tank also serves as the base for the iron, with a sturdy design that allows you to place it even on top of the iron board. People who take on the laundry care routine prefer these because they have such unique power steam to save time by only going over one side rather than two. 

Some steam generator irons come with a thermostat that shows you the heat settings for better temperature control, while others work on only one temperature. Also, the best steam generator irons include a switch that allows you to lock the steam power in place without you having to manually hold it down as you would with standard steam irons. 

How do steam generator irons work? 

Steam generator irons’ biggest difference from other irons is that they come with a base with a water tank and other control features. Steam generator irons can produce more powerful steams for a longer period and are much lighter than standard irons. 

Usually, a traditional iron would produce a steam volume of about 55g/min, and steam generator irons can go up to 190g/min. There are also mightier options available, known as steam boost irons, that can get up to 700g/min. Also, their bar pressure averages higher than other irons at about 7 bars. A higher pressure number means that you can tackle any crease without applying too much pressure to your hand. 

Why Give Steam Generator Irons A Chance?

There are many benefits to owning a steam generator iron over a standard steam iron. Depending on the laundry loads you have to take on, upgrading to a steam generator iron might be a time-saving solution. They're convenient for larger families that put multiple loads in the washing machine per day. Let's have a look at the most popular advantages of steam generator irons below. 

1. They produce more steam.

A steam generator iron produces up to three times more steam than a regular one, with some boasting as high as 190g/m of non-stop steam. The higher the output, the easier the crease removal, which means you can simultaneously iron and remove creases from both sides of clothes.

2. They are ideal for families with many laundry loads.

If you usually have big piles of laundry, a steam generator iron will be able to go through them much quicker than a traditional steam iron. Moreover, you can iron clothes for longer with a sizable water tank without regularly refilling it. The standard steam irons don't have as large a water capacity, and these come with a separate base and tank underneath. 

3. They don’t have limescale build-up like regular steam irons do.

Over time, steam irons tend to accumulate a lot of limescale that is usually hard to get rid of and leave stains on your clothes. Thankfully, steam generator irons are made in such a way that they can automatically clean themselves by using mechanisms such as de-calc systems. These built-in cleaning systems ensure that your iron has a long-lasting performance without compromising its steaming power. 

4. You can use them for vertical steaming.

Another neat feature steam generator irons have is that you can use them in the vertical position, something regular models cannot do. Standard steam irons can't be held upright to iron because they have water within their body. So, when you lift the iron upwards, the water spills out of the iron. Rather, steam generator irons don't carry the water within them; instead, they take it from the tank attached to the base. This mechanism enables them to work horizontally and vertically perfectly well. 

What Should You Look For When Buying A Steam Generator Iron?

Many factors come into play when choosing the optimal steam generator iron for you. The choice depends on your personal use and comfort. Making an informed choice can be pretty confusing sometimes. But, with proper guidance, you can find the most beneficial option for you that considers all your must-haves. 

1. Water tank capacity

You need to consider the tank capacity when buying a steam generator iron. It can be anywhere between a little under 1 litre to over 2 litres. It is up to you if you want the tank to be transparent so you can keep track of the water level. It’s good to know that the bigger the litre capacity, the more laundry loads you'll be able to get through with one fill. 

2. Steam shot level

Steam shots work to remove stubborn creases. The higher the level, the deeper it’ll penetrate the fabric and the quicker it will remove the crease. Generally, steam generator irons come with a  range of 280g to 700g. You should expect to pay a bit more to have this boost function on your iron as it’s a premium feature.

3. Continuous steam pressure

Ideally, the higher the iron’s steam, the more efficient it will be. It can generally range from as low as 50g/min and as high as 160g/min. Anything over 120g/min should be a solid choice, but the final decision is up to you. Keep in mind that the regular ones average 55g/min, so for a steam generator iron go for at least 90g/min.

4. Anti-scale

A continuous steam pressure could lead to limescale buildup, which, in turn, could end up leaving marks and stains on your fabrics. This is particularly the case in hard water areas with higher calcium levels on the tap water. For the best use and operation, try to find one with descaling features such as an anti-scale and anti-calcium function. Descaling ensures that any bacteria is eliminated before it has the opportunity to develop into a permanent fixture at your iron’s surface. 

Most of them have some mechanism, especially addressing this issue, with cartridges collecting the residue automatically, which you must clean out. Moreover, the soleplates also come in many different materials (stainless steel, ceramic) to provide a smoother and easier gliding, respecting your clothing’s fabric.

5. Wattage

The wattage of the iron is important if you want to reduce your iron times. Higher wattage means the iron will heat up faster and take less time to start producing heat. The iron’s power can range from 750W to 2400W for the most heavy-duty ones. The average time a good steam generator will take is 2 minutes, but some irons can generate steam in as little as a minute. 

6. Safety Features

If you want to have peace of mind when using your iron, it’s best to find one with some safety features that will prevent accidents in high heat settings. For example, an auto shut-off is a secure way of never second-guessing again if you left the iron on after you’ve left the house. Also, some irons come with a soleplate cover to store the iron when not in use. Ceramic soleplates, for example, have high heat retention, and it’s best to cover them once they've cooled off completely. 

Steam generator irons VS standard steam irons: which one is better?

There's no one correct answer for this question because both can work for different purposes. For example, if you have a lot of clothing items that require you to iron them, then a steam generator iron is preferable for you. Also, they release higher pressure steam and speed up ironing big laundry loads by penetrating deep into both sides with one motion. 

On the other hand, regular steam irons are suitable for smaller laundry loads, and many still like using these because they are the more traditional method. They are a great solution for the non-tech-savvy, and they give you the liberty of going corded or cordless. Steam generator irons require a power cord due to their ultra-fast steam pressure. 

What safety measures should you practise when using a steam generator iron? 

When handling home appliances that produce heat, it is always important to follow safety practices to avoid accidents and injuries. Let's look at some safety tips that we recommend to anyone using the steam generator iron for the first time. 

  1. Before you even start using your iron, check the cables to ensure that none of them are broken or faulty. A faulty cable could lead to wiring issues at the house, which could be more costly to fix than the iron itself. 
  2. Even if your iron has an auto shut-off function, it's good to practice turning it off manually when you're done using it. 
  3. For peace of mind, ensure that your children or pets are away from the ironing board when you're using your iron. 
  4. Avoid placing the iron's soleplate on the board's surface for too long as its high heat could poke a hole in it. 

How much do steam generator irons cost?

Unless you have a tumble dryer that takes care of keeping your clothes crease-free, then an iron is a must-have in any household. There's no better feeling than that of fresh-smelling garments on hangers in perfect condition. Whatever tight budget you might have, there is a solution available for you in the market so you can iron all your loads immediately once they’re dry.


The most inexpensive options can start from as little as £40-70. You could even find super cheap ones for just £10 that are travel-sized, perfect for holidays that fit in your luggage without any issue. All steam generator irons have excellent pressure, but the more affordable options will have a smaller litre capacity, and their steam won't be as high as the premium models. You can expect anything between 90-100g/min.  


You can find some high-quality steam generators in the mid-range price point that cost between £100-200. These have continuous steam output ranging from 100g/min to 120g/min. These will also have the steam boost function to increase the pressure up to 500g/min. The water tank capacity will also be a bit bigger on these. 


The premium steam generators cost upwards of £300 and are the most heavy-duty options available. They come with excellent bar pressure quality up to 7 bars, and their steam output can reach as high as 165g/min. Also, they have boosting functionalities that exceed 700g and a spacious water tank reaching as high as 2.5 litres. You can also find money-saving models in this range that come with eco mode for eco-conscious users.


Steam generator irons today are way more advanced and powerful than their predecessors. You have a great pool of options to choose from that check all the specification boxes and hit the right price points. They not only produce steam in less time, but they can also go on for hours at length! 

Overall, the most powerful steam generator irons can be quite helpful in reducing the amount of time you spend to iron clothes, which can otherwise be spent bonding with family and enjoying some leisure time by yourself! We are optimistic that our guide will help you decide the right choice for you. Are you ready to step out in wrinkle-free clothes?

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