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Best 10 Solar Pool Covers

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for an intuitive way to conserve your pool’s heat? Want to jump into warm waters without making the hairs on your skin crawl? Maintain your pool temperature comfortable with the best solar pool covers! They’re like a solar blanket over your pool’s surface with excellent heat retention! Reduce leaves, dirt & debris with these handy covers! Want to know more?
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1 Intex Solar Cover for Pools on white background

Intex Solar Cover for Pools

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Splash in the swim worry-free as it helps maintain the water temperature warm
  • Keep dirt & leaves out of the pool when you’re not using it
  • Stay comfortable for hours as it prevents water evaporation
  • Want to swim at night? No problem! The air bubbles trap the heat all day
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2 Bestway Solar Swimming Pool Cover on white background

Bestway Solar Swimming Pool Cover

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Families

  • Avoid heat loss thanks to the floating cover on the surface
  • No chance of leaves & other debris piling in the pool water
  • Fold it down & store it conveniently as it’s very compact
  • Bring it with you to trips in the included carry bag
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3 qmj Micron Swimming Pool Solar Cover on grass

qmj Micron Swimming Pool Solar Cover

4.6 /5

Ideal for Cooling Prevention

  • Save on heating costs with its insulating thermal bubbles
  • Use it as a pool blanket to limit water evaporating
  • Move it to any area strain-free as it’s simple to reinstall
  • Protect your round pool from pestering bugs & dust
4 woman putting the Bestway Power Steel PVC Pool Cover on

Bestway Power Steel PVC Pool Cover

4.5 /5

Top Heavy-Duty Choice

  • Make your life easier & clean less by placing this high-quality cover on
  • Leave it on rain or shine due to its PVC & power steel durability
  • Stop water build-up with its convenient drain holes
  • Unpack & use it instantly - just attach the ropes
Best Quality Ribbon
5 jingyuKJ Pool Solar Tarpaulin on white background

jingyuKJ Pool Solar Tarpaulin

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Square Pools

  • Make the swimming season last to September by keeping the water comfy
  • Avoid UV radiation on your skin as it blocks UV rays
  • Dip in early in the morning as it holds the water warm overnight
  • Reduce your maintenance as it covers the whole surface with no debris on
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6 Intex Solar Pool Cover on white background

Intex Solar Pool Cover

4.5 /5

Ideal for Chemicals Reduction

  • Perfect for the eco-conscious that want to lower pool chemicals’ use
  • Have excellent heat retention as it’s suitable for small pools
  • Limit evaporation down by 95% with no refills needed
  • Easy storage when you’re on holiday by putting it in the carry bag
7 residential home with the Sun2Solar Swimming Pool Solar Cover

Sun2Solar Swimming Pool Solar Cover

4.5 /5

Ideal for Heating Tarp

  • Less heating bills as it captures the sun & bumps the temperature
  • Enjoy it for years as it’s made with a robust resin material
  • Swim even on cloudy days with its up to 95% water evaporation reduction
  • Have peace of mind with its 6-year limited warranty
8 Trames Solar Pool Cover for Frame Pools on white background

Trames Solar Pool Cover for Frame Pools

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Frame Pools

  • Limit your exposure to sun radiation as it’s UV-resistant
  • Trap the sun’s heat overnight & start the next day with a pool swim
  • Show off your dirt-free pool as it works like a blanket cover
  • Adjust it to different sizes with scissors to fit any pool shape
9 Trames Solar Pool Cover on white background

Trames Solar Pool Cover

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Easy Set Pools

  • Spend 70% less on heating costs by using solar heat to warm the water
  • Put a stop to insects & debris falling in the pool
  • Block the sun’s rays & prevent water from evaporating
  • Versatile for all pools by cutting it to any size you want
10 woejgo Round Swimming Pool Cover on grass

woejgo Round Swimming Pool Cover

4.5 /5

Ideal for Hot Tub Pools

  • Money-saving for pool owners to use the same water even a few days later
  • Enjoy it throughout the entire swimming season with its waterproofing
  • Take advantage of the sunshine - no pool heater needed!
  • Tighten it firmly around the pool with the drawstring design

Keep Your Pool Warm & Clean With The Best Solar Pool Covers

Summer is here, and we are ready to jump into the water and enjoy the gorgeous heat again. Do you have an above ground swimming pool or an in-ground pool? Whatever pool size you may have, there’s some maintenance that you have to take care of for cleanliness. There are many accessories such as pool cleaners to help you maintain the surface and interior spick and span. 

What do you do when the water starts cooling, and you want to stay inside a little longer? Sure, you could go for a pool heater, but those are costly as they run on electricity plus they occupy too much space. An essential and money-saving accessory to go for instead is a pool cover. The best solar pool covers help keep your water in exactly your comfort all day long. That way, you can enjoy your inflatable float for hours on end! 

Do you want to know more about pool solar covers? Our buying guide goes in-depth to give you the best options for any shape, rectangular pools, above-ground pools, ground pool covers; you name it! Stay with us as we show you the top features to consider so you can pick a product that matches your needs.

What are solar pool covers

The standard solar pool covers, also known as solar blankets, are plastic covers that pool owners place on the surface to maintain the water temperature and lower the chances of water evaporating. They come with bubble covers that look like bubble wrap and create a blocking barrier from the sun's harmful UV rays. There are many different sizes and shapes available, depending on your pool’s shape. The most common ones are square or round solar covers. They come in black, blue or as clear solar covers

How do they work? 

The main idea is that these covers draw heat from the sun's energy to keep the water warm for longer periods. They also prevent evaporating, which can save you money on refilling the pool. Many people prefer these over tarps as they can up the Celsius degrees in a natural way. The bubbles at the bottom of the cover trap heat inside and help you keep even the same water overnight.

Why should you buy a swimming pool solar cover

There are many advantages to owning a solar cover for your pool. Many people opt for these instead of tarps as they have various benefits. Let's have a look at the most obvious ones below.

1. They prevent water from evaporating. 

Evaporating water removes the pure water from your pool and causes an imbalance in chemicals and chlorine. As a result, you will have to refill the water more frequently. When the water evaporates, the temperature drops, so it’s nice to have the solar cover to maintain the warmness

2. They maintain the water temperature for longer.

Solar covers work by trapping the sun ray’s heat and distributing warm temperatures in the water. They have bubbles at the bottom that bring higher temperatures to the pool surface. That way, when you put the cover on top of the pool, you can maintain the temperature even overnight so that when you wake up the next morning and dip in the water, it will still be comfortable enough to swim in without having to replace it. 

3. They keep the pool surface clean from debris & leaves. 

Another benefit to using solar covers is that they work well and keep pestering insects, bugs, dust and debris out of plain sight. Like any other cover type, it's handy to know that there are no chances of falling leaves landing in the water when you put it on top of the pool. 

What features should a solar pool cover have? 

Do you want to learn a bit more about the top features to consider before purchasing a pool cover? Read below as we've added up a list of the most critical things to look for. 

1. Shape & Size

The size of the solar cover matters so that it fits nicely in your pool. There are various shapes including round, rectangular ones, specific for in-ground or above ground pools. Also, the dimensions can start from just 1.83m to 5.84m long. The thickness is also important; a solid average range between 12mm and 16mm will offer better heat retention and block the harmful sun rays more efficiently. 

2. Colour 

When picking the colour, you can go for a dark, blue or clear one. In general, darker colours at the underside and clear at the top retain the heat more efficiently, trapping the sun's energy for longer periods. Budget-wise, you can find affordable options in any colour, but your choice depends on the heat output that you want.

3. Air Bubbles 

You must find a cover with air bubbles on the bottom to add an extra layer between the water and the cover. By doing so, the sun can penetrate deeper and effectively increase the temperature. 

4. UV Protection

For a long-lasting product, pick one that has ultraviolet protection against the sun’s rays. These may cost a little bit more than the inexpensive ones, but their longevity will be improved, and they will stay fade-proof for longer.thanks to robust polymer and other high-quality materials 

Are pool covers safe? 

Yes, pool solar covers are safe and give you a breathable and comfortable temperature while you're swimming. One thing to keep in mind is that you should tie it when you're not using the pool to prevent it from flipping over and landing on the ground. If you have kids, this may lead to accidents, but you can avoid it as long as you tighten it securely. 

How much do pool solar covers cost? 

These neat accessories are suitable for any tight budget. You can find affordable and high-end options that will match any pool size and in multiple shapes. Take some time and review what’s in the market and pick the one that fits your pocket. 


The most inexpensive models start from as little as £12 up to £30. They can be solar sun rings that have small pool coverage areas. Their colour can either be clear or blue. Usually, the low-cost options will range from 1.83m up to 3.66m


Most premium models have high-quality and durable materials such as polyethylene, polymer and stainless steel ropes or hooks to attach to the pool. They can cost £30 and reach over £600 and may even come with a warranty. Their surface area can be wider, and they have advanced technologies on the bubble side that traps the heat for longer periods. Their size can be from 4.57m to 5.48m. 


Spend your whole day in the swim and enjoy splashing in your pool. The best solar pool covers have excellent heat retention and work to maintain your pool water’s temperature comfortable for hours on end. 

We are optimistic that our buying guide has helped you understand them better and give you enough knowledge to make the best choice for you. Are you ready to dip your toes into warm water?

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