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Best 10 Small Bedroom Rugs

As Of July 2022

Hate stepping out of your bed every morning on a cold floor? Want to feel warm & cosy through the cold winter days as soon as you wake up? Time to make the best decision ever. Time to invest in a soft rug! The best small bedroom rugs are here for you to explore! Enjoy the ultimate level of warmth and softness! What are you waiting for?
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1 BPIL Small Bedroom Rug

BPIL Small Bedroom Rug

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Lay your feet in the softest rug as soon as you wake up due to its 5cm thick pile
  • Clean it effortlessly with a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner
  • Matches to any interior design as it comes in 10 different colours
  • Step on it worry-free since it’s high-quality & doesn’t shed at all
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2 Drax Small Bedroom Rug

Drax Small Bedroom Rug

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Earthly Colours

  • Add a calming ambience to your bedroom with its beautiful earthy tones
  • Enjoy its warmth in the morning thanks to its shaggy pile
  • Perfect for all sorts of interiors due to its neutral colours & patterns
  • Fits even in narrow spaces as it’s 80x200cm
3 Josza Chenille Peach Small Bedroom Rug on white background

Josza Chenille Peach Small Bedroom Rug

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Boho Style

  • Feel its cosiness in the cold winter days as it’s made of 100% cotton
  • Add a vintage vibe to your bedroom thanks to its floral patterns
  • Never gets monotonous with its tassel finish to opposite sides
  • Vacuum through it hassle-free as it doesn’t shed
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4 Malay Small Bedroom Rug

Malay Small Bedroom Rug

4.5 /5

Most Colourful Option

  • Elevate your interior with its playful stripes & blocks
  • Add a splash of colour to your kids’ room with its bright colours
  • Ideal also for hallways & corridors as its 200cm long
  • Protect your expensive floors with its soft underside
5 Cumay Small Bedroom Rug

Cumay Small Bedroom Rug

4.5 /5

Most Fluffiest Pick

  • Lay down & take a nap on it as it’s soft like a mattress
  • Cruelty-free product due to its faux sheepskin fur
  • A statement piece to any type of room as it comes in 6 colours
  • Spilt your coffee accidentally? Just put it in the washer for no-fuss cleaning
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6 Livio Small Bedroom Rug

Livio Small Bedroom Rug

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Stylish

  • Versatile as you can place it on the floor or the bed
  • Your pet’s best friend as it’s soft & cosy
  • Great decor piece to wow your guests & loved ones
  • Sink your toes & enjoy the warmth in its 6,5cm thick pile
7 Caixa Small Bedroom Rug

Caixa Small Bedroom Rug

4.5 /5

Best Contemporary Pick

  • Cool to see & cosy to the touch; truly, a stunning piece of decor
  • Add a modern vibe to your bedroom with its minimalistic design
  • Stay comfy & warm through the winter as it’s made of wool and cotton
  • Fits seamlessly to tight corners due to its rectangular shape
8 A2Z Rug Santorini Small Bedroom Rug

A2Z Rug Santorini Small Bedroom Rug

4.5 /5

Ideal for Eco-Friendly Materials

  • Enjoy its superior comfort as it’s so snugly
  • Modern yet traditional with its abstract patterns and blue, beige & cream colours
  • Let your kids eat & drink care-free as it’s water repellent
  • Made by 100% polypropylene to last with daily usage for months and months
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
9 Bedee Small Bedroom Rug

Bedee Small Bedroom Rug

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Anti-Slip

  • Spruce up your bedroom, living room, sofa & chairs as it’s highly versatile
  • Keep yourself warm & toast since it’s fluffy and super thick
  • Let your baby roll on it as it’s hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • No need for professional cleaning & expenses- it’s machine washable
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10 Naya Small Bedroom Rug on white background

Naya Small Bedroom Rug

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Wool

  • Top-notch quality and long-lasting as it’s handwoven
  • Ideal for high traffic areas like kitchen, bedroom and hallways
  • Beautiful minimalistic patterns to match your modern’s bedroom interior
  • Clean it without trouble with a regular vacuum cleaner

No More Chilly Mornings The Best Bedroom Rugs Are Here

Looking for ways to add some extra warmth to your bedroom? Want something soft and cosy that doesn’t take too much space? There is no need to put your large or extra large living room rugs on your bedroom! We’ve got you covered! The best small bedroom rugs will create a toasty and comfy ambience for your bedroom. Not only that, but they will also elevate your bedroom’s aesthetics and design. Keep up with this buying guide to find out more.

Why do you need a small bedroom rug?

Investing in a bedroom rug can bring many benefits to your daily life. Take a look at a few reasons why a small rug is a good idea. 

  • It adds warmth and comfort to your bedroom.

That’s the most important reason why should you make such an investment. From now on, as soon as you wake up, you’ll lay your foot on a soft and warm rug. It’ll make you happy and exciting for a brand new day.

  • It protects your floors.

Rugs are ideal for protecting your expensive floors. They are suitable for every type like laminate, wood, marble, etc. Say goodbye to scratches and stains! Pair them with a quality non-slip rug underlay, and you won’t slide or slip anymore.

  • It upgrades your bedroom’s aesthetics.

Rugs are pretty stylish and aesthetically-pleasing products. They elevate any type of interior, no matter the style. You can choose from boho and traditional to modern and minimalistic; there’s a rug for every cup of tea!

What should you look for when buying a small bedroom rug?

You don’t have to be overwhelmed if this is your first time buying a rug for your bedroom. Check out some key features that you should always keep in mind.

1. Size

Your rug’s dimensions should be the first thing you notice on the product. Make sure that it fits perfectly into your space as you don’t want to trim it. Better be proactive! Usually, the average dimensions are 80x200cm

2. Material

In the rug field, you’ll come across many different materials. Make sure you choose something hypo-allergenic and non-toxic if you have kids and pets. Polypropylene is an excellent choice. If you want something a bit more luxurious to the touch, go for wool or cotton.

3. Design

Looks are entirely up to you. There are countless patterns, shapes and colours to choose from. Generally speaking, the style of the rug should match your interior design. Again plenty of styles to pick: modern, minimalistic, classic, traditional, boho, vintage.

4. Cleaning

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for the cleaning process. Most rugs are delicate and require professional care. You can use your regular vacuum cleaner or a carpet cleaner for minor stains and dirt. Even robot vacuums can get the job done!


Making your bedroom warmer and cosier doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The best small bedroom rugs are here to elevate the aesthetics of your space and make you feel more comfortable and toasty than ever! Now’s your time to make the right choice. Are you ready?

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