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Best 10 Slush Machines

As Of July 2022

Do you and your kids love the feeling of a sweet and refreshing slushie? Then it’s time to make some of them at the comfort of your place. Think about all the different flavours that you could try with your little one and the rest of the family. With the right slush machine, you could create amazing treats just in a couple of minutes. Who would have thought that a little ice could take your smoothies and juices to a whole new level?
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Slush Puppie Slushie Machine

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4.9 /5

Best Overall Slush Machine

  • Make slushies for the whole family in minutes and save your kitchen space due to its design
  • Choose between fine or coarse slushies and add your favourite flavours
  • Very easy to install with detailed instructions even if you’ve never had one before
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Neo Ice Crusher Slush Machine

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4.8 /5

#2 Best Slush Machine

  • Create both slushies and cocktails and keep your kids and your guests satisfied
  • Built-in stirrer and measuring jug, won’t cause a spillage situation
  • 2 different grinder settings give you the results that you want and a tasty slushie every single time
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Neo Ice Snow Cone Slushie Maker

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4.7 /5

Top Choice For Parties

  • Give your kids an amazing ice cone full of flavour with the reusable spoon straws
  • Two extra syrup dispensers for your preferred syrup choice
  • Keep it healthy and add some fresh juice and trick your kids into taking all the vitamins they need
Ideal Gift Ribbon

Slush Puppie Fizz Creations

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4.7 /5

Fastest Sluch Machine

  • From parties to gatherings, prepare your slushies just in minutes and treat your kids and friends
  • Extremely easy to use, as you only need to add the syrup of your liking
  • The retro design creates a nice decor as well without taking too much space

LIVIVO Electric Ice Crusher

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4.6 /5

Best Budget Slush Machine

  • Both for kids and adults with two different crushing modes to suit your mood
  • Remove the hopper to serve your drinks easily and make cleaning a hassle-free task
  • High-quality stainless steel blades to produce large amounts of slushies without spillages
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Frozen Slushies With Mouth-Watering Flavour

Who doesn’t love an ice-cold slush on a hot summer day? We all secretly hoped to own a slush machine or an ice cream truck when we were kids. If you’re finally ready to buy one for yourself, then don’t let anything ruin that childhood dream. 

Did you know?

Our beloved slushies originate back to the 7th Century AD in Japan, Kakigori. They were made from spinning large blocks of ice over a shaving machine. The crushed ice was then served with sugary syrup on top. 

In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about slush devices. Before you spend a large chunk of money, be sure to understand how it works, and identify the one that is best for you!

What is a Slush Machine?

A slush device creates slushies which are a mixture of sugar, water, flavours and colours. You can make any flavour you like and even add the slushie to an alcoholic beverage! If you enjoy cocktails, you probably know that most drinks need machines to crush, shave or smash ice cubes. Then, they are added to the drink. But, with a slush ice machine, you don’t need to go into so much trouble to get ice. A slush device uses water to create the icy drink from the scratch. Less time spent preparing and more time enjoying! 

How Does a Slush Machine Work?

Whether you have a slush device or not, making a slush is easy. But do you ever wonder how slush devices work and make those delicious iced drinks for us? Like any other machine, various components come together to make the final ingredient. 

If you’re using a regular home slushie maker, then it may not have the freezing capabilities. Those are usually reserved for commercial appliances. In a home slush device, you will have to insert ice to be shaved/crushed. Keep in mind that its consistency will not be the same as store-bought slushies. 

To make a slush, all you need to do is add water or ice to the machine. Turn it on and leave it to churn for about 30 minutes to an hour to make a basic slush. Its quantity depends on the size of your machine and the holding container where you put the ingredients. 

What Can You Make with a Slush Machine?

Slushie drinks are amazing and so refreshing! Creating your favourite flavours shouldn’t be trouble, as there is a wide variety of slush syrups. With these drink machines you can make the slushies you want effortlessly. Here are a few frozen treats that you can make with your slush device:

  • Mocktails, Cocktails, and Margaritas

Mocktails and cocktails have gained considerable popularity in the last few years. Some major pub chains are offering a mixture of slush and cider/sprite. You can get the pre-mixed mocktail syrups to drink solo or mixed with sprite or cider for an extra tang! 

But, be careful of putting alcohol into the ice machine. The higher the ABV (Alcohol by Volume), the lower the freezing temperature. A strong mix will work as an anti-freeze, which goes totally against everything a slush stands for! So, it would be better to leave alcohol out of the slush device. You could use an elegant cocktail set and be the best host! That way, you can entertain those who would like their drinks alcohol-free. This way, everybody wins! 

  • Milkshake

Milkshakes are the perfect solution to both thirst and hunger! The good news, you can make shakes in some slush device. Although, be sure to use this in a magnetic-drive machine as milk often makes its way through the shaft seals in a few days. Having electric control is also recommended to keep dairy products at a persistent chilled temperature. If you love shakes, make sure your slush device supports their production or turn to a smoothie maker.

  • Sorbets & Frozen Yogurt

Like shakes, you can make other frozen treats like sorbets and frozen yoghurt in the slush devices. But, opt for a magnetic-drive one as with dairy-based and sugary products, maintaining regular hygiene is compulsory. Staying healthy matters more than any drink. 

What are The Benefits of Having a Slush device in Your Home?

Having a slush device in your home can be a good idea, especially if you throw lots of parties. Let’s discuss the benefits of having a slush device in your home.

  • A Cold Glass of Slush can Make Your Day!

Whether you’re 3 or 100, enjoying Slurpees has no age. Nothing can beat an ice-cold drink after a long warm day. With a slush drink maker at home, anyone can make a cold drink at home at any time. 

  • An Affordable Alternative to Store-bought Drinks

 At first, a slush making machine may sound expensive, but in the long run, they can prove to be quite beneficial. Compared to store-bought slushes, homemade slush drink makers are affordable. You can even try new flavours and make your own customised slush mix!

  • A Retro Frozen Drink Machine Equals Colourful Parties 

Whether you’re hosting a kid party or a festive get-together, slush devices can add colours to any gathering. Especially at garden parties, blue, green, and orange beverages are the cherry on top of a great party! 

With a slush device, entertaining guests becomes a breeze. You don’t have to spend time with a jug and glass, but just turn on the machine, let it do its magic, and have fun! 

  • Your Slushie Maker Double as an Ice Cream Maker

The name - slush device is self-explanatory, but you can make more than just the plain old slush with it. It can double as ice cream or snow cone maker. You can make margaritas, shakes, frozen yoghurt, ice cream, cocktails, snow cones, and much more with these machines!

What Features to Look for When Buying a Slush Drink Machine?

When it comes to buying anything, there’s a variety of choices that make the decision difficult. If you’re having trouble deciding which slush device to choose, then here are a few features to look out for. 

1. Design Type

The most important consideration when buying a slush device is the design type. It depends on the use and the total number of people you will be serving. 

Slush devices usually fall into two main categories: single-serve frozen cups and large slush devices. In the single-serve cups, drinks are made by a core that you place in the freezer overnight. That frozen core serves a cold base where you add the ingredients. You can also use this one to make other frozen desserts.

The large slushie machines can chop and shave ice. We also have heavy-duty slush devices falling into this category that make their own ice. You can use these for both kid-friendly beverages and adult ones

2. Components and Material of the Slushie Maker

The slush maker’s material is also essential. Make sure that you choose one from high-quality food-grade materials like stainless steel, aluminium, BPA-free plastics, and other FDA-approved products. 

One thing to remember is not to put the single-serving slush makers into the dishwasher. The interior of the frozen core can leak which can be harmful if ingested. 

3. Slush Dispenser Handle and Tap

This may seem like a very basic feature, but the handle and tap are the most-used components in the slush maker. They must be both sturdy and comfortable. There are many lightweight options in the market that you can manoeuvre up and down without strain. 

4. Measure Gauges

Measure gauges on the side of the tank give you a better understanding of how much quantity of the mixture is within the slush device. This helps you keep the levels in check, which should be between the minimum and maximum lines. 

5. Lights

Lights make the slush devices attractive especially if you’re getting one for parties or commercial use. The lights will draw attention to the beautiful colours, inviting the customer to buy the beverage. There are many LED light displays surrounding these machines, some even flashing or others that loop continuously with one colour.

6. Slush Settings

Many slush makers now come with various slush settings. These allow for various consistencies (thick to very soft) and the choice of switching between refrigeration or freeze modes

7. Waterproof Switches

From a safety point of view, waterproof switches in a slush device are the most secure option. You deal with a lot of ice which is a liquid that’s now compact and the machine requires a power supply. If the ice ever melts this could be a dangerous combination, so to have peace of mind go for a waterproof one.

8. Adjustable Feet

A feature that can come in handy when you’re using slush devices regularly is adjustable feet. They ensure that the equipment is well-levelled, secure, and stable even on uneven surfaces.

9. Drip Tray

Since you’re working with ice and liquids, having a drip container comes in handy. Not only does it provide a sturdy platform to place cups, but it also helps keep the area clean and hygienic. 

10. Bowl/Tank

Bowls are a worthy consideration and should be given much thought as they influence the freeze time of the slush. For the best insulation, try to find a bowl that’s thick enough. 

11. Stand-by Function/Night Mode

In commercial, and even home use, slush devices, the standby function keeps the slush fresh for up to 14 days. That way, you don’t have to empty and clean the tank at the end of the day and enjoy the drink for longer. Not only will it save time and trouble, but also reduce potential waste of food. 

Manual vs Electric Slush Machines?

Slush devices come as both manual and electric. Each category has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a manual ice-crushing machine will be convenient to move. You can take it to the backyard, garden, or anywhere else. However, it’s no substitute for the power of electric slush devices

Manuals also require a lot of arm strength as you need to turn the crank while keeping the machine steady at the same time. It can be difficult to maintain and use by children and teens.

Electric ones, on the other hand, handle everything for you, which is a relief. Instead of doing an arms workout with your slush device, you can go around and enjoy the party yourself! Although, you must hook them to a power supply at all times. 

How Much Does a Slush Machine Cost?

Cost is one of the major factors in deciding the slush machine for you! There’s so much variety that you can always find something within your price range online.

The cost of slush devices ranges between $45 to $1,000 depending on their refrigeration features. The average cost of one is about $380. Here, we will categorize slush devices into three price categories for any budget.

  • Affordable 

The affordable ones start from $45. In this range, you can find an excellent single-serving countertop frozen drink machine. These ice shavers can make slushies, snow cones, margaritas, milkshakes, and more. They are small machines that usually require you to add ice separately, which the machine then crushes and slices. You’ll have to consider the available countertop space in your kitchen to place it. 

Since they’re small in size, you can easily take them anywhere. If you want a slush device with more capacity and features, then go for one in the average price range. 

  • Average

The slush devices in this price range start from about $380. You can find most of the features you’re looking for in this range. 

They don’t require you to add ice separately. You just add water and wait for the machine to make and break ice perfectly for slush. They’re not as durable as the more expensive options, but with proper maintenance, they can last for a fairly long time.

  • High-End

The slush devices start from about $1000. They’re rich in features and durable. From freezing capabilities to high capacity, slush settings, and standby mode, you can find anything. Additionally, make sure that it’s made with food-grade material like stainless steel. 

Are Slush Machines Noisy?

The short answer is yes! All refrigeration devices make some noise and the thermostat adjusts the temperature. By noise, we mean a light clicking, which sounds completely normal. It’s usually lost in the chatter and the surrounding noise. 

Most commercial slush devices work under 70dB, and normal conversion is nearly 60B. Therefore, the noise won’t be too much to annoy you or the ambience.

Is it Difficult to Clean a Slush device?

Cleaning anything requires some time and energy, but cleaning a slush device is not that difficult. It’s plain old work! Like the human body, your ice shaver can turn and work against itself if you don’t properly regulate and care for it. 

How often should you clean your slush device

Slush devices must be cleaned every one to two weeks, at least, and more if needed. Vents and filters must be cleaned every six weeks.

Keep reading to learn how to clean your slush device easily and efficiently.

  1. Unplug the slush device.
  2. Remove the tank/bowl cover, the spiral mixer from the central cylinder, and carefully take off any seals.
  3. If possible, detach the dispenser handle and tap.
  4. Take out and empty the drip tray
  5. Use mild detergent with warm water to clean all components and surfaces.
  6. Wipe the vents via a cloth or a vacuum using a soft attachment to get rid of all dust and debris. 
  7. Wipe everything, and leave it to dry thoroughly before reassembling.


For years, people from around the world have made scorching summer bearable with unforgettable slush devices. It’s uncanny how a glass of shaved ice can improve your mood!

When you invest your money in a slush device, make sure to find one that suits your needs. Thoroughly read this buying guide before making a final choice. 

Pick one that you can enjoy with a group of friends all summer long by the pool, in the garden, you name it! What flavour slushie will you make first?

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