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Best 10 Slow Cookers

As Of June 2022

Are you looking for a kitchen gadget that brings all the flavours of your meals to life? Yes, your rice cooker, air fryers and other food processors could be making you a pro in the kitchen, but have you tried a slow cooker? Whether you want to slow cook meat joints or veg, saute, sear or sizzle meals, it has you covered! Want to find out more?
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1 Crock-Pot 1.8 Litres on white background

Crock-Pot 1.8 Litres

4.8 /5

Best Slow Cooker Overall

  • No need for extra serveware as it has a removable pot for serving
  • A multi-cooker for making porridge, yoghurts, stews, soups, & roasts
  • Maintain your food warm until you’re ready to serve with the keep warm function
  • Bring back the flavour on date nights with the 1.8L capacity
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2 Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Black Aluminium on white background

Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Black Aluminium

Oven Safe Bowl
4.7 /5

Ideal For Medium Households

  • Enjoy using it for years with the durable & shatterproof material
  • Stress-free cleaning, thanks to the dishwasher safe lid & pot
  • Hob proof for efficient searing & stewing in one pot
  • Keep track of the cooking with the toughened lid made of glass
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5 Morphy Richards Ceramic on white background

Morphy Richards Ceramic

4.6 /5

Ideal for Ceramic

  • Spice up your meal options with the included recipe book
  • Choose your preferred temperature from three heating settings
  • Spend less time cleaning as it’s safe to put the ceramic pot in the dishwasher
  • No losing heat when cooking with the transparent glass lid
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4 Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Titanium on white background

Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Titanium

Digital Timer
4.6 /5

Best Oval Slow Cooker

  • Spend less time cutting foods into smaller pieces with the oval shape
  • No need to dirty other cooking pots thanks to the removable & hob safe pot
  • Long and peaceful use with the shatterproof pot material
  • Effortless cleaning with the dishwasher safe pot and lid
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3 Crock-Pot CSC060 on white background

Crock-Pot CSC060

Removable Bowl
4.7 /5

Top Digital Slow Cooker

  • Have a busy day? Set cooking time and come home to ready food
  • Monitor the temperature & time via the LCD display
  • Broil your meat & cheese-topped foods safely as it’s an oven-safe pot
  • Serve meals straight from the pot; no need for extra dishes
6 Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Aluminium on white background

Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Aluminium

Keep Warm Functions
4.6 /5

Ideal For a Basic Slow Cooker

  • Feeling clumsy? Don’t worry, as it’s a shatter-resistant pot
  • Save time cleaning with the dishwasher safe lid and pot
  • See the progress of your cooking from the toughened glass lid
  • Enjoy a varied menu with its accompanying slow cooker recipes
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7 Crock-Pot 6.5 Litres on white background

Crock-Pot 6.5 Litres

Chalk Board Design
4.5 /5

Top Choice For Large Capacity

  • No more eating cold food, thanks to the keep warm setting
  • Make enough meals for a big household or a party with its spacious litre capacity
  • Enjoy extra flavoured foods by searing them on the hob
  • Adjust the cooking time to your liking with its 3 heat settings
8 Morphy Richards Brushed Steel on white background

Morphy Richards Brushed Steel

Large Capcity
4.5 /5

Top Pick For Small Households

  • Double it as a serveware thanks to the removable inner pot
  • Choose the best temperature for each meal with its three cooking modes
  • Preserve your food’s moisture by tracking cooking on the transparent lid
  • Hassle-free cleaning up with the dishwasher safe pot & lid
9 Crock-Pot 3.5 Litres on white background

Crock-Pot 3.5 Litres

Wrap Around Heating Element
4.5 /5

Best Stew Slow Cooker

  • Select the ideal heat setting via the simple to use temperature probe
  • Not ready to eat yet? Keep food warm until it's time to serve
  • Ensure you get gentle cooking of soups, stews and deserts in low mode
  • Pass it on to your kids as it’s made of hard-wearing stainless steel
10 Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel Silver on white background

Russell Hobbs Silver

4.4 /5

Ideal For Portability

  • Safe carrying when hot, thanks to the cool-touch handles
  • Know when it is on or off with the power indicator light
  • Secure use, no worrying about the pot sliding off the counter with the non-slip feet
  • Ceramic bowl that’s long-lasting & easy to maintain

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Make Your Favourite Stews With The Best Slow Cookers

Are you ready to enjoy tender and flavourful cheaper cuts of meat? Are you looking for a cooking appliance that won't have you checking in on your food every five minutes or so? The best slow cookers are the cooking tools your kitchen has been missing! With so many appliances out there, from pressure cookers to air fryers, sous vide cookers and more, you can now enjoy batch cooking with just one kitchen gadget instead of a full cookware set. Talk about space, money and energy-saving!

Slow pots are the perfect kitchen mate, whether you are searing, making soups, desserts, curries or casseroles. All you need to do is prep your ingredients and leave them in the cooking pot. You don’t even have to check in on the cooking every 5 seconds! 

That said, buying a slow cooker requires some extra knowledge. That’s why we have this detailed buying guide, from the features to consider and what not to cook in a slow cooker to why you really need one. With our round-up of the best options available in the market, you’ll be ready in no time to start cooking your favourite meals!

Are you ready to be the master of stews and casseroles? 

What Are Slow Cookers?

Slow cookers are electric kitchen appliances for cooking food at lower temperatures than the standard cooking methods. As such, they cook food for a more extended period. In addition, they are usually compact and can fit on your countertop. Depending on your personal preference, you can find options with a manual dial or a digital display. Most will have variable heat modes, including a low setting and a high setting. They are similar to instant pots as they allow you to dump all your ingredients within and let them their magic.

A slow cooker is a perfect hack for you if you intend to get back to making your healthy meals. The office hours or the routine chores won’t divert you from the task anymore. The cooker would do most of the heavy lifting for you. You would only have to apply the setting, and voila, your aromatic, delicious warm dish is at your table. How cool is that?

How Do Slow Cookers Work?

Once you plug your slow cooker into a power socket, it will start heating from the bottom. The heat will work its way up from the sides of the pot and simmer into the food. The lid keeps the steam from escaping, creating a vacuum seal. With this and the low temperatures, the food will retain its moisture while cooking. 

Why Do You Need a Slow Cooker?

Slow cookers are not only affordable and the best bet at cooking at super-low temperatures, but they do come packed with several advantages, too: 

1. Free up your time 

Have you ever counted how many minutes or hours you spend checking in on your food? With a slow cooker, you can say goodbye to the anxiety that keeps you on the edge of your seat, fearing your food will burn. Once you set the temperature, time and put in the ingredients, you can rest easy and wait for your slow cooker to do all the cooking. 

2. Keep your meals soft and tender 

Are you boiling your meat for hours, and it never tenderises? A slow cooker is your best chance at enjoying super soft and tender meat going forward. This is because the steam used in cooking does an excellent job at making foods soft and moist. 

3. Enjoy more flavourful foods 

Slow cookers work at low temperatures and for a more extended period. This might sound like a tedious job, having to wait for long. However, it is the process through which the flavours of your foods become more prominent compared to the usual cooking. 

4. Save on electricity 

Yes, a slow cooker will help you save your power bill. As much as they take longer to cook, slow cookers are also more energy-efficient than your standard oven. Even though they run for longer time-wise, the low-temperature setting ensures that you don’t use up too much electricity when the appliance is on.

What To Look For When Buying a Slow Cooker?

There are numerous models and brands of slow cookers, making it pretty challenging for you to make a decision. But it is still easier to choose the best slow cooker for you, as long as you know what to look for. 

1. Capacity 

The capacity for slow cookers varies from 1.5 litres to 7 litres. How much capacity is ideal for you will depend on the size of your household. The larger the family, the more the capacity. 

If you live alone or have a small household of about two people, a compact size of about 1.5 - 2.3 litres is the best choice for you. If yours is a medium household of about 4 people, consider getting a slow cooker with a capacity of at least 4.5 litres. However, if you have a large family or often host parties and feed more than 4 people, get a larger slow cooker’s 5.5 - 7 litre capacity

2. Control Features 

Does the cooker provide digital controls or manual dials? Slow cookers with a manual dialling control will still allow you to choose the cooking temperature. However, those with a digital control system have the upper hand. With these, you get a display screen to see the set temperature and how much longer your food has to cook. 

3. Pot 

Slow cookers pots are made from different materials. Stoneware and ceramic material are heavier than aluminium and stainless steel. They are also more versatile as you can use them in the oven. Aluminium materials also have a nonstick layer, making them easier to clean

Second, consider the shape of the pot and slow cooker. Are they round or oval? While oval-shaped slow cookers are cheaper, oval-shaped ones have a larger footprint. As a result, it allows you to cook bulky meals, like a chicken, without squeezing in the food. That said, a round pot has a smaller footprint, making it the ideal choice if you have little storage space on your worktop. 

4. Lid

When considering the cover, the first thing to think about is whether it is transparent or not. Luckily, most lids are transparent, allowing you to watch the cooking without lifting the lid. Second, check the handle for the cover. Is it heat resistant? A heat resistant handle keeps your hands safe from the heat when handling it. Finally, does the lid lock? Such a feature is hard to come by. But, if it is available, it ensures the food does not spill when carrying the pot. 

5. Timer 

A timer allows you to preset cooking time. This way, the slow cooker can start cooking even if you are not home. After finishing, the slow cooker will either turn off or maintain its keep warm setting automatically. While a time will be available in programmable slow cookers, consider the length of the timer. Some have a 24-hour timer, while others have less time. 

6. Cooking Versatility

Some slow cookers will do more than slow cooking. You can sauté, sous vide, and steam with these versatile models. You can still go for more versatility with some instant pots or pressure cookers. Some of these models have a slow-cooking setting, allowing you to enjoy the best of both slow, instant and pressure cooking. So, that way, you are saving money and space on your worktop as it’s an all-in-one multi-cooker! 

7. Ease of Cleaning

For easier cleaning, ensure you settle for a slow cooker whose pot and lid are safe to put in a dishwasher. Also, slow cookers with a touchpad are easier to clean than those with buttons and dial knobs. Removing the bits will give you better access to all of the cooker’s parts.

Can You Put Frozen Food in a Slow Cooker?

Unfortunately, you cannot cook all foods in a slow cooker. For instance, frozen food. Yes, it is tempting and really sounds like a good idea to just drop your frozen meals in there and let the slow cooking process do its work. 

However, the longer the food takes to defrost and cook in the slow cooker, the more room you give bacteria to thrive. Slow cookers usually take time to get to the highest temperature. By then, the frozen foods will still be in the danger zone, below 60°C. This will give the harmful bacteria more time to multiply. 

We recommend looking into microwave ovens so that you dethaw frozen foods before preparing them in your slow cooker. 

What is the difference: Crock-pot vs slow cooker

While some refer to slow cookers as crock-pots, they are different gadgets. The pot sits on the base in slow cookers, housing its heating element. On the other hand, the pot in crock-pots sits inside the crock or container, and the heating comes from the sides, not the base. Due to this difference, slow cookers will heat up slower than crock-pots

Still, they are similar in getting that delicious slow-cooked flavour with soft and tender results for anything from meats to veggies. Also, don’t confuse them with instant pots as those are separate models with other setting options.

How Much Should You Spend on a Slow Cooker

Even if you are on a budget and want to spend as little as possible on a reliable slow cooker, there is undoubtedly something in the market for you. Slow cookers are pretty affordable, even those from high-end brands. The prices range from £20 for the most inexpensive models with a manual control system to £50 for digital slow cookers and programmable options. 


If you’re tight on a budget, the low-cost options will have a 1.5-2L capacity, making them ideal for smaller households. They can cost anywhere from £15 to £30, which is super affordable to enjoy for years of use. Their parts will be ceramic and glass lids with high durability, but you might not be able to find stainless steel or aluminium ones within this range. 


Well-known brands will cost a bit more, between £30 to £50, and their capacity can range up to 7 litres. These are more suitable for larger families or when you have friends over for a gathering. Also, their material construction is more robust, with models often having aluminium or stainless steel bits. The display is more likely to be digital due to the increased price.


You can finally make tasty foods this coming holiday for your guests! The best slow cookers are the kitchen mates you need to invest in; just prep your food, set the cooking temperature, sit down and relax. You can even set the ideal cooking temperature and time to the tee with the digital versions! 

And, you do not have to search all over the internet trying to get the best slow cookers. Instead, we have rounded up the top slow cookers that you can count on, even if you need something affordable. You can also use our buying guide and know what to look for. We are optimistic that you’re feeling much more confident about your choice now. Are you ready to try your hands at some new curries or stew recipes?

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