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Best 10 Skipping Ropes

As Of July 2022

Do you want to improve your cardio while having fun, without breaking the bank? We have the perfect solution for you: the skipping rope! It is affordable, compact to store it anywhere in your house & you can use it everywhere! Skipping can benefit you in more than just one way. It can improve greatly your overall health, as it helps with your cardio, your footwork, agility & heart rate. Here you’ll find the best skipping ropes & start your health journey today!

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1 Gritin Skipping Rope on white background

Gritin Skipping Rope

4.8 /5

Best Overall Skipping Rope

  • Convenient handles made of anti-slip, soft memory foam
  • Ideal for all ages from kids to parents with its adjustable length cord
  • Store it without the fear it of tangling rope thanks to its PVC coated steel cable
  • Long-lasting made of high tensile steel wire
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2 NA Skipping Rope on white background

NA Skipping Rope

4.7 /5

Ideal for Beginners & Pros

  • Suitable for demanding exercises thanks to its steel wire construction
  • Skipping with safety due to its high-quality ball bearings
  • Ergonomic as its handles are made of soft EVA for comfort
  • Build your stamina anytime & anywhere with this rope
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3 Beast Rope by Beast Gear on white background

Beast Rope by Beast Gear

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Durability

  • A great choice for workouts like CrossFit or boxing
  • Perfect for double unders thanks to its unique ball bearing system
  • Suitable for both men & women due to its adjustable anti-tangle rope
  • Neat store & transport it anywhere in its stylish carry bag
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4 Beast Gear Speed Skipping Rope on white background

Beast Gear Speed Skipping Rope

4.6 /5

Best for Speed Work

  • Take your cardio to the next level with this cutting edge speed rope
  • Comes with a bag so you can carry it in your backpack neatly
  • Ideal for outdoor use thanks to its protective coating
  • Enjoy it for years due to its durable design with spare parts
5 Blukar Skipping Rope on white background

Blukar Skipping Rope

4.5 /5

Ideal for Gift

  • Smooth spin thanks to its premium 360° rotating ball bearings
  • Reliable to use it with sweaty palms due to its non-slip memory foam handles
  • Compact rope so you can take it with you when travelling
  • Ideal for all heights as it has a 2.8m long cable
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6 JODANI Skipping Rope on white background

JODANI Skipping Rope

4.5 /5

Best Budget Skipping Rope

  • Enhance your jumping experience with this tangle-free skipping rope
  • Your kids can enjoy it in no time thanks to its quickly adjustable length
  • Your palms stay dry & non-slippery with the ergonomic foam handles
  • Get fit at home or at the park as it’s compact
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Crossrope Get Lean- Weighted Jump Rope Set

4.4 /5

Top Pick for Skipping Rope with App

  • Improve your cardio & lose weight with this weighted jumping rope
  • Get inspired & motivated with workouts on free app anywhere you are
  • Ideal for beginners as the weighted rope makes it easier to learn
  • Use it all year round & no matter your ability level
8 Domyos Skipping Rope on white background

Domyos Skipping Rope

4.4 /5

Best Basic Skipping Rope

  • Durable jumping buddy to keep you fit for years to come
  • Easy rotation during usage thanks to its ball bearings
  • Lightweight handles to not strain your wrist joint
  • Suitable for both men and women to improve cardio
9 SUPERTRIP Skipping Rope on white background

SUPERTRIP Skipping Rope

4.3 /5

Top Choice for Lightweight

  • It will not break or crack thanks to its durable & high-quality construction
  • Stylish & lightweight for all ages to exercise & have fun
  • Achieve your fitness goals anywhere with this compact skipping rope
  • Available in 4 colours to choose the one you love
10 Meorex Skipping Rope on white background

Meorex Skipping Rope

4.2 /5

Top Pick for Home Exercise

  • Shape your body & improve your heart rate with this premium jumping rope
  • No more wrist pain thanks to its comfortable foam handles
  • Carry it with you wherever as it’s lightweight & portable
  • Durable & versatile build to last for years of use

Gritin Skipping Rope: Best Overall Option

Recommended by pros, this high-quality skipping rope is a must-have amongst your fitness equipment. Its anti-slip foam handles make it perfect for feeling comfortable and secure during your jumping. Because its length is effortlessly adjustable it can accommodate all people, short or tall, men or women and adult or child. This makes it perfect for families or couples, even friends living and working out together.

Plus, it is compact and lightweight which makes it super easy to bring with you when you want a change of scenery and you decide to hit the park. The fact that it is tangle-free, makes it also great to simply chuck it into your bag and go anywhere. You can’t go wrong with the Gritin Skipping Rope.

NA Skipping Rope: Ideal for Beginners & Pros

Did you believe that jump rope was a child's play? If so, you haven't taken the NA Skipping Rope out for a spin. Its steel wire construction makes it perfect for heavy-duty training. You can skip safely thanks to its high-quality ball bearing that make the rotation more smooth. Made to offer comfort to all level of skippers for beginners to pros, it is designed with ergonomic handles with soft sponges to absorb sweat and make it non-slip.

Build your stamina, heart rate, cardio anytime and anywhere you choose with this NA Skipping Rope, which is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Beast Rope by Beast Gear: Top Choice for Durability

If you are looking for a high-quality skipping rope without breaking the bank we recommend you this Beast Rope by Beast Gear. This rope is a top choice for pros and fitness enthusiasts of Crossfit, boxing and MMA. Strong, lightweight and durable, this rope is here to help you improve your fitness experience and take it to the next level. With its unique ball bearing system that spins at an incredible rate, it is perfect for double unders and any skipping tricks you enjoy!

It also features an adjustment mechanism for its 2.8 m anti-tangle rope so any athlete can use it. When you don’t use it you can neatly keep it in its stylish carry bag. The Beast Rope by Beast Gear is the ultimate choice for pros who want that extra edge in their exercise routine.

Final Verdict

Buying a skipping rope and making it part of your workout routine can only benefit your body and overall health. Just like treadmills and rowing machines, It will help you improve your cardio, stamina, agility and footwork greatly. If you are looking for the best skipping rope for you and your family, consider choosing the Gritin Skipping Rope.

If you are a beginner, we would recommend stating jumping with the NA Skipping Rope that will be by your side and help you become a pro. Now, if you are looking for a skipping rope to enhance your skipping performance even more, then the right choice for you would most likely be the Beast Rope by Beast Gear. Whoever said that workout and fun don’t go together, hasn’t tried skipping!

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