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Best 10 Silk Pillowcases

As Of May 2022

Do you want to learn the top celebrity secret on how to keep your face from wrinkling over time? Sure the night creams help, but your pillowcase makes the real difference. And to be exact: a silk pillowcase! In fact, silk pillowcases are highly recommended by dermatologists. They are soft & slippery and can help you say goodbye to wrinkled face & frizzy hair all at once! Do you want to learn more?
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1 white silk pillowcase on white background

Alaska Bear 100% mulberry silk

4.9 /5

Best overall silk pillowcase

  • Breathable & hypoallergenic 19 momme weight silk pillowcase
  • Perfect fitting & zipper with the hidden zipper
  • Prevents wrinkles, dry skin & frizzled hair thanks to its silk type
  • Natural ivory colour complements any bedroom decor
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2 creme silk pillowcase on white background

Alaska Bear 19 momme pillowcase

4.8 /5

#2 silk pillowcase choice

  • Natural & organic mulberry silk prevents exposure to allergens
  • The hidden zip keeps the pillow in place during sleeping
  • Handmade with 100% natural dye for an exquisite creamy look
  • Healthy hair without breakage due to the smooth & slippery texture
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3 silk pillowcase on white background

LilySilk mulberry silk pillowcase

4.7 /5

Best for non-slippery pillow

  • Cotton underside keeps the pillow from slipping when you turn
  • Its pure material retains moisture to keep you warm in winter or cool during summer
  • Your curly hair stay intact with the easy slip when turning
  • A calming blue colour for a serene bedroom mood
4 white silk pillowcase on bed

Jasmine Pure mulberry silk pillowcase

4.7 /5

Best budget silk pillowcase

  • Relieves skin itchiness & other allergic reactions
  • Anti-ageing properties thanks to the 19 momme charmeuse silk fabric
  • Beautiful & luxe ivory colour with 300 thread count cotton bottom
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning & maintaining
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5 red silk pillowcase on white background

Myk mulberry silk pillowcase

4.6 /5

Best for colourful silk

  • Pure hypoallergenic silk, protects you against dust & allergens
  • Enjoy smooth & cosy nights with this silk pillowcase
  • Cleaning is a breeze as it is machine washable
  • Rose pink colour for a fancy & dazzling bedroom decor
6 silk pillowcase on white background

Slip silk pillowcase

4.6 /5

Top pick for high-quality

  • The top-quality silk helps retain your hair’s sleek feel & look
  • Breathable & regulates temperature per season retaining skin’s moisture
  • The soft fabric reduces hair damage & skin ageing
  • Sleep peacefully with a slippery pillow thanks to the cotton underside
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7 silk pillowcase on bed

LilySilk Oxford standard

4.5 /5

Ideal for easy care

  • Machine & hand washable for better care when cleaning
  • Less friction prevents skin irritation as it’s a 100% mulberry silk
  • Pillow remains in the case through the night due to the oversized flap
  • Durable 19 momme silk with natural coffee colour
8 white silk pillowcase on white background

Calidad Home ultimate luxury silk pillowcase

4.4 /5

Best for softness

  • Long-lasting material made with 22 momme silk
  • Its smoothness relieves skin problems like acne & eczema
  • Elevate your sleep with no hair frizz or bed head
  • Hidden zip closure to safely & comfortably enclose the pillow
9 slip pink silk pillowcase on white background

Slip silk 22 momme queen pillowcase

4.3 /5

Top choice for gift

  • Enjoy slipsilk’s soft material for better skin & hair care
  • Long-lasting 22 momme fabric to serve you for years
  • Beautiful pink shade for an aesthetic & fancy bedroom feel
  • Versatile pillowcase that fits small to large size pillows
Ideal Gift Ribbon
10 white silk pillowcase on white background

Zimasilk 100% mulberry silk pillowcase

4.2 /5

Ideal for UK standard size pillows

  • Comes in an array of 20-plus colours to choose from
  • Secure the pillow in the case with the hidden zip closure
  • Hypoallergenic properties keep bacteria and fungus away
  • Its standard size fits most UK standard pillows

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Best Silk Pillowcases For a Luxurious Beauty Sleep

In the past few years, experts have recommended using silk pillowcases. Considering the benefits silk offers compared to other materials like satin and cotton, it is not hard to see why. You get to wake up with unwrinkled faces and no bed head.

The smooth fabrics of silk do not absorb moisture like cotton material does, which is why you wake up with wrinkles every morning. Also, silk does not tug at your hair since the smoothness allows your head and hair to just glide on the pillowcase.

Finding a top-quality pillowcase is not the issue. Knowing which one is the best silk pillowcase is where the challenge lays. But not to worry- our job is to ensure you know what to look for in every pillowcase you come across when shopping.

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Pillowcase?

The secret to achieving a relaxing sleep is having the best bedding, from a memory foam mattress to clean sheets, duvet, a comfy pillow and a nice pillowcase to complete the look. There is something pleasant and comforting about a nice bed and cosy beddings. But a pillowcase will do more than just complement the look of your bed. Depending on the material, there are several benefits to reap from your pillowcase.

For example, silk pillowcases help prevent acne and wrinkles on your face and neck because of their smooth and moisture absorbing fabric. This, in return, can have an anti-ageing effect on you. It also allows you to slip through the pillowcase when sleeping, instead of the rough grinding on the cotton material. Most importantly, this will ensure your hair stays as flawless in the morning as it was when you went to bed.

As a non-allergenic material, the silk will keep off fungus or bacteria that can accumulate from dust and other dirt particles. It is quite common with cotton material, because dust sticks on the pillowcase, giving bacterial and fungus a home and easy access to your skin.

Are Silk Better Than Satin Pillowcases?

First, you need to understand the difference between these two. While silk is a naturally occurring fibre, satin is a weave of fabrics, where most manufacturer's are now using rayon and polyester. Due to this, satin pillowcases will be more affordable than pure silk pillowcases. But going for a more luxurious look and feel with silk fibers are not the only benefits this fabric has over satin.

Silk is non-allergenic since it comes from the natural proteins of silkworms. That means your pillowcases will be resistant to, moulds, mites and fungus. Secondly, the silk fabric's natural proteins will probably not be as allergic as the synthetic fibres of the satin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Also, silk is more breathable than satin, so the material will not absorb the skincare products off your face or any hair products.

Lastly, getting your refreshing sleep on silk fibers creates less friction which ultimately protects your hair from frizz and split ends helping your hair maintain their health.

What Is Momme & Which Momme Is The Best Choice?

Momme is the equivalent of fibre in cotton material. In other words, it is the thread count in silk material. Momme refers to the density of silk fibres in any silk material and signifies the particular silk material's quality and durability. The more the momme in the material, the higher the quality and durability of the material. That also means that silk material with a high momme count will be on the higher price spectrum.

When shopping, you will see a momme range of 15 to 30. Any silk with a 19 momme and above will do for a durable pillowcase. But, we would recommend anything above 22 momme that is made of mulberry silk. It’s not very common as the 19, but some brands might even use a 25 momme. If you do not mind splashing a little extra cash for a luxe feel and look, these are the pillowcases to buy. While these will be more pricey, the fabric will be softer, more cosy and durable due to the long continuous fibres.

How Long Do Silk Pillowcases Last?

Silk is quite delicate, unlike satin and cotton cases. This is why it requires more care, from washing to drying and ironing to keep it as good as new for a long time. The rule is to change the pillowcases every couple of years, but with silk, you need to be extra careful. Although, we recommend replacing your pillowcases every two years or so, in the meantime you need to take care of the fabric in order to last this long. So, with proper care, your silk cases could last up to one to two years.

Tips To Maintain Silk Pillowcases In Shape For a Long Time

Unlike satin, silk requires a lot of attention if you want it to last. But once you have mastered the routine care, you will have an easy time maintaining your silk cases in shape for a long time. For starters, ensure you launder your silks at least once every week.

Hand Wash

Do not machine wash the silk. Instead, hand wash in cold water using mild detergent and line dry.


Rinse your silk cases thoroughly, so no excess detergent is left.

No residues

Use some vinegar to eliminate detergent residues but only soak coloured silk for just 5 minutes and then rinse.

Always keep in mind…

How often does your cotton pillowcase keep you away from attaining the long-coveted sleeping beauty sleep? If you are always using a cotton pillowcase, then it is most often. Or every day, in this case. But that should not be the cause.

Good night sleep is as essential as the healthy breakfast you always aim for, and a high-quality silk case is all you are missing to achieve this. But that's not the end. We are highly recommending silk pillowcases because they will be the end of frizzy hair, constant hair breakage for those with brittle hair, and fine lines on your pretty face when you wake up.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for it and feel the difference from the very first morning! You deserve a good night's rest, and we have the solution for you!

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