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Best 10 Shoe Storage Boxes

As Of July 2022

Is your entryway crammed courtesy of the endless collection of shoes? Or the shoe boxes you bought with the shoes finally giving in and can no longer function as a storage room? Maybe you're thinking about upgrading the storage space for your precious collection of stilettos or sneakers. Whatever the case, there is only one way to do it like a pro and it’s with the best shoe storage boxes.
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1 Hapilife Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes on white background

Hapilife Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes

4.8 /5

Best overall

  • Access your shoes quickly with the front door opening
  • Foldable design ensures you need little space to store when not in use
  • 8 large-sized boxes for men & women’s shoes
  • Effortless identification of shoes thanks to its transparent design
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2 Homidec Shoe Box on white background

Homidec Shoe Box

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Large Household

  • Clear plastic shoe boxes to fit up to 24 pairs of shoes
  • Stackable & interlocking design saves you on storage room
  • Assemble and disassemble in no time without hassle
  • Durable plastic material that comes with a 24-months warranty for peace of mind
3 Yorbay Shoe Box on white background

Yorbay Shoe Box

4.6 /5

Ideal for Versatility

  • Multi-purpose boxes to use in storing other items, like clothes & utensils
  • Front plastic lid protects shoes from dust & moisture and gives quick access
  • Space-saving stacking design with sturdy bases
  • Large capacity that fits up to size 48
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4 Songmics 8 Shoe Boxes on white background

Songmics 8 Footwear Boxes

4.5 /5

Ideal for Quick Access

  • Fast access to your shoes with the front & back door design
  • Ventilation holes will give your shoes fresh air & extend the lifespan
  • Simple to open when in a hurry, thanks to its integrated handle
  • Space-saving stackable & foldable design for small entryways
5 Amazon Basics Drop Front Shoe Boxes on white background

Amazon Basics Drop Front Footwear Boxes

4.5 /5

Top pick for Men’s Shoes

  • Choose a preferred colour to match your room’s decor
  • Compact & piling design that fits in your storage cabinet
  • Fit all men’s size shoes from sneakers to moccasins
  • Transparent & front drop lid gives you fast access
6 Songmics 6 Shoe Boxes on white background

Songmics 6 Shoe Boxes

4.5 /5

Best for Storing Pairs of Boots

  • Large size for ankle boots, high heels & sneakers
  • Compact size that fits under the bed or closet & takes little floor space
  • Multifunctional boxes for storing not just shoes but books, clothes or office items too
  • Simple to assemble & are stackable
7 LakeLand Ladies Shoe Organiser on white background

LakeLand Ladies Shoe Organiser

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Warranty

  • Long-lasting material with a 3-years warranty
  • Lidded top design to protects your shoes from dust, water & moisture
  • 3 big boxes for women’s shoes up to size 8
  • No more hassling to find your shoes thanks to its transparent material for swift identification of shoes
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8 Soledi Shoe Storage Box on white background

Soledi Shoe Storage Box

4.5 /5

Best for Small Storage Space

  • Adjustable compartments to fit different shoe types
  • Durable, waterproof & odourless fabric with a sewn handle for portability
  • Long rectangular design for fitting under the bed
  • Affordable; 2 storage boxes that hold up to 24 pairs
9 Hododou Shoe Box on white background

Hododou Footwear Box

4.5 /5

Most Unique Design

  • Unique but stackable boxes to spruce up your room’s interior
  • Large capacity to store shoes up to size 11UK
  • Ventilation holes keep the inside airy & breathable
  • 8 clear storage boxes made to last with a 30-day warranty
10 Songmics 12 Shoe Boxes on white background

Songmics 12 Footwear Boxes

4.5 /5

Best for Ease of Maintenance

  • 12 storage boxes with a lid to keep away dust & moisture
  • Durable & easy to clean Polypropylene plastic to stay with you for years
  • All-purpose boxes for storing other small items
  • Clear material for ease of tracking your shoes - great when you are in a hurry

Nice & Tidy Entryway With The Best Shoe Storage Boxes

Organising your shoe collection might seem like a far-fetched idea until you have to rummage through unpaired shoes in the closet or under your bed. Utter chaos! So, why live through that mess when you can simply invest in footwear boxes? They are affordable, give you quick and easy access to your shoes, and give your room a more refined touch than a shoe cabinet or a shoe rack would. Then again, settling for the best storage shoe boxes is not an easy feat. 

There are numerous options to choose from. Nevertheless, knowing what to look for makes the process all the easier. Think about your storage room, how many pairs of shoes you own, what type of storage you have in mind, among others. 

And, with this buying guide, you can rest easy knowing that you have a hand-picked selection of the best footwear storage cases ready. All you need to do is pick the best one for you! So, waste no more time, and let’s help you find the right choice for you

What are Shoe Boxes?

These are containers for shoes. You have already noticed when you buy a pair of shoes; it comes packaged in a storage box, usually cardboard. Manufacturers do this to ensure the shoes are stored safely and remain brand new. 

But what happens once you get home with your new pair of smashing sneakers or 4-inch heels? To keep them as new as possible, you will need storage room. Shoe racks offer this but will mostly leave your shoes exposed to dust, moisture and others. On the other hand, shoe storage cases provide your precious shoes with the same storage environment as the manufacturer's storage boxes. The only difference is that you will be using a more durable and safe avenue than a carton box. 

Why do you need Shoe Boxes?

If it is unclear to you whether or not you need to footwear storage cases, let us explain the benefits of owning such a product.

  • You can safely store your shoes. 

The name gives it all away, storage room for your shoes. But, a footwear storage case is more than a storage solution. Think of it as a safe space for your expensive collection of shoes. Your shoes are kept safe from dust, moisture, sunlight, accidental stepping and even away from insects or rodents that might decide to make a meal out of your collection. Also, when you stack your shoes carelessly, they will get scratches, other unwanted marks or a buildup of residues.

  • They are aesthetically pleasing.

While a shoe rack does a pretty neat job at storing shoes, it cannot beat the aesthetics that shoeboxes present. These boxes come in different designs, shapes and colours, allowing you to play around with the storage room. This is bound to spruce up your interior, whether you live in a cramped apartment or a large house. 

  • They take up little storage room.

Unless you have a large walk-in closet, a small shoe rack is not likely to make your bedroom or walkway look any better. This is where shoe boxes come in. They are piling, leaving you with ample room to customise the storage as you wish. 

You can stack a few boxes in an empty corner, squeeze a few boxes for the few pairs you have in a small space without crowding your entryway. The possibilities of customising your footwear storage room with shoe spaces are endless. Just play along with your imagination, and you are good to go. 

  • They offer you easy access.

More than anything, shoe organisers like footwear boxes provide you with quick access to your shoes. How frustrating is it when you have to search through stacks of shoes on your entry or in your small closet? We bet you probably waste your time trying to partner your shoes. With a storage container, you can see every pair clearly, and you can access them without disorganising the rest of the shoes. 

  • They help you stay organized. 

Perhaps the best part of owning shoe containers is the ability to organise your shoes. No more dealing with filled spaces in your closet, an endless selection of unorganised shoes in your hallway or under your bed. Carton boxes here and there are not a pretty sight. With footwear storage cases, each pair of shoes can have its place

  • They are multi-purposed. 

Most footwear storage cases are versatile in terms of usage. But, they are not just for shoes! You can also store and organize other items around the house, like kitchen utensils, books and even your clothes. So, anything you want to keep organized, a container like these featured here can help you achieve it. 

What to look for when buying Shoe Storage Boxes

When looking for the perfect footwear storage container for your home, there are some essential features you need to bear in mind. Here is our list: 

1. Material 

Shoe storage cases are made from different materials, including fabric, glass, wood, plastic and cardboard. Plastic is more durable and is usually transparent. This makes it pretty easy for you to see every pair from outside. Glass is also transparent, but it is rather delicate. For a modern home where you want to retain the home's aesthetics and have no worries about the fragile state, the glass will do. But if you want something that blends with your decor and is not as delicate as glass, fabric or wooden boxes will do.

2. Opening 

If the storage box is a drop front or does it open from above? Others will even have a side opening. It goes without saying that the drop-front opening is much better than the rest. With it, you do not have to unstack your collection to remove any pair of shoes from its respective storage box. 

3. Ventilation 

This is an important feature because a storage box with ventilation is better than one without. Oxygenating holes ensure your shoes can 'breath', eliminating any foul odour. The fresh air also helps in nourishing the material of your shoes, ensuring it remains as fresh and new as it needs to be for longevity. 

4. Stackable

Can you stack the storage containers on each other and still have an easy approach to your shoes? This is an important feature, especially if you have a limited storage room. Stackable footwear storage cases allow you to buy as many as possible while maximising the little storage space in your room. 

5. Colour

Shoe storage cases come in different colours. For those who love colour and would like to play around with your shoe organisation and use a colour code organization system, consider the available colours. Does it blend with your decor? Does it meet your taste? Also, what part of the storage box is coloured? You can take all these into account when you are looking for the one that meets your needs. 

6. Size

Do not forget to consider the size of the storage boxes. They come in different sizes, meaning not every storage box you see might fit your shoes. For example, some will fit ankle boots, while others are only ideal for flat shoes like sandals, flip flops and small heels. Others have an adjustable interior, making it easier for you to store different shoe types and sizes. 

How long can you keep your shoes in a storage box?

As much as footwear boxes help prolong the lifespan of your shoes, it doesn't mean that they will last forever. Have you noticed how many retailers have an annual sale of shoe wear during particular seasons? The tactic is not only a way to reduce stock before the design goes out of fashion, but because the shoes cannot stay in storage longer without the material or soles giving in.

But, they will stay as good as new for longer because they will not be stacked all together and get scratched. Also, they will be protected from dust and will stay clean until the next time you need to wear them. They are a good solution for keeping them organized and keeping them safe and sound while you are not wearing them. 

How much should you spend on Shoe Storage Boxes?

Shoe boxes are fairly affordable, even with high-end ones. With prices ranging from £10 to around £70, you will definitely get something for your shoes. 

  • Affordable

Affordable footwear storage cases can range from piling plastic boxes to fabric storage. The prices vary depending on the size of the storage boxes, but you can expect to spend from £10 to £40. They usually offer you less storage room, so if you need more boxes for storage, you might need to aim a bit higher than this price. 

  • High-End

At the high-end price point, you will spend over £40, with some going for £70. Depending on the brand, you might get more than 10 storage boxes or expensive plastic material. These might be more durable and offer you more storage room


Hanging shoe organizers are great, but nothing sets your shoe organizing game apart from a set of storage boxes. They give your room a cleaner look while offering you fast and easy access to any pair of shoes you want to wear. So if you are running out of space on your storage rack or shoe shelf, why not venture to a cleaner and more affordable system? Shoe boxes are the go-to solution for footwear storage, and our guide is here to ensure you get the best in the market. 

Now that you know all you need to know, are you ready to organise that big pile of shoes? Pick the best one based on your needs and give your place a fresh, clean and neat look. Which one is your favourite?

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