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Best 10 Shelf Brackets

As Of June 2022

Are you looking for new ways to spruce up your interiors? Perhaps something that will highlight your centrepieces? Or a new home for your favourite books and bathroom items? Shelf brackets are the way to go! They are pretty affordable, come in varying styles to meet every decor theme, and are easy to install! Do you want to learn more?
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1 Ouvin Triangle Shelving Brackets on white background

Ouvin Triangle Shelving Brackets

4.8 /5

Best Shelf Brackets Overall

  • Robust steel brackets with high capacity for placing heavy loads
  • Mount brackets without help with the included screws & wall plugs
  • No worrying about moisture, thanks to the rust-proof finish
  • Set of 4 support brackets for a maximum storage solution
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2 QYJX Scaffold Board Shelf Brackets above sofa in living room

QYJX Scaffold Board Shelf Brackets

4.7 /5

Top Floating Shelf Brackets

  • Forget about bends or breakages thanks to its cast-iron built
  • Matte black finishing for accenting any decor you have
  • Get that minimalist look in every room with the 8 shelf supports
  • Smooth surface for hassle-free cleaning
3 Xfort London Shelf Brackets on white background

Xfort London Shelf Brackets

4.6 /5

Ideal For More Storage Space

  • Never run out of storage space with its 10 pcs of support brackets
  • Give your space a Scandanavian feel with its white finish
  • Enjoy extended usage with the robust steel material
  • Medium size to use as an exhibition stand, garden shelf or bookshelf
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4 Litlandstar Black Shelf Brackets above kitchen countertop in a stylish set up

Litlandstar Black Shelf Brackets

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Lip Shelf Support

  • Cuts-free installation with the delicate & smooth edges
  • Heavy-duty shelf brackets to support high quantities
  • Rustic shelves for a warm & natural-looking living room
  • Long & worry-free use with the corrosion & rust-resistant finish
5 eSynic Industrial Brackets on white background

eSynic Industrial Brackets

4.5 /5

Most Stylish Option

  • Sturdy, firm & reliable installation with the heavy-duty steel
  • Pipe shelf brackets for an industrial plumbing decor
  • Easy installation with mounting screws & picture guide to follow
  • Multi-purpose brackets for installing & tidying up any room
6 Cosylife Heavy Duty Triangle Shelving Brackets on the kitchen wall

Cosylife Heavy Duty Triangle Shelving Brackets

4.5 /5

Best Iron Shelf Brackets

  • Strong, iron shelf brackets for supporting your heavy items
  • 4 bracket pieces for organising & tidying up any spaces
  • Simple DIY installation, no need for an extra set of hands
  • Decorative metal shelf brackets with durable & exquisite black finish
7 Sayayo 4 pcs Shelf Bracket holding a wooden shelf

Sayayo 4 pcs Shelf Bracket

4.5 /5

Best For Durability

  • Made to last without paint ripping off thanks to the high-temperature spraying process
  • No scratches by accident with its smooth & rounded edges
  • High-quality iron material for supporting weighty items
  • Get that open shelf look with the L-shaped design
8 Bojafa 2 pcs Metal Shelf Supports holding a wooden shelf with a microwave on

Bojafa 2 pcs Metal Shelf Supports

4.5 /5

Ideal For Small Areas

  • Organise more items by using hangers on the integrated holes
  • Durable stainless steel brackets for a contemporary style
  • Mount wall shelf brackets in any room, including bathroom & kitchen
  • Simple to install with detachable design for quick removal
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9 stylish GoHoKi Angle Brackets in the living room

GoHoKi Angle Brackets

4.5 /5

Best For Ease of Installation

  • High-quality steel with round edges- no chance of getting scratches
  • Fix brackets permanently on walls with the long screws
  • No dealing with falling shelves - fix the shelf to the bracket with the short screws
  • High durability with its non-corrosive & rust proof sprayed layer
10 Ouvin Decorative Shelf Brackets Ouvin Decorative Shelf Brackets on white background

Ouvin Decorative Shelf Brackets

4.5 /5

Best for High Capacity

  • Heavy duty with high capacity to use as a worktop in the kitchen
  • Sturdy & rust-proof steel shelf brackets for prolonged use
  • Create a modern look with the glossy & smooth black coating
  • Fast & straightforward installation with included screws

Keep Tidy & Organised Spaces With The Best Shelf Brackets

Are you looking to maximise shelving storage? There is no better way to do it than with shelf brackets. They are the simplest to install for DIY home improvement projects, are pretty affordable and come in different styles.

Most importantly, you can place your wood shelves on shelf brackets for more storage area. That way, you can put just about anything, from your books to vases, bathroom accessories and small kitchen gadgets.  For more storage solutions, you can opt for storage trolleys and storage boxes, too.

As there are many shelf supports to choose from, it can become a little overwhelming. From selecting the best type of shelving support to picking the design that matches your home decor

Luckily, our buying guide is here for every step of your shopping experience! Here’s everything you need to know about shopping for the best shelving brackets

What Type of Shelf Bracket Is Best For You?

There are 4 types of shelf brackets, each with a different use and suitable for particular shelf designs. Here are the 4 types to keep in mind;

  • Heavy-Duty Brackets 

As the name suggests, these are made from heavy-duty material, usually cast iron, stainless steel, or other heavy metal. These are the best solution if you are after a shelf support system for heavy items, like kitchen gadgets or tools. In addition, some heavy-duty brackets will have reinforcement, making them more robust for a heavyweight. 

But, keep in mind that not all heavy-duty shelf supports will have that rustic and industrial look. Some provide a conservative look, where they provide the needed support but can go unnoticed.   

  • Angled Shelf Brackets

Angle brackets look like they are installed at an angle. You can mount them with flat bits together with the shelf. These are ideal for any home style, whether you are going after a modern or vintage look. Many models can also support the shelf from the top or underneath.

  • Lip Shelf Brackets 

These have a lip-like edge, which helps in holding the shelf in place. If the shelf slides, the lip will always hold it, ensuring it doesn’t fall. With this design, the brackets are always beneath the shelf, supporting it from the bottom. You can also see the lip on the front side of the shelf. These shelving brackets are less reliable than the other types but are the best choice if you are looking for something a little more conspicuous

  • Floating Brackets

If you are after a contemporary and minimalistic look, then floating shelf brackets might be just what you need. They have an invisible look, which makes the shelf look like it is floating. 

What Should You Consider When Buying Shelf Brackets?

Apart from knowing what type of brackets is best for you, you also need to consider other factors. These include: 

1. Load Capacity 

This is the sole determinant of what you can and cannot place on the shelves. Of course, the higher the capacity of the brackets, the more weight they can support. Some brackets are robust enough to support up to 30kgs. With such, you can store heavy equipment and tools without worrying about the breaking of the bracket. Others have a lower capacity and are best for lightweight items, like your bathroom items. 

2. Material 

It affects the strength and durability of the brackets. Solid wood brackets are pretty standard and are ideal for supporting wooden shelves. They also give you a vintage look, making them the best choice for a bookcase alternative. But, if you are looking for a material that supports any type of shelf and is even sturdier, iron, steel, and iron are excellent material choices. 

3. Durability 

Apart from the material affecting the durability of the brackets, you also need to think about features that ensure the brackets serve you for long. For example, if the brackets are made from metal, does it have a finishing or spray coating? Are these layers anti-rust or corrosion-free? Such features protect the brackets from moisture, ensuring you never have to deal with rusty brackets. 

4. Number of Brackets 

How many brackets are you looking to buy? Some products will come with only two brackets, ideal for a test run or a small space. Other products will have more pieces, like 4, 6, 8 or even 12. Just think about your storage needs; the more items you have for your kitchen, sitting room, bathroom, office or garage, the more brackets you will need. 

Should You Space Shelf Brackets Evenly?

How should you space your shelves, especially when hanging more than a pair of brackets in one place? Evenly or not evenly? Well, it is all a matter of personal taste and preference. What matters, mostly, is the spacing between the brackets. For light or medium loads, you should space the shelving brackets 60 cm or less apart. But, for heavier loads or more extended shelves, the spacing is wider, from 60cm to 122cm. 

When installing more than a pair of brackets in the same space, you can mount the brackets evenly or asymmetrically. Just think about the final look and what you will be placed on the shelves. What design are you after? 

Should You place an L shaped bracket up or down for a stronger hold?

With most l brackets, you can install them facing upwards or downwards. But which style is more robust? Experts recommend installing them facing down, with the longer part pressing against the wall and the shorter part is under the shelf. That means the shelf’s weight and items are passed down to the angled sections and into the walls.  


Pick up your screwdriver! Cut those shelves you’ve been longing to make with your routers! Then, it is time to install all the shelves you need to accent your spaces with the best shelf brackets! Whether you are looking for a classic vintage or a modern look that goes with your contemporary home theme, our handpicked shelving supports are here to make your dream come true. 

And, to ensure you are well informed when shopping, check out our buying guide for all details on shopping for shelf brackets!

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