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Best 10 Screwdriver Sets

As Of June 2022

Are you looking to get more handsy with your home repairs? Is your toolbox lacking enough tools for all the jobs you need? The best screwdriver sets allow you to fix almost everything, from assembling your new IKEA furniture to fixing your smartphone and home electronics. It's time to be the craftsman and fix everything you need to! Ready to learn more?
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1 Stanley 34 Piece Screwdriver Set on white background

Stanley 34 Piece Screwdriver Set

4.8 /5

Best Screwdriver Sets Overall

  • Move your set of screwdrivers with ease using the carrying tray
  • Enjoy prolonged use with the moulded bi-material handles
  • Draw in any screws with the standard, Phillips, Posi, hex & Torx bits
  • Store drivers safely when not in use in the included case
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2 Rolson 10 Piece Tool Kit on white background

Rolson 10 Piece Tool Kit

4.7 /5

Ideal For Hex Keys Set

  • Chrome vanadium steel shafts for driving on any material
  • Soft pp grip handle for comfortable & tireless driving
  • Work on intricate projects with the 4 precision screwdrivers
  • Use with confidence, thanks to Rolson’s international seal of approval
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3 H&S Precision Screwdriver Set on white background

H&S 24 Bits Precision Screwdriver Set

4.6 /5

Best Starter Pack

  • Work on anything safely with the static-free handles
  • Fix glasses, watches, laptops & other tiny items with the mini-screws set
  • Straightforward use with simple swapping & securing of drivers
  • Lightweight with a book-size case for effortless portability
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4 Yinsan Mini Screwdriver Set on white background

Yinsan 120-in-1 Mini Screwdriver Set

4.5 /5

Top Craftsman Screwdriver Set

  • Repair anything with the 120 precision screwdrivers
  • No worrying about losing screws with the magnetic screw memory mat
  • Anti-static tweezers & silicone non-slip handles for safe working
  • Carry set anywhere with the heavy-duty impact resistant storage case
5 Amazon Basics 73 Pieces Set on white background

Amazon Basics 73 Pieces Set

4.5 /5

Top Magnetic Screwdriver Set

  • Save money with the added magnetic ratchet wrench
  • Tireless use with the non-slip screwdriver handle
  • Keep tools safe from elements when not using in the plastic case
  • Durable toolsets with robust chrome vanadium steel & corrosion-resistant finish
6 Draper 44 Tools Screwdriver Kit on white background

Draper 44 Tools Screwdriver Kit

4.5 /5

Ideal For Ease of Use

  • Soft & ergonomic handles for excellent torque & grip
  • Work with extra grip on screws, thanks to the sand-blasted screwdriver tips
  • Organise drivers for quick access on the included stand
  • Accessorised kit of 44 pieces for your everyday repair needs
7 Stanley Precision Driver Set on white background

Stanley Precision Driver Set

4.5 /5

Best For Precision Drivers

  • Revolving head design for faster screwing & with excellent grip
  • No worrying about rust with the nickel-plated handles
  • Enjoy precise control over your work with the flute-like handles
  • High-quality drivers for extended use with the tempered steel material
8 Rolson 58 Pieces Set on white background

Rolson 58 Pieces Set

4.5 /5

Most Portable Set

  • Tri-point screw head for fixing toys, appliances & electronics
  • Bit holder feature for storing bits securely
  • Long-lasting driver & screwdriver bit set made from alloy steel
  • Store & carry pieces in the plastic carrying case
lightweight choice ribbon
9 Draper 45 Piece Set on white background

Draper 45 Piece Set

4.5 /5

Ideal For Guarantee

  • Storage case with inlay to hold bits securely
  • Soft & comfortable grip for using tirelessly for extended periods
  • Drive screws into anything with the tempered steel material
  • Worry-free use of drivers with a Draper Tools guarantee backing
Warranty Safety Ribbon
10 Bosch 46 Assorted Pieces Set on white background

Bosch 46 Assorted Pieces Set

4.5 /5

Most Assorted Multi-bit Screwdriver

  • Change bits faster with the universal magnetic holder
  • Reach bits quickly by storing them in the driver’s handle compartment
  • Drill screws smoothly with the ratcheting function
  • Install hex key bolts easily with the 12 nut drivers

Upgrade Your Toolbox With The Best Screwdriver Sets

Are you looking to improve your craftsmanship? Put up your new furniture without the help of a professional? Or repair electronics, from your computers to your home appliances? A set of hand tools will come in handy for all this, but nothing does a better job in all fixings than a driverLuckily, the market has an endless set of screwdrivers to choose from, from flathead to tri and Phillips head types, Torx screwdrivers, and ratchet screwdrivers. Unfortunately, it could be hard to pick the best set of screwdrivers that meets all your needs with all these choices. 

That's why we have a handpicked selection of the best screwdriver sets and a buying guide to ensure you get the very best for your tool bag! Keep reading!

What Are Screwdriver Sets?

Every DIYer or professional handyperson knows a screwdriver is a must-have. You always need one to drive or remove screws from objects. Unfortunately, there is no universal screwdriver that handles all jobs. Mostly, people will buy one type of screwdriver and different bits for a particular job, one at a time. 

Screwdriver sets allow you to buy a set of different screwdrivers. These sets also come with other tools, like different handles and bits for the various screwdrivers. The set might not come with all the types of screwdrivers you need, but it will have more than one driver for multiple jobs. 

Why Do You Need a Screwdriver Set?

You could buy one screwdriver at a time, whenever it is needed. So, why invest in a screwdriver set? Apart from the affordability of purchasing several drivers in a set, screwdriver sets offer other benefits like:

  • Reduce shopping time for drivers

It comes with an accessory of drivers for different jobs. While you might not need or use each of these at once, there will come a time when you might need the least used driver. With a set, you save the amount of time and energy you spend visiting hardware shops to get just one particular driver.  

  • Organise your working space for more productivity

Screwdriver sets come in a case, all organised and safe for your tools. With it, you can always keep your screwdrivers organised in a set they come in, compared to buying one screwdriver at a time. Keeping an organised working space does not only keep your workstation tidy, but it also increases your productivity. You no longer have to spend a minute more figuring out where any screwdriver is. 

What Should You Look For When Buying Screwdriver Sets?

Choosing the best screwdriver sets looks like an easy job, but you cannot pick the first set you set your eyes on. There is more to consider to ensure you get the best set for your jobs, and here is what you need to keep in mind;  

1. The Type of Set

Screwdriver sets come in three different types. General-purpose sets have more tools of varied sizes. That means you will get both the standard and Phillips screwdrivers. These are the essential tools for any job. However, general-purpose screwdrivers do not have the features or qualities you need for specialised jobs. 

That's where speciality screwdrivers come in. These are made for specific jobs. For instance, an electrician will need to work with an insulated driver that protects them from electrical shocks. With speciality sets, you will only get specific tools for one particular job. On the downside, speciality sets are pricier than the other options. Thus, they are limiting, especially if you need a set for DIY jobs or a set of tools that can do just about any job. 

The third set to consider is bit sets, which come without a fixed head. Such types of drivers have more versatility as you can use most bits, including most power tools. These sets also come with more tools than the other sets and are more affordable

2. Grip Design 

Screwdriver heads have varying sizes and designs, which can differ between a highly efficient tool and a challenging one. Wide handle grips provide more driving force, making them ideal for simple jobs. Narrower handle designs will require you to be extra careful and take more time to drill. 

Another thing to consider is the finishing of the handle. Some handles will have rubber, which gives you a better grasp and comfort when handling the tool. Others will have dual-coating, usually made from both rubber and plastic. Such models offer the best of both worlds; the comfort of a rubberised handle and the accuracy of a hard plastic handle. 

3. Specialised Tip

The tip helps increase grip and reduce the chances of the driver slipping away when you are working. One type of specialised tip is the magnetised tip. These have a magnetic force that draws the screw and the driver together. The power of magnetic tips increases the chances of the driver's head staying firmly on the recess of the screw, giving the driver extra force, and you can do the job at a faster rate. 

Other types of tips have a coating, diamond, black phosphate, or black oxide. These have more friction between the screw and the driver, giving you accuracy and force. These specialised tips are common among pros because of their durability and increased strength on the grip when working. 

4. Number of Pieces In The Set 

It all narrows down to the kind of work you intend to do. Are you a novice in the art of fixing your stuff and don't think you will need to do more than the basics? Are you starting to build a tool section for your DIY jobs with the hope of pursuing ambitious projects? Or are you a professional trying to get a new set or a replacement? 

If you are hoping to just use the set for general uses and nothing ambitious, then a set of general-purpose tools will do. But if you wish to use the tools more often and for demanding projects, you can go for a set with more tools that allows you to do all of this. 

The number of drivers in any set will vary between models and brands, with some having less than ten tools and others hitting the hundreds range. Whatever the number of pieces, which doesn't mean you will get only screwdrivers, ensure they are the tools you need for all your jobs.  

5. Price 

Screwdriver sets are relatively affordable, with prices ranging from £6 to £30. The prices will depend on the number of tools in a kit, the type of tools, and the brand name. Regardless of the price, the secret is knowing the kind of set that meets your needs. 

What are the must-have screwdrivers your screwdriver set should have?

Screwdriver sets might not include all the screwdrivers you want, but you can meet most of your needs by getting the must-have screwdrivers. Phillips head or the cross-head screwdriver and flathead screwdrivers are a must-have in your kit. 

The flathead drivers have a flat tip, making them versatile for a range of activities. The crosshead screwdrivers have a pointed edge that fits well into the X-design of Phillips screws. As long as you have different head sizes, you can drill screws on most items, especially home users. 


Get your fixer mood on and grab the best screwdriver sets! A screwdriver has covered you whether you are fixing an electronic item, home appliances, or furniture. They are easy to work with, have a cordless design, and you can bring your set of drivers with you for an offsite job.

We have selected the best available choices to ensure you have an easier time skimming through the best options. And, with our buying guide, you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision!

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