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Best 10 Sandpits

As Of June 2022

Do you wish you could bring the beach fun home? Well, going to the seaside every day is not an option. But what if there was a way to give your kids that sand play they so long for? Go for sandpits! And they’re more than just amusing! They promote creativity, enhance imagination & improve physical coordination. You don’t have a backyard? We have you covered! Here you’ll find the best sandpit for you & your little one will love it!

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1 Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox with kids playing on white background

Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

4.8 /5

Best Sandpit Overall

  • Endless fun for children age 12 months & older
  • Super-versatile as it can be used as a sandpit & a pool during hot summer days
  • Keep it clean & safe when not in use with its lid
  • Comfortable as the kids can sit in the moulded seats & play for hours
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2 Kinetic Sand Construction Site Folding Sandbox on white background

Kinetic Sand Construction Site Folding Sandbox

4.7 /5

Ideal for Limited Spaces

  • Perfect for imaginative play for kids aged 3 & up
  • Ideal for apartments as it’s compact & foldable to store it when not in use neatly
  • Unlimited fun thanks to its included accessories
  • Healthy for your little ones as the sand is wheat, gluten & casein free
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3 Plum Store It Wooden Sand Pit with baby playing in the backyard

Plum Store It Wooden Sand Pit

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Backyards

  • Fun days in the sand for kids ages 18 months & older
  • Toys will never go missing again as you can keep them in the colourful box
  • Safe as it’s made from FSC® certified timber with rounded corners
  • Minimum maintenance needed due to its internal ground cover
Best Quality Ribbon
4 EDX Education Clear Desktop Sand & Water Tray with toddler playing

EDX Education Clear Desktop Sand & Water Tray

4.5 /5

Ideal for Educational Play

  • Practical & convenient as you can use it both indoors & outdoor for sand or water play
  • Encourage your kids to be messy & creative with paints, too
  • Perfect for school teachers to use for learning activities
  • Durable design made to last for hours of play
5 Toyvelt Play Sand Dinosaur Toys on white background

Toyvelt Play Sand Dinosaur Toys

4.5 /5

Great for Budget Sandpit

  • Ideal affordable sandpit for kids ages 3 & older
  • Ultimate adventure playset with several molds
  • Use it anywhere you want, like take it to the beach for
  • Exciting play with the moldable, premium sand that resembles clay to shape it in a million ways
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6 Early Learning Centre My 1st Sand & Water Table on white background

Early Learning Centre My 1st Sand & Water Table

4.5 /5

Ideal for Toddlers

  • The first sandpit for your little one of age 12 months & up
  • Toddlers can enjoy playing standing or on the floor with the detachable legs
  • Fill it with sand or water for countless hours of fun
  • Safekeeping with no spillings thanks to its lid

KidKraft Pirate Wooden Sandboat

4.4 /5

Top Pick for Spacious Sandpit

  • Top pick for little sailors of age 3 & older
  • Nonstop adventure play with friends thanks to its spacious design
  • Ideal for outdoors with a canopy to keep your kids safe from sunburns
  • Assemble it within a few minutes with the clear instructions manual
8 Garden Games Large Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit girl playing

Garden Games Large Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit

4.5 /5

Best for Traditional Sandpit

  • A superb choice for kids of all ages
  • Traditional design made by sustainably sourced wood with child & pet safe preservatives
  • Handy as its lid can be turned into a bench for kids to sit
  • Worry-free about keeping the sand dry with the weatherproof cover
9 Big Game Hunters Wooden Sandpit with Fold Out Lid with girls playing

Big Game Hunters Wooden Sandpit with Fold Out Lid

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Eco-Friendly

  • Kids of ages 18 months to 12 years will love it
  • Practical as it opens up to form 2 benches for kids to sit & play with friends
  • Eco-friendly materials that will blend well in your yard
  • Low maintenance with re-treatment once a year to keep its pristine look

KiddosLand Dino Sand Kit

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Foldable Sandpit

  • Fitting for kids ages 3 & up
  • Sand will never dry & it’s made by 100% eco-friendly & non-toxic materials
  • Store it tidily by folding it & unfold in just a minute for playtime
  • Playing with dino kit your little ones will improve their creativity & imagination

Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox: Best Sandpit Overall

Your little ones will have a blast with the Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox. Your children will have endless fun and you, some much needed time to yourself. This sandpit is excellent for use from as little as 12 months old, though adult supervision is highly recommended for younger children. Enjoy its versatility as you can also turn it into a pool for the summer, so your little boy or girl can cool off while playing.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about leaving it in the backyard as you can keep it clean for longer and safe when not in use thanks to its removable lid. Simply cover it when not in use till the next day. Your kids can either choose to stand in the Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox or sit comfortably on the moulded sits and play for hours with their friend.

Kinetic Sand Construction Site Sandbox: Ideal for Limited Spaces

Do you live in an apartment but you still want your kids to have their fun in the sand? Do you not have a backyard or an outdoor space to install a large sandpit? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! The Kinetic Sand Construction Site Folding Sandbox can be the ideal choice for you. It is compact and foldable, so you can store it in a cupboard when your kids are not playing with it. Encourage imaginative and interactive gameplay for kids aged 3 and older. They can make up scenarios for weeks on end thanks to its included accessories. More specifically, it comes with 907g of brown Kinetic Sand, a dumper truck and a working crane with a wrecking ball and bucket attachments.

The natural sand is totally healthy and child-safe to use as it is wheat, gluten & casein free. They can also play repeatedly with the same sand since it flows through their hands and will never dry out! Magical!

Plum Store It Wooden Sand Pit: Top Choice for Backyards

Your child is going to love this sandpit by Plum. Suitable from ages 18 months old and older, it is the perfect addition to your backyard playground with a stylish yet safe design to give you peace of mind. Made by premium FSC® certified timber with rounded corners will allow you to let your kids play without worrying about hurting on sharp edges. Plus, it needs minimum maintenance as the internal ground cover doesn’t allow weeds to grow, but lets water drain to avoid mould making an appearance.

No more seeking toys in the backyard can be refreshing, so if you pick this one, you can teach your children to neatly store their toys in the colourful box until the next play day. The Plum Store It Wooden Sand Pit is perfect for all-year-round as it can also be filled with water and offer hours of fun during hot summer days!

Final Verdict

You could never go wrong with the Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox as it is overall the best choice for little ones. It’s high versatility and comfort is what makes it stand out from all the others. Your kids can start enjoying it from as little as 12 months old and create memories to last a lifetime. If you don’t have the space for a sandpit though, the Kinetic Sand Construction Site Folding Sandbox will be the perfect choice for you. Older kids can enjoy it even more as they can use their imagination to dig, build and crush their creation in the sand.

Now, if you have ample space and you want an all-time classic and safe sandpit for your little one to use for year to come, then the ultimate choice for you will be the Plum Store It Wooden Sand Pit. It is a premium, stylish and safe choice to install in your backyard next to the trampoline and the water slide. that will help you raise happy and creative kids!

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