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Best 10 SAD Lamps

As Of July 2022

Do you find yourself being a little down when the sun goes down? During winter months more and more people get affected by the seasonal affective disorder. Don’t worry! The best SAD Lamps have the bright light that you need! Avoid those winter blues and don’t risk your mental health. With a SAD light therapy lamp, you can boost your energy and see have a happier mood in just a couple of minutes!
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1 Lumie Vitamin L SAD Light Box on a white background

Lumie Vitamin L SAD Light Box

Choose Between Portrait Or Landscape Position
4.9 /5

Best Overall SAD Lamp

  • Feels like the first wake-up light that gives you a burst of energy
  • Energy-efficient UV-free light helps you focus while studying
  • Enjoy a comfortable white light thanks to its rippled diffuser
  • Take it wherever you want due to its lightweight design
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2 Beurer TL30UK SAD Light on a white background

Beurer TL30UK SAD Light

Ease-Of-Use For All Types Of Users
4.8 /5

#2 Best SAD Lamp

  • Optimal light intensity creates a feeling of natural daylight
  • Adjustable base to use it as desklamp or on your bedside table
  • Keep your mood high & your bills low with its energy-saving LED light
  • User-friendly single button operation makes it easy for all
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3 WiXiBin Light Therapy Lamp on white background

WiXiBin Light Therapy Lamp

Choose The Brightness Setting You Love
4.8 /5

Excellent Personalised Settings

  • Adjust the brightness level according to what suits you best
  • With great memory function that resumes your preferred settings
  • Comes with a timer to make it easy for you and save energy
  • A portable daylight lamp that you can take wherever you want
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4 YEEONE SAD Lamp on a white background


Beautiful Design For Your Home Decor
4.7 /5

Best Remote Control Functionality

  • The most modern design among all to upgrade your decor
  • Great light therapy with adjustable settings to cover your needs
  • Use it as a table lamp thanks to its stable base
  • UV-free light boosts your energy without risking your health
5 Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 on a white background

Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150

Multifunctional Gadget For All
4.7 /5

Best Light Alarm Clock

  • Enjoy this sunrise alarm and wake up refreshed and full of energy
  • With wake sounds, including white noise for a peaceful environment
  • The tap-control snooze function is super easy to use
  • With a 3-year warranty, you don’t have to worry about anything
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6 ElectriBrite SAD Lamp on white background

ElectriBrite SAD Lamp

Top-quality Portable Bag
4.6 /5

Best UV-Free Choice

  • 3 different colours that are also dimmable and feel relaxed
  • The timer creates the best atmosphere when you wake up
  • With a standing bracket which is perfect if you travel
  • Continue from your last setting with its great memory function
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7 Gemoor SAD Lamp on white background

Gemoor SAD Lamp

Great Touch-Control System
4.6 /5

Ideal for Smart SAD Lamp

  • Create the perfect mood easily with the touch-control system
  • From cold to warm light so you can choose the one that suits you
  • With no radiation and UV light at all to make sure it’s risk-free
  • Bright light all day without raising your energy bills
8 Lumie Brazil sad lamp on a white background

Lumie Brazil

A Burst Of Energy In 30 Minutes
4.6 /5

Best Option For Large Rooms

  • Takes only 30 minutes to boost your energy and create a happy mood
  • Great choice for people who need to focus and concentrate
  • Large size makes it great for big rooms like your living room
  • With a 3-year warranty so you can rest assured about its quality
9 TKLake Light Therapy Lamp on a white background

TKLake Light Therapy Lamp

Fix Your Sleeping Schedule
4.5 /5

Best Slim Light Box

  • Avoid eye-exhaustion and stimulate your retinas to upgrade your mood
  • With 3 different brightness settings depending on your needs
  • Regulate your circadian rhythm and have a good night’s sleep
  • Radiation-free light takes care of you without risks
10 Aogled SAD Lamp on a white background

Aogled Therapy Lamp

Small Design For Easy Carrying
4.5 /5

Best Touch-Control Functionality

  • The touch-command timer & memory function create a great experience
  • Lightweight & compact to take it wherever you want
  • Improve your sleep quality and keep it as a nightlight next to you
  • Different colours and brightness settings depending on your needs

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SAD Lamps Can Make You… Happier!

Winter… the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. The sun goes down so early that you feel like it’s midnight when it’s only six o’clock in the afternoon. And you find yourself in front of your TV or your computer trying to pass the time. And all this blue light that reaches your eyes isn’t the only blue thing around. Your energy drains quicker and your mood isn’t great. The winter moods are here to stay for a couple of months. Or… Not!

The Seasonal Affective Disorder, known as SAD can make you quite miserable. People who suffer from it can’t find it in them to get out of bed in the morning, can’t focus on their tasks and can’t really concentrate on their studies. Does that sound familiar to you? If you feel like you don’t have enough energy to make it through the day then you might be a victim of SAD too. 

The good thing is that you don’t have to feel that way anymore. Now, with the top SAD lamps around, you can create a perfect environment and give yourself that boost that will keep you going. According to the NHS, many people have been saved from this with the help of SAD lamps. Maybe it’s time for you to give them a try as well. This guide will give you all the information you need to know before making your purchase. Let’s have a look!

What Is A SAD Lamp Exactly?

You might have heard of them in the past. SAD lamps, SAD lights or SAD light boxes. The truth is that behind all those different types that you can see out there, there’s one thing that they have in common. They are based on light therapy to help improve your mood, your energy level, your sleep quality and many other things. 

They kind of mimic the way the sun works for human beings. By producing a very vivid light, that actually looks like the morning sunlight, they cover this lack of natural sunlight that you can face during winter months when the days are very short. When you use a SAD light, your brain gets tricked and produces less melatonin which makes you sleepy. In that way, you can fix your sleeping schedule and not find yourself sleeping all day. Plus, it helps with serotonin production which affects your mood and makes you happier. They're quite versatile and you can use them as desk lamps or even alarm clocks!

How Does Light Therapy Work?

Let’s make it a little more scientific, shall we? Light therapy is a great way to fight this winter sadness that you might feel. But what is it exactly? People who lack a certain protein, the serotonin transporting protein (SERT), suffer for the SAD condition. 

By using the light therapy, you create an environment that makes your brain make up for the lack of SERT. And as its name says, it’s the protein that takes the “happiness” to your brain and then to every single part of your body. How can light affect your brain? Well, by stimulating your retinas, it creates a signal that reaches your brain which affects the chemical and hormone levels as mentioned above.

Why Do You Need The Top SAD Lamp?

Let’s take it from the top now that you know what all this is about. If you’re suffering from low energy levels, having a bad mood, feeling sleepy all the time and can’t focus or concentrate, then you need to look for a solution. And the best choice that you have is the top SAD lamp for your needs. That is if you want to have an all-natural solution without the need for medication. And who wants to take a bunch of pills to make it through the day? No one!

You only need to use it for around 30 minutes to an hour and you’ll instantly feel much better. Many people choose these lamps in form of alarm clocks. That way they set the timer at the exact minute they want to wake up and the lamp creates the feeling of waking up refreshed from the morning sunlight. How? They gradually light up the room and they trick you! But in a good way! Which is super cool! Most people don’t want to get up on winter mornings. Don’t be one of them!

But waking up in a great mood is just the beginning. These lamps help you recharge your batteries and boost your energy throughout the day whenever you’re in need. Their compact designs make it easy to move them around and place them in the room that you’re in. Place them on your desk for example. Or your office. Just don’t let this sleepy feeling that makes you feel all drained to keep you down. Enjoy your winter days like it’s the middle of summer!

What Should You Look For When Buying A SAD Lamp?

Looking for a SAD lamp might get you a little confused. What are their main features and what is it that you really need? Lucky for you, this guide can help you with your shopping journey. 


One of the main things that you should check out before making a decision is the brightness level. The light that a SAD lamp produces is measured in lux. More lux means more brightness! An ideal product would be one that has options from 2,500 lux through 10,000 or higher if it’s possible. Having the option to dim the light however you like is amazing. Depending on your mood and the time of day you can adjust it however you want and have optimal results.


The most common colour for a SAD lamp is white. And it seems that is very effective in boosting your energy and helping in creating a happier mood. Some research shows that blue light treatment can work as well but it has a disadvantage. While your energy levels stay high, your sleeping schedule can’t get a little messed up. Blue light makes it hard to sleep easily. Warmer colours tend to relax you more and keep you comfortable, especially before your night’s sleep. You can always go for a product with different colours and cover every situation.

Size & Shape

SAD lamps are making their appearance as light boxes most of the time. It’s kind of the standard type! Actually, they look like tablets to be more specific. They often come with a standing tool or a base so you can both place them vertically or horizontally. Some others are more into the decor mindset and are meant to not only offer you a comfortable light but also make your place look cooler. They also come as clocks that can be used as alarms to wake you up every morning. The whole shape thing is totally on you and your liking. The size though can differ! There are some products out there that are really compact and perfect for travellers or people that want to move them around all the time. For those of you who have large living rooms, for example, there are also bigger sizes that can cover your space.


As it was mentioned above, some products are compact and lightweight which make them a better choice for people who travel or want to move them around constantly. The game-changer, are the extras! A carrying bag, for example, can a big plus for some. The truth is though, that most of them can be easily transported when it comes to changing room. Not every single one of them is made to be carried in a bag though.


A fantastic feature to look for is the alarm function. Crazy right? Thinking that an alarm can be fantastic? It’s true though! Some lamps are also known as wake-up light or dawn simulators. Depending on the hour that they mimic. They create an environment where the light slowly builds up just like the sun comes up in the morning. That helps you wake up gently and feel relaxed and refreshed

Always Have In Mind…

Time to kiss the winter blues goodbye! Forget about low energy levels. Forget about feeling sleepy. And of course, forget about the bad mood that can’t help you focus on your daily tasks. Winter can be a great season with many things to enjoy. And feeling low won’t let you have the best time of your life. It’s up to you to turn a new page and see all the beautiful things that can happen.

The best SAD lamps are here for you. Just a couple of minutes in their presence and you’ll feel like a whole other person. Or maybe you’ll see yourself under a new light! Bad joke! Sorry! The point is, that light therapy can take all this little misery out of your life and give you space for creating happy moments. This guide is all you’re going to need! With all the information and insights about the best models out there, you can be sure that you’ll find the one. Go take a look!

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