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Best 10 Rowing Machines

As Of May 2022

Rowing without the need to get into the water! Getting fit without getting bored! Cardio is the first step to fitness! It's so simple now with the best rowing machines of the year! What's so great about rowing machines? Well, now you can train your upper and your lower body muscles easily without paying for a gym membership! Turn your place into a home gym! Do you want to find out more?
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1 JLL Ventus 2 rowing machine on a gray background

JLL Ventus 2

For Small Spaces
4.9 /5

Best Overall Rowing Machine

  • High-quality LCD display gives you all your metrics during your home workout
  • Compact design that’s easily transported and stored
  • Lightweight and perfect in size for smaller places
  • It has a dual-resistance approach for amazing workouts
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5 Concept2 Model D rowing machine being used by a man

Concept 2 Model D

High-Quality Heart Rate Monitor
4.7 /5

Top Pick For Advanced Users

  • Easy to store and save space by separating it into two pieces
  • Smooth feel during workouts without any noise
  • Full-body workout with detailed tracking help you see amazing results
  • Many available levels to cover a variety of needs & fitness levels
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2 JLL R200 rowing machine on a wooden floor

JLL R200

Smooth Movement
4.8 /5

#2 Best Rowing Machine

  • Smooth and seamless rowing experience enhances comfort
  • Very easy to transport and store just in seconds
  • Ergonomically designed footrests make sure you stay safe
  • Great for beginners, tailor your workouts to your needs
3 woman using the Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness

For A Variety Of Exercises
4.8 /5

Ideal for Adjustable Resistance

  • Level up by adding more intensity to your workout with 1 of 12 resistance settings
  • Workout your entire body at once from your arms to your legs
  • Secure your shoes comfortably in the anti-slip foot plates
  • Enjoy your training without strain thanks to the ergonomic padded seat
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7 Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine being used by a man

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

Ergonomic & Stable
4.6 /5

High-Quality Construction

  • Ergonomically padded seat & non-slip handlebars for comfort & safety
  • Levels of resistance for all types of workouts & fitness levels
  • Footrests have adjustable straps for maximum stability
  • The LCD display keeps a very detailed track of your workouts
4 Merax Rowing Machine being used by a woman

BTM Rowing Machine

Super Quiet
4.7 /5

Best Pick Home Rowing Machine For Small Places

  • Smooth glide sliding rail that is super silent for no disturbances
  • Advanced screen with great tracking capabilities gives you constant feedback
  • Top-quality materials and sturdy design make it super safe
  • Pre-programmed workouts for brilliant results
6 Merax Rowing Machine on white background

Merax Rowing Machine

Amazing Performance Monitor
4.6 /5

Best Pick for Magnetic Clamping System

  • With 8 resistance settings to choose from depending on your level
  • Perfect for any foot size with wide safeguard pedals
  • Noiseless rowing at any time thanks to its smooth glide sliding rail
  • Transportation wheels make it super portable in seconds
8 JLL Ventus 3 rowing machine on a white background

JLL Ventus 3

Great For All Levels
4.6 /5

Top-Pick For Advanced Driving Belt System

  • Very smooth low-impact cardio workouts for all muscle groups
  • Speed-proportionate air resistance for all fitness levels
  • Track your workouts with great detail and motivate yourself
  • Comfortable seat and big footstool make sure you stay stable
9 XS Sports R110 rowing machine on a white background

XS Sports R110

Stability & Comfort
4.6 /5

Best Elastic System

  • Foldable design makes storage a walk in the park
  • A smooth movement that activates many muscles so you can have a full-body workout
  • Variable resistance levels for any fitness level
  • Great monitor helps in your progress and motivation
10 WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine being used by a woman

TOPIOM Water Resistance Rowing Machine

Amazing Design
4.6 /5

Best Water Rowing Machine

  • Handmade so you can rest assured about its quality
  • Distance and duration workout can be preset to motivate you more
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and stability
  • The polycarbonate water tank doesn't need replacement so you save your money

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Rowing without getting in the water!

No need to find a river or a lake! No need for getting bored during home training! And no need to keep trying without seeing results. Indoor rowers are getting more popular day by day when it comes to fitness equipment just like the cross-trainers and turbo trainers. That’s why this buying guide is all you’re going to need! The top rowing machines are here to give you one of the most amazing training sessions at the comfort of your place. Don’t spend another pound on gym memberships!

Finding the best indoor rowing machine for your needs can be tricky. Why? Because the market is full of different types of them and it’s very essential to find the one that covers your needs. They gained a top position among the best exercise bikes, the best treadmills, and the best cross trainers when someone thinks about exercise equipment. And how can they not, when they are a great way to keep your body in perfect shape? Feel the burn from a resistance rower that gives you the amazing results that you've always wanted.

Either you want it as a home rower or you want to upgrade your gym equipment, being a gym owner that is, one thing’s for sure. There’s a perfect indoor rowing machine out there for you waiting to share the best workout. After all, low-impact training is one of the ways to build your body and stamina, without injuries.

Why Do I Need The Best Rowing Machine?

There are many forms of training that you can choose from. So why a rowing machine? What makes them so great after all? Let’s get something clear! Indoor rowers are of the most effective types of training because of the way your body works during those sessions. From strengthening all muscle groups to cardio. Upper body and lower body work together in sync and you can reach a level that not only looks good but also feels good.

Plus, it’s an indoor activity that you can enjoy at your place without spending a fortune on gym memberships. Don’t fall into the trap that lets you believe that only the upper part of your body is what matters the most. You might have heard the term “chicken legs”! Building your body the right way is far more important than having big biceps! That's why you need the right fitness equipment!

Home gym equipment doesn’t necessarily have to be a hard or an expensive thing. Now you can get your own home rower and unlock your full potential. Improve your functions and see your everyday tasks become easier. Have a peaceful sleep during the night and enjoy your free time by having a cheerful mood. After all, working out affects every single thing about our lives.

What Benefits Does The Top Rowing Machine Have?

Still not convinced about the benefits of an indoor rowing machine? Start your own home gym and this is what you’re going to get. Have a look!

  • One thing that everyone strives to achieve is the perfect body weight. Weight loss can become reality only when you add cardio in your weekly routine. Reducing your body fat by completing your home workout with a healthy diet would be easier than ever.
  • A rower with resistance will make sure that you have a head-to-toe workout where your upper body is trained at the same time as your lower body. Grab those handlebars and improve your stroke rate one step at a time.
  • If you’re worried about injuries and sensitive body parts, like your knees, then low-impact workouts are what you need. They don’t strain your body at all, yet they strengthen you just as much.

What Type Of Rowing Machine Suits You?

There are four main categories of rowing machines. But which one is the best for your needs? No need to worry or feel overwhelmed. Let’s have a look together.

Hydraulic Rowing Machines

One of the economical options when it comes to the price tag. They receive their tension from the amount of air or fluid that’s compressed with a cylinder or piston and can be adjusted depending on your fitness level.

Flywheel Rowing Machines 

They receive their resistance from the pulling motion, which as a result spins a flywheel with fan blades. So the whole resistance comes from the wind and that’s why you’re going to see it as air resistance as well. To increase resistance, you need to pull harder which comes naturally as you progress on your training.

Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machines

Magnetic rowers are very smooth and quiet. They use a magnetic brake system to provide the user with the needed resistance. This magnetic resistance is adjustable through a liquid-crystal display monitor that also gives you feedback on your metrics.

The Water Resistance Rowing Machines

WaterRower is one of the most popular brands when it comes to this type of rowing machines. But it’s not the only one! Water rowers come with a water flywheel and give you the feeling of real rowing. The resistance is provided by the water movement inside the tank and is really quiet during usage.

What Makes The Top Rowing Machine?

What makes the perfect rowing machine? This might be a hard question for you! There are several factors that play a major role when it comes to finding the best option for you. Let’s start with what is it that you want? Getting in shape is the tip of the iceberg! There’s no need to worry though!

Levels of Resistance

Indoor rowers differ when it comes to resistance. Not only because of their type but also in the choices that you have. Magnetic resistance, air resistance, water resistance and hydraulic resistance work in different ways. Some of them are more silent compared to others, while some of them are much smoother. Your fitness level plays a big role in choosing the right one.

Pre-Set Programs

Preset programs and adjustable resistance can make the whole training even better. Especially if you are a beginner it’s better for you to find a rowing machine with many levels of adjustment and start with the basics. That way you can avoid overdoing it and maybe getting injured.

Information Console

Tracking monitors can be found in almost all of them but not every single one can provide you with very detailed feedback. If you’re looking just for the basics, then you’re good with all the options. But if you want something more, then make sure that you find a model that can cover your needs. Especially heart rate monitors tend to give false information in cheaper models.

Storage & Transportation

The storage and transportation play a vital role if you live in a small place and can’t afford to have it in your living room or bedroom all the time. Some of them are so compact and can fold up to help you with the whole process. Some others come with wheels that make the whole transport very easy.


It might not be the first thing you check but it’s super important. Many products in the market aren’t of good quality. And if you don’t have any experience at all you might fall into their trap. Top-quality home rowing machines come with a good warranty that can help you rest assured about your purchase.

How Much Do The Best Rowing Machines Cost?

Time to talk about the price range of rowing machines. As you can imagine cheaper options aren’t the best ones out there. After finding out what is it that you’re looking for, getting the one for you based on your budget will be super easy.

Cheap Rowing Machines

The most affordable models come with only the basic features. Most of them don’t have an information console which is a big downgrade. Connectivity with other devices is out of the question as well, as you can imagine. You can find them for a hundred pounds which is very budget-friendly for most but they are not the best investment.

Mid-Range Rowing Machines

Add a couple of hundred pounds and you can get a far more than decent rower. You can track your progress easily. That way you can get easier motivation and keep going. Better quality build and stability than cheap ones by far.

High-End Rowing Machines

We’re talking about premium and actually the top rowing machines of the market. With bigger user weight limits to cover every single one of you. Compatibility via Bluetooth appears in every single one of them, so you can take it one step further while having a home training. A wide variety of pre-set programs and many levels of resistance make it a rowing machine for life. That’s why you need to spend a couple of thousand pounds on them. Water resistance rowers are quite often in this category.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Rowing Machine?

And what about space? If you live in a small or medium-sized home, then you should look for an option that can fold up. That way, storage becomes super easy and takes only a couple of minutes. While in usage, make sure that you clear enough space around it so you won’t be injured in case of an accident. Don’t place it near windows or glass. And make sure that you leave at least a meter behind it without any objects.

Always Have In Mind…

What good can come from owning a rowing machine? Well, for starters you can have a training session anytime you want that can help you achieve a great cardiovascular health level. Don’t forget that everyone gets older and we need to take care of our bodies! Rowing also helps with weight loss and actually has very fast results compared to other forms of training. All that, combined with building strong muscles lead to the perfect body shape.

The best options are right here for you! After detailed research, our guide is going to help you find the one that covers your needs and has all the features you want. Don’t waste another minute! Let’s take a look together!

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