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Best 10 Router Tables

As Of July 2022

Woodworking is a true craftsman pleasure! You can build furniture and do your own projects from scratch like a pro! But what is it that you need to make this work? What is it that you need that will bring out your best game? The best router tables of course!. Add your personal touch in all your creations and let your imagination do the work! Find a quality machine that can cover all your needs and fill your place with beautiful pieces. This is more than wood crafts! This is art!
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1 BOSCH Benchtop Router Table RA1181 on a white background

BOSCH Benchtop Router Table RA1181

4.8 /5

Best Router Table Overall

  • With 2 easy-to-use adjustable featherboards to attach to fence & table
  • Store your accessories & other tools in the storage pocket
  • Create taller workpieces thanks to its aluminium fence & adjustable MDF Face Plates
  • Enjoy a 1-year warranty for no worries
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2 Trend CRT/MK3 CraftPro Router Table on a white background

Trend CRT/MK3 CraftPro Router Table

4.7 /5

#2 Best Router Table

  • Sturdy construction for heavy-duty projects due to the aluminium plate
  • Easy creations with the Quick Release Backfence function
  • Adapt & adjust the guard assembly, the height & the aperture
  • Top pick for joinery, furniture shaping & moulding applications
3 Kreg Router Table on a white background

Kreg Router Table

4.6 /5

Most Quiet Option For Routing

  • Noise-absorbing MDF tabletop for no disturbances & vibrations
  • Slide the workpieces across the surface with the Easy-Slide Micro-Dot skin
  • Support around the bit so you can use it as a vertical jointer
  • Even though it’s a full-size you can move it easily
4 Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table on a white background

Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

4.5 /5

Convertible Option

  • Convert it from corded to cordless & into a bench mounted one
  • Flexibility & precision to shape, detail and sand a variety of woods
  • You can use if for crafts and metalworking around the house
  • The mini plunge router function is ideal for decorating edges
5 SKIL RAS900 Router Table on a white background

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

4.5 /5

For Great Accuracy

  • No mistakes with the 2 featherboards that help guide your workpiece
  • Simplifies your set-up and improves the accuracy of your cuts
  • Extra support while routing curved edges for maximum stability
  • You don’t have to level it thanks to its easy bit changes
6 Lumberjack Tools RT1500 Bench Top Router Table on a white background

Lumberjack Tools RT1500 Bench Top Router Table

4.5 /5

Great For Both Vertical & Horizontal Use

  • The enhanced material support lets you create big projects
  • With both vertical & horizontal pressure plates for a variety of crafts
  • Remove dust and waste quickly and effective in seconds
  • One of the safest router tables compared to other options
7 Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence on a white background

Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

4.5 /5

The Most Versatile Option

  • Have total accuracy with zero chances of making a mistake
  • Independent sliding fence faces can be positioned exactly where you want them
  • Slide the 2 jointing rods and create brilliant edges
  • Create a custom system & meet every single one of your needs
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8 BOSCH Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171 on a white background

BOSCH Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171

4.5 /5

Very Popular By People

  • Work like a professional on the smooth laminated surface
  • Create your projects with precision & accuracy due to the aluminium mounting plate
  • With 2 very-easy-to use featherboards that are fully adjustable
  • Amazing quality and sturdiness from a big brand
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9 Trend WRT Workshop Router Table on a white background

Trend WRT Workshop Router Table

4.5 /5

Sturdy Build & Amazing Quality

  • Tabletop alignment so you can work with perfect results
  • Comes with reducing rings for safer use with smaller diameter cutters
  • The laminated plate makes moves smooth & easy every time
  • Adjust it quickly & remove the fence for multi-function adaptability
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10 Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table on a white background

Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table

4.5 /5

Best Budget Router Table

  • Compact & Lightweight compared to others makes it perfect for limited space
  • The transparent cutter guard helps you have more accuracy
  • A great option for beginners that want to start their woodworking journey
  • Simple and effective for basic projects
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BOSCH Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Even though it requires a little assembly in the beginning, it worths your time! Just make sure that your setup is good. Don’t worry about it though thanks to its very detailed and easy manual. Right from the start, you can see how sturdy and stable it is. Made from top-quality materials that can offer you many hours of heavy-duty projects. Especially the bench-top and mounting plate that are made of smooth cast aluminium.

Adjust the fence and the guide easily and use the two featherboards to ensure you have a safe operation. Some people aren’t big fans of the last ones but this model will change your mind. One big advantage that you’re going to enjoy is its flexibility which offers you a wide variety of woodworking options. The cutouts are accessible both from above and underneath which helps in making changes fast.

Trend CRT/MK3 CraftPro Router Table

This router table needs only a couple of minutes to set it up which is a big plus. Its sturdiness and quality are obvious right away and it also includes bolt down plates for bench mounting. The plate is excellent with 8mm thick alloy that looks very robust. And if you think about how much it costs then it’s really brilliant. When it comes to dust extraction it’s more than satisfying and does a really good job.

It’s not made for extremely heavy-duty projects so you need to take that into consideration. It’s perfect though for a hobbyist or a beginner that want to start creating DIY crafts or fixing things around the house. Finally, the accuracy and precision are really good and you can count on it to avoid mistakes while working.

Kreg Router Table

Like most of the products that come from this brand, this router table has high-quality parts that are nicely finished and fit together ideally. The base is very stable and it’s made from steel while the 1-inch thick tabletop is very smooth and flat. The whole sliding your wood piece on it is a walk in the park. And the high-pressure laminate over an MDF core makes it even better for your crafts.

One of the features that win the users hearts is the micro-adjust knob that is super easy to use compared to others that are too complex. So you can have an easy and effective outcome. The dust-collection port is more than decent and keeps your space clean while the guard is very secure and keeps your fingers away from trouble. Always make sure that you’re too careful though!

Final Verdict

Either you’re a beginner or a more advanced craftsman, having a router table of high quality is that you need to bring your creative side to the surface. Think about all the projects and DIY things that you can do and fill your place with amazing pieces that everyone will get jealous of. It's the ideal spot to place heavy tools like wood routers, circular saws, plunge saws and many more. The best option for most users is by far BOSCH Benchtop Router Table RA1181. A big brand that has its name connected to amazing products that never fail to amaze us. Another option that is worth mentioning is Trend CRT/MK3 CraftPro Router Table, especially if you want to start with the basics. And don’t forget about Kreg Router Table which really surprises with its accuracy and efficiency.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed with all the options that are available. Just make sure that you narrow down the features that are important to you and this page will do the rest for you. Our top 10 picks can cover every style and type of woodworker and give you the time of your life. Don’t waste another minute and go have a look!

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