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Best 10 Rotary Washing Lines

As Of July 2022

Drying clothes outdoors is one of the best things you can do for your clothes. But airdrying is not a luxury we can afford all year round. When it’s sunny, grab the opportunity and let your clothes dry outside with a cool breeze. Let the best rotary washing lines do the work. They are affordable and portable to store when it rains. Want to know more?
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3 Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Airer with Accessories on white background

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Airer with Accessories

4.6 /5

Best Overall Rotary Washing Line

  • Maintains its metal build quality for years as it’s UV-resistant
  • Ideal for hanging bedding & pillows due to the adaptable height levels
  • Proper air drying of all clothes with the spinning arms
  • Comes with a protective cover, ground tube, pegs & a peg bag
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2 Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Airer Washing Line on white background

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Airer Washing Line

4.7 /5

#2 Best Rotary Airer

  • Ideal for short and tall people as it has adjustable working heights
  • Folds into a compact size with a hanging loop for easy storage
  • Attach clothes hanger and air dry your delicate clothes
  • Hassle-free replacements thanks to the 5-year guarantee
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4 Vileda 4-Arm Rotary Rotary Dryer with white clothes hanging placed on grass

Vileda 4-Arm Dryer

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Height Adjustability

  • Stands its ground against all elements with a weather-resistant coating
  • Perfect for all the family to use as it has 3 adjusting heights
  • Conveniently air out your clothes with its wobble-free centre pole
  • Lightweight & portable to move indoors when raining
5 Elex Trendi Outdoor Garden Rotary Washing Line on white background

Elex Trendi Outdoor Garden Rotary Washing Line

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Easy Installation

  • Efficiently dry your duvets for a cosy sleep due to the sturdy design
  • Takes up little space; foldable to store when not in use
  • Protect your rotary line from damages with the protective cover
  • Simple to install on your own in minutes, no need for help
6 Mother and daughter putting up laundry to dry on the Bargains-Galore Rotary Garden Washing Line

Bargains-Galore Rotary Garden Washing Line

4.5 /5

Ideal for Large Wash Loads

  • Ideal for large families as it has 4-arms & 50m lines
  • Perfect to use all-year-round with its weatherproof PVC coating
  • Quick & secure installation with the included ground socket
  • Pass it on to your kids as its made from robust aluminium materials
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1 Netta Rotary Washing Line on white background

Netta Rotary Washing Line

4.8 /5

Best for its Four Tension Positions

  • Perfect for families as it takes up to 4 large laundry loads
  • No wind can topple it over with the included ground socket & spike
  • Lasts a lifetime with its high-quality, rust-resistant steel
  • Effortless open & close click button for setup in seconds
7 KingMakers Premium Rotary Clothes Airer on white background

KingMakers Premium Rotary Clothes Airer

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Long Washing Line

  • Convenient storing in the free cover
  • Large enough to accommodate up to 4 laundry loads
  • Hassle-free loads of washing thanks to the 60m heavy-duty rotary washing line
  • Place straight into the soil as it comes with a ground socket
8 Clothes hanging on the JVL 3-Arm Rotary Clothes Airer that's placed on the grass

JVL 3-Arm Rotary Clothes Airer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Small Wash Loads

  • Perfect for single people or couples with small wash loads
  • Use it for years with its enhanced durability & robust build quality
  • Clean & maintain with ease due to its PVC coated lines
  • Comes with plastic sockets for planting on the ground
9 Brabantia Topspinner Rotary Airer on white background

Brabantia Topspinner Rotary Airer

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Medium Wash Loads

  • Hang your delicate clothes with hangers from the inbuilt grooves
  • Keep your clothes steady even when windy with the non-slip lines
  • Always stays off-ground thanks to the adjustable height positions
  • Store it in a closet by hanging it through the hanging loop
10 The Home Laundry Premium Rotary Line standing on grass

The Home Laundry Premium Rotary Line

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Compact Spaces

  • Ideal for small spaces with a small turning circle
  • Protect it safely from elements with the included zipped cover
  • Stays intact in strong winds and never wobbles with strong & heavy-duty metal spikes
  • Withstands any laundry load weight thanks to its 4-arms

Sun’s Out! Let Your Clothes Air Dry with the Best Rotary Washing Lines

Are you trying to save on electricity bills? Do you want to take your home chores outside when the sun is shining? The easiest task to bring outdoors is drying your clothes. Any laundry load can dry well when you let it out in the sun! And we don’t mean using one of those retractable washing lines. No, we mean a washing line. With the many options available, settling for any particular model or brand of a washing line is not an easy job. There are many things to consider besides your budget.

What is the best type of rotary washing line? Is the height permanently fixed, or can you adjust it to meet your particular needs? How much space do you need to dry your clothes properly? These are some of the top questions to ask to get the best rotary washing line.

There is no need to panic. With our in-depth buying guide, you will have the easiest time making up your mind. We have personally selected the best models available in the UK to give you a hassle-free buying experience. Want to learn more about these great air dryers? Keep reading below!

What is a Rotary Washing Line

A rotary washing line is a clothes hanging line framework with an umbrella-like look. The umbrella system connects several hanging lines from the middle of the framework to the dryer's arms.

Rotary lines are more flexible than traditional lines. You can always pack it up like an umbrella when you’re done for the day. The shape helps you fold it in seconds to store indoors or in its cover. You also leave it as is, especially if you fix it on the ground with a metal spike.

The manufacturing quality is excellent so that the airer is sturdy enough to stand its ground against a tough wind blow. You won’t have to worry about your clothes ending up on the ground as they will handle heavy loads effortlessly. Unlike traditional washing lines, the rotary washing line spins to catch the wind and dry your clothes faster. Quick-drying lets you save time and allows you to focus on other chores instead.

Why Do You Need a Rotary Washing Line?

Dryers come in handy when you need to dry your clothes fast. Or in winter when clothes take forever to dry on the line. But let’s face it, rotary washing lines come with some advantages despite being an old cloth drying method. We understand that the dryer can do the work with the push of a button, but multiple benefits make this option compelling.


More than anything, a rotary washing line is pretty affordable and saves you hundreds of pounds. Just imagine how much you would save between buying a dryer worth £400 or a washing line worth £40!

Second, a rotary line does not consume electricity. You can dry your clothes as long as you like without adding up to your electricity bill. Even if you have a tumble dryer, it is pretty easy to save on electricity in the summer when you leave your clothes hanging out in the sun.


A rotary line is an environmentally friendly choice. There is no need for electricity like you would need when using a dryer. Air drying your clothes in the sun is a natural process, and you will reduce the harm you inflict on mother nature by the constant use of a power source. You don’t consume any electricity with them, thus saving on power and having lower bills. It’s a nature lover’s perfect way to spend time outdoors while also contributing in their own way to an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Letting your clothes air dry in a natural way is a very hygienic alternative to a dryer. You will get a fresh scent and eliminate lint from coming into direct contact with your clothes as could be the case with a dryer. A rotary washing line has no chemicals involved and kills off any bacteria in an organic way with the sun’s UV rays.

Protects Your Clothes

If you have noticed, dryers tend to destroy the quality of your precious clothes. The fabrics weaken, and the material gets softer, making your clothes susceptible to wear and tear. With a rotary airer, you do not have to worry about such a thing. There is no stretching of the material, and the wind breeze makes them dry naturally. You might have seen many experts say that putting your jeans in a dryer can shrink them. With a rotary line, there is no chance of shrinkage.

What to Look for When Buying a Rotary Washing Line

You should look out for some special features when buying this product because you want to save time, effort, and money. Finding the right choice for you will depend on the features you want. A family will have different needs than a single person, so the features that matter most will be different too. We’ve added up a list of the most important features that will give you the best output.

1. Material

The material determines how solid and durable the rotary line is. The most robust lines are usually made from steel cables with a Polyvinyl chloride plastic coating to protect the steel and your clothes from rust. A second option is plastic material, which is strong but not as durable. With time, these start to wear and tear and before you know it, your clothes are probably falling off the line. The material will also determine how easy it is to lift and carry your rotary line to protect it from weather conditions.

2. Durability

As much as the material contributes to the line's strength, other factors, like weatherproofing, also play a significant role. A weatherproof hanging line can withstand the elements every season throws at it, from snow to wind and dust. When not in use, this becomes an invaluable feature. But, it also lets you use the product all year round.

An aluminium frame is sturdy enough to hold a lighter load weight without the risk of breaking or falling over. The downside is that it won’t stand well against extreme weather. A robust and more durable option is steel because it can hold well against rain or shine.

3. Space

How much space do you have in your home for the rotary line? A larger airer is best if you have a spacious area to place it. Otherwise, if you have a cramped drying space, you will have difficulty setting it up. The washing line might not even fit, and you might be forced to get another. Before you buy it, always consider where you want to place it and if you have enough space. A smaller home will benefit from a smaller product as it will be compact in limited space. If space is not an issue for you, you can go for a larger washing line.

4. Laundry Load

You also need to consider how much laundry you have whenever you are cleaning. If you have loads of washing to do at any time you are cleaning, it is best to buy a strong dryer. Some options come with 2 arms if you’re in a small household with a maximum of two people. There are others with 3 or 4 arms that are perfect for families that deal with a lot of laundry daily. Some dryers have a width of as little as 15-30m. Those are good for 1-2 laundry loads. Larger ones range from 40m to 60m wide and can hold up to 5 laundry loads.

5. Adjustable Height

The cheaper lines might not have the adjustability feature, which limits your usage of the lines. There is no point in buying a washing line that you or other people in your home cannot use due to its height. The higher-end rotary clotheslines give you more adjustability, making them perfect for use in a house with short and taller people. You want to find something that will work best for you at a comfortable height, not straining.

6. Accessories

Additional items like a cover that shields the lines from bad weather or metal spikes and sockets are essential. If you are fixing the lines permanently in your ground, accessories like the sockets and spikes save you money and time as they are cost-effective. You can find great savings when buying them as part of a bundle instead of separately.

Types of Rotary Washing Lines

The type of rotary line will depend on the available features, from the number of arms to the support and closing mechanism. Your pick will make more sense if you look at the following specs to understand the differences and what matches your wants.

Types of Support

Ground Spike

These come with metal spikes for mounting on the ground. For those with ample space outdoors with grass, it is best to fix this type permanently. Spike rotary dryer lines also tend to offer more hanging space. They give you flexibility, too, instead of putting them on the concrete, which will prove better for a long-lasting product. If it’s windy outside and you’ve left the rotary line out, it will land softer on grass than on concrete.


A freestanding washing line is what you need if you are looking for versatility or don’t have space for a permanent hanging system. That’s the case for people living in apartments. But with a freestanding rotary line, you just carry it to your balcony or patio and let your clothes air dry.

They are a great choice for travellers as you can easily pack them up for your travels and ensure you always have fresh and air-dried clothes. You also don’t have to keep fixing spikes in every campsite you visit that way.


If you have limited space for the lines but still want a permanent fixture, a wall-mounted rotary line is the best choice. These are handy if you live in an apartment and want an alternative budget-friendly choice to a dryer. You can put it out on your balcony and hang your clothes to air dry. The one drawback is the manual installation you will have to do.

Rotary Arms

The most common types for this feature are 3 and 4-arm dryers. The number of arms does not necessarily mean it will be a larger capacity for more load. The number of hanging lines on each of these types determines that.

The arms can determine the size of the rotary line. Whatever number of arms you decide to buy, ensure they are retractable. It allows you to fold up the arms, making the washing line compact for less storage space.

Working Mechanism

More specifically, is the rotary line easy to operate? Do you have to struggle when opening or closing it? There are three mechanisms to choose from; button press, hoist crank and umbrella-type mechanism. While the choice narrows down to your taste and preferences, those with a button press or hoist crank are simpler to open and close. They are straightforward and don’t need too much effort. The downside to umbrella types is that they can have resistance to close if it’s windy outside.

What Size of Washing Line do You Need?

The frequency at which you do laundry and your family's size plays a vital role in the size you should get. Also, consider the size of your yard or garden. A small-sized family will need a small rotary line.

A family of up to 4 members can benefit from a 30m size. This size works well for single people or couples too. Some models are more extended, as long as 60 metres, making them ideal for anyone who does heavy loads of washing at a time; anything between 45 metres and 60 meters is ideal for large families with more than 4 members.

How to Maintain Your Washing Line

Maintaining your rotary dryer will enhance its strength and ensures your clothes don’t get dirt stains. It's always essential to watch out for any debris or spider webs on your rotary clothes airer, especially if it is a permanent fixture in your backyard. Here are a few working tips on how to maintain your washing line in tip-top shape.

Avoid Overloading

Overloading your clothesline will mainly cause it to collapse, damaging the rotary line and your clothes. It might also cause accidents if it collapses when there is someone close by. Check the recommended weight for the line you are buying.

Your washing machine can give you excellent guidance on the weight of your washing. If you usually have lots of laundries, go for the largest possible size of a rotary line to handle all the weight without trouble.

Use the Protective Shield

Some rotary lines come with a cover for cushioning your rotary hanging lines from dust, air, and water elements. Ensure you always use it whenever you are not drying clothes. The cover can give you a long-lasting product that you can keep for years. Rain and bad weather can ruin or chip the centre pole if it’s not rust-resistant. With the cover, you can safely store the rotary clothes line anywhere.

Regular Cleaning

You do not have to clean your rotary clothes dryer every time you need to air dry a fresh load of laundry. Try to clean it up often, mainly during the rainy season. When you keep it clean and dry, you minimise moisture level on the lines, prolonging its life. Accumulation of moisture only increases the chances of your rotary lines rusting in no time.

Keep Children Away

The umbrella design of rotary hanging lines is excellent at catching the attention of children. They are just fascinated by such items, and you will probably find them using the lines as a swing. This is not just risky for the children, they can fall over, or the rotary line might fall on them, but it also damages the lines. Only let your kids close to them if they are old enough to be trusted with home chores.

Can You Restring the Line on Your Rotary Washing Line?

Did the lines on your dryer break, and you wonder if it is possible to restring it? The answer is yes, and you can restring the lines if they break. But, this might not be as easy a job as you would wish and might take up a lot of your time. That’s why you should get all the information you need before attempting it.

First, measure how many lines you need to restring in one section. Multiply that by the number of arms your rotary line system has, which could be three, four or more. Add a little more of this because of the tying up and threading that might eat into the line. Ensure you know the diameter of your current line so you can get a quality line that also fits well into the dryer.

The next step will be to install the new line. Before you start, take a picture of the current line and use it as a reference point. Remove the old hanging line, and start restringing with the new one from the middle. If all else fails, you can get a professional to do it for you.

Can You Tighten Your Washing Line When Loosened?

Other times, your rotary lines might start sagging because of the UV light’s stretching and the weight of your clothes. You do not have to start shopping for a new one if the rest of the rotary system is still in good condition. Just tighten it, and you are good to go.

Here is how you do it: lower the rotary height so you can easily work on it without struggling. From the centre position, start pulling at every section until it is tight. Do this on every section that needs tightening. Avoid over-tightening it as you might not be able to close the rotary after. When you finish with every section, cut off or tie the excess line but ensure you can easily open and close it.

How Much Should You Spend on a Rotary Washing Line?

You can find low-cost options that can fit your pocket without costing you a fortune. After all, the point is to save money on bills. So, there are choices to match all budgets available.


With as low as £20, you can get a rotary airer. This is an ideal budget for a basic rotary hanging for small-sized families or low capacity laundry. You can get a rotary line for larger families or big laundry loads ranging from £35-50.


For a higher-quality model with weatherproofing and accessories like covers and ground spikes, you will have to invest a little bit more than £50. It’s essential to cover your needs as this might save you a few pounds compared to cheaper models with all the necessary requirements.


With summer right around the corner, it is time to start prepping to air dry your clothes. Instead of getting the traditional hanging lines, why not buy a more versatile, portable and fancy system for this? With the above buying guide, you can easily choose the top rotary washing line. And, you will know what exactly to look for, from the perfect size to the height and accessories.

Who needs a dryer when you can spend some time outside daily? No home chore is going to seem like a mountain of a task anymore. Just hang your clothes and let them dry on their own while taking on other tasks indoors or outdoors. Get your rotary washing line today!

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