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Best 10 Resistance Bands

As Of July 2022

Our fitness and wellbeing - either we openly admit it or not - is the mirror of how much we love ourselves. And when it comes to our body’s strength, health or rehabilitation, every effort matters, no matter how big or small! That’s why we bring you some of the best workout exercise bands to cover all resistance levels and all muscle groups. Do your home training at your own pace. Do you. And shine!
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1 Gritin Latex Resistance Bands and happy girl exercising at the gym

Gritin Latex Resistance Bands

5 Levels of Resistance
5.0 /5

Best Overall 5 Level Exercising Loops

  • Ideal for upper body and lower body training
  • Respectful to the planet since they are fully recyclable
  • Suitable for versatile uses like yoga and muscle building
  • Non-toxic skin-friendly material for even the most sensitive users
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2 Takemirth Latex Resistance Bands Set on white background

Takemirth Latex Resistance Bands Set

Hips & Legs
4.9 /5

Suitable for Both Newbies & Pros

  • Powerfully train and stretch your body muscles and tendons
  • Skin-friendly thanks to its comfy rubber grip
  • Carry it anywhere with ease, as it comes with a storage bag
  • Very good for rehabilitation exercises on users with limited mobility
3 FREETOO Resistance Bands red stretched by a young fit girl on a bridge

FREETOO Latex Resistance Bands

Ideal for Pull-Ups
4.8 /5

Top Choice for Full Body Stretching

  • Perfect for squats, pull-ups, powerlifting and yoga
  • Not easy to crack, prolonged elasticity even after years of use
  • Durable and safe for intense workouts
  • Soft to your skin, made of environment-friendly materials
4 woman training with the RenoJ Fabric Resistance Bands

RenoJ Fabric Resistance Bands

4.7 /5

Ideal for Hips

  • Different resistance levels for home workouts that equal gym results
  • Compact and lightweight, easily carry them in your pocket
  • Ideal for postpartum recovery, massage therapy and rehabilitation purposes
  • An affordable full-body home exercise solution
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5 Hybrid Sport Resistance Bands on white background

Hybrid Sport Resistance Bands

3 Resistance Levels
4.6 /5

Top Choice for Physiotherapy

  • Best exercise bands for hips, glutes and legs as they keep your knees pushed out
  • Anti-slip, durable fabric for uninterrupted and proper exercising
  • Seamed with high-quality stretch material for gentle skin contact
  • 100% odour free and easily washable
6 Haquno Resistance Bands Set on white background

Haquno Resistance Bands Set

Door Anchor Included
4.6 /5

Best Choice for Pilates

  • Excellent full home workout set for daily strength training
  • Tone and shape healthier joints with its high flexibility
  • Increase your stability with the free workout guide
  • Suitable for any adult height as it comes in a set of 3
7 ELVIRE SPORT Fabric Resistance Bands purple used by girl during her leg workout

ELVIRE SPORT Fabric Exercise Loops

With Αnti-Slip Rubber
4.5 /5

Best Choice for Hips and Legs Workout

  • Specifically designed for working out glutes, hips and legs
  • Extremely good for your fitness, yoga and CrossFit classes
  • High-quality, anti-slip fabric for proper and uninterrupted workouts
  • Great durability even after years of intensive training
8 Takemirth Resistance Bands used by a young man in the gym

Takemirth latex Tube Bands

5 Resistance Levels
4.4 /5

Best Heavy-Duty Option

  • Full fitness stackable equipment for full-body home exercise
  • Intensive exercise for upper and lower body: hips, legs, chest, abdominal muscles
  • Made of durable latex for extensive pull-outs
  • Sturdy door anchor included so you can safely stretch
9 CASG Group Resistance Bands on white background

CASG Group Resistance Bands

3 Resistance Levels
4.3 /5

Ideal for Yoga & Pilates

  • Five levels of resistance, perfectly fitting yoga and home exercises
  • Lightweight & gentle to the skin thanks to their latex material
  • Long loop bands, perfect for physical therapy and muscle recovery
  • Carry bag included, easily portable
10 Proworks Resistance Bands used by lady who workouts her legs

Proworks Latex Exercise Loops

4 Resistance Levels
4.2 /5

Best Option for Newbies

  • Easily adjustable levels of resistance for both upper and lower body parts
  • Lightweight and portable, ideal for exercising outdoors
  • Perfect for shaping up, toning and stretching
  • Eco-friendly material, gentle to the skin and comfortable during use

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Level Up your Home Workouts: Some of the Top Resistance Bands are Here!

Our physical well being often is a mirror of how we treat ourselves.

Do we sit too much? Our glutes will show.
Do we overwork ourselves in front of a laptop screen? Our neck and shoulders will complain.
Do we have the right posture? Our spine will give us a painful hint.
Do we eat carelessly? Our fluffy bellies will tell!

How much do we look after our body, the “vessel” of our spirit, indeed? And while our answers may vary, one thing is for sure: If we feel it’s time for a healthy change, there’s no need to worry about the right gym equipment! For a set of resistance bands will come as a very handy solution.

And perhaps, the next time we look ourselves in the mirror, we might feel like saying: “Well done, you did it! I’m so proud of you!”

Why do I Need a Resistance Bands Set?

Resistance loops can only add to our daily fitness routine. In fact, they are excellent for numerous types of extra heavy exercises or lighter ones, such as:

  • Low-impact warm-ups, body shaping and bodyweight maintenance.
  • Powerful free weights training, theraband exercises and pull-ups for upper body strength.
  • High-intensity Interval Training, commonly known as HIIT- a widespread practice among sportspeople.
  • Gentle resistance exercising, beneficial especially after injury recovery for athletes.
  • Intensive full-body workouts at home or during outdoor sports activities.
  • Gentle physical therapy, in cases that rehabilitation is essential.
  • Additional strength training during yoga or Crossfit classes.

In the following buying guide, we aspire to give you some useful information on how to choose the best resistance bands; the ones that will meet your needs, regardless of how skilled or inexperienced you might be. This way, you will be able to create your personal mini home gym at the lowest cost.

So, let’s begin!

What to Look for When Buying Resistance Bands?

Sturdiness levels and Colour

If it’s your first time seriously thinking about starting regular home exercise, then, pay attention to the sturdiness levels of the loop bands, which is signified by the colour of each band. That is, a yellow band will have less resistance than a black or purple one in the same set. However, bear in mind that every brand uses different colour hues and grades to denote how much resistance you get by each one of them —nothing to worry about, though. Once you get your set, it will be easy to identify the details!

Now, most loop bands come in sets of 3, 4 or 5, so that you adapt the intensity needed in each phase of your training across all groups of muscles, upper and lower ones. The measure used in resistance bands are libres (lbs). That is, more libres equal a higher the level of resistance.


How long should your loop bands be? This depends on the type of exercise you wish to perform. Resistance bands up to 50-70 cm are designed for upper-bod exercises, like arm muscles, shoulders, head and neck. But for full-body workouts, you better opt for a 1.50m length, so you can include your legs in the stretch and twist your waist accordingly, without the fear of breaking the bands.


Wider resistance bands are perfect for working on your arms, glutes, hips and legs, but as you move down to the lower parts of your body, like your knees and ankles, you‘re going to need narrower exercise loops for maximum results.


For regular practice, foam grips are highly recommended, as they provide extra comfort during extended workouts with lots of stretching. Especially if you want to get results similar to those of dumbbells, then you should go for it. If, however, your only purpose is lighter bodywork or just joint and muscle physiotherapy, then resistance bands with no handles will perfectly do since there’s no need for strength overload.

Door Anchors

These anchors usually come with full workout packages, designed for heavy-duty training, like bodybuilding, cross-fit, strength training and the like. They are included in all stackable fitness equipment, along with sturdy metal hooks and heavy resistance tube bands. They keep the pull-up bands firmly gripped on the door, ensuring that you can pull up to 150 lbs with total safety.

What Types of Resistance Bands are There?

There are two main types of resistance bands in the market, tube bands and flat bands.

  • Tube Loop Bands

Resistance tubes, usually come with foam grips, straps for ankles, metal grips and anchors for doors as part of overall stackable fitness equipment. They are ideal for exercising at home or the gym, especially when your goal is to build some upper body strength via repetitive pull-ups.

  • Flat Loop Bands

Flat resistance bands are wider, and they are designed for physiotherapy, yoga asanas and pilates. They are very light, easily folded even in your pocket. Hence, they are a better option if you wish to delve into some daily shape up at home or even during your jogging in the park.

How Much Resistance Do I Need?

This depends on the experience you have, the specific training requirements of your sport and your overall body weight. For example, if you‘re at the beginning stages, you better start with lower resistance and gradually move up to higher levels. If, on the other hand, you are an athlete, a training professional, or you’ve been exercising for years, you will naturally feel the need to increase the amount of resistance.

Have in mind that, as a general rule, stackable resistance bands are best if you want to apply more power since they allow you to pull more than one band if you want to level up your performance.

Now, when it comes to rehabilitation and physiotherapy purposes after a joint accident -or even after an ICU recovery-, then only your doctor, coach and physiotherapist can strictly define the resistance levels that need to be applied; Otherwise, you may cause permanent damage on the injured spot.

What are Resistance Bands Made From?

Most exercise loops are made of the following materials: Rubber, latex (natural or synthetic), cotton fabric and polyester. Many people think that rubber and latex are the same material, but this is not the case - although they come from the same tree!

That’s why rubber resistance bands are cheaper, but they tend to break easily after some time and they get smelly, too. Natural latex bands are more expensive, for they are more skin-friendly and more flexible. If, however, you feel a persistent itch on your skin, then you may be allergic to it.

In this case, we advise you to opt for a latex-free product among the various in the market. Fabric exercise bands with cotton and polyester, for example, maybe what you need. They are higher in price but they are the most strong and durable of all types. Besides, they are totally odour-free and they can even be washed easily.

How Much Do Resistance Bands Cost?

Resistance bands are one of the most cost-effective ways to get fit! Their prices range from roughly from £6 up to £25, depending on the a) the number of resistant bands included in the set, the quality of the material and c) the additional attachments that they may come with.

How Long Will Resistance Bands Last?

The majority of resistance band sets come with a carrying bag included for easy folding, storage and portability in outdoor places. Some packages also include foam handles, anchors, ankle straps and metal hooks, but this goes mostly for the tube exercise loops, not the flat ones. Unfortunately, dumbbells or yoga mats are not included and you will have to buy them separately. If you are not sure about what you get, you better clarify upon order and see what other attachments you can bargain for.

What Extras Should I Get with Resistance Bands?

The higher the quality of the material, the longer you will enjoy them. Cotton and natural latex are very durable and strong; that’s why they are preferred by most - newbies and professionals. Of course, the kind of use you make will also play its part. Check with the manufacturers to see the guarantee they offer; and also ask about replacement terms, in case of early break or damage.

Rediscover the Best Version of Yourself!

Our fitness can be our top priority, only if we choose it to be so. Therefore, it’s up to us to reschedule our day to include some easy exercises, to our utmost benefit!

With the best resistance bands available on a single click and our comprehensive buying guide, your home gym is just a matter of choice. To be honest, we'd feel glad to have helped you “punch” any excuse or hesitation out of the window and get started!

So, ready to reinvent yourself? Find the best resistance bands for you!

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