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Best 10 Recliner Chairs For Elderly

As Of July 2022

Do you want to add a couple of lounging chairs in your living room? Are you looking for a comfortable seat that’s cushioned and allows you to customise its position for ultimate relaxation? Recliner chairs for elderly are fantastic in offering lumbar support, padded cushioning & an all-around excellent chair for your grandparents, parents, or even you! Find the best ones here!

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1 BTM Power Massage Lift Recliner Chair in living room

BTM Power Massage Lift Recliner Chair

4.8 /5

Best Recliner Chair For Elderly Overall

  • Enjoy a spa-like experience with its heat & massage function
  • Adjust the intensity between 4 areas & 10 different modes for your comfort
  • Lounge for hours on end with its convenient lift & tilt mechanism
  • Feel cosy & relaxed with its spacious backrest & armrests
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2 BTM Power Lift Chair in living room

BTM Power Lift Chair

4.7 /5

Ideal for Faux Leather

  • Share it with others worry-free as it has a weight capacity of 125kg
  • Help your grandparents off the seat with its robust silent lift motor
  • Clean it effortlessly thanks to the waterproof materials
  • Increase your blood flow & support your feet with the thick padded footrest
3 More4Homes Caesar Electric Rise Recliner on white background

More4Homes Caesar Electric Rise Recliner

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Massage Heat

  • Keep your favourite beverages within arm’s reach with the 2 cupholders
  • Store your phone, remote control & other items in the handy side pocket
  • Relieve back soreness thanks to the heated seat mechanism
  • Stand upright or snooze with the chair’s raise & recline feature
4 BTM Power Lift Recliner Chair in living room

BTM Power Lift Recliner Chair

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Lift Motor

  • No need to stand up & pause mid-show as you can store items on the side pouch
  • Customise the position with the lift & tilt mechanism
  • Release pent up stress thanks to the thick backrest, armrest & padded seat
  • Suitable for any body type with its 150kg weight capacity
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5 BOJU Recliner Chair in living room

BOJU Recliner Chair

4.5 /5

Ideal for Comfortable Backrest

  • Stretch your body hassle-free with the included footrest & padded backrest
  • Take a sip of your drink effortlessly as it comes with 2 cupholders
  • Put it together in no time thanks to the straightforward instructions
  • Bring a stylish addition to any room with the brown PU leather
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6 ZYLOYAL10 Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair on white background

ZYLOYAL10 Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

4.5 /5

Best Breathable Choice

  • Lessen joint & knee pain with its electric rise & recline motor
  • Worry-free to use for any adult with its 200kg weight capacity
  • Have peace of mind when sitting on it as it has an anti-back tipping feature
  • Place small objects conveniently close with the side pocket
7 BTM Electric Lift Recliner in living room

BTM Electric Lift Recliner

4.5 /5

Ideal for Spacious Side Pocket

  • Adjust the massage settings to your liking with its 5 available modes
  • Target specific areas efficiently from your back to your thighs & legs
  • Charge your devices while watching TV with the handy USB port
  • Give your body plush support with its super soft pads in the cushions
8 Fenetic Wellbeing Cullingworth Riser Recliner on white background

Fenetic Wellbeing Cullingworth Riser Recliner

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Headrest

  • Select 1 of 5 colours to match your home’s interior design
  • Switch the chair’s settings with the included remote control
  • Perfect for people with arthritis & other circulation problems thanks to the reclining positions
  • Stress-free to cover repairs with the 5-year warranty
9 The Thornton Riser Recliner in living room

The Thornton Riser Recliner

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Lumbar Support

  • Gift it worry-free to your non-tech savvy elders thanks to the 2-button operation
  • Feel refreshed by choosing from its 6-point vibration massagers
  • Alleviate pain & discomfort with the heat pad at the lower backrest
  • Get off the chair effortlessly thanks to the lift & tilt
10 Morris Living The Perth Riser Recliner Mobility Chair on white background

Morris Living The Perth Riser Recliner Mobility Chair

4.5 /5

Ideal for Customisation

  • Mess-free to maintain as it’s made of stain-resistant faux leather
  • Control the footrest & backrest separately to match your needs
  • Less clutter around your seat with the convenient side storage pocket
  • Have peace of mind when using it with the 5-year warranty
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Lounge Comfortably For Hours On End!

Do you have elderly people living at home? Are you looking for a high-quality seating option that they can use without feeling discomfort? There are many types of sofas out there, from sofa beds to inflatable sofas and more, but when it comes to seniors, you should find chairs that are padded and soft enough to have them feeling relaxed for hours on end. That's where the best recliner chairs for elderly come in to give you versatility and a bigger room for adjustment control. 

How did these chairs differ from regular recliner chairs? This chair type comes with enhanced features, including heating and massage, a lift and tilt mechanism that assists seniors when trying to get off the seat, and more exciting functionalities. 

Want to learn more about what to consider before you purchase one of these recliner chairs? Keep reading below!

  • Lift & Tilt Mechanism: One of the most critical things to look for if you’re planning on buying the recliner chair for a senior is a lift & tilt mechanism. Most chairs for the elderly come with either a single or dual motor that assists them with the recline and standing upright function. It’s handy to have this feature because it helps your loved ones sit and get off the chair independently without putting too much pressure on their knees or joints. 
  • Heating & Massage: Finding a reclining chair with a heat and massage feature can be the greatest gift you give yourself; trust us! These neat features not only help you relax and unwind they also relieve soreness, stress and chronic back pain. They can be highly beneficial for seniors with medical conditions such as arthritis, circulation problems and more. 
  • Material: Another feature to consider is what type of materials the recliner will be made of as it eases the feeling of comfort while sitting. You can find faux PU leather, textile, velvet, and more options. The material also affects the ease of cleaning the chair and its breathability.
  • Adjustability: One of the most essential things to look for in a reclining chair is room for customisation so that you feel the most comfortable while sitting. Most come with adjustability on the headrest, backrest, footrest, and recline up to 160 degrees.
  • Weight Capacity: Check the chair’s weight capacity through the product description. Most can handle any body type as they are wide and sturdy. But, to have peace of mind, look at their weight-bearing in the description. Models can range at bearing weights from 100kg to 200kg.
  • Accessories: Most, if not all, recliner chairs include neat compartments for accessories to make your life easier and keep everything within arm’s reach. They can have cupholders on the edge of the armrest or a side pocket as storage for your personal items. Also, many come with a remote control that lets you adjust the chair’s settings with ease.

Give the seniors in your life a comfortable way to spend their downtime lounging in a recliner chair for elderly! These state of the art chairs are durable, high-quality and built to withstand wear and tear. Bringing one of these into your home will allow you to relieve discomfort while watching your favourite TV series. And, your grandparents won’t need help getting off the chair thanks to their lift and tilt function. So, which movie are you going to watch first?

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