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Best 10 Ready Made Curtains

As Of July 2022

Do you want to add some sunshade to your living space? Are you looking to block out the sun’s rays and create an atmosphere that promotes zen and relaxation? The best ready made curtains add an elegant finish touch to your living room, dining room or bedroom. Not to mention that they also block out cold breezes or the summer heat. Want to find out more?
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1 Deconovo Grey Blackout Curtains hung in living room

Deconovo Grey Blackout Curtains

4.8 /5

Best Ready Made Curtains Overall

  • Create a modern aesthetic with their neutral colour options
  • Escape the outside world & rest in tranquillity with the triple weave technology
  • Lower your bills by blocking out the heat or cold all-year-round
  • Put them up in no time as they have an eyelet curtain design
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2 PONY DANCE Kids Blackout Curtain hung up in living room

PONY DANCE Kids Blackout Curtain

4.7 /5

Ideal for Shrink-Resistant

  • Add privacy to your space with the sun-blocking triple weave technology
  • Keep the room warm thanks to the thermal properties
  • Protect your furniture from discolouration with the fade-resistant & thick material
  • Remove the wrinkles effortlessly as they are machine-washable
3 Deconovo Grey Blackout Curtains Super Soft hung in living room

Deconovo Grey Blackout Curtains Super Soft

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Thermal Insulating

  • Bring a pop of colour to your bedroom with their beautiful pencil pleat design
  • Say goodbye to up to 95% of sunlight & enjoy a deep slumber
  • Reduce your electricity bills with these money-saving curtains
  • Hassle-free to clean them up by putting them in a washing machine
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4 Deconovo Solid Blackout Curtain hung up in living room

Deconovo Solid Blackout Curtain

4.5 /5

Ideal for Noise Reducing

  • Use them right from the box as they come ready to hang
  • No glare coming from the windows while you’re watching your favourite series
  • Create a comforting environment for you & your family
  • Choose between 28 unique colour options to match your personal taste
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5 Amazon Basics Room-Darkening Blackout Curtain Set hung in living room

Amazon Basics Room-Darkening Blackout Curtain Set

4.5 /5

Best Choice with Grommets

  • Keep outside noises at bay with their blackout lining for privacy
  • Insulate your home better to tackle the winter cold & summer heat
  • Frame your windows with an elegant & aesthetically pleasing design
  • Pull the curtains back worry-free with the included Velcro ties
6 Happy Linen Company Kids Dinosaur Pleat Curtain Set hung up in children's bedroom

Happy Linen Company Kids Dinosaur Pleat Curtain Set

4.5 /5

Ideal for Children's Room

  • Boost your little one’s creativity with their playful dinosaur theme
  • Let the sunshine in with the included tiebacks
  • Maintain your room’s temperature breathable with their fully lined design
  • Comforting on the skin as they’re made of a poly-cotton blend
Ribbon For Kids
7 Fusion Home Furnishings Cotton Curtains hung up in living room

Fusion Home Furnishings Cotton Curtains

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Boho

  • Bring a tropical vibe to your home with their stunning palm-leaf illustration
  • Do you have sensitive skin? Don’t worry, as they’re 100% cotton
  • Enjoy them for years thanks to the durable & resistant materials
  • Install them effortlessly with the 10 brushed silver eyelet rings
8 Deconovo Black Blackout Curtains Stars hung in living room

Deconovo Black Blackout Curtains Stars

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Nursery

  • Create a space-themed bedroom decor with their foil printed star pattern
  • Select 1 of 17 vibrant colours to match your style
  • Sleep peacefully even through the sunrise with their noise-reducing
  • Spend less on electricity & water bills by simply hand washing them
9 MOOORE Grey Bedroom Blackout Curtains hung in living room

MOOORE Grey Bedroom Blackout Curtains

4.5 /5

Top UV-Resistant Pick

  • Save money as they come as a pair of curtains for your windows
  • Put them in the washing machine worry-free thanks to their excellent durability
  • Blend them beautifully with the rest of your decor with 1 of 22 colours
  • Naturally darken your room & block out heat or cold
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10 Megachest Woven Slot Top Curtain hung up in living room

Megachest Woven Slot Top Curtain

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Voile

  • Versatile to install them on a pole or wire up as they have a slot rod pocket
  • Create a soft finishing touch to your windows with the voile panels
  • Pick 1 of 28 eye-catching colours to show off your personality
  • Allow sunshine in your home by using the included tiebacks
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Block Out The Sun & Have Privacy With The Best Ready Made Curtains

Are you trying to elevate your living space’s decor with an affordable and functional addition? Do you want to find the perfect curtain colour to match your magnolia walls? Are you looking for a more popping shade and textiles that will contrast your room’s neutral tones? Besides style, curtains can be a practical decor piece that will give you functionality, too. You may not have thought of this, but besides the obvious shading benefit, curtains also give you more privacy. By simply closing them shut, you can block the outside world and maintain your home’s temperature cosy and snug, free from the outdoor breeze or heat. 

If you don’t consider yourself a DIY expert and often need help on hanging curtains and putting up a curtain pole, then ready-made curtains will be an excellent choice for you. Don’t know what to look for in terms of features? With our buying guide, you’ll be able to select the right one to match your needs. Stay with us as we show you the must-haves to consider before making a purchase.

What are ready made curtains? 

These are some of the fastest and most convenient options when looking for a curtain to cover your windows. You may come across them as made-to-measure-curtains too. Many people prefer them as you can use them immediately once you unbox them by simply hanging them up. The two most common types include the ready-made eyelet headings and the lined pencil pleat curtains. 

There's a wide selection of options out there for any budget and room decor. Before selecting one, all you have to do is spend some time weighing in on textiles, curtain fabrics and colours. The width and length vary depending on the area that you want to install the curtains on. You may want a door curtain or a  window one instead. From luxurious velvet curtains to linen curtains and pelmets, there is a variety suitable for everyone’s wants and needs. 

What to look for in a curtain set? 

Do you want to gain a little bit more information on what to consider in a curtain set? Luckily, we've added a list of the most important features to look for. So, keep reading to find out more. 

1. Type 

The first thing you need to decide on is what type of curtains that you are looking for. The two most popular options are eyelet curtains or pencil pleat curtains. The eyelet curtain types go through a pole via metal rings for convenience. The pencil pleat types are a more traditional curtain look. They collectively bundle up at the top while opening up at the bottom for a more luscious look. You can pass these through a curtain track or a pole, depending on your home’s setup. 

2. Style 

Once you establish which of the two options you prefer, you have a lot of versatility in style and design. Some things to think about include the patterns, textures and colours. Do you prefer neutral tones, including beige, ochre and other similar hues, or do you want something more eye-catching like teal or, say, tartan? Are you into velvet eyelets or something more premium-like voile curtains?

3. Budget 

Generally, a curtain set is not too expensive, but you still have a few options to consider budget-wise. The low-cost options may start from as little as £15-20, with more premium fabrics, colours and dimensions bumping up the cost to about £40 or even more. One thing to keep in mind is that wider curtains are likely to cost more because of the amount of fabric they have stitched. But, you can still find affordable options to match your pocket with a little bit of research. 

4. Size

Standard sizing options range from 46 inches (117cm) wide to 79 inches (200cm) wide. Also, the most common length will be 54 inches (138cm) long. But, there are many larger lengths too, up to 240cm for homes with high ceilings. These dimensions match most UK households in height and width for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms or any other home area.

5. Mounting Mechanism

Many manufacturers include the pole on which you have to mount the curtain set. However, you should spend some time reading through the product description to ensure that they come with it. Some even include Velcro ties or other tieback systems so that you can keep the curtains open effortlessly. 

What size should your curtains be?

The dimensions that you pick depend on the mounting mechanism you have in place and the wall dimensions. For example, if you want to place the curtains on a narrow wall, you should opt for a curtain that is smaller in width, say, from 117cm to 140cm. But, if you have ample wall space, you can go for wider options from 140cm to 200cm. 

Likewise, the height will depend on how tall your ceilings are. For example, if you have a low ceiling, you should opt for something between 137cm to 175cm. For higher ceilings, options can reach up to 240cm tall. Whatever the case may be, take some time first to measure your space so that you end up with a pair of curtains that will fit your home precisely. 

Should your curtains touch the floor? 

Not necessarily, but the most popular way of hanging your curtains is so that they touch the floor. Some people prefer to leave a little bit of space on the floor in case they have a radiator or other furniture pieces below. The two best ways to hang your curtains will either be touching the floor and hitting the sill or if they’re extending beyond the floor’s surface. 

The classic option is the first one, as you will notice that when you open and close the curtains, they will fall into their original shape again effortlessly. Ideally, you should use this mounting method for your kitchen or bathroom when longer drapes getting in your way aren't as practical. The second option is for you if you want a stylistic choice that elevates your space into a more luxurious feel. However, one thing to remember is that curtains that pool a few centimetres on the floor require more frequent readjusting and higher maintenance.


Add a pair of the best ready made curtains and regain precious privacy, reducing the outside noise and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Who doesn't love a touch of elegance in their home decor? In fact, you not only gain functionality, but you also bring style to your living space. Say goodbye to the sun's glare landing on your television while you're watching a movie or when you're trying to catch some Z's. Are you ready to rest and fall asleep peacefully in total darkness?

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