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Best 10 Radiator Covers

As Of June 2022

Do you have a heating system at home? Are you looking to add a touch of style and functionality to an otherwise ugly radiator in a modern living space? The best radiator covers are heat-efficient units that will be an attractive addition to your home. Never compromise the cosy & warm feeling in your home while also maintaining your home's decorative scheme. Want to find out more?
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1 Vida Designs Chelsea Radiator Cover on hardwood floor

Vida Designs Chelsea

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Add a modern look to your home with its stylish white colour
  • Decorate it to your liking with the convenient shelf at the top
  • Ensure it stays sturdily in place thanks to the wall-mounting brackets
  • Assemble it in no time with the straightforward instructions
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2 Vida Designs Milton Radiator Cover on hardwood floor

Vida Designs Milton

4.7 /5

Ideal for Any Home Decor

  • Combine it nicely with the rest of your space thanks to its neutral grey colour
  • Add an extra layer of protection with the wall brackets
  • Make any room homier by adding frames & decor on the shelf
  • Improve the radiator’s airflow as it has a vertical grill
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3 Vida Designs Oxford Radiator Cover on hardwood floor

Vida Designs Oxford

4.6 /5

Best for Matte Finish

  • Bring cosiness to your home with vases, flowers & more on the extra shelf at the top
  • Fit it neatly on any flooring as it has a skirting board cutout
  • Elevate your space with its quatrefoil design on the front
  • Add brightness to any dark room with poor lighting thanks to its white colour
4 Laura James Radiator Cover in living room

Laura James

4.5 /5

Most Aesthetic Choice

  • Install it securely by using the included wall-mounting brackets
  • Customise it to cover your radiator’s size to the tee as it’s adjustable
  • Transform your space with its stunning cross front panel design
  • Worry-free to set up even if you have kids thanks to the rounded edges
5 Finether Radiator Cover in room with decor pieces on top


4.5 /5

Top Choice for Simple Assembly

  • Blends well with your living room as it has a gorgeous white finish
  • Display grad photos & other decors on the spacious radiator shelf
  • Built to last for years thanks to the robust MDF wood materials
  • Lower the chances of accidents by covering the radiator’s hot surface
6 Kingwudo Radiator Cover in living room


4.5 /5

Ideal for Sleek Finish

  • Include rustic hues to your decor with its elegant brown wood grain
  • Make the radiator’s air circulation better with its vertical slats
  • Declutter & gain back extra space by adding items on the top shelf
  • Put it together in just a few minutes thanks to the included manual
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7 Mondeer Radiator Cover on carpet


4.5 /5

Top Pick for Large Surface

  • Make your space warm faster thanks to the vents at the top & bottom
  • Prevent injuries for your little ones with the rounded edges
  • Match it to your home style comfortably with its classic white design
  • Practise your green thumb as it’s made from eco-friendly materials
8 AVC Designs Kensington Radiator Cover on hardwood floor

AVC Designs Kensington

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Small Radiators

  • Tuck away old & unfashionable radiators with its stylish grey colour
  • Take advantage of the extra shelving space at the top to show off photos & decor
  • Fasten it to the wall hassle-free with the instructions
  • Enjoy it for years to come thanks to its durable MDF wood
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9 Furneo Radiator Cover on hardwood floor


4.5 /5

Top Glossy Pick

  • Choose from small, medium, large & extra-large to match your radiator’s size
  • Attach it to the wall firmly with the mounting brackets
  • Circulate warm air in the room quicker as it has top & bottom vents
  • Assemble it stress-free with the included picture instructions
10 Lavievert Radiator Cover in living room


4.5 /5

Best Choice for Ventilation

  • Distribute the heat evenly through the room due to the large top vent
  • Protect your kids or pets from touching the radiator by adding a durable cover
  • Gain more storage space with the convenient top shelf
  • Worry-free to put it together without the need for wall-mounting

Make Your Radiator Beautiful With The Best Radiator Covers

Your living room may need a stylish upgrade if you're looking at your old, paint-chipped radiator and thinking, "ugh, this thing has to go”. Nobody likes outdated decor in their home, and if you’re someone who enjoys discreetly hiding chunky and unfashionable home essentials, then a cover for your radiator is a must.

We are talking about the best radiator cover to transform your space into a glamorous affair with a cover that will not only serve to conceal an unsightly radiator but will also be a functional unit with extra usefulness.

We have put together this buying guide to walk you through the different styles available. These are radiator covers that you can assemble fast and easily for the most attractive way to heat your home. Keep reading below to find out more. 

Why Should You Invest In Radiator Covers?

A radiator cabinet's primary purpose is to cover the heating unit in your home. If you ever wonder whether radiator covers are efficiency tools or just design elements in a room, here are a few ways to help you see the benefits of using one.

1. They Are Efficient. 

A well-designed radiator cover mostly with reflective backing and lots of gaps does not reduce the efficiency of your radiator. In fact, it improves its effectiveness in such a way that you'll always have heat throughout the home.

As such, you'll want to choose a high-quality cover that will not trap heat and rack up your energy bills. Ventilation at the top and bottom of the cover is essential to equal the heat distribution on all ends. 

2. They Protect You from the Heated Surface. 

Radiator covers are not just aesthetic choices. They protect children and pets from accidental touches on the hot surface. Remember that radiators work by warming air and passing it through its fins, releasing the warm air at the top. As a result, the surface becomes very hot, which could result in injuries. 

While you can replace your radiator with a low surface temperature radiator, the process is usually complicated. Getting a radiator cover is affordable, and it gives you peace of mind against potential accidents since it limits access to the radiator. 

3. They Provide Additional Shelving.

Another neat benefit of a radiator cover cabinet is that you can take back lost space. It can support lightweight items like photo frames, vases, ornaments, and other decorations to spruce up your living room. This attribute transforms radiator cabinets into multipurpose pieces of furniture for a functional yet decorative flair to your home. 

The shelf at the top in most models is sufficient enough to handle a few items comfortably so that you can declutter and free up space in your rooms. So, rather than purchasing other shelving options, you can even save some money by opting for a large radiator cover instead.

4. They Are Aesthetically Appealing.

Hiding an ugly radiator is usually the main purpose for investing in a cover. Since radiators are bulky and prone to dust, it makes sense to use a cover to make your radiator attractive and in line with your home's interior design. You can choose from different styles that fit your colour scheme.

The most common palettes include white, black and grey colours because they are effortless to blend with the rest of your home decoration. Also, they can add brightness and create a focal point to your room. The choice depends on your unique home style, but all options are tasteful to match any furniture beautifully. 

5. They Reduce Noise.

Central heating systems usually have pipes that cool and heat up as they react with water. This process is generally accompanied by whooshing and clicking as the radiator fills up. The noise can be distracting if you live in a small house with thin walls and piping. A radiator cover cabinet reduces the volume of the noises for a little more peace. 

This benefit may be highly advantageous for those living in apartments,  small homes or new parents. Your little one, you and your partner can fall asleep peacefully while staying warm as the radiator’s noise won’t disturb you from catching some Z’s.

What To Look For When Buying Radiator Covers

Whether you are looking to childproof your radiator or hide an otherwise bland radiator, you'll want to go over a few things before making your pick. We’ve added a list of the features to consider to help you make the most of your purchase.

1. Design 

As we said, radiators rely on convection to heat an entire room. Different designs in a radiator cover can affect your home's energy profile. A poorly designed cover can alter your unit's efficiency. In particular, radiator covers should have large gaps on the top and bottom of the cover to aid the convection process. If a cover has small slats, it causes the unit to work hard when you turn it on.

Some of the most sought-after designs in modern radiator covers include a foil reflector to improve the radiator's efficiency. You'll also find models with a shelf, while others have sophisticated grill patterns.

2. Material

There are varied materials to choose from for your new radiator cover. Wood radiator covers are perhaps the best-looking and most practical in this category as they are excellent heat insulators. You'll find distinct designs of Birch veneer, mahogany, oak, walnut, and plywood. Although a bit pricier, wood makes for lovely DIY since you can add cushions or turn it into a  furniture piece that fits your exact needs.

The second most-used material is MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) since it is durable and comes in many styles. MDF radiator covers have fantastic sturdiness and longevity without costing as much as natural wood. For that reason, many people prefer this material for a budget-friendly option. Other worthy mentions include  PVC as a low-cost material. You could even go for a metal cover in aluminium or steel for heavy-duty choices and an upped price. These types prevent heat loss but are not ideal for childproofing.

3. Style & Finish 

When it comes to radiator covers, you can choose from a wide range of custom-made styles and finishes. White radiator covers are the most popular, but you can also select black models to contrast a plain white wall. There are also high gloss finishes, grey, cream, crown, and many others.

Still, in style, you may want to consider the slatted design. Horizontal slats are a safe choice for contemporary and traditional home decor. They are often robust and rustic and fit well in most spaces, including the hallway or corridor. Vertical ones have their air gaps arranged vertically and are more suited to a minimalist home, apartment, or flat. Geometric slats have a high gloss finish that often comes with a geometric pattern. It's ideal for rooms with glossy surfaces like a modern kitchen. 

4. Type 

Depending on your personal preference, you can pick between three different construction types of covers, off-the-peg, made-to-measure or bespoke. Off-the-peg are standard-size radiator covers that come ready-made. Apart from hiding obstructive radiators, they also have options such as extra shelving. And, you can opt for an adjustable radiator cover; it can fit your specific radiator.

Made-to-measure covers allow you to choose a custom size for your radiator. These models are usually made from scratch to accommodate a unique radiator. It's what you want if your radiator is not a standard size. Bespoke radiator covers give you the opportunity to choose everything from the finish to material, the skirting board, and the grille pattern. In that case, it's best to look for a carpenter who specializes in radiator covers to get a unit that fits your exact needs.

5. Price

Radiator covers conceal your radiator and can add an extra dimension of usefulness to your heating system. The cost of a cover depends on a few things, including the brand, whether you are buying off-the-shelf or custom-made, and the number of radiators you need to cover. Also, expect to pay more for a  large radiator cover compared to a smaller model. 

Standard size models range in price from as little as £20 to over £100. These are excellent to assemble on your own DIY-style. Alternatively, you would have to hire a contractor but that can be costly. Contractors usually charge a half-day rate as a minimum to install a radiator cover. So, say you want to install two covers, you may have to pay anywhere from £90 up to £200 to install multiple radiator covers around the home. 

Does A Radiator Cover Block The Heat From Your Radiator?

Radiator covers hold the potential to trap some of the heat being created by your radiator. The fact is, a poorly designed unit can cause heat loss. It can affect your radiator TRV (thermostatic valve reading) and confuse your entire heating system. 

The good news is, you can get a high-quality radiator cover with a foil backing to improve the efficiency of your radiator. To ensure that the cover does not affect the radiator's BTU (British Thermal Unit) output, it's best to install it at least 30mm in height, 20mm in depth, and 40mm in length away from the radiator. Also, vents at the top and bottom can improve the overall air circulation so that you lower the chances of heat-trapping.

Is It Safe To Use a Radiator Cover?

Yes. As long as you pick a well-designed radiator cover with built-in reflector panels and plenty of space. This way, you will not only be concealing an eyesore radiator, but you'll also be protecting young kids and pets from accidental touches on a radiator's hot surface.

Generally, you will want a cover with gaps on top to let the air through to the ceiling. However, if you're choosing a cover for its storage space, it's best to go with one with a slatted design to help the hot air flow freely to prevent overheating.


Have you warmed up (no pun intended!) to the idea of purchasing a radiator cover? By now, you have every reason to invest in a good, hard-wearing model. Our top choices will protect your loved ones, help you reclaim lost space, and of course, spruce up any living space

We've uncovered the best radiator covers and done the research, so you don't have to. With our buying guide, you’ll be able to tick off all the right boxes to match your wants and needs. And now, you can hide that unsightly radiator to regain the aesthetics in your home. Are you ready to create a comforting and snug zen space?

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