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Best 10 Pull-Up Bars

As Of July 2022

Do you want to get fit and see your body transform? Pull-up bars are a great upper-body workout that helps you get stronger with the use of your body weight. Improve your health & fitness one pull at a time. Build muscles and body strength with a variety of exercises from the comfort of your home. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this compact piece of equipment will help you exercise various muscle groups. Start today!

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1 UMI Door Bar

UMI Door Bar

Non-Rusting and Corrosion-Resistant
4.9 /5

Best Pull-Up Bar Choice

  • Easy to install on your door frame or wall without screw or drilling
  • Adjust the length and use it anywhere in the house
  • No more blisters with its customisable comfortable hand grips
  • Durable and sturdy to load up to 200kg
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2 GM Unisex's Door Gym on white background

GM Unisex's Door Gym

Multi-function Exercise Bar
4.8 /5

#2 Pull-Up Bar Choice

  • Made to fit all standard door frames without damaging them
  • All the tools for easy and time-saving installation are included
  • Enjoy a range of upper body exercises and feel like a pro
  • Professional construction to support up to 130kg
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3 Magnoos “Matador“ Pull-Up Bar green on white background

Magnoos “Matador“ Pull-Up Bar

Higher than Standard Bars
4.8 /5

Top choice for Tall People

  • Easily install and uninstall from your door frame without drilling
  • Fold up and store it in your closet when you are done with your workout
  • Great for tall people as it is taller than other pull-up bars
  • Use it on your floor for push-ups and sit-ups as well
4 Ultrasport Multifunctional Door Pull-Up Bar on white background

Ultrasport Multifunctional Door Pull-Up Bar

No Doorframe Marks
4.7 /5

Perfect Fitness Multi-gym

  • Easily adjustable to fit almost all door frames
  • Suitable for rented homes as it leaves no marks to your door frame
  • For permanent installation and more stability, all the mounting material are included
  • Great for both men and women as it holds up to 100kg
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5 green innovation fitness powerbar on white background

Innovation Fitness Powerbar

Solid welded construction
4.6 /5

Best Foldable Pull-Up Bar

  • No-fuss, no muss as it is ready to use with no assembly necessary
  • Great for small apartments as it folds flat in seconds for easy storage and transport
  • Safe to use thanks to the fully welded frame
  • Be worry-free as it comes with a ten years warranty
6 JX FITNESS Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar and Chin Up Bar on white background

JX FITNESS Wall Mounted Bar

Professional Pull-Up Bar
4.6 /5

5 in 1 Pull-Up Bar

  • Includes special duty dowels for secure wall installation
  • Great for gym owners who want high stability and durability
  • Multifunctional with hooks for trx straps, power ropes, slings and punching bag
  • Stress-free with a two-year warranty and lifetime service
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7 ONETWOFIT Pull-Up Bar on white background


Adjustable bar
4.5 /5

Comfortable grip pads

  • Simple set up on your door frame with no drilling
  • No more annoying marks due to transparent rubber closures
  • Comfortable grip pads that absorb sweat and prevent palm irritations
  • Enjoy more than pull-ups on the bar from stretching to sit-ups and push-ups
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8 Ultrasport Pull-Up Bar on white background

Ultrasport Pull-Up Bar

Adjustable width and depth
4.4 /5

Versatility for home workouts

  • Mobile and compact bar for upper body home workout to use anywhere
  • Adjustable width and depth to fit any door frame
  • Use both on doors or floor for a variety of exercises
  • Suitable for the whole family with a weight capacity of 100kg
9 DTX Fitness Multi Grip Pull Up Bar on white background

DTX Fitness Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

Multi grip positions
4.3 /5

Best Wall Mounted Option

  • Great for hitting different areas of the back and biceps with the multi grips
  • This heavy-duty wall-mounted pull-up bar is great for indoors and outdoors
  • Knees won't hit the wall, as it's wider than average bars
  • Robust and durable to support up to 150kg
10 AhfuLife Pull Up Bar on white background

AhfuLife Pull Up Bar

Smart Bar
4.2 /5

Best Telescopic Exercise Bar

  • Set it up within seconds without drilling and enjoy your exercise anytime
  • A must-have multifunctional bar for chin-ups, leg raises, crunches and more
  • The more you pull, the more stable it gets
  • It won’t loosen up or rotate due to its locking mechanism

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Anyone can pull up a pull-up! Yes, so can you!

You need a pull-up bar. Why? Pull-ups are a great exercise. The main focus is the upper bod as it strengthens shoulders, arms, back and abs. But they can do more than that. They can help you improve your endurance, flexibility and posture. Pull-ups can strengthen muscle groups that other exercises rarely do. Pair them with some quality suspension trainers and there you have it, a whole gym in the most cost-effective way!

Not everyone has space for large fitness equipment or money for gym memberships. Pull-up bars are an inexpensive, space-saving solution for everyone looking to work out. Some of us live in small apartments. Others enjoy working out in our PJs. And then some want to complement their home gym equipment. It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness pro or a beginner enthusiast. You can simply choose either a doorway pull-up bar or wall-mounted pull-up bar, and you are good to start.

Why should you start doing pull-ups on a pull-up bar?

Good question. Here are the benefits of starting pull-ups today:


You can workout anywhere. There is no need to have special equipment or fitness clothing. Mount your pull-up bar on your doorway or wall and start exercising those triceps. Many are portable, which allows you to mount your bar in different locations in the house or even carry it with you when you travel. Never miss a day of exercise ever again!


Think of all those gym or CrossFit memberships that went down the drain. Pull-ups only require a bar, and you can find one for every budget here. They are inexpensive and compared to anything you’ve ever spent before, bars are not only affordable, but they are also effective.


You can do a variety of exercises on the bar. Try different grips; there are at least eight different ones to work on different muscles. Exercise muscles, you never thought possible. Try stretching exercises, leg raises, crunches and many more. The potential you have when working out in a pull-up bar is unlimited.

Endurance & Strength

Build your grip strength and endurance, and witness your daily life change towards the best. Work your muscular endurance with more reps or your strength with grip variations that no dumbbell can accomplish. Feel more confident and strong after a few pull-ups.

What features should I look for when buying a pull-up bar?

At this point, you know why you should start pull-ups today, and by the looks of it, you are sold! We can all agree that the benefits of both your health and body are tremendous. Now, let’s see how you can choose the right one for you. Here is a list of what you need to look for to help you decide which one to buy based on your needs.


Some are easier to install than others. Some are installed within a couple of minutes, while others require a little more effort and time. Determine where you are going to install your pull-up bar. Doorway or wall? Are you looking for a permanent solution or a portable one? Different types can be attached and detached, quick and easy. Then others can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.


There are pull-up bars that are easy to install before use and uninstall when you are done with your workout. If they leave no trace on the areas installed, is a definite plus. Some are also foldable to store in your closet and use when needed. This feature is perfect for small spaces or rental houses. To add more on the positive list, take it anywhere with you, even when you travel, and never miss a good exercise.


Steel bars are sturdy and durable. Look for steel ones as you will need the stability during your exercise. One more thing to check is bars that are coated steel ones. Search for coated bars which are non-rusting and corrosion-resistant. This feature is great for the longevity of the equipment. Plus, some of them are also suitable for outdoor installation. This way, you can enjoy your workout in the house or backyard worry-free.


A lot of bars come with more than one grip options that allow you to try different types of pull. Also, some offer functionality on the floor, which allows for a wider variety of exercises. And then you can choose one that supports the use of resistance bands, for example, and other accessories to spice things up in your workout regimen for a full-body workout.


Avoid blisters and palm irritation with pull-up bars that have foam grips. Foam grips will make your workout more comfortable and your pull-up bar less slippery. One more thing to add here, choose one that has many grips and a relatively wide width (if possible). This should allow you to activate different muscles via gripping at different distances such as narrow grip, neutral grip, wide grip and more.

Load Capacity

Check for weight durability. Most home pull-up bars have a load capacity of up to 100kg. Some can lift more than this, and still be very sturdy. You might want to check for it in the specs.

Types of pull-up bars

There are different types of bars. Choose the one that will be more beneficiary to your workout needs and the space you own.


There is a variety of doorway pull-up bars that can stand in the door frame without any screws or drilling. The most common ones and easy to install are the telescopic ones. You can find good quality ones at a very low price. If you want to leave no trace at the door, search for one that has PVC mats, so it keeps your door off harm’s way.

Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull-up Bar

Many pull-up bars can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. These are by far more sturdy and stable. One thing to pay attention to is the material you mount your pull-up bar into and the screws you use. It is suggested to mount them on a brick or concrete wall for safety. A lot of them provide the screws but check their suitability. Many recommend buying your own screws and dowels, for extra stability.

What is the difference between a pull-up and a chin-up?

When doing pull-ups, your hands face away from you, and you target best your back muscles and shoulder. When you do chin-ups, your hands face you, and you target best your chest and biceps. Generally, these are easier to perform than pull-ups. Never before on the bar? Try to just hang by the bar for a few seconds. Repeat that until you feel ready to start pulling yourself up. For more on pull-ups, keep reading.

How to Do Pull-Ups Better?

We all love pull-ups for strength training. It is the best upper bod workout, and it requires minimal equipment. How can you improve your pull-ups? You may just start, or you might be doing pull-ups for a while. Still, there is always room for improvement.

1.Just hang

You need to start by simply hanging from a bar for about 15 seconds. These are called dead hangs. Shake it off and try it again a few more times. Each time try and add a few seconds to your dead hangs.

2.Involve your back

Once you mastered the dead hangs, let’s put our backs into the game. First practice on the ground, before jumping on the bar. Put your arms up over your head straight towards the ceiling. Then drop your shoulders depressing your lats without bending your arms and return to starting position. Once you master that, try the same motion on the bar.

3.Negative pull-ups

Find a box or a surface that will allow you to jump on the top of the bar. Grab on and hop till your chest hits the bar. Then lower your body as slow as possible. Do a few reps with small pauses in between to shake off your hands.

4. Do a pull-up

You are ready now. Remove the training wheels and start doing press-ups. Remember to follow the techniques indicated above in order to do your pull-ups correctly and avoid injuries.

Always have in mind…

A healthy body and a healthy mind equal a healthy life. If you are in your journey towards this kind of life, then you might need to check out one of these pull-up bars. They are affordable, take up very little space, a lot of times they are foldable to carry anywhere, and they can work more muscles than any dumbbell could ever do.

Build your strength and endurance today, and walk towards the life you deserve. Work out anywhere and be consistent in your workout plan to watch your body transform into the body of your dreams. It’s literally in your hands. Order yours now and get your confidence back!

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