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Best 10 Pressure Washers

As Of October 2021

Homeowners, is your garden hose not cutting it? In need of a quick and effective way to solve your outdoor cleaning woes? It might be time to add one of the best pressure washers to your cleaning arsenal! Not only will this precision cleaning tool help to remove stubborn dirt, but it’s also cost-effective too. Perfect for washing cars, driveways and patios. Want to find out more?
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2 Kärcher 13240340 K 4 Power Control Home High Pressure Washer

Kärcher K4 Power Control Home Pressure Washer

LED Display Trigger Gun
4.8 /5

Best Electric Pressure Washer Overall

  • The hose reels are great so you can keep everything together
  • Fill the soap tank easily and use the LED display to reach higher PSI
  • You can easily switch between surfaces thanks to its nozzles
  • Stress-free to cover repairs with the 2-year warranty
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3 Karcher K2 Full Control pressure washer on a white background

Karcher K2 Power Control Home Pressure Washer

New Targeted Pressure Regulation Trigger Gun
4.8 /5

Most Popular Choice For Homeowners

  • If cold water isn’t enough use the detergent tank for top results
  • All-type surface cleaner even for vinyl siding & furniture
  • Control the water's flow on the spray gun just by twisting it
  • Not the strongest water pressure but still brilliant for the house
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1 Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer on a white background

Kärcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home Pressure Washer

High Performance Vari-Nozzle Design
4.9 /5

High-Quality Electric Pressure Washer

  • Great portability for cleaning patio furniture and your car
  • Use the detergent spray system for maximum cleaning power
  • It’s heavy-duty cleaning but you move it easily for all kinds of cleaning jobs
  • Transfer all your settings from the app to the device via Bluetooth
8 Bosch EasyAquatak 110 pressure washer on a white background

Bosch EasyAquatak 110 Pressure Washer

Variable Power & Rotary Nozzles
4.6 /5

Very Compact & Portable Design

  • Get rid of grease and mildew in seconds with its efficient power
  • Connect your nozzles fast and keep on cleaning
  • The detergent turbo nozzle reduces the cleaning time
  • With variable power so you can find the function that suits your needs
7 Karcher K2 Premium pressure washer on a white background

Karcher K2 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer

Ideal For Cleaning Large Surfaces
4.7 /5

Best Pick For Light-Duty Tasks

  • Comes with a wide variety of accessories to get you started
  • You can clean every surface like your deck, patio, car & bike
  • Gives you great control over cleaning & has top-quality nozzles
  • The detergent tank is super easy to use & makes your life easier
4 WORX Cordless Hydroshot Pressure Cleaner on white background

WORX Cordless Hydroshot Pressure Cleaner

Ideal For Domestic Us & Cleaning Drains
4.8 /5

Ideal for Cordless Pressure Washer

  • Versatile to use on many different home chores with its 5 pressure nozzles
  • Tackle any tough stains on your driveway with its powerful brushless motor
  • Clean with more efficiency due to its higher flow rate
  • Move it around with no strain as it's very light
5 The Simpsons Simpson PowerShot Honda Engine Pressure Washer on white background

The Simpsons Simpson Cleaning PowerShot Honda Engine

Ideal For Large Cleaning Tasks
4.7 /5

Best Gas Pressure Washer

  • Enjoy high output from its powerful engine & pump
  • Attach the nozzle hassle-free in seconds with its quick-connect system
  • Protect it from wear & tear as it has a thermal relief valve
  • Relieve your wrist while using it thanks to the downstream detergent injection
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6 Ryobi RPW110B Pressure Washer on a white background

Ryobi RPW110B Pressure Washer

Highest Pressure Electric Washer
4.7 /5

Great For Limited Storage Space

  • Perfect storage option for people with limited space
  • With an electric motor of great durability for a lifetime use
  • Clean up in seconds your car and outdoor furniture
  • Change the nozzle tips and cover your needs for all cleaning tasks
9 Wilks USA RX510 pressure washer on a white background

Wilks USA RX510 Pressure Washer

Gravity Fed & Mains Fed
4.6 /5

For Smaller Homes

  • This 1950 PSI pressure washer is perfect for light tasks around the house
  • Don’t waste time thanks to its quick-connect nozzles
  • Easy storage for your spray tips & auto shut off for saving energy
  • Perfect for outdoors thanks to its long power cord
10 Kärcher K2 Compact pressure washer on a white background

Kärcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer

Ideal For Garden, Car & Household Cleaning
4.6 /5

Best Budget Pressure Washing Machine

  • With a very lightweight and compact design which is ideal for small places
  • Multiple nozzle choices give you total freedom over cleaning
  • Easily adjust your nozzles and accessories without losing time
  • Premium quality with an automatic start/stop function
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Blast It Clean With a Pressure Washer!

If you’re tired of scrubbing stubborn dirt and want to save time, a pressure washer could be just what you’re looking for. They make various jobs effortless, from cleaning mud off patios and grime off your car to chewing gum removal and mould cleaning. Power washers are an effective tool in the fight against dirt by blasting water out of a high-pressure hose. They are practical and can be stored away easily, making them essential equipment for any household.

Manually scrubbing away at dirty surfaces takes a lot of time and energy. The hard physical effort can be back-breaking at times. By replacing elbow grease with technology, you can clean faster and more effectively, with less hassle. In addition, pressure washers are one of the easiest power tools to use. Just point and squirt. No training is required; even your grandmother could use them!

Most modern-day power washers also come with a range of different attachments and features, making them one of the most versatile cleaning tools available. If you feel overwhelmed with all the available options, then you’re in the right place. This buying guide will help you find the ideal one for your needs. Have a look and find all the information you need.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pressure Washer?

There are many benefits to owning a pressure washer in replacement of your traditional garden hose. Tending for your garden can be a daunting task, from the lawn mower to the gardening and landscaping. Even if you're a newbie when it comes to power washing, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks related to their cost. Let's have a look at the most advantageous reasons that we recommend these power tools.

1. Saves Time

How much time do you need to clean your car? If you’re going out there with a bucket full of cold water and a sponge, it has to be an eternity! The truth is that by using a pressure washer, you can do simple tasks like this five times faster and without even trying. No more backaches and struggles.

2. Saves Money

Let’s start with the obvious one! You save so much water that you wouldn’t even believe in your eyes. The only way to be sure about it is to check your bills. Also, if you’re one of those people that hire someone to clean their patio and driveway, then you’d be happy to know that you can save your money easily. If you get a pressure washer, you can do it yourself in minutes and avoid extra expenses. Finally, if you take care of your surfaces, you increase their life. By cleaning your patio and all the other areas around your house, you prevent them from rotting, which can be a headache!

3. Better Cleaning

Everyone wants to live in a house where the surfaces are clean and aren’t a constant danger for your health, right? High-pressure water is what you need to clean them thoroughly! Add some soap in there, and you’re good to go! All the mud, grease and grime will be gone in a second. Not to mention that they make cleaning your second-story level a walk in their park even from a distance.

4. It’s Easier & More Fun

Now, if you’re not one of those people that hire other people, and you prefer to take care of things by yourself, why not make it fun? It’s like a new toy! And it’s a fact that there’s something really satisfying about cleaning surfaces so easily!

What Are The Types Of Pressure Washers?

Depending on your personal preference, there are two types of pressure washers to pick from corded electric or gas pressure washers. Each has its pros and cons, but the choice is yours according to your needs.

  • Corded Electric Pressure Washers

The most common and affordable type is the electric pressure washer. They are great for all household cleaning tasks and recommended for everyday use. Just plug into an electrical socket, and away you go. You don’t have the hassle of dealing with messy gas refuelling. Electric models are also quieter and more lightweight than gas-powered alternatives. Their one downside is that they limit your mobility, but with an extension cord, that's a non-issue! 

  • Gas Pressure Washers

If you’re looking for a more robust option, gas pressure washers could be the way to go. As the name suggests, they use a gas engine to pressurise the water. This gives them increased power and durability. They are also great for remote use, where access to an electrical outlet isn’t available. Their one con is that they are more expensive models, so you will have to dig a bit deeper in your pocket for these types.

What To Look For When Buying A Pressure Washer?

There are several things that you should consider before making a purchase. Some of them are quite obvious, but this guide is here to show you all of them. Let’s have a look.

1. Pressure

Keep in mind that depending on the pressure, pressure washers belong in different “teams”. The light-duty machines reach up to 100 bar, which is really good for cleaning your deck, fence, and furniture. The mid-range ones are from 110 to 130 bar and can clean vehicles, driveways, patios and more tough stains. And then there are the heavy-duty ones that can go more than 130 bar and are suited for large areas and really hardcore stains. 

2. Water Flow (l/h)

The flow of the water (or LPM - litres per minute) has to do with the amount of water that comes out of the nozzle when the pressure washer is in use. As you can imagine, it connects to the time you need to clean a surface. The higher the flow, the shorter the period of time you’re going to need. You may see it in the product description as GPM (gallons per minute) too which is the US alternative. Generally, anything between 2 GPM, 3 GPM and 4 GPM is a  reliable and powerful tool.

3. Pressure Settings

Some products have a specific pressure setting, and others are adjustable, giving you more flexibility for tasks. Tough stains need more power, whereas light cleaning doesn’t require so much water and pressure. In general, a higher pressure translates to a more robust product that is guaranteed to take on the most persistent grout.

4. Hose Length

This aspect varies a lot from model to model. Make sure that the product you’ll go for can cover your needs if you want to avoid extra expenses for extension leads.

5. Accessories

Most of them come with a variety of different nozzles and other extras that make your life easier. Some of them are specialized brushes for your car or your bike, specialized lance, patio cleaners, foam nozzles, detergent tanks and solutions, and professional hoses for more complex tasks.

6. Auto Start/Stop Function

This feature helps you save a lot of water. You can find it on the trigger of the spray gun and not on the main machine, so you can turn off the water flow without going back and forth.

7. Storage

People with limited storage space know how important it is to have a machine to care for such needs. The more compact models have integrated storage that you can put your cables and hose reels inside. Plus, some of them have a place for every nozzle. How cool?

8. Detergent Tank

Just open the bottle of soap and fill your pressure washer with it. No need for spillages, troubles and hassles. Turn it on and see a soapy beam of water cleaning everything. A must-have feature for people that want to clean their cars and patios.

How Much Does A Pressure Washer Cost?

The price range has to do with the type of pressure washer that you choose. Not only the electric and gas pressure washer part but also the “bar” part.


You can find light pressure washers from £40 to £100, and they offer you basic functions with an axial pump, which are great if you just want to tackle small driveways. Then you can find medium-duty machines around £100 to £200 that can take care of everything a household needs due to their tougher triplex pump. Tough stains and dirt around your patio? Not a problem. 


Now, if you want to go all out and get a premium model, you have to check the best gas pressure washers at £200 to £400. Don’t fall into the trap of really low-cost models that seem to have everything. Their build quality isn’t as good as the higher-end ones, and you’re going to need a replacement in a short period of time. Plus, they can’t really get rid of every type of stain thanks to their superior triplex plunger pumps!

To Sum Up

Finding the best pressure washer might be a little hard for some of you! It’s your lucky day if you’re here! We can give you all the answers as our pressure washer review and guide has all the information and insights you need to make the right choice. Clean your place like a boss and face every stain that comes your way. With our top picks, the only thing you need to do is make sure that you know what features you want yours to have. Don’t wait another minute and take a look!

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