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Best 10 Portable Heaters

As Of June 2022

Do you want to stay warm and toasty on the go? With the best portable heaters, you are guaranteed a cosy environment no matter where you are, from the living room to the office or even when travelling. They are compact, lightweight and very affordable. Did we mention that they can also help you save money as they’re super energy-efficient? Score!

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1 STAYWARM® Plugin Power Heater in the bedroom

STAYWARM® Plugin Power Heater

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Tuck it away neatly as its small size doesn’t block your whole counter space
  • Hassle-free to use; just put it in the socket & turn it on
  • Adjust the temperature to your liking between 15-30°C
  • Customise the fan speed from low to high to match your needs
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2 Pro Breeze® Mini Ceramic Fan Heater on the coffee table

Pro Breeze® Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

4.7 /5

Ideal for Temperature Adjustment

  • Quicker to heat your entire room thanks to the ceramic technology
  • Get larger rooms toasty faster with its automatic rotation feature
  • Monitor the temperature via the adjustable thermostat knobs
  • Ensure you’re safe when using the device with its anti-tip & overheat protection
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3 Russell Hobbs Portable Fan Heater on coffee table in the living room

Russell Hobbs Portable Fan Heater

4.6 /5

Best Compact Choice

  • Transport it from room to room hassle-free via the large handle
  • Heat rooms up to 15m² effortlessly with its 1.5kW motor
  • Perfect for parents or pet owners with its anti-tip automatic cut-off
  • Have peace of mind when using it as it comes with a 2-year warranty
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4 andily Fan Heaters on the table

andily Fan Heaters

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Office Use

  • Save money & use up to 30% less energy with the ECO heat setting
  • Feels like a feather to carry thanks to its 1.4kg construction
  • Stay safe & free from injuries with its automatic overheat protection shutoff
  • Use it instantly right out of the box as it comes assembled
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5 GAIATOP® Space Heater on white background

GAIATOP® Space Heater

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Bedrooms

  • Tipped over it? Don’t worry; it automatically shuts down to protect you
  • Keep it for years to come thanks to its fire-resistant & durable materials
  • Enjoy warmth to your comfort with its 3 heat adjustments
  • Add an elegant heating unit to your room as it has a modern wooden stand
6 man carrying the COMFEE Portable Fan Heater ny its built in handle

COMFEE Portable Fan Heater

4.5 /5

Ideal for Energy Efficiency

  • Get small rooms toasty in just 2 seconds with its mighty 1800W motor
  • Enjoy it all year round with its cooling fan or dual winter modes
  • Carry it stress-free thanks to the built-in handle
  • Sit around it as a family thanks to the 360-degree oscillation
7 man setting the temperature on the Warmlite Thermo Fan Heater

Warmlite Thermo Fan Heater

4.5 /5

Top Lightweight Pick

  • Adjust the heat output to fit your needs from its 3 setting options
  • Suitable for the non-tech-savvy thanks to the manual temperature-changing knobs
  • Store it anywhere without cluttering your space as it’s compact
  • Worry-free to cover repairs with its 2-year warranty
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8 ANSIO Heater on white background

ANSIO Heater

4.5 /5

Ideal for Tip-Over Protection

  • Conserve energy by switching between 1200W and 2000W
  • Change the room’s temperature from its 2 heat settings
  • Have peace of mind when using it with its overheat & anti-tip safety features
  • Blends well with the rest of your home decor as it has a sleek black colour
9 YurDoca Fan Heater on white background

YurDoca Fan Heater

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Personal Use

  • Forget it’s even on thanks to its low-noise fan & motor
  • Bring it with you anywhere as it has an ergonomic carry handle
  • Make your home warm & welcoming with the 2 heat modes
  • Say goodbye to chilly rooms with its rapid 3-second heating technology
10 De'Longhi Capsule Ceramic Fan Heater on the office table

De'Longhi Capsule Ceramic Fan Heater

4.5 /5

Ideal for Ergonomic Handle

  • Make the most out of your energy consumption with its 2 power settings
  • Move it around comfortably via the large & eye-catching handle
  • Switch between cooling & heating in an instant via the manual knob
  • No chance of feeling the winter chill thanks to the anti-frost feature

Stay Warm On The Go With The Best Portable Heaters

Do you like staying warm during the cold winter months? Is your fan heater or infrared heater taking up too much space, and you’re in the search for a more compact solution? With options from oil filled radiators to electric ones and pricier gas heaters, a mini portable heater sounds like the perfect choice! 

They are very lightweight, affordable and energy-efficient, making your room cosy and comfortable within just a few minutes. And, they’re suitable to use even as an alternative to your traditional electric heater

Want to find out more about the features to look for? Check below! 

  • Wattage: You can find options ranging from 500W to 1800W within this category. The motor’s wattage determines how robust of a power output the device has. Sizes will also vary depending on the wattage. Usually, 500W portable heaters are mini ones, even those that you plug into the outlet. 
  • Heat Settings: Find a heater that comes with multiple heat adjustment settings. Most have at least two heat settings, while others even include three. A variable thermostat knob is a manual control dial that you can shift to customise the temperature to your liking. Some high-end portable heaters are versatile to use all year as they come with heat settings plus a cool blow fan mode.
  • Overheat Protection: Given that you’re dealing with a high heat hazardous device, it’s essential to find one that comes with safety features for extra peace of mind. The most common features to look for are overheat protection and tip-over automatic cut-off. The overheat protection will automatically shut the device down if it reaches over a specific temperature to prevent damaging the device itself or injuring others. 
  • Anti-Tip Protection: Also, the anti-tip protection is handy if your household has pets or children running around. That way, if your little ones accidentally pass by too close to the device, its anti-tip feature will automatically shut it off to prevent further damage.
  • Oscillation: If you plan on using your portable heater to warm up more than just one person, we recommend going for one with an oscillating fan. There are options from 20-degree rotating fans to a full 360-degree rotation. The choice is yours according to your needs. 

Enjoy the mobility that comes with a portable heater anytime and anywhere! These excellent small heaters work well to give you the heat output you’re looking for without carrying a bulky build around. You can even bring them to road trips, the office, or from room to room; you name it! Are you ready to make your space warm and welcoming?

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