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Best 10 Pool Cleaners

As Of June 2022

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Are you looking for an efficient tool that can help you maintain the pool’s cleanliness? The best pool cleaners are a high-quality solution that will keep your entire pool looking spick and span! You can even use them for above ground pools. Get rid of small and large debris effortlessly! Want to find out more?
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1 Hayward TigerShark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner on white background

Hayward TigerShark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

4.8 /5

Best Pool Cleaner Overall

  • Enjoy clean water in just 90 minutes thanks to the quick-clean technology
  • Save energy consumption & lower your bills with its 24-volt motor
  • Remove all debris hassle-free with its built-in & high-suction pump
  • Clean it up effortlessly with the removable filter cartridge system
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2 TTCOTOKE Swimming Pool Skimmer on white background

TTCOTOKE Swimming Pool Skimmer

4.7 /5

Best For Leaf Picking

  • Let your kids help out as it’s 100% safe without any cables
  • Reach the other side of the pool without strain thanks to the 1.2m long pole
  • Tuck it away neatly even if you have limited storage space as it’s retractable
  • Versatile to use on your water fountain, pond & aquarium too
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3 Bestway Pool Plus Cleaning Kit on white background

Bestway Pool Plus Cleaning Kit

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Long Hose

  • Scrubbing is a walk in the park as it attaches to the pool’s filter pump
  • Adjust it to your height by unfolding the aluminium pole
  • Remove any dust & debris from the filter bag in seconds to reuse it
  • Share it with your friends by using the connection adapters
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4 Intex Auto Pool Cleaner on white background

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Above Ground Pools

  • Perfect for cleaning the floor with the 7.5m hose
  • Smoothly gets the job done on its own with the auto cleaner function
  • Transport it without lifting it as it has a wheeled base
  • Keep it for years & improve its lifetime by cleaning the auto clear before storing it
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5 Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum on white background

Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum

4.5 /5

Ideal for Quick Cleaning

  • Let it work while you’re tanning with its 90-minute Quick Clean cycle
  • Takes less than 5 minutes for upkeep with its 3-step filter cleaning system
  • Cover all nooks & crannies with its complete 3-hour session
  • Save on electricity bills with the energy-efficient 24-volt motor
6 Hayward Tiger Shark Automatic Floor Cleaner on white background

Hayward Tiger Shark Automatic Floor Cleaner

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Multi-Surface

  • Stay hygienic in the pool as it catches all pollutants in 1 of its 2 filter panels
  • Treat all pool areas effectively including the floor, walls & waterline
  • Maps out the pool size for better cleaning with its microprocessor
  • Unbox & start it right away - just turn it on
7 ZSQSM Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner on white background

ZSQSM Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

4.5 /5

Ideal for In-Ground Pools

  • Attack any tough dirt & stains with its dual motor & scrubbing brushes
  • Move around the pool efficiently with the tangle-free swivel cord
  • Schedule unsupervised cleaning sessions automatically for up to 2 hours
  • Have peace of mind with the included 3-year warranty
8 Bestway Flowclear AquaClean Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit on white background

Bestway Flowclear AquaClean Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit

4.5 /5

Ideal for Reusable Leaf Bag

  • Remove dirt & grime with the blink of an eye as it’s super lightweight
  • Assemble in just a few minutes - no need for tools!
  • Make your pool look as good as new with the far-reaching adapters
  • Pull it out of storage over many summers as it’s durable & long-lasting
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9 Dolphin Maximus X60 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners on white background

Dolphin Maximus X60 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

4.5 /5

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Choice

  • Ideal for large pools up to 12m in length as it has a smart navigation system
  • Remove unhealthy decomposing organics with its 2.5-hour cycle purification
  • Cover all pool surfaces with it as it’s a complete cleaning tool
  • Enjoy unrestricted movement thanks to the long cable
10 vidaXL Swimming Pool Cleaner on white background

vidaXL Swimming Pool Cleaner

4.5 /5

Ideal for Simple Assembly

  • Pick up any twigs, dirt & debris with its mighty suction power
  • Protect the cleaner from wear & tear by changing to 1 of 10 included hoses
  • Start it instantly by attaching it to the pool skimmer
  • Fully extend the pole to reach the bottom of the pool comfortably
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Get Rid of Pool Debris With The Best Pool Cleaners

Are you a pool owner? Do you want a cleaning solution suitable for all water arrangements? Whether you have a small or large pool, many handy automatic pool cleaners take away the stress and manual chore. From hot tubs to ground pools, there are endless options available in the market. Do you have an above ground pool? Don't worry; the best pool cleaners work for all pool types.

Want to know more about these excellent tools? Our buying guide goes in-depth to give you a better understanding of them, answer all your questions and recommend top picks for you. Stay with us as we show you the must-have features that a pool cleaner should have, how much they cost and other frequently asked questions consumers just like you wanted answers to. That way, next time you want to pull out your inflatable float to lounge at the pool, nothing will stop you from doing so. Dirt and debris free! 

What is a pool cleaner? 

A pool cleaner is a cleaning solution that helps you manage a pool or hot tub surface by removing dust, debris, leaves, acorns and other materials lying on the surface. It is essential to have a clean pool to avoid the formation of algae and other microorganisms. These, over time, can be very unhygienic to swim in. Many automatic pool cleaners have attachments that go with your pool’s existing filtration system so that you can set up cleaning cycles hassle-free.  

There are various pool cleaner types, including pool vacuums, robotic pool cleaners, and more suitable for different surfaces. For example, some are only fit for gunite or plaster, and others work well with all material types, including fiberglass and vinyl liners.

How do pool cleaners work? 

Pool cleaners work to remove any stains, discolourations and blemishes, pollutants, bacteria and algae that pile up in your pool. Some can scrub the entire area, clean the walls, pool floors and water lines. The most powerful machines include dual scrubbing brushes for sparkling clean results that add friction to move even the most persistent small or large debris. Depending on the pool cleaner type, each has its own working mechanism. We go further in detail about the different types below, so if you're interested in learning more about them, keep reading. 

Why should you buy a pool cleaner? 

A pool cleaning solution is essential and comes with great responsibility. Keeping the water in your pool clean is essential! An unclean pool can lead to algae forming at the walls and bottom of the pool. Also, the water can turn cloudy if you let organics decompose inside it. If a pool is left unclean over an extended period, it can be dirty and less hygienic. There are many benefits to owning a pool cleaner. Let's have a look at the most obvious ones below. 

1. They are effortless to use. 

Most pool cleaners are very simple and don't require any complicated installation. The robotic pool cleaner types are very straightforward by just plugging them in and starting them. There is an initial programming with them, but you don't need to worry about configuring anything else after that. 

2. Some use high-tech cleaning methods.

Another nice benefit of pool cleaners is that they have advanced technologies that help them eliminate dust and debris effortlessly. Their built-in filter system targets all twigs, leaves, and pollutants with high suction power. It's important to remove all those layers of chemicals that pile up at the surface of the pool, including urine, tanning lotions and sweat.

3. You can save water.  

Many in-ground pools have filtration systems that maintain the pool water’s cleanliness. But, circulation pump filters are high water-consuming mechanisms that can add up to your overall budget. Alternatively, you can use the swimming pool cleaner without having to rely on the pump filter. That way, you save more water and reduce your costs. 

4. They are eco-friendly & healthier.

A standard pool clean up way is using products such as chlorine. Chlorine is a disinfecting product but can be dangerous if it's overused. If you want a safer solution that is not harsh and full of chemicals, pool cleaners utilise their brushes and eliminate all bacteria, pollutants and algae. So, they ensure that you’re practising environmentally-friendly cleaning while also being less harmful to you.

5. They are energy efficient

Another advantage to pool cleaners is that they are very energy-efficient. You can use them without having to worry that your electricity bill will be higher as they limit their energy consumption to less than 70 watts per hour. The basic manual ones are even more energy-efficient as they don’t run on electricity.

6. You save time & energy with no manual strain.

Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to spend time doing other things rather than clean your pool? Look no further as pool cleaners have built-in filter bags to remove the stress of having to backwash the pool afterwards. Save your energy on doing things that matter to you, like relaxing on your sunlounger.

What to look for in a pool cleaner? 

Want to learn a bit about the things to consider before purchasing your above or in-ground pool cleaner? We’ve added up a list of essential features to look for so that you purchase the best choice for you. 

1. Vacuum Pressure 

The vacuum pressure is critical, especially for robot cleaners, as they lose some of their powerful suction if their filter bag fills up. If the suction power is compromised, you will waste time, and the result will be less clean. To avoid this, pick a model that has excellent hoover pressure for effectiveness and time efficiency. 

2. Low Voltage 

The voltage level is important because you are using your cleaner mostly underwater. For safe operation, try to find a product that has low voltage (24-volt is excellent), so you can have peace of mind while it’s cleaning. Voltage is particularly important for automatic pool vacuums that run on electricity, so make sure that your robotic vacuum has the voltage levels indicated in the description. 

3. Filter Size 

Depending on the pool size that you have, you should find a filter size that will be convenient and won’t need frequent maintenance. Check the product description and find your pool cleaner’s filter size so that you can get to vacuuming and removing debris at one go. No need to pause mid-clean up to empty it out.

4. Performance 

Your pool cleaner's performance goes hand-in-hand with its usability. Some of the best robotic pool cleaners, for example, include remote controls so that you can operate them even when lounging at your garden sofa set. There are many other power indicators to add functionality and ease-of-use, including programmable sessions, timers, quick cleaning modes, swivel cables that are tangle-free and more. Want to have peace of mind in case of a replacement need? Find a model that comes with a warranty and get to cleaning without stress. 

What are the different types of pool cleaners available? 

There are three types of pool cleaners, suction side, pressure side and robotic pool cleaners. They differ in their cleaning mechanism, and each is better suitable for a specific target area in your pool. Read below to find out more about them. 

Suction Side

Suction side pool cleaners use their suction vacuum to draw debris to the pool skimmer that then redelivers clean water back to the pool. They work for wall climbing and are the most affordable of the three. 

Pressure Side 

Pressure side pool cleaners connect to the return line and move fresh water in the pool. This cleaner type requires a booster pump for optimum water pressure movement. You should have a bit more knowledge for their assembly as they have mechanical parts and are mid-range price-wise

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Automatic robotic pool cleaners work with electricity rather than water pressure. They use intelligent mapping navigation and know which area should be cleaned next. They can climb walls, the poolside, steps and even scrub the water's line. They are the most expensive of the three types. 

How often should you use your pool cleaner? 

The frequency of cleaning depends on your pool size and usage. But, you should clean your pool every day or every other day if you’re a family. In the summertime, especially when we want to cool off and use the pool frequently, that's the best way to ensure that the water is clean. But if you don't use it as frequently, you can get away with using the pool cleaner once a week or once a month. Depending on the pool size, the time it will take for you to clean the entire pool can range from 1 hour up to 4 hours

How much do pool cleaners cost? 

Pool cleaners range in price as there are various types available out there. Some are low-cost options with automatic mechanisms, and others are high-end premium robotic pool cleaners. If you have the budget to spare, you can enjoy less manual strain with a higher-end one, but the affordable ones can get the job done equally well. 


You can find simple leaf skimming tools starting at just £12.99 for some very basic picking up of debris on the pool surface. There are also automatic cleaning machines ranging from £40-115 that attach to the pool filter pump and have a powerful vacuum system for pool floor and wall cleaning. The affordable models may require a booster pump or may need to connect to the pool pump.

High End

The premium models are high-quality robotic pool vacuum cleaners. These can reach up to £1500 and target any pool area, including the pool walls and bottom. They have quick cleaning technology that can finish the job in as little as 90 minutes, and their cable length is super long, suitable for any pool size.


Pool owners, clean your pool effortlessly with the best pool cleaners! Reduce your manual strain and have less stress about bacteria build-up on the walls, floor or waterline. Enjoy lounging around the pool’s vibrant and clean blue waters with your loved ones. Save time, energy and money with these excellent cleaning solutions!

We are positive that our buying guide has helped you understand more about pool cleaners. Whatever type you pick based on your budget and pool size will be a worthy investment. Don’t spend money hiring professional cleaners to do the work for you; get a pool cleaner and let it work its magic! Are you ready to have healthy water flow again? Who’s jumping in the water first?

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