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Best 10 Plunge Saws

As Of June 2022

Are you someone who enjoys taking on DIY tasks? Any saw kit can benefit from the best plunge saws. They are a must for cutting in small areas and working with laminates. You can cut through tough material with ease thanks to the superior build quality of a plunge saw. They are the perfect partner for home renovation projects and you’ll love using them from light woodworking to precise sawing!
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1 makita dsp600zj plunge saw on white background

Makita Cordless Plunge Saw

4.8 /5

Best Overall Plunge Saw

  • Enjoy cutting & freedom of movement with its battery-powered design
  • Secure & stable sawing with a variable speed control dial
  • Minimise splintering with the depth stopper
  • Keep your saw still & in a straight line as it’s compatible with guide rails
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2 triton tts1400 plunge saw on white background

Triton Corded Plunge Track Saw

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Fast Blade Changes

  • Prevent accidents when using thanks to the safety plunge lock
  • Use for long periods as it has a comfortable & ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • Effortless blade changes with the convenient shaftlock
  • Stops unwanted saw jolting with its anti-kickback feature
3 makita-drs780z-rear-handle-plunge-saw on white background

Makita Rear Handle Cordless Saw

4.6 /5

Ideal for Precision Cutting

  • Safely store when not in use with its included blade guard
  • Keep your hands far from the blade thanks to the rear handle
  • Adjust the cutting speed to the load capacity with its automatic torque drive technology
  • Lightweight & cordless for effortless carrying
4 festool-201395-cordless-plunge-saw on white background

Festool Cordless Plunge-Cut Saw

4.5 /5

Top Lightweight Choice

  • Clean & neat working with the dust collection bag
  • Limits the chances of accidents thanks to a quick-acting brake
  • Achieve accurate cuts without a guide rail as it has a double scale for cutting
  • Clear cutting with the transparent viewing window
5 makita-dsp600zj plunge-saw-with-case-guide-rail-and-connector on white background

Makita Brushless Plunge Saw

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Included Accessories

  • Hassle-free cutting with no splinters thanks to the depth stopper
  • Always stays on track when powering on due to the soft-start design
  • Perfect for straight cuts with the guide rail attachment
  • Carry it anywhere with the top quality case
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6 worx-sonicrafter-hyperlock-plunge-saw on white background

Worx Cordless Sonicrafter Hyperlock

4.5 /5

Top Portable Choice

  • Conveniently cut in any angle with the multi-angle settings
  • Durable to work on different materials like metal, ceramic and plaster
  • Boosted portability to cut in hard-reaching angles
  • Ideal for beginners due to its quick-release change system
7 einhell-plunge-saw on white background

Einhell Corded Plunge Saw

4.5 /5

Best Budget Choice

  • Fit for any household with kids as the saw blades lock
  • Keep your workspace clean with a dust extractor vacuum adapter
  • Move around any size workpiece without trouble as it has a 4m long cord
  • Fine-tune the cutting result by looking through the vision panel
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8 bosch-professional-cordless-plunge-saw on white background

Bosch GKT Cordless Plunge Saw

4.5 /5

Top Cordless Option

  • Reach close to tight corners thanks to its compact design
  • Prevent automatic power-on with the restart protection & spindle lock
  • Link with your phone to check runtime as it has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comfortable grip for improved handling & transport
9 dewalt-plunge-saw-with-dust-exraction on white background

Dewalt Cordless Plunge Saw

4.5 /5

Top Ergonomic Choice

  • Perfect for precise finishing with minimal laminate chips
  • Clean working due to an effective dust extraction guard
  • Stop the saw from moving off the rail thanks to the anti-kickback function
  • Safe operation in all blade depths with handy speed adjustments
10 Dewalt Plunge Saw on white background

Dewalt Corded Plunge Saw with Box

4.5 /5

Top Pick for High Tooth Blade

  • Maintain your stability while cutting due to its parallel plunge
  • Conveniently adjust the saw with the rail adjustment
  • Set the speed to your liking with a variable speed switch
  • Hassle-free transport anywhere as it comes with a carry case

Get Accurate Cuts Every Time with the Best Plunge Saws

Anyone who likes to renovate their home can agree that some handy tools will make the most significant difference. From drilling to sawing to detailing, a power tool will simply cut down the time in half. Are you looking to switch things up in your kitchen? A durable and robust saw will be one of the most critical tools in your kit. A plunge saw is a top pick that will bring more to your home projects than any other saw, like table saws or circular saws. They are very versatile and precise for cutting on sinks or rough surfaces.

Would you like to make the right choice with as much knowledge drop as possible? We are here to help you get the most out of your saw. Our team of experts has taken the time to research the best picks available with the most safety features. And you will find that a high-quality tool like plunge saws will become essential for you. Want to find out more? Stay with us!

What is a Plunge Saw?

A plunge saw or track saw is a compact hand tool with a round blade. It’s different from a circular saw because it offers more precision cutting. You can place it at the edge of your material or straight in the middle. And bear in mind: You are always safe when using it because it has a fixed guard. That allows you to plunge the blade only as far as the pre-set depth defines.

Woodworking and kitchen renovations can find their perfect match with this saw. The stability and cutting are top-notch, and pro DIYers vouch for them. Want a tool that provides you excellent comfort and control? Look no further! The level of effectiveness and accuracy is beyond any other tool.

What are the benefits of using a plunge saw?

So, why should you go ahead and buy this type of saw? Well, the benefits are too many to think otherwise. If you have a circular saw, you might think that it’s more than enough to get the job done well. Think again! Plunge saws are a favourite because they offer smooth finishing like no other tool. Let’s have a look at the benefits of its kind.

Consistent Straight Cuts

Track saws have found their place in the market by offering good cut quality and making your life easier. If you want a consistent cut every time, this option is the best for you. You don’t have to adjust the saw when you want to cut through wood or other materials. It’s effortless and simple to use even if you’ve never used such a tool before. The setup only takes minutes for right cuts, and no matter how many times you use it, the result will always be the same.

Combine it with a guide rail, and you will have even better results. Think of the rail as a ruler that keeps you straight without taking you in the right direction. You will find that the consistency is intact without the slightest bit of shifting. The track saw makes cutting effortless without breaking a sweat.

Compact Work in Tight Spaces

The lightweight and portable design of a plunge saw allow you to use it in even the tightest corners and edges. You can reach as close as 10mm to the wall for optimal results. They are the ideal tool to remove the roof insulation or other tasks that need the most precision and accuracy. Unlike circular saws, the track saw lets you reach the smallest spaces without limitations.

Its ability to bevel in various degree adjustments is also a handy pro that other tools lack. The best of them offer mess-free work that makes them a preferred choice for smaller workshops.

Handles Toughest Chores

Now with this tool, you can tackle the most demanding chores without the need for a contractor. The cutting depth is superior to that of a table saw or circular saw. The plunge saw can cut through different materials with ease and lets you work on your own like a pro. Let’s say you want to fit your door to the frame without it sticking out. A hassle-free way to do so is with a mighty, and heavy-duty track saw. You can plunge it right at the spot that you want to cut without any trouble.

What to look for in a plunge saw?

There are a few factors to consider when buying a plunge saw. These will simplify your task and make your work that much easier. For your convenience, we’ve outlined the most essential features that you should look for.

1. Corded or Cordless

The first thing to consider is whether you want a saw with or without a cord. There are pros and cons to each type, but in the end, it's a matter of personal preference. A corded saw will let you use it for extended periods and has increased power performance. The positive to a plunge saw without a cord is that you can carry it anywhere you want, even in areas where an outlet is not close enough.

2. Power

When you're looking at saws with a cord, a minimum of 1200W will be a sturdy beginner’s choice. There are even more heavy-duty choices that go up to 1600W for enhanced performance. Their power is a more reliable and long-lasting choice for precise cuts.

Battery-powered saws have become favourites due to their ease of use and portability. They run on lithium-ion batteries and range between single and double 18 volt batteries or 36V batteries. If you want a flexible alternative that doesn’t limit your movement opt for one without a cord. They have equally good performance because they continue to improve their build quality. The one negative to this type is that the power will run for less time as the batteries need a charger.

3. Blade Diameter

The blade diameter on the plunge saw should be thick enough to cut through any tough material without strain. Check to find an option that is a minimum of 125mm for smooth finishing. A solid choice is a 160mm blade that can offer the most accurate cuts. If possible, try to find a blade with many teeth because it will give you an overall better result.

4. Dust Extraction

We all hate the feeling of having to clean up after a huge mess. Sawing is one of those tasks that can have debris flying out everywhere in sparks. But a proper dust removal system will improve your work and keep your workspace clean. Also, it will keep your product in top shape for years to come, as sawdust can lead to operation problems for your tool. Not to mention that if you’re allergic to dust, keeping it out of sight will be very important for your health. Check the product description to make sure that your saw comes with a dust collection bag.

5. Guided Rail

A guided rail is a match made in heaven with your track saw. The level of accuracy you can get through a guide rail is like no other handy feature. Some saws include this in their packaging, while others offer it for an added expense. If you can get away with buying a product that has this included, go for it. It’s a cost-effective way compared to buying it separately.

6. Cutting Speed

Cutting speeds will show you how fast the plunge saw rotates per minute. Look for indicators saying RPM as that means rounds per minute. A good choice should have an average of 2000-5000RPMs as it will quickly cut through any material (wood, metal, plaster). Anything above the average speed is going to be a top-performing choice.

7. Bevel Angle

If you want to cut through materials in a slanted direction, then you will need a track saw that comes with multiple bevel angles. It’s a much simpler way of working without added hassles, and it will give you the most effective cuts. Usually, plunge saws come with bevel angles ranging from 0 to 45 degrees.

8. Variable Speed Control

Power tools that have variable speed controls offer more endurance performance and work better with multiple materials. You are guaranteed to have the best results in different workpieces with the most control possible. Anyone who wants to use their saw in various materials like aluminium, plaster, laminates, or wood will benefit from speed's versatility.

9. Safety Features

This next section focuses on all the necessary safety features a strong power tool should have. You want to buy a product that doesn’t run the risk of leading to accidents. For starters, with a riving knife, you have increased safety on your tool while it keeps an equal distance between the material’s two cut sides. Another important reason to look for a riving knife with your saw is that it prevents kickbacks. If your saw doesn’t come with a riving knife, then at least look for an anti-kickback system that will prevent the saw from moving backwards on the track. It will also help stop the blade from jamming.

A soft start motor ensures you have the most control of your machine when using it, especially handy if you’re a beginner. For the most secure use, find a model that has an electric brake. It’s a trigger that activates when you release your hold on it, so the tool automatically stops. For peace of mind try to find a saw that has an included warranty so that you can safely replace any parts without the risk of injuring yourself.

10. Accessories

If your budget allows you to invest in a pricier plunge cut saw, you will see that some brands have included accessories for a slightly upped price. Some brands even offer complete saw kits that come with a guide rail, carry case and glamps. We recommend looking for these options in a value deal instead of buying them later because you can find massive savings if you buy them in a complete set. It’s also a handy bonus treat that can improve the quality of your DIY projects.

What’s the difference between a plunge saw and a circular saw?

Unless you’re a trade professional, you might think that these are the same thing. But, there is a significant amount of difference between the two. Which is better? Which is worth the money? Let’s compare the two and see why you might better enjoy using a plunge cut saw.

Plunge Saws

A track saw is a far more versatile tool with a user-friendly design. The blade is merged into the tool’s mainframe, which doesn’t need a blade guard. You can guide the plunge saw on a straight rail with ease which makes it inevitably a far superior choice. The only downside to this saw type is the higher cost, but the benefits are far more to make it a worthy purchase.

  • The blade runs less risk of jamming as it's neatly packed in the frame, giving a more effective dusting extraction.
  • You can plunge the blade in the middle without the need to start from the edge.
  • You can cut in multiple angles with bevel capabilities.
  • The level of precision is second to none, thanks to the adjustable cutting depths at the front.

Circular Saws

This is a very basic no bells and whistles tool with a motor, base, blade and blade guard. You can adjust its depth of cut in a simple thumb switch to match the depth to your preference. There are some negatives to this saw that make it a weaker tool than plunge saws.

  • You cannot plunge in the middle of the surface, and you always have to place it at the edge.
  • It doesn’t allow the same level of accurate cutting as the track saw.
  • The open blade size can lead to jamming more often and ineffective extraction of dust.
  • You can’t guarantee that the finished look won’t have splintering.

Any serious DIYer can agree that the plunge cut saw will be a time-effective and valuable tool instead of circular saws. Besides the functional benefits, there are also health benefits to using this saw type. Inhaling dust while working can have serious long term health implications. Try to find the best plunge saw to avoid dust particles from coming too close to you.

Can you use a plunge saw without a guide rail?

While you could use your track, saw without a guide rail, we recommend using it with one. That’s because you can’t achieve the same dead-straight cuts without some guidance. You could end up doing more harm than good because the track saw will run uneven cuts in a less stable way. The plunge mechanism at the bottom of the saw works best when on top of a guide rail.

Another advantage? They come in many different sizes for custom lengths, high-quality, smooth finishes and splinter-free cuts. As we said before, this is an unbeatable combination.

What’s the cost of a plunge saw?

Plunge saws are a pricier tool compared to other saws, but that is because they are the most precise and straight cutting saw out there. The quality of work they offer makes them a worthy investment if you tackle challenging tasks.


Some lightweight and compact versions of the product start as low as £100, but the normal average is between £200-400. You can find many affordable choices that will not break your bank. The one downside to a lower budget choice is that they won’t have that many enhanced features for safety as their high-end counterparts.


Some higher-end options include full saw kits, which are valuable compared to their price, which you will find costing £400-600. If you think that’s too much, we can guarantee you they are definitely worth the price. Buying the kit’s items separately is not as cost-effective, and you will end up wishing you had bought them all at once.


Are you ready to change your life? Because that’s how sure we are that this power tool will be life-changing for you. Any heavy-duty DIY project that needs precise and clean cuts can find use in a track saw. We are positive that our guide has helped you understand what you should be looking for to make the best choice. There are so many options available, but it all comes down to your needs and the budget you can allocate. Upgrade your home now and tackle any textures effortlessly by using the best plunge saws! Happy cutting!

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